Nadine Dorries – blinded by devotion to Boris

For light relief or maybe more depressing black comedy about the state of British politics  – Nadine Dorries, erstwhile Culture Secretary and devoted fan of Boris Johnson issues her political memoir. In it she points to a shadowy sinister cabal (Gove, Cummings  and the scheming “Dr No”, a Government insider so brutish, that he once butchered a rabbit dear to a former partner in revenge) that has controlled the Tory Party for ever. It was them she insists who brought her idol down. As opposed to his lies and incompetence.  

 An associate of Michael Gove remarked crisply that Dorries  writes best-selling fiction. Though the quality of her literary outpourings since 2014 in the fantasy sphere appears questionable. The Telegraph described one as a “misery novel” “told in vacuous language”. Reviewer Christopher Howse said The Four Streets was “the worst novel I’ve read in 10 years.”

  Having established herself as ‘an author’ Boris Johnson then made her Culture Secretary. One Tory MP reacted to the news of her appointment by telling the FT: “Nadine bleeding Dorries. Was whoever decided that on LSD at the time?”

  The FT today after a lunch interview remarked: “Dorries blurs fact and fiction so easily, I’m not even sure she notices. Her defensiveness, acquired through fire, seems to stop her questioning herself.” Along the way of mozzarella and grilled vegetables she remarked: “ I’m actually smarter than these guys in No 10. All they had to do was work with me.”

 Born 21 May 1957 Liverpool, she has BJ’s Sun Venus in Gemini though at the start not the finish of the chatty sign. With her Sun in a controlling square to Pluto in late Leo. What marks her chart out as singular is a Yod of Mercury in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius – and a Sun inconjunct Neptune, with Neptune in a can-be-fanatical/unrealistic square to Uranus. An uneasy self-righteousness will be an ever present companion as she tilts at windmills. Her afflicted Neptune will create more than a few problems distinguishing reality from fantasy.

 Her relationship chart with Michael Gove is hostile with a composite Mars Pluto conjunction. Her relationship with Boris is a flurry of flowery passionate enthusiasm with a composite Sun, Venus, Mars plus an irrevocably-tied-together-by-fate for good-or-for-ill yod – Venus Mars sextile Uranus inconjunct Saturn. Saturnine yods require maturity to give of their best and if mishandled can be self-defeating.

  They will crumble into history together as of little consequence.

  How could they make her Culture Secretary??

10 thoughts on “Nadine Dorries – blinded by devotion to Boris

  1. To be honest, whoever made Dorries an MP and responsible for a constituency, let alone Culture Secretary? She was clearly far short of the requirements, personally and professionally. The fact that she threw a fit at ‘not being given a peerage’ and neglected her constituents for over a year, so she could take the money while not doing the job, tells you all you need to know about Dorries.

    I find the south node conjunct POF interesting, right at the top of the chart.

    However she’s not the only one with such a display of arrogance and entitlement – it seems to afflict everyone currently in Government – they seem to revel in it.

  2. Her neptune is smack on Boris’ Scorpio moon, and therefore her yod plays into that. I would think she is a Pisces moon from some of her confused interviews, almost drunken interviews.

    • I misread the yod, it doesn’t play into her neptune.

      That said, a Pisces moon would also give her a grand trine in water with Mars in Cancer, Neptune Scorpio. That would explain why her delusion is so strong and unbreakable

  3. Marjorie, astrology seems to indicate that Johnson’s marriage to Carrie may not survive beyond 2025.

    From charts can one say that Nadine Dorries would be Johnson’s soulmate?

  4. Among Britains legacies to the world are a rich and profound culture in literature, theatre, music, fine art, design, and the rest. To put that legacy and the livelihoods of emerging talents in the hands of a thick, philistine groupie like Dorries was just appalling and a measure also of Johnson’s cultural ignorance. Desperate to see the back of them, and a little mail time too…..

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