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  1. Hello Marjorie. If possible could you ‘please’ look at South Africa’s very important upcoming elections on the 29th May. This could be an historical election. We are tired of the corrupt ANC Government. Thank You

  2. Regarding week events for Apr 8, I knew that Merc would be retrograde.

    I found a very interesting online article in Hindustand Times (“https://www.hindustantimes.com/astrology/horoscope/first-mercury-retrograde-2024-2-zodiac-signs-that-will-heal-till-april-7-101712230783803.html”).

    Hope others find insight from the article.

    • Without disagreeing whether Mercury is retrograde or not, given that it is the Hindustan Times (an Indian newspaper) being referenced, it may be (a) referencing moon signs, not sun signs and (b) Vedic sidereal signs not western tropical signs. For instance, my Vedic moon sign is Virgo, but tropical moon sign is Libra.

      So treat those forecasts there with caution, because they may not apply to you the way you think they may.

  3. I’m trying to figure out, and a part of me is screaming “Yeah – not happening” (but maybe I’ll get a hint or a flash of insight), where is this whole artificial intelligence/machine learning/deep learning & neural networks thing going with Pluto in Aquarius until March 2043.

    On one hand, you have news articles these days saying how Microsoft and all other big-tech executives saying to their marketing and sales people to tone down the AI message, because it’s not all that (at least not yet), and this is something that was the message from connoisseurs from the very beginning.

    On the other hand, you have people like NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, at the event titled “Who Will Shape the Future of AI?”, saying people will not need to learn to code, because the whole point is that everyone will be a coder and AI will give us that (check Medium article “Nvidia CEO Advises Against Learning to Code: Is Coding Still a Worthwhile Skill to Learn?”).

    So for every thesis an antithesis.

    Flip the coin, roll the dice. As one meaning for the High Priestess card in tarot says: “the future as yet unrevealed”. Some things, just as when this card appears in a spread following your question, you are not supposed to know yet.

    • Jensen Huang (February 17, 1963 [age 61], Tainan City, Taiwan) is an Aquarius Sun and Mercury (Mercury at 1°) with Moon in late Scropio or first decan of Sagittarius.

      Nvidia – birthday was not long ago! Another such catch! (5 APril 1993, I presume in Santa Clara, California, USA) – is a Sun–Venus in Sagittarius with Moon in late Virgo or first decan of Libra. It has a pretty strong Mars opposition Uranus–Neptune and Jupiter opposition Sun–Venus, Saturn square Pluto and Sun square Mars.

  4. Another pro-Russia strongman elected in Slovakia. “Populist Peter Pellegrini has been elected president of Slovakia, succeeding the liberal Zuzana Caputova.”

    He would no longer honor previous commitments to Ukraine, and postures himself as pro-Moscow.

    How does this fit into the deteriorating Ukrainian alliances with NATO? Slovakia joined NATO in 2004.

  5. Another set of elections to look out for, and if you have the time and inclination, Marjorie, for you to cast the charts for, are the elections in Belgium on 9th June 2024.

    Belgium has
    (a) compulsory voting,
    (b) proportional representation,
    (c) an extremely fragmented political party system and
    (d) a really complicated constitutional setup with land-based regions and culture/language based communities all having separate competencies, in addition to the federal and provincial governments.

    On 9th June 2024, the following elections are taking place in Belgium
    (a) federal elections (to the Chamber of Representatives, which will then elect the next government)
    (b) Flemish Parliament elections (which manages both the Flemish region and the Flemish speaking community)
    (c) Walloon Parliament elections (for the Walloon region)
    (d) Brussels Parliament elections (for the Brussels Capital Region, which is bi-lingual French-Flemish)
    (e) The German speaking Community in the east of Belgium
    (f) the European Parliament elections for all of Belgium

    Belgium is also famous for taking a long time to form its government. A government coalition was formed only 9 months after the last election. That is primarily because a government must form a coalition across the language barrier and include both French speaking and Flemish speaking members. And because of proportional representation, no single party gets a majority.

    The far-right Vlaams Belang are expected to have a strong showing in the elections in Flanders, at all levels, from the regional/community Parliament to the federal and European Parliament.

    • I’m just imagining the cost of having all those regional governments and parliaments. It reminds me of Yugoslavia, where previously you had 6 states (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia), and one chief of state, and now you have that multiplied by 6. What one could do now there are 6 governmental bodies doing it.

      • To put it into perspective, I was just looking, Yugoslavia according to the last census had 23.5 million people and the Greater Los Angeles area now has 18.4. Now imagine paying six ministers of finance, six ministers of education, six prime ministers and so on…

        • Greater London (i.e. not the wider metro area, just Greater London itself) currently has a population approximately equal to Scotland and Wales combined.

          Yet that is not an argument for not having two parliaments, two First Minister and administrations. That comes of their sense of identity.

          Nationhood and its associated costs is more than just a matter of money.

          • It might be, but then people have to decide what they want: brotherhood of man or we all are separate. Clever use of money or toss it around wherever you would like, often benefitting they few and not the many. Maybe even to the detriment of all things.

          • You remind me that it might be interesting to look at the planetary cycle that started the devolution.

            Marjorie was wondering about immigration, and I think I’ve read somewhere, and thay made sense, it all started with Neptune in Sagittarius.

            Or maybe that was globalization.

    • The bond stability is being looked into. Just cuz Drompf could find someone doesn;t equate to financial stability/liquidity of the bond.

      The car may start but won;t go far with square/flat tires.

  6. So apparently there was a smallish earthquake felt in NYC and Jersey this morning. And where was the epicenter of this quake? I swear you can’t make this up. It was at Trump’s Bedminster Golf club. Lol. And to put a cherry on top, MAGA disciple MTG said its a sign from God that America needs to repent.
    Eclipse much!!

    • Or Trump, since the earthquake’s epicenter was at or near Trump’s Bedminster Golf Course? Perhaps a message that he’s insulting/ offending the universe and the Earth’s gods?

  7. Media reports today that 600 British legal experts indicate that Rishi Sunak is complicit in Israeli war crimes and can stand trial. That is really hopeful news. War crimes trials are being investigated with 40 Israeli government including Netanyahu.

    • History proves that nothing will happen. Back in 2003 a formal complaint to the international war crimes tribunal was launched against Tony Blair by a panel of senior international legal experts for unlawfully waging war in Iraq. The panel of eight law professors, including experts from Oxford University and the London School of Economics, alleged that Britain had broken international treaties on war and human rights in Iraq.

      And we are now in 2024 with Tony Blair advising the next PM Keir starmer

      • @ Ann quite q good comment, except that Rishi Sunak did not invade Gaza, presumably the only two things he can be held to account for is to begin with he supported Israel’s right to defend itself, and not suspending delivery of arms to Israel. His government have now stated the need for restraint in the way this appalling war is being conducted, quite different to Tony Blair’s conduct.

  8. Larryc You are absolutely correct to say that discussing such a complicated geopolitical topic in a forum such as this is incorrect, for a start the astrology behind it is way too difficult to assess, however there must be solutions in the longer term and I think the next few weeks will provide some pointers, the astrology for the next few weeks is such that April-May will be defining moments this year.

    • @Virginia: it is often tough to remain on-course over emotionally charged topics, even considering the astro implications. I recall a few yrs ago the 150+ posts under the topic of US Civil War. Difficult to contain THAT one. Marjorie never re-opened that topic 😉

      The grumpy-trumpies are everywhere. I’ve stopped speaking to my Italian family back East. Like with religion, “Trump is the answer.” Duh. On the Ukrainian side, well, they’ve all dispersed after 1960 to who-knows-wherever.

      I use the energy from full moons to channel success, excluding lunar eclipses.

      I hv read today that Biden issued a dbl-down warning to Netanyahu concerning the safety of AMericans in Gaza. Will Biden step up? Who can say. We already know what the Big Orange one has to say.

      Thanks for the f/b.

    • I agree it would be tricky to pin down astrological significators for immigration. But I am hardly averse to tackling complicated/controversial/divisive geopolitical issues. No country on earth can take in unlimited immigrants – and especially when they come from deprived and violent cultures there will be problems with assimilation. Ethiopian refugees having some kind of tribal fight in London with machetes was not an encouraging occurrence.
      The US civil war may well come back round again Larry since Neptune is heading for 29 Pisces for the first time since 1861.

      • Neptune et. al. was bound to occur again. Is it safer to hunker down here in Seattle, land of the Kloset Klansmen? Or leave and face potential nuclear war in Europe with Russia over the remains of NATO & Ukraine? Choices, choices.

        @Nicole: Bravo for your closing post. Wanted to give you a thanks for the common holes in many anti-immigration arguments.

  9. “May-Thurner syndrome: What is the condition Lauren Boebert has been diagnosed with? ”

    Sounds serious but was downplayed in the BBC article. “https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-68730159”

    Quick assessment on her health astrology? Many thanks.

  10. There are legal filings and things going on with Jack Smith and the Eileen Canon classified materials case. All I know is I, and everyone else, would already be in jail for what he did with classified materials and secrets. These are national security secrets and if compromised could really hurt us as a nation. Stored in a bathroom at Mar A Lago and who knows what in NJ. Not sure how this will play out. I am pretty sure she is a compromised judge now based on what happened yesterday. If the rule of law goes we are in trouble.

    • Her birth date isn’t verified but if reports of 1 February 1981 are accurate then she will get a severe rattling come June/July as will her relationship with Trump.

  11. Was reading today about MTG’s efforts to totally derail further aid to Ukraine. “They have everything they need…” What’s her beef? Did the GOP really expect a war to be won in a few months? Vietnam took ages to resolve…no matter how much $$ and arms were made available.

    Read again the Ukraine post 4th December 2023. Doesn’t look good and MTG has some kind of special grudge. Can you perform an update on her ? Will someone please drop a house on her?

    • I imagine that the $75 billion already given by Biden to Ukraine to protect their borders is enough. My personal beef, since I live on the Southern border, is that the $4.5 billion given to protect our border is not enough, especially in comparison.

      In 2022, my cousin’s husband was killed by an illegal from Ethiopia who ran a red light. Same year my husband’s car was totaled by a Mexican illegal who ran a red light. He had no insurance. My area just had a shootout with our local police who killed a drunk illegal that started shooting at them at a local gas station. I could go on, in fact I will. A colleague was murdered in his own home by an illegal who broke in to rob it.

      This is my number one issue for voting this year. I’m weighing the money given to another country to protect their borders versus the money that we have spent in our own country to protect ours and it’s sorely lacking. We have no country unless we protect our borders.

      • I don’t know where you live, Maggie, but all the statistics show that immigrants, especially those without legal papers, are far less likely to commit crimes that US citizens and legal residents.

        I’m very sorry you and your family have had so many unfortunate encounters.

        I, too, live close to the US border, less than 20 miles, and am extremely familiar with border issues. I also cross the border regularly.

        • I live in Tucson, 60 miles away. We own a beach house in Puerto Pensaco and have crossed regularly at Lukeville (except during lockdown) for 40 years. The house has been in my husband’s family since 1962. That crossing was closed earlier this year for “repairs” for three weeks. Hundreds of illegals crossed in long orderly lines nightly for those three weeks. All men. If nothing else, it’s a humanitarian crisis that needs to be stopped.

          The cartels are fighting it out now between Sonoyta and Puerto Pensaco. 2 nurses were killed last month, five others also and 7 bodies last week just off the road into Pensaco. The Charlys of Pensaco declared war on the Pelones of Sonoyta. There is now visible military in trucks with guns as tourists enter the city. The cartels own Mexico but it’s never been so in your face in the tourist areas and they are are in a hurry because if Trump is elected and the borders closed, they won’t have the freedom to do this. I belong to multiple Mexican FB groups. The MSM here is not reporting this.

          Here is our border crossing:

          • Maggie: is it that lining our US borders, north and south, with abrbed wire and ten meter-tall fences is your solution to cure immigrant and drug problems?

            Creating an open air prison called the US of A? That’s your solution?

            I agree w/the premise to allow immigrants into the country, and offer English lessons and a path toward citizenship. Becoming tax-paying citizens helps dissolve the patina of discrimination.

            But that’s the least likely option on the menu.

          • @Larry, sorry, no reply button by your name.

            There are many ways illegals arrive, 320,000 were recently flown in. A secure border does not mean disdain for immigrants but if they come illegally they do take their chances as do citizens who know they have not been vetted. My family has been greatly affected.

            Most are not “asylum seekers” because they talk about wanting work and opportunity in the US.

            BTW, immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them. It will be like this until we have a president who values citizens over illegals.

            One last thought. There seems to be a threshold of 15% before a country’s character changes.

            The Roman Empire had a total population of 100 million or so. The barbarians who crossed the Rhine and Danube never exceeded 15% of that total, yet they led to the toppling of the empire. Why? Because conditions inside the empire were ripe for the fall.

            Inflation, devaluation of the currency, rampant corruption, population decline, lack of patriotism. The Army depended on barbarians to fill the ranks, an endless needless war (with Persia), a city population on the dole, failing infrastucture (the roads), cultural decay (no more great poets and writers; coarsemess and ugly art), lack of upward mobility among the populace (serfdom), dependence on foreigners (barbarians) and slaves to do the menial work. Also elimination of small farms and dependency of vast estates run by absentee landlords to feed the population. But it was that 15% that was able to topple the whole shebang.

            Something to consider.

          • Maggie and Larryc

            A change of foreign policy towards Central America and Mexico may just help the situation, proper investment allowing those countries to grow their legal economies would encourage their people to remain and develop their own countries, also somehow encourage a reduction in the consumption of illegal drugs in the USA which would reduce the earning power of those dreadful cartels.

          • @Virginia: I would agree…but walking away from such a powerful addiction is nigh impossible.

            Mexico is part of NAFTA, yes? Why is the US sending more mfg to non-NAFTA partners (Mex/Canada)?

            Lots of questions not to be answered by you or me, esp in this blog. Why is the US sending ammo/shells to Israel and not to a former Soviet bloc country who strives to join NATO?

            @Maggie: your opinions are your own, incompatible w/mine. I didn;t reach back 2000 yrs to attempt to prove a point about immigrant saturation levels. “immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them. It will be like this until we have a president who values citizens over illegals” – this is not an argument I wish to address. That’s your own.

            I hv noting else to consider or to contribute on this topic. Goodbye.

          • @Maggie, I live in San Diego, about 15 or 20 miles from the border.

            What I’ve noticed is that the bulk of the people wanting to cross the border are no longer Mexicans — because there’s now a thriving middle class there now with more job opportunities; just look at the wine industry in Baja and maquiladores along the border for examples — and that many coming from other countries in Latin America and around the world are skilled workers, including doctors, lawyers and engineers fleeing political or gang violence. Others of course are unskilled, desperate economic or gang refugees.

            The US now has an aging population and labor shortage. Why not fill some of those vacant jobs, many unskilled, with those eager to work?

            Process them, screen them, give them permits to work legally in jobs and regions needing workers. Let them become productive citizens, like my ancestors.

            Trump’s vindictive, venge-filled dishonesty will never be the answer. Walls and barbed wire don’t keep people out, as we’ve all seen. Desperate people go around them or under them. I agree we can’t take in everyone who wants to come, but we certainly can take in many who can contribute to our society.

            We need solutions and we need workers. Trump, like Netanyahu, is interested only in his own survival and lining his own pockets and will provide no solutions, just more divisions and animosity.

            I’m done (and lack astrological knowledge to add).

          • @Larry, doesn’t matter how old the history is as those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.

      • @ Well you can blame Trump for derailing the bipartisan Senate bill that would have provided for 50K more border agents.

        Trump told Speaker Johnson to not even allow the bill onto the floor for a vote because he wanted to use immigration as a campaign issue.

        It is ironic that Republicans were running around with their hair on fire screaming that we had a border crisis for months until Trump told them to not do anything about it.

  12. What is Rishi Sunak’s chart Marjorie. He seems to be getting into more and more hot water. I saw his popularity on YouGov is only 23%. Yikes!

  13. Thank you for the post on the Paris Olympics, Marjorie.
    to 9th June this year.
    Jane’s comments in that post about the Euros reminded me that the European Parliament elections are also due at the start of June, running from 6th to 9th June.
    The new Parliament is scheduled to sit for the first time on 16th July, though obviously there will be a lot of horse-trading happening (for posts like president and the vice-presidents of the Parliament, committee chairs, etc) between the elections and the first sitting.
    From memory, the current Parliament met for the first time on the day of an eclipse, something considered very inauspicious in Vedic astrology. But it seems to have done alright.
    What are your astrological thoughts on the next European Parliament, Marjorie?
    In the same or separate article, can you also cover Margrethe Vestager (born 13th April 1968 in Glostrup, Zealand, Denmark according to Wikipedia), the EU Commissioner for competition since 2014? She has done an amazing job of shaping competition across the world and reminding American firms, who can normally manipulate the US regulators with relative ease because of free speech (aka political contribution), that regulation outside the US can also impact them significantly.
    We heard endlessly about every minor election in the US. Perhaps we can focus on elections closer to home for a change.

  14. If I saw right, the eclipse is at the 20th degree of Aries.

    Here is the Sabian:


    KEYNOTE: Overcoming crises through compassion.”

    I was expecting a little more insight. Don’t know what to think of this one.

    • James Burgess says re: Sabian symbols for 20 degrees:
      “Nature is harsh – people and animals suffer and starve, and they die. Yet without harshness compassion could not exist; there would be no place for it. There is no higher purpose than to live life as a constant expression of compassionate love. This is neither fanciful nor sentimental love; it is feeding the hungry stranger.”

  15. Probably the worst Capricorn Moon / Aries Sun square event today: A 12-year-boy shot 3 class mates in Vantaa. One of them died immediately, two are struggling at hospital. Could have been even worse, but apparently, the gun was a small caliber revolver registered to a close family member. We’ve had several gun law changes related to previous school shootings in Jokela and Kauhajoki, but apparently, threats to schools are up since covid-19, and there actually have been two incidents with students in their early 20’s planning a much more lethal attacks, but fortunately caught in time.

    • what immediately came to mind was that the 12 yr old was SO angry…about someone or something.

      When I was age 4, my half-sister stole $1.07 from my piggy bank. Spent it on candy, w/my mother’s knowledge. I was incandescent with pent-up rage, so I dumped the ash tray into the milk carton to kill my half-sister.

      • @larryc, apparently, this was related to bullying. The boy had enrolled to a new school in January, so he had quite a short history there. He also ran and threatened students headed to another school in the area.

        Could also be social media related. It’s horrible today, and children often don’t tell their parents. My daughter’s class just had a group of boys starting a “haters” WA group targeting some girls. Not my daughter, but two of her besties. Fortunately, these girls did find out and told both their teacher and parents. The fortune of living where I do is that teachers at my daughter’s school and many parents are the types that might have been bullied at some point for being somehow “different”, so there’s a general understanding of these issues

        • My god…whatever happened to “just being a kid” and having fun? Riding bikes, climbing trees, playing stickball in the street? Kids grow up already seasoned and programmed for urban combat.

    • Oh Solaia,

      You and all Finland has my condolences.

      Finland and Switzerland are exemplars that we point out to Americans, that just because everybody has guns (in Finland and Switzerland, more a duty than a right, as is mandatory conscription for male citizens) don’t mean that everyday has to have a bloodbath or mass shooting.

      I am sure that the Finns, being sensible, will react appropriately and with restraint.

      • @Unmystic Mom, fortunately, it’s infinitely better now than when Jokela happened in 2007. There are a couple of Jokela survivors who are now “celebrities”. One of them, a beauty queen/ social media star/ singer published a picture taken by the press outside the safety parameter of her reaching her mother. I think that because she was already stunning at 13, the press might have thought she was older (this was secondary school), but still, she tells they were harassed by the press, while under shock.

  16. Hello Marjorie, not sure if this is one you can give an answer on – but do we have an astrological reason for (here in the UK) the weather pattern of unrelenting rain since last October – anything to do with the eclipse in that month? Thank you

  17. Beyond our daily life – can you check Botticelli chart ? He was shown in the Medici. Saw an exhibition lately with his drawings and paintings. During the times , I took reference from his paintings into mine.

    • I have every book there is on Botticelli, and his birth date is unknown. Some speculation of March 1, 1445 — would be interesting to know!

  18. So according to seasoned Astrologers, Trump’s hubris will be flying in the stratosphere from early April for one last hurrah, then will begin a sharp descent going into May towards a spectacular crash and burn.
    Republicans grab your parachutes, bed wetting Democrats grab your pampers and everybody else grab your popcorn. “It’ll be wild”

  19. Marjorie,

    Could you look again at Scotland and specifically the Scottish Governments Hate Crime Act which came into force on 1st April. April fools right enough, but it’s no laughing matter; here in Scotland the mood is of disbelief and anger.

    Should we fear our own Government and our underprepared police force? I have to hope that the SNP will be decimated in the GE, but will the law work in practice or ever be repealed?

    • @Troy.
      Just because Trump crashes and it doesn’t necessarily mean great news for Democrats because Trump is only one of the challenges that Biden and Congressional Democrats face.

      Even before Trump the House Republican conference was in disarray and even if Jeffries becomes Speaker he will need votes from Republicans to get anything through the House.

    • The bill was supported by the Labour Party, Lib Dem’s, and Green Party in the Scottish Parliament The only party which opposed it was the Tories

  20. It is the end of one Olympiad and the start of the next this year.

    Marjorie, could you have a look at the Paris Olympics 2024, officially the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, currently scheduled to open at 7:30PM on July 26, 2024.

    How will they impact the Olympic movement, Paris and France in particular? How will the ongoing situation in Gaza impact it? There are fears of a terrorist attack during the Games. Can you presage any trouble during the games?

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