Russia – reincarnating into same as before ++ pin- pointing a country chart

Nailing down the definitive chart for modern Russia isn’t easy in the chaos which followed the collapse of the USSR. Astrologers argue endlessly and often bitterly that one symbolic moment means more than another. Since working charts have to be just that – produce illuminating answers – I tend to ignore pronouncements about which start date makes political or historical sense and check subsequent events against a range of charts to see which works best.

  Not surprisingly key moments in a country’s history will share astrological similarities to earlier incarnations in the same way that an individual’s chart will highlight lifechanging moments in future years. So where there are charts erected for different times in a country’s history, they often have and should have markers which echo the earlier ones. On the whole older charts work better than more recent ones though there’s no rationale for that.

   The revolutionary Russia 8 November 1917 2.12am chart is fairly established and makes sense with a 14 degree Scorpio Sun square a 14 degree Saturn in Leo opposition 1 9 degree Uranus in Aquarius. When the Russo-Afghan War ended in ignominy in 1989, followed by the collapse of the USSR, tr Pluto was then in mid Scorpio conjunct the Russian 1917 Sun and square Saturn.

 At the first Chechen War, 11 December 1994, the tr North Node was conjunct the Russia Scorpio Sun; at the second Chechen War, 26 August 1999, tr Uranus was square the Scorpio Sun with tr Pluto crossing the IC into the 4th house.

  The Beslan School siege of 1 September 2004 which was a humiliating debacle ending in over 300 dead, occurred when tr Neptune was square the Scorpio Sun. Ten years on Putin grabbed the Crimea when tr Pluto was crossing the Russia 1917 10th house conjunct the Pluto – successful and consolidating power. This Ukraine invasion occurred when the tr Saturn at 18 Aquarius square tr Uranus at 11 Taurus was triggering the Fixed T Square on the 1917 chart.

  The two modern charts mainly used are 12 June 1990 9.45 am Moscow and 8 December 1991 7.45 pm Moscow.

  The 1990 chart is appealing since it has Pluto at 15 degree Scorpio exactly opposition Venus in Taurus which was impacted during both the start of both Chechen Wars, the Beslan siege and this Ukraine invasion.

 Though the 1991 chart does have its merits with indicators during both Chechen Wars, Beslan and Crimea.

  Start times which set the chart axis and houses positions are almost as tricky as dates but for the ones which seem to be accepted – the 1990 chart with a 9.45am time has tr Pluto square the Midheaven this year which is often a damaged image and lack of progress; with the Asc/Desc axis as well as the Solar Arc Neptune (Uranus) catching the high-tension, erratic tr Saturn square tr Uranus.

The 1991 8 December 7.45pm Moscow chart has tr Neptune just into the 10th having crossed the Midheaven which suggests an undermining of career ambitions for years ahead; with the tr Mars Pluto which kicked off the conflict crossing the Descendant into a hostile-relations-with-neighbours 7th house. The Solar Arc Neptune, Moon, Uranus are also now in mid Aquarius catching the tr Uranus square tr Saturn.

   The 1917 chart has its Fixed T square of Sun square Saturn opposition Uranus being tossed this way and that by the tr Saturn square tr Uranus – and that extends through 2023 as well. Followed by a major series of setbacks in 2024 as the Solar Arc Sun square Saturn collides with the 1917 Mars.

  The point to watch in the immediate future is when tr Uranus gets to 14 degrees Taurus April 24th to May 8th and again in January 2023. That seems to be a sensitive degree for triggering significant events.

  When Uranus was last in Taurus in the late 1930s, this degree in 1938 oversaw the tail end of Stalin’s Great Purge to brutally eliminate dissenting members of the Communist Party. Experts believe at least 750,000 people were executed between 1936 and 1938. By the time Russia invaded Poland in 1939 tr Uranus had moved to 21 degrees Taurus.

 Apologies to non-astrologers for the welter of stats but it was supposed to clear my thinking on which chart was best. Which it hasn’t.  They all reflect events ongoing so you can take your pick.   

Add On: An individual has a set birth chart which can’t be swapped in for a ‘nicer’ or luckier one. When a person does not recognize parts of their personality from their chart I  put it down to lack of self-awareness; and when transits/progressions don’t appear to be mirrored in life events, as an astrologer I would dig deeper to find out what has been going on. The explanation is almost always there somewhere. Many people do not live their chart out to its fullest potential which is why certain traits/talents lie hidden. For a tiny minority the birth date may be wrong but that would be rare. An individual birth chart is what it is and is not a matter of choice.

  Countries do not have a cut-the-umbilical-chord moment, apart from Israel for example. Unification dates can be sound, when smaller entities come together under one broad umbrella as happened with many European countries.

  Ancient countries will have several reincarnation moments, though they have to be treated with caution. South Africa for instance would have been better pleased to wipe the past clean and be reinvented in 1994, but that’s like saying you can have a new birth chart after you divorce from a bad marriage. Often sentiment or wishful thinking points to a cherished symbolic rebirth date. But that does not mean it coincides with the deeper reality of the country’s journey and new identity.

  Astrology has to work otherwise there would hardly be any point in it. So in trying to establish a new start date for  country the only sensible approach is to test alternative dates. For example with modern Russia from 1917 and circa 1990 – plot the astrological influences of major events like the Soviet breakup in 1989, two Chechen Wars, a disastrous school siege and the annexation of Crimea. ‘Picking’ one chart rather than others is not a matter of whim but of seeing which resonates to the destiny of the nation.   

  The Russia 1917 chart for example had tr Pluto conjunct the Scorpio Sun when the USSR broke up – which is a classic civil war indicator or accompanies a phase of destruction and reconstruction. I recollect Liz Greene pointing ahead to a split-up exactly like this some years before. The events of the late 1930s and more recent times are also flagged up which would suggest it is a chart that divulges pertinent information about the past, present and future.

  None of this is easy or clear cut. The 2001 Gujarat earthquake which killed 30,000 showed most clearly on the India 1877 chart, which was unification under Queen Victoria, the old Raj rejected after Indian independence in 1947 when it split from Pakistan. The quake also showed up in the modern 1947 chart but not as prominently.

 The coronavirus pandemic did not register markedly on the China 1949 chart but did on the 1912, end of the Chinese Imperial dynasty chart, which predates the split with Taiwan. What does this imply?  I have no idea. With astrology you sometimes have to observe and stick a post-it note on the question mark whiteboard. And keep tracking both or several charts though it is irksome.

Astrology is an ongoing learning-in-progress,

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  1. Re the comment from Saborg, “The power of prayer cannot be underestimated especially if done across the world at the same time”. The Silent Minute of prayer for peace was observed when the chimes of Big Ben were played on BBC radio at 9pm each evening during the Second World War, starting on Sunday 10th November 1940. This was initiated by Major Wellesley Tudor Pole with the support of King George VI, Sir Winston Churchill and The US President Franklyn D Roosevelt. The Silent Minute was observed by millions of people. To quote the Major, “There is no power on earth that can withstand the united cooperation on spiritual levels of men and women of goodwill everywhere.”

    I can’t remember where I first learned about this, but it came to mind when the war in Ukraine began and I looked into it. It is now part of my daily practice and helps to alleviate the feelings of helplessness in the face of this dreadful war.

    • Wonderful that you and so many others are praying for peace. I believe it does make a difference. Whether the war is still ongoing or not, I think the perfect time to organize a worldwide prayer event for peace would be on August 12th, the date of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Hopefully someone picks up on the significance of that astrological event and organizes one.

      • Do you mean 12 April? I had been wondering about how the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on 12 April will play out in international diplomacy, especially as it occurs in Pisces, and trine Neptune and square to Mars in the US July 4 1776 Sibly chart. Andre Barbault highlighted the Jupiter-Neptune cycle as connected to major developments in international diplomacy.

  2. Hi Marjorie, thank you once again for your posts in these troubling times. Lets hope things improve in both countries soon. In terms of living out your chart two spring to mind. The first,  Biden’s ability to attract trouble with Saturn and Uranus, on his descendant. The other is that Zelensky has no planets in water signs, if he now represents Ukraine. Perhaps Ukraine will end up with no acess to water.

    • @IanS, you mean sea, because obviously, if Ukraine doesn’t maintain at least parts of Dnepr, it’s hardly Ukraine anymore. Still think it’s highly unlikely, because Russians are running out of men to assault even Kyiv, yet alone Odesa.

      Also, I feel Zelensky will rather resign than make any territorial concessions at all.

  3. Russian politics – and Putin in particular – has given a Plutonic vibe (of the unevolved kind) for some time, so the Scorpio chart seems very fitting.
    Other strong influences in traditional Russian culture are the (Mother) land, and the Church. But most of all, it is torn between East and West (as Dostoievsky so well described) – really aspiring to the West since the time of Czars and Russian nobility (and they don’t care much for the Asiatic ethnic groups, except at best as useful allies) but at the same time afraid of it.

  4. Thank you Majorie for elucidating the confusing information available for pinning Russia’s true chart down. A bit like I feel about the various ‘Russias’ Putin has presented to the west. I have an unusual request – Will Monday 25 March be auspicious in any way? Pope Francis will consecrate Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on that day, the Feast of the Annunciation, during a 5.00pm penance service at St Peter’s Basilica. He is inviting all the Bishops in the world to join in with him. The request for the conversion of Russia for the peace of the world was apparently one of the key messages which were given to some poor children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 to whom Our Lady of Fatima was said to have appeared on numerous occasions. Obviously this is particular to Catholics but it is still very powerful for all faiths that Pope Francis has decided to enact this now. The power of prayer cannot be underestimated especially if done across the world at the same time. Your thoughts would be welcome.

  5. The idea of ‘taking your pick’ when it comes to astrological charts – let’s see which one suits and then go with that – does not sound awfully scientific to me. No wonder astrology is so widely derided.

    • You are completely missing the point. If you go through posts here, you see we are not doing this for EVERY chart. Natal charts for people with verified time of birth are straight forward. This even goes for many “mundane astrology” charts, including country charts. For instance, Finland chart, December 6th, 1917 with 14.30 Helsinki adjusted to universal time works PERFECTLY, because this is factually the moment Parliament approved Declaration of Independence.

      Russia, with its complex history and tendency to avoid written records, is another matter.

    • Jane-Grace, You do misunderstand what is admittedly a complicated issue. I will add another paragraph or two to further explain how I approach it.
      In order to improve the standard of debate you might wish to consider how you could have better phrased your comment. For example by saying you thought the explanation was unclear and could give rise to misconceptions rather than jumping to your own conclusion and sideswiping.

  6. Thank you for heads up on dates! I’ve completely lost it with Putin’s crazy speech yesterday, flight radars pointing to abnormal flight routes of Russian State jets that were pointing to Altai, but have been rerouted, and Full Moon tonight.

    I highly recommend “Putin’s People”. Somehow, I only got to listening to it this week, and must admit I have known most things that have come up this far. But it has helped me make some connections, for instance that Putin was essentially a tech smuggler when stationed in Dresden. I wonder whether some of the shell companies used for stashing money he has stolen from Russians are in that business, and would look closely at who has sold tech to companies headed by his “bagmen” (Timochenko in particular).

      • @Virgoflake, apparently, he has also already started by firing a General. Not a top one, but one of the deputy chiefs with Rosgvardia.

        In addition, Medusa (a newsmedia now banned in Russia) journalists have info that Moscow state investigators have been put on allert to wrap up their economic crime investigations… Which definitely means Putin is going after oligarchs, but also likely the army (for rampant corruption). It’s might come to a FSB vs. Army showdown soon, since neither think Putin is on his right mind, and might have serious health issues.

      • I also found Putin’s words about traitors and a fifth column chilling, and realizing that the last Great Purge took place while Uranus was in Taurus makes his words even more alarming. Thank goodness some Russians have been able to flee the country. Thanks for another great post, Marjorie. The only upside to this crisis is learning more about Russia’s astrology charts and history.

        • Solaia and Laurien, he’s getting through those generals alright.

          I notice that in early April, Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. The military implications of that conjunction make one wonder. Meanwhile Jupiter approaches its exact conjunction with Neptune. What Marjorie said about Uranus in Taurus bears out in that it also occurs in 1854 at the time of the Crimean War and indeed Neptune was also in Pisces. Curiously at the start of the Seige of Sevastopol on 17 October 1854, the nodal axis was at 23 of Taurus as it is now.

          • There seem to be so many parallels in history to what is happening now. I did notice the Crimean War ended about 13 days after the last Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Russia suffered a humiliating defeat and had to give back territory it had annexed, part of which is in modern-day Ukraine. With Jupiter representing treaties and Neptune peace I am hoping for some sort of a diplomatic solution around their April 12th conjunction, although that may be too optimistic. I also worry about the upcoming Mars-Saturn conjunction and wonder if it could mean increased brutality or one of the parties conceding defeat.

            I hate to blather on but did anyone else hear Joe Biden refer to the Ukrainians as ‘Uranians’ in his State of the Union address? Some thought he stumbled and said ‘Iranians’ but I swear he said Uranians! I wondered if the cosmos was sending astrologers a clue–that Uranus is the best significator for Ukraine right now! Hope that doesn’t sound too nuts! 😉

        • In reply to your other posting below Laurien, when I first heard Biden I thought he said Uranians, not Iranians. Doesn’t sound nuts to me!

  7. No apology necessary! I think it’s fascinating and explains a lot. The energies are there, but how people use them: that is the free will part. That humanity seems only to stumble from one crisis to the next: that is the sad part.

    • “The energies are there, but how people use them: that is the free will part.” beautifully stated and very true. When we come in and when we depart has all been predestined including the timing of events and when people come in and out of our lives. We are here to learn and experience through these energies. Life is quite incredible, and thank goodness it’s not “real” in the sense that we are living in an illusion as we keep reincarnating to burn off karma from our previous lifetime. Thank you Marjorie for helping your readers make sense of these energies and the events that are happening on Earth.

      With the generational planets like Neptune and Uranus changing signs in the coming years, we are in for a purge but better times are ahead!

    • Yes. I have an extremely Plutonian Chart. Sun conjunct Pluto in Leo and Sun/Moon midpoint in Scorpio. The volcano erupts often, yet, mainly, I have internalised it, not externalised it. Primarily as my Sun/Pluto conjunction is near my IC. Words are my weapon, I could cut a student down to size in a sentence, and I used it with disrupted ones. Although it has taken a lot of effort to keep it in check, especially with Pluto transits. Any medication sets off my Plutonian power. I have to be aware of this, as well. My Sun/Moon midpoint conjuncts Boris’s Moon exactly. I almost feel his deviousness. Boris is just as dangerous as Putin, he may seem sunny and a chancer, yet that Pluto moon has sold many a women and friends out for money and power. Pluto is raw power, I used meditation and a spiritual ethic to tame mine.

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