Saturn in Pisces – hard & soft, real & imaginary – thro the signs

Rewards for past efforts and reality checks for mistakes are the two hallmarks of Saturn. From today it will strive to adhere to its stick-to-the-straight-and-narrow policy as it negotiates its way through oceanic Pisces until May 2025.  Saturn is ramrod rigid, a fan of limits and structures, rules, regulations and pragmatic solutions. At the polar opposite is Pisces which abhors boundaries, dissolves and undermines reality to allow for visions and fantasies to take flight.  

   At best Saturn can give shape to Pisces’s dreams and make them come true – the ideal of a better society, with help for the underdog and the suffering. Self-sacrifice for a greater good is a key element. At a negative end the combination can induce obsessive worry and paranoia as rational thinking functions are undermined.

  A combination of Earth (Saturn) and Water (Pisces) tends to be serious and self-protective, with an emphasis on survival needs and security. It can be a strong partnership with the power to endure through calamities and great inner strength and determination. On the downside it can be cold, manipulative and frustrating. What appears to be crucial for best results is not to wallow in old regrets or live in the past but to march stalwartly on.

  Saturn in Pisces was around before 21 May 1993 to 7 March 1996; 24 March 1964 to 3 March 1967; and 14 February 1935 to 25 April 1937.

  When Saturn moves through a chart house – established by the Ascendant/Rising sign – it brings a need to be responsible, hard-headed and better organized in that area. Similarly for the Solar houses.

For Aries, Saturn moving into the sign before will bring an unfamiliar urge to be introspective, to review the past and consider which ambitions are no longer viable or firing your enthusiasm. Nothing need happen instantly since this is a preparatory phase before Saturn moves into Aries in 2025. But at some point there will be a need to clear the decks, chuck out whatever has passed its sell-by date, whether old attitudes and opinions which no long work well, or goals that are not feasible or even friendships which have had their day.

For Taurus, Saturn moving the 11th house of friends and future plans, hints that making long term plans for the future will bring peace of mind. Friends may be fewer than in the past but the old, tried and trusted buddies who are loyal will stick around. Making team relationships work will take effort, more so than in the past and the same goes for keeping in touch with old buddies. Saturn always brings lessons about acting responsibly.

For Gemini, Saturn moving across the 10th house is a spine-straightener where work, career and reputation are concerned since self-discipline and hard work will bring results. Whereas cutting corners and going for quick fixes will backfire. Old mistakes may surface to be faced and fixed, but past preparations done well will bring rewards in respect and recognition.

Cancer will be pleased to see the back of Saturn in Aquarius which has made the past two years less than generous financially and emotionally. As Saturn moves through the 9th house, you will be rethinking your outlook and philosophy of life, jettisoning old beliefs that belonged to the past. You will also be serious about educating yourself and becoming better informed. Travel can be serious, delayed or for work purposes.

Leo will review Saturn moving into the 8th house with mixed feelings since it will require a rethink and re-organisation of joint finances. It can be a time of taking heavier responsibilities for a partner and being thrown back on your own resources. But in bring forced to cope, it will promote resilience and resourcefulness so there will be strength and experience for effective strategies in future.

Virgo facing Saturn across the zodiac in your opposite sign will either retreat into self-sufficiency and pull up your defences; or you will take your responsibilities to partners with renewed determination. Warmth may be lacking in emotional relationships with more criticism, but loyalty will be valued more than passion, and practicality more than romance. It can also be a time of progress at work so duty will eat into relaxation time – success that comes at a price.

Libra despite unkind slurs about laziness can be extraordinarily hard working as you move through your middle years. Saturn moving through your 6th house of work and health ensures that chores will pile up and require conscientious effort. There may be less appreciation and rewards for hard labour but this is a foundation-laying time with success coming later on. What is key to Saturn in the 6th is learning about limits. Not overworking for one thing since your stamina will run out if you keep going endlessly without paying practical attention to your body’s needs.

Scorpio may have to put duty before indulgence and playing, with Saturn moving through your 5th house of entertainment, enjoyment, games and children. This brings lessons about the ‘true meaning of love’ which means being responsible and unconditional in offering support while not expecting much in return for the time being. Children can be a weighty matter.

Sagittarius likewise will find that close emotional relationships, home and family matters bring harder work with Saturn moving through their 4th. This can have a dual meaning with success at work bringing a more visible role in the outside world. But it can also bring up tensions within the family which will have to be resolved, as well as practical domestic problems requiring attention. For some it may involve the hassle of a house move.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so more attuned to its demands and strictures. Moving through the 3rd house puts a focus on everyday schedules at work and in the neighbourhood and communication. There may be difficulties getting opinions and messages across which will require either a change of approach or persistence. Backing off into a corner and feeling hurt at not being heard won’t bring a solution. Repeat, louder if necessary. Be bold and break down barriers.

Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn, though often prefers to lean on its whacky, maverick Uranian side. Saturn moving through the financial 2nd house will require a practical, cautious and security-conscious approach to handling money. Indulgences need to be cut back and long term security put up as a priority. It need not be a disaster but tightening belt and re-organising will be vital.

Pisces will need to put their feet on solid earth with Saturn moving through their own sign. This is the start of a new 29 year cycle which won’t begin with bells and whistles and neon lights flashing. But slowly, as in sowing seeds having prepared the ground in advance and then patience. It could feel chilly, restricted or downbeat as they have to adapt to a new phase which means letting go elements of the past. But it could, with effort, be a time of forging new ideals and hopes for the future and setting foot on a new path.

9 thoughts on “Saturn in Pisces – hard & soft, real & imaginary – thro the signs

  1. I have to say, Marjorie, that I am very drawn to the image you posted …. swimming in water across an asphalt road!!

    I have natal Saturn in the 12th house.. my Master Teacher for sure!
    I keep coming back to this post so I can “dream into” this picture. It feels so right!!

    Do you find all these great images? Wow. 🙂

  2. Thank you Marjorie, as always. Definitely read both for house and solar charts, which, in my case, sometimes feel difficult to navigate because the solar first is in the 7th house, and vice versa. My chart also has many other similar, almost contradictory interpretations, so I’ve tried understanding it as a challenge to channel energies towards a compromise between opposing impulses. (Over time, I’ve found my solar chart to better explain the most difficult transits; on the other hand, the house chart, including relocated charts, strikingly defines the people I associate most closely with at each location, reflecting the signs most compatible with the relocated ASC)

    In addition, as I began reading the interpretation for Aq rising, with Saturn to transit the second, I realized that I’d have to read for Pisces instead, since both Pisces and Virgo are intercepted in my chart, which made me look up the interpretation on intercepted signs and planets. A whole new set of varied and interesting information online to research and reflect upon.

  3. The UK’s 1801 Chart has Pluto in Pisces at 2 degrees , which means transiting Saturn is now influencing our money and politics. Couple this with transiting Pluto opposing Jupiter’s 10th house, trining Uranus; along with transiting Saturn sitting on Pluto during the next few weeks. We may have change or forceful change, like the clampdown on migrants and more rules from a more serious Government. Interestingly this has been already demonstrated by a serious stamp of authority from our relatively new PM during the past week.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. I have Sun, Moon and Mercury in Pisces but Capricorn rising, glad to see finally see Pluto move out of my ascendant into Aquarius.
    Re your post “Fox and Murdoch – warping the American mindset” …
    Murdoch being a Pisces you didn’t mention the Saturn influence but surely he will experience the two hallmarks of Saturn the rewards for past efforts but mostly the severe reality checks for mistakes already coming to the surface in the Dominion vs Fox lawsuit

    • Each sign has a positive and negative side. I have a Capricorn Moon, Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra both quintile to my Capricorn Moon and a Pluto conjunct my Sun. Both Pluto and Saturn have been an endurance test for the past seventy years – primarily with my physical health. Saturn does have it merits in older life, as by then, it has learnt to let go and have fun, not care what anyone thinks. I am now told off by my grandchildren’s parents as much as they are!

  5. I have Pisces rising (2 Pisces) and remember 1993-96 fondly.

    During that time I suddenly got into “natural exercise” aka going for a long walk everyday. I lost weight, I’ve never looked so good before or since, and towards the end of that period (1996), I got a major promotion, which I put down to how I presented myself.

    But I don’t know how much that’s to do with Saturn, or other transits at the time.

    My personal feeling is that Mars and Pluto are the malign planets, Saturn is OK if you go with it.

  6. Quite a significant transit this time as Saturn will be closing on Neptune over the next two years and the two will conjoin at 0 Aries in mid February 2026. Both planets will be then starting new cycles around the Tropical Zodiac. Lots to ponder here, particularly as Neptune has created a bit of a mess during its turbo charged transit through Pisces. I suspect Saturn will be picking up the pieces and trying to make sense and order out of it all. Saturn is the setting of limits and Neptune is the dissolution of boundaries so there is going to be some clash here.

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