Arnie Hammer – from romantic drama to gothic horror

Actor Arnie Hammer – Call Me By Your Name, The Social Network etc – is being hit with a deluge of bizarre allegations about BDSM, cannibalism and rape fantasies. Various ex-girlfriends have also spoken out about his disregard for consent and inappropriate behaviour.  Hot denials are flying.

  He was born 28 August 1986 1.16 am Los Angeles, and has a 3rd house Virgo Sun trine a 7th house Neptune and sextile a 5th house Pluto in Scorpio, as well as square Saturn. His Sun will make him quick-witted and communicative; a 7th house Neptune is evasive when it comes to commitment in one-to-one relationships; and Pluto in the 5th is attention-demanding and controlling with romantic partners (and children). He also has Mars in Capricorn in his 7th in a can-be-insensitive square to Venus. And he has a wayward Gemini Moon in the 12th opposition Uranus square Jupiter on his Midheaven.  There’s nothing too gruesome or brutal about his chart though I could see fidelity being a problem.

  Given the gothic nature of the fantasies – if true – they sound truly psychotic. He does have his Sun square and his Saturn conjunct his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which will certainly give rise to self-torment, succumbing to strange influences, dark forebodings.

  He has had the triple conjunction moving through his 8th recently with tr Pluto hovering on the cusp now which will have produced a potential for exploring murky depths.  Though if true it sounds as if it has been going on for years. The control factor will come from Pluto with the insensitivity to other’s needs from Venus in hard aspect to Mars.

  He has recently separated from his wife of 10 years Elizabeth Chambers, 18 August 1982 San Antonio, Tx, who is a New Moon in Leo but more significantly has an intense Jupiter Mars in Scorpio conjunct his Pluto so it would be passionate at the start but that is a very tricky interface.  Her Saturn was conjunct his Venus and square his Mars; and her Uranus conjunct his Saturn and square his Sun. It would be fractious in the extreme and it’s hardly surprising it didn’t last.

  Tr Neptune is moving across his Midheaven and Jupiter now and thence through his 10th house for years ahead which might not be a disaster in the film business. But added onto a trapped tr Pluto moving through his 8th also for many years ahead, he does look fairly stuck.

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  1. Whenever you see some characteristics outside of the norm that aren’t quite accounted for entirely in the natal aspects, I think it’s always well worth looking at declinations. Sure enough, this guy has an OOB Moon and Mars. Mars in Capricorn men often like to be dominant, put that placement at an extreme declination of almost 28S and it explains a lot. Virgo can have slave/master fetishes with the Saturn/Pluto aspects. The OOB Moon is in Gemini and possibly conjunct BML (BML itself at 27N contra-parallel Mars) – he likes talking/messaging women and goes way too far, as this is an outlet for a darker side of him that he doesn’t usually acknowledge (BML), being with Chiron may suggest something deeper like it making up for some kind of wound or weakness on a psychological level.

  2. I see Armie Hammer has now pulled out of ‘The Offer’ TV series following these allegations. I believe his aunt Casey wrote a book, “Surviving My Birthright” alleging incest and sexual abuse, though the book’s disclaimer, she adds that these were much later, recovered memories. Armie has spoken about how his mother poured oil on his head and spoke in tongues while attempting to exorcise him. He does come from a quite prestigious family

    I think also that his 29 degree of Gemini ascendant might be a little crazy?

  3. Oh lovely. Just watch the fallout form this. This is really going to put steroid injection fuel into the conspiracy community who believe all the liberal left celebrities out there are raping in sex traffic rings, drinking the blood of children and eating human flesh. Here was me hoping after Trump was booted from the White House and all social media platforms, these sick fantasies would subside.

    This is what I hate; One person who validates ALL there beliefs that every single liberal is EXACTLY the same. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there is another spate of Charles Manson type murders coming some way down the line. Some twisted nutcase drowning in consprituality beliefs who want to remove the ‘satanic left’ from out midst and be the hero to this exploding community. We are really in dangerous territories now.

  4. Some people are saying that he is being set up and smeared possibly related to the divorce or maybe not. Paige Lorenze was very recently on some podcast singing his praises but now she’s saying he was abusive. All this has been played out on social media and the tabloids and the women involved have deleted stuff off their instagrams and shared what looks like doctored DM’s ( direct messages). None of them have made a complaint to the police or anything. All extremely odd and some of their claims are so bizarre with cannibalism and branding, even claiming he tortured his dog! One of the women accusing him, who goes by the handle of House of Effie on social media, has been claiming that he might kill her because some asteroid of his falls in her 8th house in the synastry chart she had done!! Yes you read that correctly! She in turn has been accused by his fans of stalking Hammer for several years and of being a fantasist. Some people are cancelling him in the court of Twitter but this whole thing is just beyond ridiculous. I know there are allegations of r*** involved but it’s hard for me as a woman to take these women seriously when they are contradicting themselves and trying to paint him as some kind of kink loving serial killer cannibal in the tabloid rags.

    • Agree there is something very odd about the whole scenario – I wouldn’t be surprised if subsequent events didn’t throw a different light on it.

      • Very odd! The only real fact about all of this is that there is now a custody battle as Chambers wants sole custody and Hammer has applied for joint custody so things are going to get messy and these allegations have come out just as they are going into custody hearings. What a coincidence! My interest in this is due to lockdown boredom and being on furlough. Others on here seem to be convinced Hammer is a combination of Harvey Weinstein, Hannibal Lecter and Ted Bundy and seem to have invested a lot into believing Hammer is this beyond evil predator. Erm…. okaaaay! In the absence of genuine evidence I’m not buying into it all. Past interviews where Hammer is clearly joking do not count as evidence. Having an interest in BDSM doesn’t make him a predator either but it may leave a person open to smear campaigns by a vengeful ex and blackmail and exploitation by fame and money hungry people. During lockdown I have also been looking at QAnon stuff and to be honest some of this smacks of QAnon craziness. lol! * rolls eyes*

    • Maybe these women may have been terrified to do anything before and may have been threatened? Strength in numbers may have helped drop the charade perhaps? After all, Hollywood is Hollyweird. There is audio and video footage now of him talking in graphic and abusive ways. His social media accounts throw light to an odd focus on slabs of raw meat and blood. And a magazine, Playboy, I think, reveals that he liked rough nasty sex and hair pulling and he loved being the dominant lover. But now he was married to a feminist and respected her, he had to put that side of him away. If women were going to collude and lie to bring down a man in public, im sure there are bigger predatory fish to fry than armie hammer.

      • “If women were going to collude and lie to bring down a man in public, im sure there are bigger predatory fish to fry than armie hammer.”

        Agreed. And he was exposed early on exactly because he does not have enough power or money to get top lawyers threaten or bribe these women and/or authorities, the way Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein or – the latest and maybe most horrific example, Peter Nygaard. There are now a couple of episodes of a very promising CBS “Evil by Design” on Nygaard out. I hope they will highlight how he silenced “Playboy violinist” Linda Lampenius aka Brava in future episodes. Also, a whole segment on how he bribed Bahamian authorities to look away when he raped likely hundreds of Bahamian girls, just in case you might wonder why these characters tend to gravitate towards Caribbean Islands.

    • P, it’s interesting how after all the recent cases highlighting how abusive predators act there are still women who have no idea on patterns they use to silence their victims. Since most of us do, at some point of life, have to defend if not ourselves, our loved ones from these people, please consider reading the following pointers:

      1) Predators tend to pray on victims who are in a bad place socially and/or psychologically. Therefore, prior history of drug use and/or mental illness does not diminish credibility of their account, quite the contrary.

      2) Predators tend to have leverage on their victims. They are capable in shaming their victims. Classic cases of this would be Catholic Priests, who’d keep victims from reporting then by telling how they too “enjoyed it”. In Arnie Hammer’s case, victims might have enjoyed some of his lighter kinks. There might be pictures of them performing sexual acts they might not want their family to see.

      3) Snowball effect is also very common, once the first allegations come out. Predators do not, generally speaking, introduce their victims to each other.

      4) If you think claims against Hammer are “bizzarre”, wait until you hear about Keith Raniere or George Hodel.. As Jo said, there’s a lot of weirs stuff happening in Hollywood, has been since the beginning in the 1910’s, making it a fertile soil for Consipiracy Theories, which is rather sad, too.

      • Solaia,

        Please see my reply to Marjorie. In my reply I stated that the only real FACT about all this is that Hammer and Chambers are now divorcing and involved in a custody battle. Everything else is not fact. None of us really know what is really going on here and I am not about to condemn Hammer based on unproven allegations. As for Hollywood being so called Hollyweird and teeming with sexual predators the truth is your nice next door neighbour could be a sexual predator or pedophile or your nice cousin or the nice man you work with. Are you QAnon by any chance? You do realise that all that nonsense started as joke on an obscure internet forum don’t you?! *sigh*

  5. I recently watched Rebecca and had never previously heard of him and found him rather bland then suddenly he was everywhere in the news being anything but bland. Mars in Capricorn is often the horny goat. I’m not always wild on the power of the asteroids etc. but Lilith and Chiron are in a very tight conjunction (under 1 degree) at 20 degrees Gemini in his 12th and his Saturn is in an equally tight conjunction to Juno which I found interesting.

  6. Beyond gothic isn’t it? The cannibalism fantasies are particularly “niche” I’d say. Hard to know what to believe. I looked up Paige Lorenze, 26th January 1998. There are some awkward connections between them. She has Venus conjunct Mercury in Capricorn, square Saturn in Aries, aspecting his Venus/S Node in Libra and Mars in Capricorn. There’s a Capricorn Moon as well, but don’t know the degree as no birth time. She’s also Sun conjunct Uranus in Aquarius, sextile Pluto in Sagittarius. Her Sun squares his Pluto exactly – which could suggest something controlling? Their connection looks quite “fateful” somehow, but with all that Saturn and Pluto it is overshadowed by dark clouds or past patterns emerging for both of them in some way.

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