Paris Olympics – France a high alert summer

 The Paris Olympics getting underway on 26 July 2024 will be on high alert, more so than usual, because of the troubled global situation at that point. The Opening Ceremony starting at 7.30pm has an 8th house Sun opposition Pluto, sextile/trine Mars in the sporting 5th with a muddled 3rd house of communications and transport with Saturn, Neptune and the Moon there. It is not particularly explosive, disruptive or violent but then neither was the start of the Munich Olympics where the Palestinian Black September militia massacred Israeli athletes.  And I have seen Olympic charts which hinted at major aggravations where nothing much happened  barring the usual spats.

  What is maybe more significant is the France chart, 21 September 1792 3.30 pm Paris. French public sector workers, as per usual, are up in arms at losing their summer vacation, regarded as sacrosanct, and there will no doubt be pitchforks at the ready for any other government gripes at the time. Transiting Neptune is exactly opposition the France Virgo Sun at that time through till early September so the country won’t be feeling confident or upbeat.

 Tr Uranus will be opposition the France focal point Mars in Scorpio mid June to early July which will be disruptive if not high risk. The Progressed Mars somewhat alarmingly will be conjunct the SA Sun exactly and square the revolutionary, explosive Uranus opposition Pluto across the summer. And on this start time tr Uranus will be just into the France domestic 4th house – so there could be local unrest. France’s substantial Muslim population will be involved in whatever Middle East aggravation is going on.   

  Emmanuel Macron, 21 December 1977 10.40am Paris, is also not feeling too chipper with tr Neptune square his Sagittarius Sun and Mercury which will make him feel undermined and less than confident.

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  1. Did anyone see the opening of the pool in Paris. The diving champ made a right balls up of the whole thing and came crashing down on the diving board. Not a good omen!

  2. Thank you Marjorie. Much as I love a big sporting event, this summer’s pair – the Euros, and the Olympics, make me nervous. Although I imagine the security will be phenomenal in both France and Germany of course.

    I’m curious, too, about the eclipses of 1792 and the chart for France. April 7th, 1792 has a Lunar Eclipse at 18 Libra, opposing the Aries Solar we have coming up now. The French chart sits between two eclipses that September – 16th September had 24 Virgo Solar, while 30th September had 7 Aries, Lunar. The ‘mirror’ effect with September 18th 2024 Lunar, 25 Pisces, and October 2nd 10 Libra Solar is interesting I think.

    The Euros kick off on 14th June, 2024 in Munich. There’s Mars 3 Taurus, square Pluto 1 Aquarius, but also a hopeful stellium of Sun, Mercury, and Venus in games-playing Gemini. Saturn will be squaring Germany’s 1871 Gemini Jupiter, Pluto trining its 0 Libra Mars. Saturn also squares itself, 19 Gemini, for the Munich massacre at the Olympics in 1972. Pluto back then was 1 Libra, conjunct Germany’s Libran Mars. Thoughts and memories of 1972 may be inevitable this year. Germany’s Neptune is 19 Aries, so the approaching eclipse may sensitise that in some way – and things in Germany, as in France and elsewhere, are not exactly stable and calm anyway.

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