Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell – snakes and ladders ++ McCarthy

New brooms in Washington will bring changes though with only a slender majority in the Senate perhaps not as many as the progressives would like.

  Chuck Schumer, 23 November 1950 11 am (from memory) New York, is the Senate Majority leader. He’s a charming Sun Venus in Sagittarius with a few obstacles and disappointments ahead this year as well as some bountiful patches this month and late year.  The panics will set in late March to mid April, and again September/October and January/February 2022 with tr Neptune square his Sun/Mars midpoint. Mid to late 2022 he’s on a downer with his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Mercury;  though he should be back in gear through 2023/24 with tr Pluto sextile his Sun. If his birth time is accurate then tr Saturn is now moving through his lower-profile First Quadrant for several years ahead, so he won’t be at his most vibrant or successful.  His relationship with Joe Biden will racket around from this spring onwards with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on the composite Moon Jupiter and Pluto.

   Nancy Pelosi, Speaker in the House of Representatives, 25 March 1940, no verified time, Baltimore, MD, is a pro-active and determined Aries Sun trine Pluto with a Scorpio Moon and a formidable four planets spread out through Taurus. She looks aggravated and stressed with tr Pluto trine her Mars now and through this year, with some losses, slog-on patches and a disaster or two in mid June to early July, October and early 2022 when tr Uranus is conjunct her Mars/Saturn midpoint. So not all plain sailing.

  Mitch McConnell, 20 February 1942, ousted as Senate Majority Leader, was a Trump enabler, only turning on him after the Capitol attacks, and has now swallowed his bile to curry favour with the pro-Trump supporters. He’s a Sun Pisces with, like Pelosi, four planets in Taurus. He’s being rattled  around this year by tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting his Mercury – so there will be high tension outbursts and some discouragement, gloom and panic. There’s nothing cheerful about his transits this year. He’ll find his mojo from early 2022 through 2023 but runs into Saturnine blocks in late 2022 and 2024.

  His relationship with Trump is in upheaval this February and dipping further from late May onwards. And his relationship with his wife Elaine Chao is in for an exceptionally rocky ride from this March onwards.

Add On: Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Minority Leader in Congress, 26 January 1965, Bakersfield, CA, having repudiated Trump over the Capitol attacks is now licking his feet again.  He’s a Sun Aquarius with an Earth Grand Trine of Uranus Pluto trine Jupiter in Taurus trine Mercury Venus in Capricorn, with his Jupiter opposition Neptune – very materialistic, slippery or delusional with such an emphasised Neptune.

   The opportunistic ties that bind him to Trump will start to loosen from mid March onwards. And the same goes for the Republican Party whose relations with their erstwhile leader will take a turn for the worse from March onwards as well, worsening in 2022, perhaps when Trump”s personal woes become more apparent – debts, criminal case etc etc etc.

   McCarthy’s personal chart points to a fair crop of disasters and catastrophes this year late March to mid April, early September to mid October and early 2022. But with some successes also, on and off through 2022 as well. Over the Mid Terms in 2022 he does have a lucky-break tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter and a couple of other minor success-bearers, as well as a Saturnine downer or two.  The tr Uranus square tr Saturn hits his driving rod Jupiter opposition Neptune almost exactly for highs and lows.

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  1. “McCarthy’s personal chart points to a fair crop of disasters and catastrophes this year late March to mid April, early September to mid October and early 2022. But with some successes also, on and off through 2022 as well. Over the Mid Terms in 2022 he does have a lucky-break tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter and a couple of other minor success-bearers, as well as a Saturnine downer or two. The tr Uranus square tr Saturn hits his driving rod Jupiter opposition Neptune almost exactly for highs and lows.”

    Thank you! I’m sure he is feeling confident and in control right now, with tr. Jupiter/Saturn conjunct Sun and possible sextile Moon, which is why he made that trip to kiss Trump’s ring at Mar-a-Lago. I have a feeling this is premature, given DJT’s transits are not chirpy around March/April, either.

    The way I see this playing right now is that GOP Neocon “old guard” is already busy shedding Trump legacy, because the QAnon fringe becoming mainstream isn’t a good look with serious donors or allies abroad. Attacking Liz Cheney, in particular, might have been a terrible move, since Dick Cheney has, no doubt, still enough influence to end careers with two phone calls. Given his coming tr Pluto trine MC (also, he is 10′ Aquarius Sun, so like McCarthy, has confidence), he might do it too, with his daughter involved.

  2. @ Marjorie, my interpretation and personal experience on tr Saturn opposite Pluto is that it’s an introverted passage making people asset purpose of their life. I think there’s a fair chance that Schumer, who has been in Congress since he was 31 (!) in 1981, will consider retiring. There has also been talk about some of the more Progressive Democrats getting him primaried, but I doubt AOC, who may have had a true close encounter during Coup Attempt and seems to be experiencing some posttraumatic stress, will be up to this yet. Otherwise, Schumer will carry on, as he did as a Congressman in June 1992, when this transit last hit him, because it’s highly unlikely Republicans can turn NY.

    What I find more interesting is tr Jupiter opposing his natal Jupiter and trining natal Sun/Venus. These are out of sign, but Jupiter is Retrograde, so he has the exact passages three times in 2022. There’s also a surprisingly rare Election Day Sun/Mercury/Venus triple conjunction at second decade of Scorpio conjunct his MC and opposing his Moon.

    But most importantly, it’s obvious that in case DJT will leave politics – which both stars and his niece seem to suggest -, GOP has to regroup. And I’m not certain they can do that in the next 16 months or so, not to mention in little over a year in order to have their National Strategy at place. Therefore Democrats, who already have new DNC leadership in place, don’t even have to be particularly lucky to make gains in Midterms

  3. The thing that strikes me is that they are all over 70, as is Biden (and Trump) – probably the oldest collective leadership of the US in history.

    • Yes, and we had a bit of a scare the other day too. Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (who is now 81) was briefly hospitalized and has since been released.

      I’m not an ageist; I normally prefer leaders who are older because with age comes wisdom and experience. However, the fact that so many of the leaders in our Democratic Party are now in their 70s and 80s…does make me a bit nervous at times….because I also know that with age, also comes health concerns.

      • @Chris Romero, frankly, I’m most concerned about Leahy here, since Pelosi and Schumer come from solid Blue District and State. Leahy, however, comes from Vermont, which has a Republican Governor. I know Vermont is still bit of a “maverick” State politically. Still, if Governor there has power to nominate an “interim” Senator at least until special elections, there’s a chance of at least a temporary Republican majority here, right?

        • @ Solaia,

          Vermont is technically considered an “ancestral Republican” state (most of New England is ancestral Republican) and, even though they always vote Democrat in presidential and U.S. Senate elections, they will occasionally vote for “liberal-minded” Republicans to hold local statewide offices (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine often do the same thing).

          Vermont does have a Republican governor at the moment (Phil Scott) but he’s socially liberal and fiscally conservative (like many old-school New England Republicans). Technically, he could appoint a GOP replacement if, G-d forbid, anything were to happen to Senator Leahy. However, Scott would likely appoint a RINO (Republican in Name Only) until a special election. Scott wants to stay in favor with socially liberal Vermonters….and he also wants to stay in favor with Vermont’s Democrat controlled State Legislature (who could make life miserable for him for his remaining time as governor if he goes astray).

          All in all, I too have my concerns about Senator Leahy’s health, but hopefully he’ll persevere though whatever health situation he’s enduring at the moment.

          • @Chris Romero, yes, this is what I meant with “maverick”. Generally speaking socially liberal (if not expressively Pro Choice, not seeing abortion as a defining issue, and generally speaking for LGTBQ+ rights), but also “gun friendly”.

          • @Chris,

            Unfortunately, if Scott appointed a RINO, it would still slip the Senate balance back to Republican and put McConnell back in charge as Majority Leader, which would be a disaster. I wish Senator Leahy all the best health for his sake and ours.

          • @ Les,

            Yes it would shift control back to the GOP – but only for awhile. Vermont would have to have a special election and the appointed GOP Senator would be inevitably lose.

            Hopefully Senator Leahy will have a full recovery and guard his health carefully. It appears he only went to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Nothing’s been reported that he’s in poor health

  4. Solaia,

    It’s interesting that your astrological interpretations suggest possible success for Chuck Schumer by late 2022. I was at another astrology forum yesterday where other astrologers were making similar predictions for Schumer.

    It’s been my contention that in 2022, the Democrats have more of an advantage for maintaining control of the U.S. Senate – possibly even picking up another seat or two given that a number of incumbent Republican Senators from pivotal swing-states (Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) will be retiring next year and there will be many open seats, thus creating a fair playing field for Democrats. More Republicans (22 Senators I believe) will be defending their Senate seats than Democrats in 2022.

    Also, there is speculation that Louisiana’s current Democratic Governor John “Bel” Edwards (who is quite popular in his state) might run for the U.S. Senate. Edwards is a very conservative “Blue Dog” Democrat and he’s pro-gun, pro-life, and a devout Catholic. However, he supports Obamacare, Medicaid, and raising wages for teachers. He’s rather popular in his state and could put Louisiana in play.

    On the same forum, however, I did notice the astrological predictions for Democrats maintaining control of the U.S. House appeared more lackluster.

    I do know that the data analysts have been predicting more uncertainty for House Democrats in 2022 because redistricting (which is every 10 years) is coming up and the results of the 2020 U.S. Census will be used to help determine a new congressional map. They’re predicting that further gerrymandering will likely result in many districts in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, etc. will be drawn and offering more pickup opportunities for the GOP.

    • @Chris Romero, yes, I think GOP picking up House is likelier than GOP picking up Senate in 2022. Still, I’m waiting to see how Kevin McCarthy’s (Jan 26th 1965) visit to DJT goes. It seems that GOP leadership is completely frozen right now waiting for news from him, given how they can’t condemn and somehow censor (I don’t pretend to know what can be done) obvious fringe Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene (May 27th 1974) and Lauren Boebert (December 15th 1986). They are waiting for DJT to express his intentions. In the mean time, these two will further damage Party reputation among “sane” corporate donors and sow discord among Party ranks.

      • @ Solaia, the GOP will probably flip the House due to Reapportionment alone because Republicans will control redistricting in Florida and Texas which will probably pick up two House seats each so yeah Pelosi was correct that she won’t be SOH during the 118th Congress.

        I think it is possible that the Democrats will add a seat or two to their Senate majority because the Senate GOP is defending 20 seats and there are two open seats in swing states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania due to GOP retirements.

        Wisconsin is also in play because Johnson squeaked by in 2016 mainly because Trump was at the top of the ticket and if the Democrats can get a credible candidate Johnson may be sent home with all of his QAnon conspiracies.

        Flipping seats in Florida and Ohio will be a tall order but maybe Princess Trump ousts Rubio in the GOP primary and becomes a target in the general election.

        • @Roderick, ok, so I was nervous enough about redistricting to check Kevin McCarthy’s chart again – I actually did this in before 2018 Midterms, but haven’t looked at it since. Kevin McCarthy is an Aquarius Sun with either a very late Scorpio or early Sagittarius Moon. I would bet on Sagittarius Moon. His chart, interestingly, lacks tension charts of most politicians have. He too has a busy transits on November 8th 2022. What I’m particularly looking at is tr Uranus hitting his Kite – Grand Trine in Earth with a Scorpio Neptune, so not a particularly dynamic (in fact, makes much more sense on actor Alan Cumming’s, born Jan 27th, chart). This transit will first be in effect in May-August 2022. What’s interesting that while this could be considered a lucky passage, it’s somewhat a “lucky break”. Given McCarthy is the most visible GOP leader to have visited Trump this far, this could also mean he manages, somehow, to save his political future after Trump is done. Or even that he will leave politics, but gain a gushy lobbying job.

          • @ Solaia,

            I certainly hope your interpretations regarding Kevin McCarthy’s chart manifest in him leaving politics. I shudder to think of him ever becoming Speaker of the House. McCarthy was instrumental in trying to nullify the 2020 Presidential election results.

        • @ Roderick,

          I’m not banking on flipping Marco Rubio’s seat. I live here in Florida, and even though he’s a terrible Senator, he’s probably the most popular statewide elected official (that leaves an awful taste in my mouth to say that).

          In 2016, Marco Rubio became the first U.S. Senator here in Florida to receive more votes than any other Senator in this state. Also, Rubio has a higher approval rating than Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis.

          Granted, I’m still going to vote for the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate next year….but I’m not getting my hopes up about ousting Rubio.

          Some good news though: we might have a chance at ousting Ron DeSantis (who’s extremely unpopular right now) in next year’s gubernatorial race. If we can finally get a Democrat elected as governor here in Florida (we haven’t had one since 1998), then that could help with future redistricting for U.S. House races.

          • Chris: I’m not banking on flipping Marco Rubio’s seat. I live here in Florida, and even though he’s a terrible Senator, he’s probably the most popular statewide elected official

            I guess you are correct but Rubio is such an empty suit and the GOP in general is still in the throes of Trump lust that they would elect Princess Trump as a substitute for her father.

            I’ve lived here since 2009 so I was here the first time Rubio was elected to the Senate and when Rubio claimed that he didn’t want to run for re-election in 2016 until the massacre at the Pulse night club happened and he easily retained his seat that fall so I have no idea what spell this idiot has over the Florida electorate.

            I still think that the voting machines were rigged in the Democratic governor primary in 2018 because Gillum was polling last and barely above single digits and he was the only candidate that would have lost in the general and he did.

  5. Thank you Marjorie.
    I’m gonna take a stab at trying to guesstimate an interpretation.
    As a result of Manchin and Sinema likely being royal pains in the as& for not allowing Schumer to kill the filibuster(granted, a valid reason could be not wanting to set a precedent for the GOP to exploit should they regain power) in order to give the decrepit Grimm Reaper a taste of his own medicine, legislating liberal agendas won’t be smooth sailing. But reading between the lines of this coupled with Solaia’s view, it seems Chucky holds on to the Senate after 2022 midterms. Nothing clearly indicative about how Pelosi fairs, but I wouldn’t bet against her if past is prologue!
    Though annoying and frustrating as it may be to do, playing the long game(like Mueller) may have longer term benefits as Republicans by and large are determined and relentless wretches. It will take some time to neutralize the Trump cult effectively.

    • @ Troy,

      I too would like to see the Filibuster removed. However, I do understand why red state Democratic Senators like Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia are reluctant to oppose its removal – and I don’t fault them for it. Both Sinema and Manchin depend on crossover voters and the Filibuster is more popular with moderate Independents and Republican voters – two voting blocks Sinema and Manchin will need to win portions of if they want to be reelected in 2024.

      • @ Chris, Neither Manchin nor Simena is up for re-election until 2024 and by that time I don’t believe that voters are going to care or remember whether either one of them voted to eliminated the filibuster.

        If they are depending on crossover votes from Republicans after the Trump years I feel sorry for them because the GOP has jumped the shark and if Trump delivers on his promise to start a third party people like Sinema won’t have to worry about getting re-elected.

        Manchin will probably stay in office as long as he wants because even though he’s a Democrat in an increasingly red state some voters are like robots and will just pull the level for the familiar.

        • @ Roderick,

          Actually, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are up for reelection 2024. They both had their elections in 2018 and 2024 will be the end of a full 6 year term.

          • @ Chris. That is what I said. They are both holding up much needed aid to struggling Americans.
            They may as well be rightwing Republicans.
            It’s sad because these so-called Democratic moderates end up doing the work of Mitch McConnell while ‘moderate’ Republicans like Romney and Collins who claim that Biden’s Covid stimulus package is too expensive after Trump rubber stamping Trump’s budgets which added almost $8 trillion to the national debt.

          • @ Roderick,

            I misread the first sentence in your response. I see now that you did in fact say that Sinema and Manchin would be reelected in 2024.

            I believe Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin will continue voting conservatively on cultural issues. However, when it comes to economic issues, they can likely be persuaded to support Schumer and Biden’s agenda.

            As far I as I know, Kyrsten Sinema hasn’t objected to the stimulus or any of the Covid-19 relief proposals that have been put forth. However, I know Joe Manchin did express objection to the $2,000 stimulus.

            I was a little perplexed that Senator Manchin was originally opposed to the $2,000 stimulus because West Virginia is one of the poorest states in the country and it has been hit pretty hard economically due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. I read that West Virginia has a poverty rate about 6 points higher than the national average. I think Manchin has recently shown more signs of supporting it – and certainly hope he will. That money could benefit his own constituents and both Democratic and Republican voters in his state are likely to support it.

          • @ Chris, Manchin said that he would support the COVID-19 $1400 stimulus if it were means tested because as it is now people who earn over $75K are too ‘rich’ to receive any type of cash payments.

            What he doesn’t understand is that lots of people who may have earned that much in 2019 and more may have lost their jobs at some point last year, but whatever.
            I have no idea what cultural issues Schumer would touch except some common sense gun legislation that was passed by the House but left to die on McConnell’s desk during the last Congress.
            I know that with such a slim majority that Schumer will not touch anything related to abortion.

            I was so hoping that the polling before the election was correct and that the Democrats had flipped six or seven Senate seats and that Elizabeth Warren had been elected instead of Wall Street-Let’s Make a Deal Schumer.

            But you have to take what you can get. *sigh*

  6. Thank you for the info on the ‘gang of three’. I’m not surprised Nancy looks aggravated, who wouldn’t be with the Republicans in the House.

  7. I have to somewhat disagree on Schumer here, because if you look at his exact transits for midterms on Novemeber 8th 2022, they are quite remarkable. Yes, a mixed bag, but hitting almost all relevant points on his charts. I would think having significant passages on an election day is usually more indicative of success than having just some a couple of good ones from maybe Moon or Venus, because if their fleeing significance. I did a complete breakdown of these on a post or another, and try to retrieve it when I’m on computer.

    I also think that GOP is in a brink of dissolving, bas

    • … (continued) based on major corporations which have been more important in funding the party for Democrats stopping donations to most House Representatives and some Senators. I feel McConnell may draw his conclusions and retire claming health issues before 2022.

    • Ooh not sure I’d be so certain – tr Saturn will be opposing his Pluto which is stuck and not exactly celebratory. Plus he has a panicky and undermining tr Neptune square his Sun/Mars midpoint.

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