Samantha & Meghan Markle – sisters at war

On Wednesday,  Samantha Markle will be launching her last and final attempt to sue Meghan, her younger half-sister, for comments she made on Netflix and in the Oprah interview. She claims that Meghan’s insistence that she grew up as an only child who longed for siblings is defamatory. If Samantha succeeds, which seems unlikely, Meghan could be forced to testify and release private messages and emails by January 2nd with a trial date for July 2024.

  Tensions will be running high with the approaching Mars and Sun in Leo opposition Uranus hitting exact across this coming weekend.  Plus the Sun close to vengeful Mars in Scorpio a week later. Not much give or flexibility in those influences.

  Samantha, born 24 November 1964 in Los Angeles, is an outspoken Sun Sagittarius in a downbeat square to Saturn in late Aquarius on one side and in a fiery, competitive square to Mars on the other. Her Mars is also conjunct Uranus and Pluto in Virgo so she’s volatile, excitable, prone to stirring up disruptions. And she has the over-hopeful Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune. Plus a Leo Moon.

  Her Leo Moon would connect her to Meghan in childhood though her Sun conjunct Meg’s Uranus with her Saturn in square would contribute to a parting of the ways; as would Sam’s disruptive Mars, Uranus, Pluto sitting on Meg’s Venus.  Their relationship chart has a close, possessive/controlling composite Sun, Venus, Pluto conjunction sextile Mars – so the opposite of distant, more a love/hate mix.

  Samantha looks deflated late this December with tr Saturn square her Sun. At the same time tr Uranus will conjunct her Jupiter December 10th to mid March 2024, which on its own should give her a lucky break but since it also tugs on her Neptune that may undercut a positive turn in her fortunes.

  Meghan’s chart is not registering much apart from the waning months of a lacklustre Solar Arc Sun square her Neptune. And a rattled SP Mars conjunct her Sun/Mercury midpoint. Plus her Progressed/SA Midheaven conjunct her Chiron which has been around all this year – which does not suggest a healing, more a reminder of the wound that will not heal getting in the way of her progress. The first half of December will see a setback as tr Saturn opposes her Mars/Pluto midpoint. Next year will be a mix of pluses and minuses with July looking tense.

  I am fascinated by Meghan’s whole family dynamic and Harry’s – a kind of folie a deux, sharing childhood gripes, that most of us have and with maturity grow out of.

  At the risk of bringing the ceiling down on my head I am beginning to wonder about Meghan’s controlling tendencies – in common parlance, coercive control –  pulling the partner away from friends and family and isolating them. Harry has never looked happier than recently when off on his own with the blokes at a Formula One do.

  “I would measure the duration of the marriage in years rather than decades,” says Graydon Carter, former Vanity Fair editor. “I think she has run rings around poor Harry and gotten what she wanted: notoriety, money, and a title. His usefulness to her diminishes daily.”

  My other even darker thought is that in her initial delusional ‘I want to be as famous as the saintly Diana’ campaign she did not stoke the flames of sibling rivalry between Harry and William in the faint hope of toppling Will/Kate and stepping up a notch closer to the throne. It is the only thing that makes sense of her obvious discomfort at being down the pecking order. She knows only too well from showbusiness that top of the bill takes precedence. 

  Did Andrew at some point not campaign with the Queen to replace Charles as heir during the whole divorce/early Camilla shenanigans? And Diana was convinced Charles would never be King. Succession fights did not die out with the Tudors.     As far as Meg and Harry are concerned that is water under the bridge but they really have burnt so many bridges behind them it is difficult to see where the remedy lies.

14 thoughts on “Samantha & Meghan Markle – sisters at war

  1. I think Trump is covering Samantha’s bills. The, senior partner of that firm went to school with Trump and has worked for him many times. Though he is not the one that is testifying against him. At least I don’t think so.

    The lawyer representing Samantha also works for that firm and is considered very good. Samantha feels that Meghan has not only besmirched her good reputation through lies. It seems that both Samantha and brother Tom were living with their father and Doria when their half sister was born and for quite a few years afterward. So if that is the case, Meghan knew Samantha quite well and probably far better than Doria who disappeared for ten years.

    Samantha feels that her career has suffered because of the comments that Meghan has made Samantha is a professional counsellor and had a phone-in radio programme that offers advice. She is also wheel chair bound through suffering from MS. I think she has written books.

    I have heard recently that Thomas Markle refused Meghan’s ulimatum that he had to cut his two older children out of his life or he would never see her again. He refused point blank. But I am not sure of exactly when that was. It could have been before the wedding.

    Whatever your feeling about how well you know or don’t know your siblings, you don’t expect to be trashed so publicly. Personally Meghan, given her age should have handled it better. Like being nice about them and inviting them to the wedding. And she wouldn’t be in the situation she now finds herself, which is having to attend the court because the judge has said she must. I guess American judges aren’t as kind as British ones. The rumour mill says that Meghan is desperate to not attend.

  2. I wonder if a tabloid is covering her legal bills. Strange lawsuit. Strange sister.
    Price Harry was recently photographed looking out of place at a Katy Perry concert. He didn’t even try mask his expressions or, couldn’t. . Same expression when Meghan took the exagerated bow on the netflix doc. Made me wondee if he has a high functioning disorder or was very damaged by his childhood.

  3. If they are ever to separate, I’d say it will be her decision. I’d expect Harry with his Saturn Scorpio and Taurus moon, to cling in there especially as the children are so important to him and I guess U.S. law will favour her. Especially with all the drug stuff he’s revealed and so on. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays away from home with his Sag mars/uranus and Libra Venus and that might force the issue.

    That said, I’m not sure what her next option is. As a 40-something woman with two children, I can’t see her now appealing to the sort of sugar daddy who she would like to find herself funded by. But maybe I’ve got that wrong about her. I guess with her control freakery she might be able to find a toyboy who thinks she is worth it. But really, she doesn’t promise any fun or laughs to be had.

    I wouldn’t now be surprised if it continues on for a long time with lots of cold shouldering etc.

    Marjorie – have you found the Saturn quarter-return of the marriage chart to be well associated with the 7-year itch? Ori is that just common sense astrology.

  4. That Mars Pluto Uranus of Samantha’s on Meghan’s Venus must be excruciating to deal with. Samantha’s behavior really reminds one of jealous ex who can’t stand the thought of you doing well. Very strange lady, her chart really makes sense of things in that regard.

  5. I think the Andrew against Charles campaign is a Netflix myth. It is a succession line. The Queen never said Charles should not be kIng. He was crowned Prince of Wales and that is that. As to Andrew being King well he is dishonest apart from other information over the years regarding him. He is now barely Royal.

  6. Samantha is loony tunes.

    I have four half-siblings that I know of but I am my mother’s only child so I did grow up as an only child because at the time I only knew about three of them and I only saw two of them ( my younger half-sisters) on an irregular basis.

    I actually lived on the same road as my fourth half-sibling and even went to the same church as him. He knew we were half-brothers but I had no idea that we had the same father until he confirmed it to one of my aunts by marriage a few years ago.

    I still have not met my other half-brother

    Meghan is the only child between her two parents so what is Samantha talking about?

    How can Samantha sue Meghan for an opinion is beyond me.

  7. Gotta love the book title, “Princess Pushy…”

    Any breakup btwn H and M would only help H recover his senses and palce in the world. His is not a place for providing entitlements.

    • Larry – I’m sure you’ve followed the NFL along the way and will know who Dan Snyder is. He’s born the day before Samantha – that says a lot about her!

  8. In a post a few days ago (can’t remember which one), Marjorie, you had spoken of aspects to the Sun-Moon midpoint affecting the marriage of the person whose chart it is.

    Are there any upcoming aspects to the Sun-Moon midpoint of either Harry or Meghan or their composite chart?

    • I think the Aries/Libra eclipse was sq to Harry’s S/M MP and Saturn will be back in opposition to MMs in the coming months. And Uranus is sat right on Harry’s Moon now. I have seen blind items about one or both of them living elsewhere much of the time recently but who knows what is true. But, Uranus on his Moon, where it will hover for a while yet as it turns back direct, not ideal for emotional intimacy.

    • Meghan’s Sun/Moon midpoint is at 8 Virgo – it gets the tr Saturn opposition in February 2024. That does indicate separation but it can be as inconsequential as one partner being off travelling somewhere else.
      Her Sun/Moon midpoint will catch the tr Uranus in Gemini square in 2027 which is when Harry’s Sun/Moon midpoint at 22 Cancer gets the tr Saturn square over a year or so. That would seem the most likely split time. If it is going to happen. All marriages go through rough patches and some hang on in there – but both come from split parental marriages so probably less likely.
      Also the gap between the moment when one or other finally face up to the fact that it is not going to work and the actual parting of the way, and even longer the divorce settlement, can cover several years.
      What in a way was interesting was that Prince Charles and Diana’s respective charts showed a different timeline in facing up to the fact that the happy ever after wasn’t going to happen.

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