Geert Wilders – outlier moves centre stage

A political earthquake in the Netherlands may see far-right, anti-Islamic, anti-migrant, pro-Putin Geert Wilders in power. His Freedom Party has doubled its previous record to win 35 seats though he will have a long drawn out struggle to form a coalition to rule in the 150 seat parliament.

 In the run-up to the elections, he focused on growing economic concerns, vowing to solve the housing crisis and tackle inflation while portraying climate action as a new form of tyranny by The Hague.

 There is precious little in his chart, 6 September 1963 (without a birth time) to suggest triumph immediately and there is disappointment, confusion and losses ahead in 2024.

 But it is a massive wake up call for the country. Wilders’ rebellious, status-quo-upsetting Sun, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo is conjunct the Netherlands Mars in Virgo for a stormy interface. His Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct the Netherlands Uranus and opposition its Sun Venus in Leo – with his Neptune in hard aspect to the same as well – so his reactionary and mistrustful views hit an uncomfortable note for the progressive inclinations of the Netherlands.

 The Netherlands chart, 26 July 1581 JC The Hague, is equally showing little as of this moment but looks discouraged and blocked in 2024 with SA Saturn square the Sun; jolted and jangled with tr Uranus square the Saturn after mid 2024 – and panicked in 2025/26.

  His Freedom Party chart, 22 February 2006, looks deflated this coming January and under-powered through 2024.

 I can’t decide whether the right wing populist surge of the moment is Pluto in Capricorn’s vengeful swan song or a harbinger of Pluto in Aquarius’s can-be-fascist tendencies.

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  1. For the kingdom of the Netherlands you should use 16 March 1815. Before that year the country was a republic of united provinces (until 1795 to be precise)

    • 3 November 1848 is another important date: this day the constitution became effective, marking the passage to a parliamentary monarchy

    • The consensus at my club meeting last night was that the parties would spend the next year unable to form a coalition and we would all be going to the polls again after a rudderless year. I live in the border regions where the Wilders supporters and anti-vaxers mostly come from but not a single person I spoke to last night admitted to voting for him, most thought he would not become PM. All of which would rhyme with Marjorie’s analysis of the Netherlands being “discouraged and blocked” for the coming year and panicked thereafter. I guess he’s not going away, however, the issues everyone agitates about are global and we are reaping the harvest of seeds planted after WWII (endless profit-driven economic growth, property (homes) as an investment vehicle and interference in foreign regimes resulting in the present “tsunami of refugees”). What Wilders is extremely good at is expressing people’s fears and concerns but I doubt he has any solutions, just as most other political figures do not. What’s needed is a shift in values and I hope the coming period of turmoil will eventually lead to that. Young people are already on the streets protesting here. Change is always hard but at least we live in interesting times!

  2. Marjorie, thank you very much for your analysis and for the charts. I am a Dutch person and am worried about Wilders’ victory. Especially because it shows such extreme dissatisfaction on behalf of many people in my country. I do understand the dissatisfaction though, because the cost of living has become so high and buying a house has become impossible for the average person – after decades of rising prices fueled by cheap debt. I am reminded of Weimar Germany, where the middle classes disappeared, destabilizing the country and making people look for a scapegoat.
    I very much agree with Marjorie that this could either be Pluto in Capricorn’s vengeful swan song or a harbinger of Pluto in Aquarius’s can-be-fascist tendencies. I hope with all my heart that it is not an omen of Aquarius’ fascist tendencies

  3. Scarey indeed. Imagine the shock of waking up to Trump being president for the 1st time. Imagine the horror of a second helping…and the potential for never-ending reruns.

    I wish NL all the best!

  4. Oh dear, I,ve lived in NL forty years now and never had such a shock! When voting yesterday around 9 am, I was one of two, unusually, in the hall! Far outnumbering the people waiting for the hordes! Wilders was always considered a maverick but to win is beyond expectations. The Vvd center right had Rutte in the driving seat for 12 years ….. Eurocentric reporter did an article some months ago asking why when the maximum term constitutionally was 8 years in all other euro lands. Rutte was unpopular during his last term especially, but this turn of events is totally out of left field, the whole land is in disbelief. Sun Pluto Uranus is a shocker, though in Virgo his purist opinions have definitely not been muted. However, he will never get the cooperation of this Cancerian land,s politicians for such radicalism.
    As a New Zealander by birth, I hoped a woman may be voted in, we,ve had 3 women prime ministers there but that has never happened once in this much more liberal land. Why not? There is disbelief that Wilders had a landslide but….it seems to be an extreme vote against same old, same old….. dangerous consequences for Europe if it is brought in …..a huge earthquake politically.

  5. The Virgo Sun-Pluto-Uranus people I’ve come across in leadership positions have been a nightmare.

    The Pluto wants to be in control, the Virgo doesn’t – so they pretend to be open to power-sharing but they are always doing backhanded, unethical things to gain control and favour.

    And if everything ever gets to the point where it’s running smoothly, the Uranus steps in to upset the apple cart so they can swoop in with their ideas on how to fix things. They spend their lives creating problems to fix.

    They love to think they’re doing the best for everyone. Actually they’re doing what they think is perfect – irrespective of what others actually need.

  6. Marjorie, please do one of your marvellous analysis on fascism and Pluto in Aquarius. I am deeply concerned how democracies are being eroded.
    In the U.K. I find the anti protest laws frightening whether on the environment where you can be sent to prison like a terrorist or political ones like Israel Gaza where the discourse is being controlled and now the Observer reveals government will not allow any educationalist to speak who has criticised the government in any way in the last ten years at DFE sponsored conferences. Teachers and assistants are having files kept of their social media comments and even likes and dislikes of government policy The unemployed bank accounts are to be under surveillance and the health service is increasingly rationed if people are older or unemployed. The government want to direct the police and ministers will decide if highly dangerous criminals should ever be released mixing government and judiciary like a Facist state.In France protests are heavily controlled and the police extremely tough. Can you tell us if the astrology shows we are slipping into facism? I am not the only person who thinks it

  7. Thanks Marjorie. Pluto in Capricorn appears to have favoured elites and their money. What I’ve wondered about is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, still clinging on after Pluto’s residence in its Capricorn home. Possibly there will be some sort of interim phase before Uranus’ airy Aquarian themes take root? Maybe once Uranus is in Gemini, Neptune in Aries, and Pluto in Aquarius in 2025? That does feel very different to me.

    I noticed an interesting pattern around the 5 Libra Lunar eclipse next March. It’s on 25th March, the same day as the ‘birth’ of the EU idea, the Treaty of Rome, 25 March 1957, so opposes its Sun. At the same time, Pluto in Aquarius opposes the Treaty’s Uranus, 2 Leo, and squares its Neptune 1 Scorpio. This eclipse also hits:

    Geert Wilder Mercury 5 Libra. The Solar eclipse at 19 Aries will align with Wilder’s Jupiter – symbolising his leadership?
    Netherlands Pluto 4 Aries
    Freedom Party Nodes 4 Aries/Libra

    It looks as if the ‘stormy interface’ you write about may unsettle more than the Netherlands.

    • Uranus in Taurus saw the rise of the far right in Europe in the 30s and the build-up to WW2. In June 1941, as Uranus approached the final degrees of the sign, Operation Barbarossa launched the offensive on the Eastern front and saw some of the bloodiest fighting as well as atrocities carried out by the Nazis, only to stall at the Battle of Moscow at the end of 1941. Operation Barbarossa was to see the turning point of the war against Germany, thanks to the Red Army’s remarkable courage and resistance.

      Uranus completes its final degrees of Taurus in the first few months of 1942 and ingresses into Gemini in June of that year. By now America has entered the war and in June win a decisive victory against the Japanese, halting their progress in the Pacific at the Battle of Medway. With this shift, Pluto has entered Leo and is in sextile to Uranus in Gemini and with the change of signs comes the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

      With Uranus’ shift into Gemini comes that of Pluto’s into Aquarius and Neptune into Aries follows in our own times. I can only hope the world wakes up because this shift to the far right seems retrograde and does not inspire one with hope at a time when so many challenges confront us, including that of climate change. Taurus ime can be politically stubborn with a tendency to a dictatorial nature and can sometimes be seen in natal charts of those with an afflicted Mercury in Taurus. Like most populists, I expect Wilders will promise much but deliver very little.

      • I hope you’re right VF! Looking at the chart for the Third Reich, 1933, I can see that Pluto in Leo was (and had been) opposing its stellium in Aquarius – Mercury, Saturn, Sun – in 1945. Curiously, its Moon is 5 Aries, connecting with Wilder, the Netherlands, and the Freedom Party – plus next spring’s eclipse, and the Sun for the Treaty of Rome. An opportunity to learn from history?

        • It seems that since the generation that fought and participated in WW2 are sadly no longer with us, we do need to learn that lesson again, Jane. I feel very sad to see Europe going this way as it will predictably yield only more hatred, racism and division.

    • I cannot believe how different life is in 2023 as Pluto readies to exit Capricorn to what it was in 2008 when it entered. While I have changed massively as a person, it’s also true of the world around me and the attitudes of people.

      I could look back at each period its changed signs and it’s always been a different kettle of fish. I don’t know how Pluto in Aqua will turn out but I think it will look very different to what we have today. Most likely as you and VF point out when we have the big ones in Aries, Gemini and Pluto. Much less security minded but potentially very argumentative and impulsive.

      • Argumentative and impulsive indeed, GD! I agree, fire and air suggest hot air, or even “winds of change” and “bonfire of the vanities”…..I have wondered whether Neptune in Aries might symbolise religious or idealogical Aries warriors too, which could manifest in more extreme politics, as we’re seeing here with Wilders’ success? In the short term, we have Mars square Saturn this weekend, with the approaching full Moon in Gemini. So those volatile ‘argumentative and impulsive’ energies are very much around in the prevailing atmosphere.

        • Neptune in Aries has always felt to me like it will be more *I* am a victim. Perhaps more projection and blame leading to more lashing out as opposed to the “poor me” Neptune in Pisces era.

          But I think last time around 1860s/70s it did see people fighting on behalf of others from what has been posted before. Obviously the American Civil War but I think there was also stuff around workhouses and the like in Victorian England.

          I’d expect Neptune to dissolve the sense of self. So some of the Aries directness will be blunted. I guess the two comparable times in historical memory would be Neptune in Leo – the roaring twenties … Neptune in Sag – communes, back to nature, rise of New Age … not a lot to go on.

          • Just to say, Marjorie covered some interesting Neptune in Aries historical events on 16 February 2021. She writes:
            “Looking briefly at the above Neptune in Aries clearly marked key times for the English/UK monarchy and parliament.”

  8. The Netherlands is having its Brexit moment. An analysis of the results for Wilders’ so called Freedom party (freedom for us, not for anyone else) showed that 40% are his hard core followers (like Trump), 20% came from Rutte’s Liberal party (more like UK Conservatives) (probably those who didn’t want to vote for a woman as potential PM) and 15% reported that they didn’t vote at the last election, so truly protest votes. I think he will have a hard time trying to form a coalition and may not succeed. I have lived in the Netherlands for 40 years now and what I find curious about this country is that it presents itself and is seen by the world as ‘progressive’ and superficially that is so but at heart the Dutch themselves are deeply conservative (with a small c). So I am inclined to believe that this is a tail end of Pluto in Capricorn effect. Time will tell, of course.

    • Let’s say the 40% hardcore followers translate to 40% of seats won. That is 15 seats, 10% of the parliament. Not an insignificant number. It is important to understand why the 10% support Widers and address their concerns. Otherwise, the support will for similar parties and policies will just keep growing. It is no good discounting their concerns as hard-right or racist or misogynist or the any other broad brush to describe them. Time to ensure the supporters do not feel ignored.

      • I agree look at what’s happening in Ireland at the minute. If you don’t agree with the left woke narrative your demonised as far right. These countries infrastructures cannot sustain this amount of migration without there being a backlash and a protest vote such as Brexit .You can’t or darent speak out. People weren’t consulted if they wanted thier society changed to this left woke narratives and ideals. In the UK we are getting where woman are not allowed the right to be called mothers just a parent. Yet every person is a result of a man and woman.My country is not a world I recognise and not only do I not like it. I’d move tomorrow if I could. Id like to get off this mad mad ride.

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