Scotland Hate Act – ill-drafted and unnecessary

  Nicola Sturgeon’s legacy became manifest on April Fools’ Day causing a gynormous furore in Scotland as the Hate Crime Act intended to tackle the harm caused by prejudice based on age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity, became law. The fear is it will stifle free speech and anyway ignores women, a group who receive more abuse, violence and threats of violence than any other. The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents has raised serious concerns about the pressure it will put on an already overstretched force, warning that there is “enough anger and hateful bile online to occupy every police officer in Scotland”, given that current guidelines state that all hate crime complaints should be investigated.

   A commentator describes the act as “ one of the most confused, ill-drafted and unnecessary pieces of legislation enacted by the Scottish National Party government in a long list of badly prepared SNP laws.

  It was passed on 11 March 2021 though only put into force this week. The Act has a muddled Sun Neptune conjunction in Pisces with an autocratic, willful, quarrelsome Saturn square Uranus and an aggravated Saturn trine Mars. As it came into force there was an approaching, bad-tempered, prone-to-setbacks Saturn Mars conjunction.  

  More complaints have been raised about First Minister Humza Yousaf than about JK Rowling, whom police say will not be prosecuted for her gender-critical (born a woman stays a woman) tweets and comments.

 Humza Yousaf’s term as First Minister kicked off on 28 March 2023 at 3.03pm with a changeable Uranus in the 10th and an afflicted, argumentative Mars in Cancer conjunct Moon, square Sun and an 8th house Neptune, trine Saturn and inconjunct Pluto – so was never going to be a walk in the park on a sunny day. The approaching Aries Eclipse will conjunct the Mercury Jupiter on this chart, clearly amplifying communications, discussions and extreme views.

His personal chart, 7 April 1985, Glasgow, has a 17 degree Aries Sun in line for the approaching Solar Eclipse crisis. His year will jinx and jangle with tr Uranus in a high-tension opposition to his Saturn and the October Libra Eclipse exactly conjunct his Mercury for muddled thinking and another communication kerfuffle.

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  1. Haven’t the biggest complaints been about him over his white rant in Scottish parliament . People are reporting thousands have rung in to complain about him. Then the JKRowling throwing down the gauntlet. The hate monster was an embarrassment that will keep rearing its head even though they have tried to take it down. Free speech was the pride of the UK but we are becoming a more authoritarian state. Funny as we used to call china and Russia being an authoritarian state and here we are. But this is the beauty of the self appointed morally superior liberal wokeness that’s killing us that is turning us into tyrannical
    Society where we are not allowed to speak or think. But at least we are all the more enriched for it

  2. “His personal chart, 7 April 1985, Glasgow, has a 17 degree Aries Sun in line for the approaching Solar Eclipse crisis. His year will jinx and jangle with tr Uranus in a high-tension opposition to his Saturn and the October Libra Eclipse exactly conjunct his Mercury for muddled thinking and another communication kerfuffle.”

    Here’s a curious astro coincidence – owing to Humza Yousaf having so many retrograde planets in his April 1985 natal, a number of his planets align with the chart for Hezbollah, 16 February 1985 (from Marjorie’s post 20 November 2016). Hezbollah’s Venus 11 Aries with Mars 10 Aries and Humza’s retrograde Mercury and Venus have the October Solar Eclipse. Hezbollah’s Aquarius Sun and Mercury, square that shared 27 Scorpio Saturn with both about to have the Uranus opposition, and for Hezbollah the square as well.

    Both charts share Uranus, 17 Sagittarius. On 19th August there’s an interesting mutable t-square of Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Gemini, and Saturn in Pisces at 17 degrees. It forms a mutable cross with Uranus for HY and Hezbollah, with Mars also close at 19 Gemini. This could be what Marjorie calls ‘a windmill in a storm’ moment!

    Just to add to the cosmic chaos, there’s a Full Moon that August evening at 27 Aquarius, conjunct Hezbollah’s Sun/Mercury. Uranus, which we might say rules that full Moon, is by then 27 Taurus, opposing HY’s and Hezbollah’s natal Saturn, while squaring both the August Full Moon and Hezbollah’s Sun/Mercury in Aquarius. Further muddle may be added by Mercury Rx at 26 Leo. A fixed grand cross forms briefly on the day of a passing mutable grand cross for both charts. How will all that tension release itself? Interesting times, as that alleged ‘Chinese curse’ says.

    • Jane – my guess is that those major transits to Yousaf’s chart will show up at the General Election that is likely to happen in the autumn – late October has been touted. Yesterday’s YouGov poll had the SNP projected to win only 19 seats. I’m not sure how that impacts the Scottish Parliament situation itself.

      • Yes, I agree GD. I’ve been looking at the UK Union chart, where Mercury is 17 Sagittarius – so the August Jupiter/Saturn square impacts that. As does HY’s natal Uranus, and Hezbollah’s natal Uranus. Mercury in Sagittarius seems to have got a bit lost lately, as a ‘national’ characteristic – humour, philosophical, and so on. More representative, perhaps, of those rude and robust Georgians than what’s going on today. We see the shadow side of Sagittarius currently perhaps?!

        Jupiter/Saturn seems quite ‘governmental’ to me, and quite a positive square in some ways, with all the law, justice, ideaologies, religion and leadership meanings there. What expands and what shrinks?
        Interesting about the YouGov poll. I suppose the SNP’s loss would be Labour’s gain? Still, a way to go yet and I can’t quite see a repeat of 1997’s GE somehow. Perhaps low turnout or something like that?

        • “”

          In Scotland Labour would win 28 (up from 1), SNP 19, LDs & Cons 5 each.

          I struggle to believe these polls will be correct but I don’t really follow them. Wasn’t it in 1992 when people said they were going to vote for Kinnock / Labour but then when they got to the polling booth, they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

          That said, I feel fairly assured the Conservatives cannot do anything now to turn around their ejection from office. They seem to be past the point of no return. I’m particularly glad the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is passing without the GE.

          So I suppose it will be a Labour majority.

          Maybe Starmer will surprise us all and suddenly become a great leader and sort the country out. He made it to the Director of Public Prosecutions and leader of the Labour Party, so perhaps there is more to him than meets the eye. But I have all that Virgoness down as him being a good administrator.

          As I’ve said before, with all the big planets changing signs in the next couple of years – big change is guaranteed. What that is I’m not sure – we will have to wait to find out. I suspect things need to get very messy.

          • “I suspect things need to get very messy.” – worse than they are already?!
            Yes, I agree the government, such as it is, do need to go and have run out of ideas, to say the least. I do think that there could be a low turn-out to vote, and that some traditional Conservative voters may simply stay at home.

            The Thursdays in October, assuming the traditional choice of Thursday for a GE have:

            Thursday 3rd – still under the influence of the Solar Eclipse on 2nd October. Potential discombobulations may arise….Plus, this eclipse activates HY’s natal chart.
            Thursday 10th – Sun square Mars, Mercury square Pluto
            Thursday 17th – Full Moon in Aries, square Mars, square Pluto
            Thursday 24th – Mars sextile Uranus, opposing Pluto. Uranus at 26 Taurus, so still aligned with Algol and may be resonating with the Mars, Uranus, Algol trio of summer 2024.
            Thursday 31st – Halloween! Mercury opposes Uranus, Mars 28 Cancer almost exact opposition to Pluto, 29 Capricorn. Moon enters Scorpio 17.30 that day. More tricks than treats that day I think.

            The Solar Eclipse is interesting for the UK Union chart with its 7 Libra ascendant, and 14 Libra South Node. The change is tied to the past in some way? Legal connotations?
            We shall see.
            Starmer is probably ok, and seems like a decent, intelligent man. But he will ‘inherit’ such a huge mess it will be very hard for him to make a difference in the short term. He will survey the work of Pluto in Capricorn all these years, and wonder how to rise from the chaos!

  3. .. that is a great illustration. I believe in education from young to eliminate prejudice. Not unworkable laws which allow govts to target those they disagree with.

  4. As a trend it seems like the police are moving away from tackling physical crimes (e.g. break-ins, shoplifting, car crime, knife crime) and prosecuting more cerebral ones such as hate crime, chants at football matches, deepfake porn. Which fits with the rise of Pluto in Aquarius (as well as Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions moving from earth to air).

    • GD, that’s interesting – in the case of the Metropolitan Police, Pluto in Aquarius is currently in Square to its Mercury in Scorpio and moving to conjunct its Uranus in Aquarius. Very cerebral I’d say.

      • Cerebral indeed! However, they are (all) struggling with online scams and fraud which are far more challenging to investigate. Cyber crime needs an entire force really, perhaps separate from the police in general. It is often international too. Pluto in Aquarius would represent cyber criminals in the virtual underworld.

        As for this new Scottish law, it is ridiculous! I suspect the whole thing will crumble, or be ignored to an extent. The same fate may await the SNP.

        • It has been described as unworkable, illogical and dangerous. As well as mad and a huge waste of Police resources. All that slightly crazy Mutable energy along with the Aquarian Saturn which can be quite tyrannical when the mood takes it.

          As Neptune moves further towards its meeting with Scheat on the last degree of Pisces, all this and we haven’t even reached peak crazy yet!

          • ‘Peak crazy’ – I like that! I’d say Neptune is there, only one degree off the exact alignment with Scheat now. Is beautiful Pegasus a sea horse with Neptune in Pisces?

            “According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars and Mercury; to Simmonite, of Saturn; to other authors, of Saturn and Mercury; and, to Alvidas, of Neptune in square to Saturn or Mars. It causes extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.

            Tied up with ‘malefics’, this could lead the native to lose his life in catastrophes, such as floods, shipwreck, mining accidents, airplane accidents, or maybe suicide. On the other hand, it is possible for a positive influence to emanate from Scheat, but only for some people, it can have a positive effect on their mental creativity, if these people are ready to receive such inflow (examples listed). [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928]” (Constellations of Words)

          • Thanks Jane. Well NYC has just experienced a 4.8 magnitude earthquake which is coinciding with Neptune’s in those final degrees as well as Jupiter/Uranus today. A few days ahead of the solar eclipse too.

            The night before last, we experienced some very strange lightening along with a huge thunderclap which shook residences – just the one – followed by what some locals described as a huge ball of lightning. Strange times as well as crazy ones.

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