Astrology – a gateway into a magical universe

‘Astrology is a language of symbols, like dreams, myths, religious narratives and fairy tales.  A chart is an architecture of metaphors. With symbols it is not possible to have a simple and clear definition. Symbols are magical doors.’

  A new astrology book takes the cook-book journey through planets, signs and houses but in a Neptunian soul-full way. A magical mystery tour both deceptively simple and insightful as it weaves connections and dances a thread between opposites and the evolution of the signs and elements.  

  It took my Saturnine temperament a while before I acclimatized to the stream of consciousness approach of Jean-Marc Pierson, the author – a Sun Neptune in Scorpio. But there are nuggets of gold in there with his constantly shifting perspective from one to the opposite and it brought me several ‘aha’ moments as he threw a new light onto the building blocks of astrology.

 ‘Aries jumps on the stage and fights for a place. The show goes on with Leo holding the space: this is who I am. Sagittarius takes some distance and wonders: But who am I?’

‘Aries energy, Taurus substance, Gemini information.’

‘Air signs: Gemini comes first to create links with no strings attached. Libra binds. But she operates in Air. She binds from a distance, she casts spells, she enchants, she charms.’

 ‘Taurus is gain: Scorpio is loss.  Holding on or letting go. Demons and angels fight for the throne. Scorpio is the other side of Taurus.’

    ‘Pisces: Where there is a saviour, there are victims; where there is a healer there are sick people. Where there is a redeemer there is a fallen angel. Demons are spiritual beings too.’

‘Aquarius in the Capricorn of the future.’ Revolutionaries get their way and then create new structures.

Houses: In the first house we simply are. In the second we become flesh. In the third house we start asking questions.

 11th house  – hopes and wishes – ‘the most complex kinds of hopes and wishes are called Ideologies. They involve the vision of a bright future for a humanity freed of its chains.’  

The sixth house serves you. It is your inner slave. Your inner servant.

Planets: ‘With Neptune we want to go to heaven. Pluto is Neptune’s shadow in the world of below. Pluto is the naked and unbearable truth: we are not in heaven. We are fallen angels. We have demons within.’

‘Jupiter is a Miracle Grow energy (plant food). Saturn is a crystallizing energy. Uranus is shake and change.’

  Started as a blog it comes in bite size pieces and will give a beginner struggling to understand the basics a grasp of the difference between Fire and Water, between Cardinal and Mutable and the other zodiacal ingredients. For hoary old veterans, it brings a jolt of awareness – I never thought of Venus Libra as ‘glue’ but it make sense of its binding quality (at a distance.) As does Capricorn emerging from water with its fishy tail and evolving onto land.  Aquarius/Air ideologues being hopeful travellers. Taurus, the throat, I eat I sing.

   The author Jean-Marc Pierson, a devotee of Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene as well as Stephen Arroyo, studied psychology at university, has worked on farms and in gardens, as an actor and storyteller. He was born 4 November 1961 at 9.30pm, Laxou, France. He uses Placidus house system which is what I have used here.

  It puts his Sun Neptune conjunction in Scorpio as well as Mars in Scorpio in his entertaining and performing 5th house. And Uranus Pluto, widely conjunct in Virgo in his 3rd house. His image-making Neptune draws him to magic and mystery, using language to tantalise, paint pictures, weave patterns. Uranus Pluto in the communication 3rd house was guaranteed to produce a quirky approach.

  His ‘leadership’ Leo North Node does suggest he will go places.

17 thoughts on “Astrology – a gateway into a magical universe

  1. Oh wonderful! I used to follow Jean-Marc on Twitter for these delightful little “nuggets of gold” but dumped my long-standing account when Musk took over. Looking forward to the book!

  2. Well Jean Marc. Your Chiron will certainly bring you total and absolute awareness and very possibly a lot of money through astrology in your 11th house next April. I’m certain you have been feeling the breakthrough since 2022.

  3. My millennium granddaughter loves astrology and has asked me to teach her. She has Uranus in the 10th in Aquarius trine Gemini North Node and every month I do a reading for her so she can see how the planetary patterns unfold in her life. She approached me to teach her as she seems to have a natural attraction to the subject. I’m so glad I have someone in the family to leave my extensive library of astrology books to!

  4. What I find interesting is how younger Millenials and especially Gen Z have refound astrology. As a Gen X Uranus in Scorpio, I remember about half of my class went into an astrology bend at school. My friends definitely know their rising and Moon, at least But, as conformist Pluto in Libras, we kept this under the lid. And niw there are “kids” – people well into their 20’s – who are so comfortable talking about this stunning.

    • It’s uplifting. I’ve noticed over the past few years that there’s a whole new generation of young astrologers on YouTube, very diverse, all ethnicities and lots of young women and it brings me great joy to know that astrology is alive and thriving in those hands. Also, the younger generation seem to have an enthusiasm for the asteroids and Black Moon Lilith, and so I’m sure in time, we will have a deeper understanding of their role in the natal chart.

    • I have Placidus 3rd house Mars, then a tight NN/Uranus/Venus conjunction. Always a seeker, definitely. That said, I tend to “shift” between house systems, because I was born in Extreme North, almost 66th parallel. My own natal chart has relatively reasonable houses, but I get extremely polarized charts for friends and on Return charts that really loose significance. Then, I tend to switch to Equal, which is more representative.

  5. What a treat this was to read this morning!

    Most of the 1961 people I have known still have south node in Pisces, north in Virgo… so it was intriguing to see his is in Aquarius. And yet, his Chiron is just INTO Pisces and is opposite Uranus, which is just at 0 Virgo. It’s as if that travelling south node through Pisces in the 18 months before his birth is focussed through his Neptune/Sun conjunction and expressed in an intuitive, poetic, healing way.

    My Moon opp Neptune certainly enjoys this and my Merc/Uranus conjunction in Leo appreciates his Chiron opp Uranus. My brain also makes random leaps and connections! Also note that his Mars is square his Nodes…. any thoughts by anyone on what THAT might indicate?


    • Mars in Scorpio square Nodes indicates things I did talk about with a psychotherapist, and it helped me a lot to be able to talk about them, but sorry, what it means will remain confidential for the main part. Patience, kindness with myself and self acceptance have been difficult to cultivate, self-destructive tendencies used to be intense. I have not committed crimes, but I understand well why some people do. Thanks for asking anyway!

      • You have certainly had a Plutonian time. I have a Sun/Pluto conjunction on the IC in Leo and understand why you write “I have not committed crimes …”. Pluto transits test people to the limited. Those of us who have undergone heavy Pluto transits for decades, have undergone a wave of tests. Jupiter in Aquarius, just may be your reward!

      • my goodness Jean-marc!!!
        Straight from the source!!… I certainly didn’t expect that!!
        Given your poetic and mystical descriptions, I was dreaming into that part of your chart.
        How would that have influenced such a person in this particular expression?

        I have Pluto and Uranus in the 8th.. certainly know about Scorpio!
        My amazing Tai Chi teacher AND his graceful professional dancer wife both share a Mars in Scorpio.. as has my sister.
        All of us.. and you… dancing with going deep, opening certain doors, staying with the Mystery.

        I look forward to purchasing your book.
        thanks for responding!

      • hmmmm…. you know what?
        When I watch my Tai Chi teacher.. and see videos of his wife’s dancing…
        there is a Deep elegance in their expression…. because both show Power, too.
        My Tai Chi teacher has said that Tai Chi must have 3 things. It will be Beautiful. It will be good for your Health/Wellness. The last is that it must be Powerful, grounded in the Earth…and that this last characteristic is often missing. Tai Chi IS a martial art.
        So, in your descriptions, Jean-marc… my sense is that your Plutonian journey has taken you right through the muck into a place that now has these 3 characteristics that you now offer to others.

        Btw… I, too, have always been aware of who I could be… and it’s pretty dark. I am so grateful for the guidance and choices I’ve made to NOT go down that path. But I do understand it for sure.

        anyways… all the best!!

        • Thank you Sandra Yes what we do must express life’s power as well as beauty and be good for health/balance All the best

  6. Astrology and the interpretation of Astrology needs to change it is too ‘ Saturnian ‘ and not fit for 20203 2027 we will see the rise of a new age ‘ The Age of the Sleeping Phoenix ‘ we have been ruled by the era of ‘ The Cross of Planning ‘ since the 1600’s ..that is all going to change. We now need Uranian Astrology as Jung predicted the rise of the Individuated Human moving from tribal groups, us and them to the truly Spiritually Integrated Human ..Astrology should be viewed through a different kaleidoscope..

    • Uranus/Aquarius rules the 11th house – the house of groups. Leo is the “I” the self. Perhaps the Leo/Aquarius axis is more about balancing the need for self consciousness within society?

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