Spain – separatists coming back into the fold

Spain is deadlocked politically with difficulties forming a majority coalition to rule – with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the 10th house Sun that is not surprising. One unexpected consequence may be the return of the separatists who have just been granted immunity by Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s socialist caretaker prime minister to the fury of the nationalists. The Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont fled to Belgium in 2017 to avoid prosecution after organising an unlawful referendum on Catalan independence. If he returns he promises to pick up the battle again. Though there does not seem the same appetite amongst the public for another independence drive.

 Spain is in for a sticky three years ahead (like everywhere else) with a panicky, undermining tr Neptune Saturn in Aries square the Mars in 2025 and an uncertain SA Neptune opposition Saturn in 2026 and square the Uranus two years later; plus tr Pluto opposition the Saturn for a tough slog through 2024/25 and on to square the Uranus. It may not all be political but it won’t help. Their proportional representation voting system appears to encourage grid locks such as this.

  Carles Puigdemont, 29 December 1962 10.30 pm Girona, Spain does look as if he is moving up in the world career-wise with his Solar Arc Sun now rising about his Descendant to be joined next year by transiting Saturn. So he could become a player again for years ahead. He is a Sun Capricorn trine the revolutionary Uranus Pluto in Virgo which sits on his Ascendant.

  On this birth time he starts a successful 12 months from mid 2024 on.  Though he’ll have a few hitches and glitches before then. He will hit a swamp in 2025 and then find tr Uranus moving across his Midheaven sets him off on a new trajectory from 2026.

 Pedro Sanchez, the present caretaker PM, 29 February 1972 10.25 am Madrid, is a Sun Pisces with a forceful Mars in Taurus on his Ascendant; a confident Pluto square Jupiter; and a tough-minded Air Grand Trine of Saturn trine Pluto trine North Node. He has tr Saturn moving through his 11th at the moment which fits with difficulties in trying to assemble a workable team. He should get some uplift from tr Jupiter moving through his 1st at the moment. But there is not much else showing for the immediate future.

  His relationship chart with Puigdemont is surprisingly amiable with a composite Sun, Venus, Jupiter though there is also an aggravated Saturn square Mars – smiles and arguments.

  Spain appears to be in as much of a political turmoil as everywhere else in its own way and disaffected by its leadership of all stripes.

  The EU would not take kindly to a revived separatist movement since it raises awkward questions for other countries like Italy and elsewhere.

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  1. “The EU would not take kindly to a revived separatist movement since it raises awkward questions for other countries like Italy and elsewhere.”

    I must disagree on Italy here. The separatist movement there was driven more by fiscal concerns than nationalism or language politics. Yes, Lega Nord did use the prejudices and downright racism many Northerners felt towards Southerners to gain popularity in the 1990’s. But Italy is a very different country now than 30 years ago. The number of foreign nationals living in Italy today is five times higher than in 2000. Sadly, this hasn’t abolished racism, but it has shifted the target from Southerners – many of whom abandoned the South for industrial jobs during the post-WWII, and who now have third generation descendants living in the North – to newcomers. Fiscal federalism still has support, but there too a lot has been done.

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