Hillary Clinton – designed for disappointment – ++ alternative time and ahead

Hillary Clinton appears to have a birth time, belatedly obtained from her birth certificate of 6.45pm (Astrodatabank).

  This gives her a full 6th and full 4th house.  The first will give her a conscientious, dutiful ethic as befits her reputation as a workhorse not a show pony. The formidable collection of Saturn Pluto Mars in her 4th hints at a less than harmonious home life both in childhood and adult life.

  Her Scorpio Sun and Neptune in her 5th will make her attention-seeking and keen to have an audience – and also potentially set her up for disappointments in her love life.

  Uranus in her 1st for a defiant streak. Pisces Moon in the 11th for support and nurturing through friendships as well as a sensitivity to society’s needs.

  North Node in the 12th in Taurus – not very self-aware, having a tendency to become embittered and self-pitying.  North Node in Taurus tends to get embroiled in long running and bitter arguments which added on to the effect of Mars Pluto Saturn which also evokes strong reactions of hostility, she will have had more than her fair share of aggravation in her life.

  The 2016 election occurred when tr Pluto was still moving through her stuck 8th house. Tr Uranus in Aries was around the opposition to her Solar Arc Mars Pluto, which looks agitated and Solar Arc Saturn was moving to block her Sun in conjunction by 2017 – not too delirious a time for her.

  Not sure why it has taken so long to source her birth certificate but it is feasible. Though on second thoughts I am not sure about a Gemini Ascendant – still maybe the Saturn Mars Pluto outweighed it.

  Bill’s Leo Sun falls in her 4th for a domestic connection. His Saturn, Mercury, Pluto in Leo in her 3rd for difficulty communication. His Moon in her 12th for a hidden and maybe elusive bond and his Moon is conjunct her North Node – a fated though buried relationship. His charming and evasive Mars, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter in her 5th house of children and social occasions. Not ideal by any stretch but she is a hang-on-in-there type with all those fixed planets.  

ADD ON: There is a suggestion that the birth time might be a sloppily written 10.45pm which would give a Leo Ascendant with the Mars, Pluto, Saturn conjunction in her 1st; North Node in her career 10th; a much travelled 9th house Moon, maybe in Aries, and Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter in her family 4th.  It’s might make more sense than the 6.45pm – but I hate dodgy times and am usually wrong when I guess.

  Whatever the birth time, Hillary is running into a period of major setbacks and frustrations as her Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct her Sun late 2024/early 2025 followed by SA Mars conjunct her Sun and tr Pluto square all three in 2024/25/26. Tr Pluto sextile her Jupiter in 2023/2024 will help to lift her enthusiasm but it’s marginal. She looks very rattled as does Bill through April/early May this year with three of her midpoints hinting at calamities – which may be her response in part to global events since she is very plugged in to world events.

  Bill also looks edgy late this April/early May but will be upbeat from June onwards into early 2024 with two lucky Jupiters – though admittedly he does have tr Uranus conjunct his Moon from this June onwards into 2024 which could be emotionally or financially upsetting, as well as physically stressful. His 2024 looks discouraging with tr Pluto opposition his Saturn, extending through 2025 as well; with a few upsets in 2024 as well from tr Uranus square his Leo Sun.

  I do wonder if more might emerge vis a vis Bill and Epstein  with more recent publicity and pressure being exerted on Jes Saley, banks and other financiers. Bill’s relationship with Epstein looks rattled this April with tr Uranus square the composite Pluto; which kickstarts a long banana skin slide with tr Neptune square the composite Mars Venus also from this April onwards for the next three plus years.

   His relationship with Hillary also looks fraught and emotionally loaded in 2023/24 and 25.  Though his health isn’t great so the above could be for any number of reasons.  

17 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton – designed for disappointment – ++ alternative time and ahead

  1. From Martha:
    if we look closely at recording of Hillary’s birth time, the recorder writes a sloppy 10:45
    which is to be read as 10:45….he elongates the 1 followed by a tiny 0. We are tricked into
    seeing this as 6:45 …..I suggest we apply a manifying glass to the birth certificate and the correct time of 10:45 shows up more clearly if you can enlarge the certificate to make things clearer.
    Starkman’s rectification verifies that 10:45 is indeed the birth time.

    • Marjorie, need your guidance if birth time rectification can help in cases like Hillary Clinton. With your extensive knowledge it would be great to get closure on this topic!
      Read online that some researchers are honing in on 2:20am as birth time as per rectification software Jigsaw by Bernadette Brady!
      Thank you in advance for your time and guidance!

  2. Just thinking aloud – perhaps ascendant as a concept is overrated as it is one variable amongst many! For example Trump has stationary direct nodes on Sun-Moon axis which gives a different flavor to his chart!

    Also read somewhere that without knowing accurate birthtime, a famous astrologer predicted Hitler’s rise only on the basis of his birthdate! Please feel free to correct me if my understanding is weak. Thank you in advance!

  3. This just in from Starkman….Thanks to Victor E. an editor of AstroDataBank we have at last her birth certificate.
    To my opinion the birth time should be read as 10.45 pm and not 6.45 pm.
    I rectified her chart to 22.27.52 CST Asc 0Leo52′.
    There is an exact grand trine of Moon, Jupiter and the Asc.
    MC in Aries trine the triple conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Saturn and in opposition to Neptune,”

  4. It’s fascinating to the level of ire she arouses in some.

    All of us are excellent at spotting the flaws in others aren’t we?

    I have friends who have stayed with
    philandering husbands and friends who have remained in marriages that are less than satisfying.

    I’ve come to see marriage as a place,
    it’s a relation ‘ship’. There are so many reasons that people might choose to stay together. To stay onboard. Life can be very challenging living alone.

    Especially when, society is
    set up for a duo.

    How ambitious IS she? I don’t really know. It used to be that it was a compliment to be a hard worker. But somehow, with Hilary, it’s yet another draw back!

    I’ve noticed in my own life that, sometimes the people that are charming slide by without much difficulty and then there are those
    who really struggle to be seen.

    Part of the problem is how we think,
    how we make our judgement calls. I
    notice people making errors reading a situation all the time. I know do (and I think I’m smart!). They mis read other people and then stick to their mis judgement.

    Astrology is all about

    How we read, is affected by
    how we think.

    • Astute observation. Agree 100% with you.
      In case of Hilary i think USA is not ready yet for a strong woman leader. In any other country – like UK or EU nations – Hilary would be highly successful! Perhaps we should analyze US chart(controversial ascendant again…) along with Hilary’s chart!
      The world needs strong women in political leadership roles urgently before the current crop destroy everything!

  5. A painting tutor once told me that you can’t will it into being. Hillary strikes me as someone who thinks she can.
    When it doesn’t happen, she blames others because she does everything right, missing the point that intangibles are often what matter most.
    Famed for a prodigious work ethic, she looks graceless and unattractive, because it’s all about her. There’s no sense of generosity or altruism.
    Her biggest miscalculation was not leaving Clinton to strike out on her own over the Monica Lewinsky affair, who btw was incredibly badly treated throughout.
    With a bit of courage and imagination, Hillary could have turned things round for herself. Her attitude was reprehensible. Clearly, no price was too high.
    It must be infuriating for her to be married to a man like Clinton, who seemingly eases his way around, winning all the big prizes. Worse, he’s been liked and admired despite obvious flaws.
    The astrology shows her blinkered, single minded drive. It doesn’t give the feeling that she’s adaptable or flexible enough to learn or change. That in a way, is a particular type of hell in itself.

      • Though Bill has charisma I would pick Hilary for the top job because she is a no-nonsense leader and that is what is needed for the world’s most important job!
        Sadly Americans erred first by picking Obama and then Trump! Both have been poor choices(extreme left and extreme right) for Americans and the global multipolar world we live in.

        • It’s true Bill Clinton is charismatic and charming. You could say he is her fatal flaw. She had all the attributes to achieve whatever she wanted on her own. She was doing well publicly at University, and after. Better than him. Her legal work on children is still cited today.
          She hesitated over marrying him. In terms of her career, the marriage was probably unwise. Few with ambition, would pick such a high maintenane spouse, with obvious flaws. Of course, for her personally, it may have been worth it.
          Mrs Thatcher, a contemporary, was shrewder, luckier perhaps, in choosing a man who didn’t disrupt her ambitions, but she didn’t rely on him for them either.
          Secondly, the Lewinsky affair. Power isn’t polite. It’s not given. You don’t earn it. You seize it. It’s an instinct not an idea. People forget that Mrs Thatcher wasn’t a contender, until she was, and then it was too late. She grabbed it. Hillary at key moments hasn’t.
          Even in her last campaign she didn’t follow through, against the advice of her husband, a man renowned for his campaigning skills. By this time, he had been frozen out.
          Her lack of courage and bold faced arrogance are probably why she feels so aggrieved. Perhaps she found it too hard not to be the ‘good girl’, too difficult to not ‘know her place”. History is littered with those who hesitated or expected to be annointed.
          She’s fascinating though, because she was good enough to be president, had the wherewithal to achieve it, but didn’t, despite considerable support. Perhaps living with lucky, charismatic Bill was demoralising? Perhaps dealing with his peccadilloes took up too much time? Who knows? For a woman who had it all, she somehow didn’t have enough. Or perhaps too much was needed from her in the context in which she lived?
          Marjorie’s comment “His Moon in her 12th for a hidden and maybe elusive bond and his Moon is conjunct her North Node – a fated though buried relationship” may describe why she chose him or her inability to shed him. I wonder what role her saturn and pluto played, especially at those two key moments.

          • Thank you for your valuable insights!
            One tends to forget the difficult legacy of Obama which cast a long shadow on the democrat base while energizing Republicans to come out and vote! Voters were fed up with another four years of Obamanomics! Trump capitalized on this beautifully and decimated the Republican field on his way to winning the nomination and eventually the crown! Any other Republican candidate may have helped Hilary achieve her dream!
            Marjorie’s point about the Moon is interesting as Scorpio is the sign of fall for the Moon. Usually Moon acts as Achilles’ heel for Scorpio natives. This may explain the huge negative public opinion (moon rules masses) against Hilary. But end of the day astrology always wins and astrologers lose!! We just need to learn from great astrologers like Marjorie to guide us through this maze!

  6. I feel very sorry for her. It was her driving ambition to become the first woman President of the US and Bill had vowed to support her but in the end he let her down, not least through his philandering and later impeachment. She probably should have left him but they had come too far. Her ambition blinded her to the speed at which the political storm clouds were gathering in the US at the time of her presidential bid and she was also spurred on by the fear that if she waited any longer she might be too old. I can imagine that after all the villification and disapointment (after all, she won the popular vote) she has suffered, it is hard not to become embittered. I am wondering how history will view her: the US’s first woman President that never was? Cardiac health is now a real concern for her and I think it is unlikely that either of them will return to political centre stage again. If I were her I would be putting all my efforts into my Center for Women’s Empowerment. It’s hard, like being a top sports professional whose team never won the World Cup and whose later years can only be meaningfully productive by training the next generation. ‘I nearly made it’ is far from ‘I made it’.

  7. Perhaps she and Prince Harry can share a stage on the “None of it’s my fault, they just hate me for no reason” tour. Coming soon to a city near you.

    • The certificate shown has four examples of the 1s and 6s.

      – The 6 in her birthdate of 26th October doesn’t look like the supposed 6 in the birthtime.
      – The 10 (representing October) in the Signed line directly below the time matches fairly well.
      – On the bottom line (Specimen) it seems to show both a 1 and 6 and the clear difference between how the writer pens those numbers.
      – The 1s have very clear straight lines. The 6s are curved.

      I would hedge towards the 10pm therefore.

  8. Neptune in 5th doesn’t equal disappointments in marriage. And Neptune in the 5th can mean creative partnerships, i.e., dating those who are creative. Or having creative children.

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