Israel v Iran – an escalating crisis ++ possible USA involvement?

  In Israel, demonstrators are out on the streets demonstrating their anger against Netanyahu and the lack of a deal to free the remaining Hamas hostages. This against a backdrop of Israel’s strike against Iran’s consulate in Damascus on Monday, killing Tehran’s top generals in the country, which threatens to escalate into a regional war. This was always the fear since the war in Gaza erupted, putting Israel in a conflict with Iranian allied militias.

  Iran will now be forced to respond but may hesitate to embark on a direct confrontation.

Several related charts are on high alert with danger-zone, red-flags waving in the months ahead.  Netanyahu has a catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto midpoint from late this month to mid May. A nerve-stretched and highly-strung, prone-to-misjudgments June with Neptune Uranus midpoint aspects triggered will be the fore runner to an explosive tr Uranus square his Mars picking up through July and running on and off into mid 2025. His Libra Moon is catching the upcoming April Aries Solar Eclipse so he will be standing on shaky ground politically and finding his image further dented. He will be undermined and failing mid October to February 2025 with tr Neptune opposition his Sun/Mars and Mercury/Saturn midpoints.

 Israel, of course, has its 8th house Taurus Sun at 23 degrees catching the disruptive tr Uranus conjunction for the second time this May, repeating New Year to mid March 2025 plus the possibility of more violence in 2025 from tr Uranus square the Mars. This October’s Libra Solar Eclipse will conjunct the 12th house Neptune which does not give much hope for realistic decisions.

 The Israel/Iran 1906 relationship chart points to July/August as flash points; as does the Israel/Iran Islamic Republic 1979 relationship chart. The Iran 22 December 1501 chart which worked well against the 2017 earthquake, is also showing high stress June onwards with tr Uranus conjunct the Mars and square the Mars/Pluto midpoint into 2025. The Iran 1 April 1979 chart is catching this Aries Solar Eclipse opposition its Pluto and the September Lunar Eclipse conjunct its Mars Mercury.

  All of which will impact on Joe Biden who looks edgy in the extreme on more or less the same timeline. Tr Uranus opposes his Sun/Mars midpoint exactly now; then hits his Mars/Uranus midpoint late April to mid May; and his disaster-zone Mars/Saturn by July and beyond – all of which have potential military as well as other associations. Tr Uranus will also oppose his Scorpio Sun picking up in July this year.

ADD ON:  Will USA be dragged into the fight? There is a Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the US Mars exact this July which does have military associations – or can be a setback of a different order. On the US Sibley 5.10pm chart, the Moon at 27 Aquarius catches a conjunction from the SA Mars in August as well as tr Uranus in square which will bring a shock/collision of sorts.

  The Iran Islamic Republic April 1979 chart in relation both to Biden and the USA shows July/August as flare-up points. The Iran 1906 and 150 charts in relation to Biden and the USA have a marginally different timeline but also show significant unrest this year.

  Worrisome times.  It could, of course, be triggered by an attack on American soil which was a scenario mentioned after the Moscow bomb attack – not that an Iran militia was behind it but the Islamic ISIS-K probably also inflamed by US policies.

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  1. The NYT reported that some advisers in the Biden administration thought they couldn’t let Israel be seen as being weakened by Iran et al. I don’t know whether that is the real reasoning, or just a false justification, but it does appear as though, despite the increasing condemnation of Netanyahu (including by Israelis), Israel serves larger geopolitical needs (American or more generally Western), by doing the dirty work, specifically against Iran (which is also a Putin ally). In that context, Gaza, as the Palestinians have been since 1947, becomes the sacrifice, and Netanyahu knows it. Like many other Americans I am angry, but I don’t know of other alternatives, except, yes, as crazy as it sounds, trying to keep Gazans alive at the same time.

    Regarding Biden’s continued support for Israel, the other possible but non-Iran-related explanation, are the elections. Although this may cost Biden votes among young progressives, abandoning Israel would almost guarantee losing the election, because he’ll lose on both flanks; we need only look at the attacks on 3 ‘liberal’ university presidents who were accused of anti-semitism because they allowed pro-Palestinian protests on campus, some of which purportedly implied the end of Israel as a state, forcing two of them to resign. So imagine what Trump and MAGA will do.

    All because of geopolitics. (These are the ‘best’ explanations which assume there aren’t worse motivations by the Biden administration.)

  2. Sorry Marjorie the talking on Israel genocide has been pulled live stream from YT. It is on Rumble Piers Morgan Uncencored

  3. Interesting debate on The Empire Files YT premiering on defining Israeli action as genocide or not hosted by Piers Morgan with journalist Abby Martin and Israeli speaker Emily Schrader. It is a heated debate but interesting.

  4. Of course, another facet of this current conflict is the impact on the British Labour Party – and in particular the effect on the hugely important Muslim bloc vote, upon which the Labour Party depends. Keir Starmer’s refusal to call for a cease fire is pertinent in this regard.
    The astrology of this conflict as it effects the Labour Party and the up coming UK General Election would be interesting to see.
    Perhaps this is the fly in the ointment much predicted for Starmer which might stymie his ‘inevitable’ shoo in to Number Ten.

  5. I wonder, are there any links to the brazen attack on Iran International host Pouria Zeraati, in London last week? The Iranian Government, of course, are denying involvement, but it’s hard to see who else might want Zeraati dead. There have been calls in parliament for the expulsion of Mehdi Hosseini Matin, the IRI Chargé D’affaires.

  6. How does the targeted killing of the World Central Kitchen volunteers fit into this? Will Netanyahu and the IDF pay any price for this appalling “incident”?

    Does this show up in the astrology

    • Yes. This and the Iran consulate attack could be the triggers that galvanise the international community against the Netanyahu government.
      The Israel chart shows an event in early May, being resolved by Jan/Feb 2025, with a series of upheavals leading to a change of leadership. A big change of fortune for Israel is indicated – chart symbolism indicates a possible societal implosion – and a dramatic shift of collective identity is on its way.

      • The Ultra Ortodox will no longer be sunsidized by the Israeli Goverment, their supreme court as of Monday. They no longer have a military exemption. This is 13% of the population and are a drain on the secular. The Ultra Orthodox are the backbone of current government. Implosion yes possible. Secular resent having to support those who do not contribute.

  7. Thanks Marjorie. In attempting to understand Iran’s ‘shadow war’ with Israel, I wondered about Syria’s role in this too. Obviously the ‘shadow war’ involves more than Syria, and I haven’t looked at anywhere else so far. As you write:
    “The Iran 1 April 1979 chart is catching this Aries Solar Eclipse opposition its Pluto and the September Lunar Eclipse conjunct its Mars Mercury.”

    Of interest and concern re eclipses:

    Syrian Civil War, 15 March, 2011 – Sun 24 Pisces – the September Lunar Eclipse. Mercury 10 Aries conjunct Jupiter 11 Aries – opposed by the October Solar Eclipse. Israel’s Uranus 24 Gemini opposing Jupiter 27 Sagittarius (Galactic Centre) may be triggered by this lunar eclipse too. Further, Israel/Iran 1906 has Nodes at 26 Gemini, while the US Neptune is 22 Virgo (square Mars 21 Gemini).

    Bashar Assad, 11 September 1965 has his natal Moon at 25 Pisces for the September Lunar. He is having his second Saturn Return now, with Saturn 13 Pisces. His MC/IC axis has tr Uranus on the IC at 24 Taurus. And there is Israel’s Sun sitting on Assad’s natal IC at the same time. Possibly not a very stable moment for him?
    Back in March 2011, Mars was crossing Assad’s Saturn as it is this month. There had been a New Moon at 13 Pisces as March began. The Saturn/Mars alignment in Pisces around the Solar Eclipse on 8th April certainly resonates with this sensitive moment in Syria’s history and potential role in the ongoing, awful, conflicts across the wider region.

    I hope humanity and sanity in some shape or form prevails, and we manage to keep this from escalating too far.

    • Just to add – or ponder:

      Lebanon, 22 November 1943 – Jupiter 26 Leo, sensitive to Uranus in transit, plus the Uranus, Mars, Algol alignment this summer. Saturn 24 Gemini – squared by that September Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. Lebanon’s Chiron is 14 Virgo, so the Saturn/Mars alliance in Pisces at the upcoming Solar Eclipse opposes that.

      Yemen, 22 May 1990: Venus 20 Aries receiving the Aries Solar Eclipse soon. Mars, 23 Pisces, with September’s Lunar Eclipse conjunct.

  8. A busy week. Was it the US Senate promised a vote for arms for Ukraine…after Easter recess? And now…this? Arms for Israel without votes? More proxy action…feeds into Putin’s machine…and the GOP supporters.

    An earlier blog post suggested a long slog for Ukraine.

  9. Yesterday Suella Braverman, visiting Israel, was calling on the British government to be more robust in its support of Israel, presumably not happy that it supported Cease Fire motion at the UN. What a difference a day can make….today, worldwide condemnation of Israel for death of aid workers, including three British. Perhaps the tr Uranus Marjorie mentions will see the back of him!

  10. Thanks Marjorie

    Are there potent links between Iran and the US chart coming up? My sense is Netenyahu is desperate to get the US to directly attack and “finish off” Iran, essentially do Israel’s fighting. So a hard reprisal attack by Tehran on Israeli interests would be the causus belli for such a war. Insanity of course. Russia has a main battle fleet in the Red Sea just to add some extra spice…I hope the Russians start daily sorties of supplies into Gaza and to hell with Israel…

    • @Sandra, yes it certainly was a ‘coincidence’ that aid workers trying to deliver food to the same inhabitants of Gaza that Israel is attempting to starve were killed ‘accidentally’ by the IDF.

      • Apparently the aid workers were killed by 3 separate strikes on an aid convoy over a distance of 2 km so unlikely to be a fog of war incident. This is particularly the case as the IDF already knew the identity of the vehicles and the route. Another appalling PR disaster for the Israeli government. No surprise as the two malefics Mars and Saturn are currently square Israel’s natal Mercury. More significantly transiting Pluto is currently conjunct the retrograde Uranus at 2 Aquarius in the 4 August 70 (jul) Destruction of the Second Temple chart. Given the divisions emerging in Israeli society between religious and secular Jews this is potentially developing into an existential crisis for the state of Israel.

    • With one hand the USA gives Israel weapons of immense destruction.
      With the other hand it gives food to the Palestinians.

      You can’t make this nonsense up.

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