Sam Altman – a pioneering, uncompromising Taurus

Ousted OpenAI chief Sam Altman will return to run the company he co-founded under a new board days after he was sacked. Greg Brockman, the co-founder and president who quit the company after he was fired, will return alongside him. OpenAI is the leading generative artificial intelligence start-up whose brainchild ChatGPT kick-started a new era of artificial intelligence a year ago (exactly as Pluto entered Aquarius). It now has 100mn weekly users. The product’s popularity resulted in corporate giants like Microsoft, Google and Salesforce and a host of tech start-ups launching their own chatbots and AI-infused software products, much of it built with OpenAI’s underlying AI technology.

 One insider said of Altman: “His superpower is getting people onside, shaping narratives, pushing situations into the shape that work for him. It makes him impossible to oversee.” He has been described as “deeply, deeply competitive” and a “mastermind”, with one acquaintance saying there is no one better at knowing how to amass power.

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 Altman, 22 April 1985, Chicago, has a chart not dissimilar to Mark Zuckerburg replete with stubborn and ultra-determined Taurus and Scorpio. Altman has an utterly unbudgeable and hyper-controlling Taurus Sun opposition Pluto and Mars in Taurus conjunct Algol opposition Saturn in Scorpio – that is off the map in terms of endurance, obstinacy and ability to withstand pressure. Zuckerburg has a Taurus Sun Venus opposition Mars in Scorpio with Moon Saturn and Pluto also in Scorpio.

 OpenAI was founded 10 December 2015 in San Francisco as a non-profit research outfit. Under Altman it has been transformed in eight years into a company reportedly generating $1bn of annual revenue. Customers range from Morgan Stanley to Estée Lauder, Carlyle and PwC.  It has a communicative Sagittarius New Moon with a creative though prone to doubt Saturn square Neptune; and most significantly  an explosively inventive (brooks no interference) Mars opposition Uranus squaring onto an influential, deeply creative Pluto, which will be instrumental in harnessing collective power – and will arouse great resistance amongst those not ready for its insights.

  Altman will be elbowed by tr Uranus opposition his Saturn and conjunct his Mars from mid 2024 into 2025 and tr Pluto bearing down on his Taurus Sun opposition Pluto through 2024/25/26. It is anyone’s guess how he will react to the winds of change blowing through.

  The company chart will be facing a moment of truth in 2025/26 when SA Saturn is conjunct the Sun which may lead to restructuring.

4 thoughts on “Sam Altman – a pioneering, uncompromising Taurus

  1. I eventually found a possible birhtdate for Sutskever, 26 Jan 1986/85, not reliable in any case.

    The ’86 chart has Mars 25 Sc square Jupiter 23 Aq and SN at 4 Sc square a Sun, Venus, Mercury conj in Aq all opposed to a moon in Leo. This chart resonates better with the last eclipse 5 Ta-Sc axis and new Moon at 20 Sc conjuct his Mars activating his survival instincs. Synastry considered, their relationship is a constant fight for power, with both parties keeping secrets and trying to overpower the other (Sun opp Pluto, Sun sq Pluto) and Altman’s ideas challenging Sutskerver’s core beliefs and life philosophy (Merc sq Jupiter). If these charts are for real, I’m surprised they’ve got that far. In case they decide to part ways, it’ll be a blast of epic proportions.

    Thank you Marjorie for your take on this.

  2. When the board sacked him they stated they couldn’t trust what he was telling them. That may have been an excuse but …

    It’s a 50-50 chance as to whether he has Taurus or Gemini moon – the latter would seem to gel with that. If so it would create a yod with Pluto in Scorpio / Neptune in Capricorn. Definite slipperiness potential.

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