Erdogan and Orban – less than loved populists

Two strongman rulers in eastern Europe are in trouble  with Turkey’s Recep Erdogan facing losses in elections; and Hungary’s Viktor Orban besieged by corruption allegations affecting his party and government.

 The Turkish President Erdogan has just experienced what analysts deem his worst political setback in more than two decades with overwhelming losses in local elections.   The economy is the biggest gripe with runaway inflation remaining at 70 percent and the collapsing value of the currency.

 Erdogan, 26 February 1954, has tr Uranus upending his Pluto continuing from last year, repeating this May and again New Year through to March 2025 – so a highly unstable phase. Made worse as Solar Arc Saturn opposes his Uranus in 2025. Plus tr Saturn in Pisces square conjunct his Pisces Sun, Mercury and Venus and square his Jupiter – a confidence-denting year.

 His original Presidency chart, 28 August 2014 has the April Solar Eclipse opposition the North Node – so a definite fork in the road. It may not be enough to unseat him altogether but the rot is setting in. The relationship between himself and Turkey is chained together and steeped in resentment and under increasing pressure in the next three years but it will take time for the ties-that-bind to part company – and it will be messy when they do.

Viktor Orban, the thorn in the EU’s flesh with his autocratic demands, is under assault from a former inner circle ally. Peter Magyar, a senior but obscure Hungarian official, who has come from nowhere to promise to oust Orban with corruption allegations against his government. Magyar, 16 March 1981, for all he is being talked up, won’t win much over the next year with tr Neptune conjunct his Mars.  But the damage may stick.

 Orban, 31 May 1963, is certainly being rocked by the arguments and allegations with his Fixed T Square of Mercury in Taurus square Saturn opposition Mars being upended by tr Uranus escalating from this month, jolting through May, and again New Year till March 2025 and worsening into 2025. His security will be severely rattled.

 His initial PMship chart, 29 May 2010, is showing similar signs of unease with tr Neptune in an high-uncertainty opposition to the Saturn, picking up in 2023 and running off and on to early 2025. Plus tr Uranus square the Mars in Leo opposition Neptune from mid this June, on and off through an extremely nervy 2025.

 Two swallows don’t make a summer and two demagogues on the slide may not make a trend but it is hopeful.  

5 thoughts on “Erdogan and Orban – less than loved populists

  1. I’m not familiar with the Hungarian chap. Erdogan – Is he not just too old like so many of them Marjorie. His popularity initially was like Modi’s too. There was some sort of ‘pegging to the dollar’ or pegging to something that made India and Turkey stabilise currencies artificially for their early years and produce success. Then the banks, not these politicians, ended the policy because it was too expensive or something – Then Lira/Rupee floated to the proper real level, then bang! India is supposed to be getting a bit better with Neoliberalism – Actually, even Osho said that India did not need any more Socialism to sit with their hand out doing nothing (he was a mystic who liked his Rolls Royce!). Turkey is dying a death – The currency has devalued from 3YTL to 1 Sterling to 40YTL to 1 Sterling in no time. There is mass censorship and strange agendas of music being pop and telly being Ottoman ; ) … The earthquake response disappointed people – And not enforcing the building laws. The young Turkish people have had enough of the lack of opportunities, lack of career prospects, censorship and failing services, in my opinion. I think you are right – he will just run out of support.

  2. Interestingly, “Magyar” is the term for Hungarian, the people or language. Potentially symbolic?

    My mother’s parents were Hungarian-born. I visited only once, but it’s a fascinating country, so rich in history. I hope they conquer the totalitarian domination — again.

  3. Can you also take a look at Victor Orbán’s son-in-law, István Tiborcz (23 June 1986, Szombathely, Hungary)? Thank you!

  4. Funny that Péter seems to be a continuation of certain aspects that pop up a lot here, such as the “leadership” Leo North Node and the Jupiter conjunct Saturn.

  5. There is a Facebook page called Asztrológia – AsztroMókus that posted a chart for Magyar Péter, 16 March 1981 with a birth time of 05:46:03.

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