2025 – outer planets keen to make a difference

An Astro-teaser to distract from the Pluto in Aquarius panics. By 2025 Pluto in Aquarius will trine Uranus in Gemini and sextile onto Saturn Neptune in Aries.

  It’s a wonderfully complex mix with the closest recent parallel being the early 1950s when Saturn Neptune in Libra was sextile Pluto and square Uranus. But it will have a more powerful impact since the outer planets this time round are all on the cusp of a new sign.

  At best Saturn Neptune looks after the underdog and supports workers and women’s rights; at worst it accompanies epidemics and engenders paranoia. Renowned astrologer Andre Barbault waxed lyrical about Saturn Neptune in 2025 envisaging a ‘new world civilization’ taking off with a ‘new age of humanity’ – ‘a significant rise in the standard of living of the underprivileged, of a victory over misery won in an unprecedented solidarity.’  I’m not sure I share such an upbeat view but I do think by 2026 we will have weathered more than a few storms and (cross fingers) should be into calmer waters.

 Uranus trine Pluto will favour the underdog as well with positive changes being forced on the elite through rumblings of discontent.

  I always think of the early 1950s as having spawned the later hippy, counter-culture movement which rejected mainstream values. So maybe we will be welcoming a resurgence of the Age of Aquarius.

  Barbault also associated Saturn Neptune with seismic events in Russian history – 1917 revolution, 1952 Stalin’s death, 1989 – of which more anon in a future post.

  By 2026 Jupiter moves into Leo to oppose Pluto and form a Half Grand Sextile with Uranus and Neptune.

  I must admit to having a fascination for configurations – and which not only spark off singular events but will also produce fascinating children.

  Any answers to the puzzle gratefully received.   

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  1. Of course, every planetary influence manifests wherever it has an opportunity so the minor grand trine involving Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn-Neptune will have multiple meanings. But I am hopeful that with Pluto harnessing the power of technology in Aquarius and Uranus creating innovations in Gemini that at the very least we will see renewable sources of energy developed that will revolutionize transportation. And Saturn-Neptune at the focal point seems to describe that the need to reduce (Saturn) the use of fossil fuels (Neptune) is what drives the changes. I was looking for historical examples to back this idea up and came across 1884-1885 when Pluto and Uranus were trine in the early degrees of air signs Gemini and Libra. This period coincided with the invention of the modern steam turbine which still generates 80% of the world’s electricity. It was also during this period that the motorcycle and modern automobile were invented. So perhaps the time is right for a further revolution in electrical power and transportation, and because of the recent timing of announcements about nuclear fusion which can be used to create electricity I think it is possible it will at least be part of this new technological revolution.

  2. I have two comments. First, the mid-2020s configuration is similar to the mid-1940s when Pluto in Leo was sextile Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Libra. There certainly was a renewal of the world order in 1945. It was a hopeful and liberating time exemplified by the founding of the UN, which later disappointed. Certainly, the world in 1945 was vastly different from six years earlier. The major reforms that followed included the NHS in the UK, the independence of India and the creation of NATO. Certainly, all was not roses but I would argue it was a significant step forward for humanity.
    Second, one must not forget the central role of the US in world history, brought on by the Neptune-Pluto conjunction in Gemini in 1891 conjunct its Uranus. This will continue for centuries. The US attained world supremacy in 1945 at the first Uranus return after that conjunction. Each of its Uranus returns brought a major war that threatened its existence but made it stronger in the end: the American Revolution, the Civil War and WWII. These wars produced its three greatest presidents: Washington, Lincoln and FDR. They begin with a Uranus return at 8 Gemini and end in victory about the time transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Mars at 22 Gemini square natal Neptune, which brings idealism and sacrifice but also an astounding capacity for religious delusion. Neptune in Libra was trine Uranus in Gemini and later Mars in the 1940s and 50s, the height of American moral righteousness. This time, American public morality has declined because of its Pluto return, its Neptune semi-return and the Uranus-Pluto square, but still Obama and Biden have provided good governance. The next Uranus return in its 84-year cycle will be in 2027-28, which could bring war with China. I am hopeful the 2024 election will produce the fourth great president who will win WWIII. That person, who could be Biden himself, would be in 2024 the second president elected under the late degrees of Neptune in Pisces since Lincoln. He would therefore identify with the downtrodden and probably be a Democrat. A complicating factor is that Mars is now retrograde in the US chart for many decades. That is why it has not won a war since 1945, and wars of choice in Iraq and Vietnam were disastrous. Germany lost two world wars under Mars retrograde, when agression backfires. I understand Russia is now undergoing Mars retrograde as well. The only way to win under Mars retrograde is to take a defensive posture in support of a coalition of allies, which is precisely what Biden is doing. He is the effective war president for our time, a Scorpio whose Sun is sextile US Pluto and whose Mars in Scorpio is square Pluto. I think both Xi and Putin fear or at least respect him by now, and hope he goes away soon.
    As for Russia, I think Barbault is right. The last Saturn-Neptune conjunction brought the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The next one in 2026 might bring the end of Russian fascism, which means a decisive win for Ukraine, whom I suspect will be the Israel of our time, an independent-minded and martial regional power that will transform Eastern Europe for decades.

    • Yes, if you use the chart for the Russian Revolution, the progressed Mars went retrograde in 2005 and will stay retrograde until 2086. (I had to look.) You’ve provided lots of food for thought, thank you, Andre. I hope you are right that the the US’s central role will continue for centuries. Not that it has been perfect as a superpower but we could do a lot worse. Canadian astrologer Nick Dagan Best discusses some of the same material you mention in an episode of The Astrology Podcast at https://theastrologypodcast.com/2022/11/19/the-uranus-return-of-the-united-states/ if anyone is interested. I bought his e-book Uranus USA from the website for $10 and quite enjoyed it. He is apparently working on an updated version of the book now. Thanks again, Andre, I always enjoy your insightful comments.

  3. It’s a bit further down the road, circa 2031 I think, but I recently read something about Saturn-Uranus conjunction occurring in Gemini. The last conjunction was in Sag in 1986 and heralded globalisation. The Gemini one should take things back to local. That would fit following on from the movements of Neptune and Saturn through Aries and Taurus which are signs interested in what affects them directly rather than the wider concerns of the world.

    • Hi GnarlyDude! The Saturn-Uranus conjunction occurs at 28°01′ Gemini on June 28, 2032, and it is exactly conjunct Canada’s natal Moon at 28°49′ Gemini, so I am quite keen to see what its effect will be on my homeland, Canada. Transiting Neptune at 17°44′ Aries will be conjunct Canada’s natal ascendant at 16°54′ Aries on that date as well, following its natal return which will happen in 3 hits between 2031-2032 with the last one occurring on March 27. 2032, just 3 months before the Saturn-Uranus conjunction. It should be interesting!

      • Very interesting!

        What would you say were the effects of Pluto opposite Gemini moon circa 2007-08 and Uranus over Ascendant circa 2015?

        • Pluto opposite Canada’s Moon coincided with the early days of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government (2006-2015) which has been described as Canada’s “most ideological partisan-driven government”. He came to power by uniting the right and was probably as hated by people on the left side of the political spectrum as current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hated by the right today. I think this reflects the divisive Pluto-Moon opposition well. There were some scandals during the period between Pluto’s first opposition to Canada’s Moon in March 2007 and its last on October 13, 2008 that seem to reflect the aspect. In October 2007 there was the death of a Polish immigrant who was travelling to Canada (Sagittarius) after he was tasered by the RCMP at Vancouver International Airport which provoked public outrage. And there was an appropriately steamy scandal that unfolded between 2007-2008 called the Couillard Affair that resulted in the resignation of a federal cabinet minister who had left sensitive NATO documents in the home of an ex-girlfriend with ties to the Hell’s Angels. The last exact Pluto-Moon opposition occurred one day before a federal election on October 14, 2008. The election itself incensed many Canadians as it ignored the fixed election date legislation that the Conservatives themselves had passed in 2007. And of course, this period coincided with the global economic recession which was also felt in Canada and which embittered many people and put them into debt (Pluto-Moon).

          Uranus made 3 exact hits to Canada’s ascendant between April 2015 and January 2016 and the middle retrograde hit on November 27, 2015 occurred just after Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada on November 4, 2015. This marked a major change of direction for the country as it changed back to Liberal rule after 9 years of Stephen Harper in power. Incidentally, Trudeau’s Moon is at 17°17’ Aries. There was talk at the time of ‘Trudeaumania II’ which the Uranus-Asc aspect could reflect. Trudeau also appointed Canada’s first gender-balanced cabinet which also included people from diverse ethnic backgrounds which I think also reflects Uranus’s effect on the country. I think I’ll stop there. But perhaps there are some clues here as to how these future transits to Canada’s ascendant and Moon might unfold.

          I forgot to say thanks for your comment on Saturn-Uranus and globalization in 1986, very perceptive!

        • Thanks GD, for asking. and thanks Laurien!!

          That Pluto transit… then its move to conjunct the natal MC of Canada… and also oppose its natal Uranus and Sun… that was a BIG deep rumble to the foundation of the Canadian identity.

          Stephen Harper was closely aligned with the New Right in the USA and both visited the USA in support of this AND met with Frank Luntz and likely even Karl Rove. What made it so scary is that he figured out how powerful the Prime Minister is in Canada. Many of the “rules” of Parliament are understood codes of behaviour… conventions. He figured out that he could simply do as he wished… in this aspect the USA does have a kind of check and balance.

          Although.. it seems that Pluto in Capricorn has shown us how much of Democracy sits on shaky ground pretty much everywhere!!

          In any case, that first Pluto transit opened a dangerous door re: governance in Canada. I also came to see that, with it’s transit over our MC, it was a reality wake-up to both Canada and the world of the disconnect between our apparent Identity and what is really going on. So issues of the pristine wilderness versus resource extraction, tar sands, etc; the issues of how our First Nation people have actually been treated; the issues presenting in our health care system, our economy, the homeless.

          One giant Plutonian wake-up call for Canada to get real about a lot!!

          Harper is still involved in the background and although PM Trudeau is not perfect, the alternative is frightening to me.

          • Hi Sandra! Enjoyed your comments, as always. I am always a bit uncomfortable promoting my website on Marjorie’s but in my 2023 forecast I talked about Pluto’s transit over Canada’s MC and through Canada’s 10th house connecting it with events like Harper’s proroguing of Parliament in 2008, the F-35 scandal, and the Robocall scandal (https://astrologyeh.ca/canadas-2023-astrology-forecast/). During its transit through Capricorn, aspects from transiting Pluto to Canada’s chart related to the scandals involving Justin Trudeau as well. I thought it was interesting that leading up to Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius in Canada’s 11th house of Parliament that attention turned to 11 Parliamentarians who may have received financial support from the Chinese government for their election campaigns. I wonder if the focus of Pluto’s muckraking now will be Parliament itself. I hope Marjorie’s readers don’t get sick of hearing about Canada but on the other hand maybe they will realize our politics are not quite as boring as expected! Thanks Sandra!

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