Sarah – the Duchess slides down the rabbit hole

‘A cup of tea changes bitter to better’ must be a slogan Sarah, Duchess of York, is clinging to fervently as she launches her ‘Tea Talks’ podcast relating her ‘hilarious misadventures’ and sets the record straight.  No doubt she hopes it will drown out the bad news over the unexplained £500k loans made to her by her failed media investment firm, Gate Ventures. She is among a group of directors being pursued by liquidators with a £19 million lawsuit in the offing.

  Plus, of course, Prince Andrew’s will he/won’t he exit his palatial 39 bedroom abode and downsize to a five bedroom shoebox with no separate wing for the Duchess. Plus plus  more Epstein and Sarah/Andrew breadcrumbs emerging.

  Trying times.

  Born 15 October 1959 9.03am (from memory) London, she is an impulsive Sun Mars in Libra sextile Uranus with an impetuous Aries Moon in her exuberant 5th house which also rules children from whom she seeks nurturing. Her Moon is on the focal point of a yod to Pluto sextile Neptune which will make her emotionally disorganized, affected by her childhood malfunctions more than most (her mother left the parental marriage when she was in her teens.) 

  She has Venus Pluto in Virgo on her Midheaven which gives her a certain persuasive charm but also makes her controlling, overly indulgent, manipulative. Her Venus Pluto are trine Saturn and sextile an evasive, delusional 12th house Neptune Mercury in Scorpio. Her Pluto Venus are also square a 1st house Jupiter giving her an over confident streak that prompts her to act as if rules don’t apply to her.

  For all her devil-may-care jollity she’s not in an upbeat time

    Not only is transiting Saturn opposition her Pluto this year and her Midheaven, so is her Solar Arc Saturn in opposition to Pluto – road blocked all round. With tr Saturn also square her Jupiter this year which will put a damper on her self-confidence and her finances.

  Next year tr Saturn moving into her 4th does indicate a house move – as does Prince Andrew’s tr Uranus opposition his Scorpio Moon (see post 2nd March 2023). She’ll get a shock of significant proportions late 2024 when her Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct her Mars; and another considerable setback in 2025 with SA Mars conjunct her 2nd house financial Saturn at the same time as tr Neptune and Saturn in Aries are square her Saturn – which will bring a money meltdown of some proportions. Though 2025 also sees Jupiter moving through her 8th for a year so there may be generosity coming her way in cash and in kind.

Her relations with the senior Royals are not great to start with – chilly with William, an underlying hostility with Charles and more so with Camilla. There looks to be some sort of ructions this August onwards and more upheavals in 2024.  So any hopes of being welcomed back into the royal embrace look questionable.

  Her ill-defined relationship with Prince Andrew will be undermined this year with a confused tr Neptune square the composite Sun with more enthusiasm-dampeners in 2024. Not a terminal split but not contented either.

2 thoughts on “Sarah – the Duchess slides down the rabbit hole

  1. When The Yorks were newly married, Prince Charles thought Fergie was a breath of fresh air, and would say to Diana, ‘Why can’t you be more like her?’ He also thought Meghan was wonderful, in the early days.. it always takes time to truly know someone.

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    You mentioned the ill-effects of tr Saturn (and Pluto) opposing Sarah’s MC as “blocking her all around”. Obviously I’m aware that Saturn conjunct the IC is quite difficult (I currently have this same Saturn transit myself minus the Pluto opposition), but I thought Saturn opp MC is actually quite beneficial for the MC, no…..?

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