JFK – a Saturnine exit with double Mars Pluto trouble

JFK was shot on 22 November 1963 sixty years ago this week, an event which shook the USA and the world and gave rise to innumerable conspiracy theories. Astrology won’t solve the mystery but the aspects of the moment were extraordinarily apt.

  The previous Solar Eclipse in July 1963 at 27 degrees Cancer was exactly opposition the USA Pluto, which triggered the USA Pluto opposition Mercury which is prone to getting facts twisted to suit obsessive viewpoints.

  There have been a handful of Solar Eclipses around this degree through the 20th century, not all of which coincided with such a devastating event. Though several of them did. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake.  1944/45 end of WW11 and Hiroshima. The 1963 Martin Luther King ‘I have a Dream’ speech. 1990 Gulf War as Iraq invades Kuwait. 2009/10 – recession.

 The 27 degree Cancer Eclipse was also exactly conjunct JFK’s 10th house Saturn in Cancer conjunct Midheaven. Eclipses on a natal Saturn can be a time of paying the price for past actions. Especially with Saturn in the 10th, any infractions from the straight and narrow path tend to bring retribution. [The Mafia?}

 The Lunar Eclipse of July that year in Capricorn was exactly square the USA Saturn and opposition the USA Cancer Sun – so sparking a major crisis for the USA; again a Saturnine comeback about falling short on societal responsibilities and awareness, as well as fair-mindedness in relationships. Which could point to the Civil Rights battle being fought. Although it might also point to the reality of JFK’s marriage.

  Relocating JFK’s chart to Dallas puts Pluto conjunct his Midheaven, which is always deemed as indicating a high risk area.  Though it needs additional back up from transits to the natal chart before activating. The tr Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo had been hovering around his Solar Arc Saturn (Pluto conj Sat exactly in the September). His Solar Arc Mars was within a degree conjunct his Pluto, which would considerably elevate the danger; doubled in intensity with his SA Pluto being square his Mars as well. And transiting Saturn was within a degree of squaring his 8th house Mars which again is accident/disaster prone.

  He had a classic 8th house chart, 29 May 1917 3pm Brookline, Massachusetts, with his Gemini Sun there as well as Jupiter, Algol, Mercury and Mars all conjunct in Taurus trine a Virgo Moon. His Sun was conjunct Venus on the cusp of the 9th.  He had Saturn conjunct Neptune in his 10th – hope for a better society and creative though also a worrier. He was an opinionated/influential speaker with a 9th house Pluto and a romantically wayward Uranus in the 5th.

  Mars in the 8th is sometimes written up in old texts as a risky placing though I have known some with it live into their 90s so does not always follow.

 His 8th house would weigh him down with his ancestral history with grandparents on both side being politicians and before that Irish immigrants who fled the Great Famine in the 1840s. It would also give him the ability to project an aura – the dream of Camelot which was more vision than reality, perhaps as a result of Jupiter’s lofty glow. And hiding many a dark family secret with Mars in Taurus.

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  1. Such a complicated story. I watched ‘Kennedy, Sinatra, and the Mafia’ the other day – fascinating, and an interesting astrological example of a Sagittarius/Gemini friendship that the Gemini Kennedy distanced himself from, once in power. The Mafia links are thought-provoking, with the symbolism and notion of ‘family’ running through the crime syndicates, Kennedy’s own powerful family clan, and the ‘family’ signs of Cancer and Capricorn appearing in individual charts, the USA natal, and that summer’s eclipses.

    The ‘dark family secrets’ you reference here may include organized crime. JFK’s wealthy, ambitious, philandering father, Joseph, 6th September 1888, has an intense looking natal chart. His Moon’s Nodes are 28 Cancer, trine a Mars 27/Jupiter 29 conjunction in Scorpio. And there’s JFK’s own natal Saturn – his father – at 27 Cancer, all triggered by the Eclipse that year along with the USA Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Cancer.

    The day of the shooting, the Scorpio Sun was conjunct Joseph Kennedy’s Jupiter/Mars, with tr Pluto conjunct his natal Sun, for the death of his son. JFK’s own South Node, at 11 Cancer, had the tr North Node right on it, only two degrees away from the US Cancer Sun. All so very fateful looking, it certainly prompts questions about how some individuals appear to act out or channel larger planet patterns.

  2. JFK and Jackie lost a son Patrick shortly after he was born in August 1963.

    I don’t understand how Jackie didn’t end up in an insane asylum.

  3. Thank you, Marjorie. I was in 3rd grade class when a teacher came running into home room, crying that the president was killed. ” We don;t hv a President any more…” Quite a shock to us all.

    There are more consipiracy theories than a dog has fleas.

  4. I don’t know anyone that thought Lee Harvey Oswald did it. And it seemed to be a plethora of various agencies and possibly LBJ and the mafia involved. Was it my imagination or didn’t a Secret Service Agent once admit to having done it? He certainly had a lot more enemies than friends!

      • I saw a documentary about 10 years ago (probably the 50th anniversary) where they suggested it was a secret service agent on the back of the car.

        It’s fact that when the first shots were heard the limousine sped up to get out of the area.

        The conjecture is that the jolt from sudden increase in speed led to the agent accidentally discharging his gun into Kennedy. There was obviously lots of supporting theory about gunshot angles etc.

        It seemed as credible to me as the idea of snipers at distance.

    • An old story. That one was extrapolated from the conspiratorial events. That agent was allegedly placed in the car following to “guarantee the deed”. Very Italian but everything is painted. Why were there no witnesses to hear the gunshot from that agent’s M16? And so the stories go…

  5. Thanks Marjorie. Just had a quick look at Lee Harvey Oswald’s chart. His Saturn is at 28 Aries in JFK’s 7th House, exactly square to JFK Saturn, so the Solar Eclipse would have directly impacted his Saturn as well. Also, Oswald’s Moon is at 13.51 Capricorn, so directly affected by the Lunar Eclipse of 6 July ’63 which was conjunct his Moon.

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