Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – good news at last

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has finally been let out of an Iranian jail where she had been held for five years on trumped up spying charges and is on a flight back to her husband and young daughter in the UK. The UK government said it had settled a debt owed to Iran from the 1970s, which was thought to be behind her seizure.

  She was born 26 December 1978 in Teheran, and is a Sun Mars in Capricorn; with a hard-working Saturn in Virgo in a creative/compassionate square to Neptune Mercury in Sagittarius.

  Her midpoints clearly show a surge of confidence and good luck from the 8th of this month, on and off till late 2023 as tr Pluto is trine her lucky-break Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and her sociable Venus/Jupiter. And from April 2nd she collects another Jupiter midpoint uplift from tr Uranus.

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    • thanks for the tip. Having just watched Ros Atkins on this topic, I realise there was a lot more going on under the table. Once more it’s about getting access to cheap oil. (Sigh)

  1. I wonder about the part played by Liz Truss in this. It has dragged on for years while the buck keeps being passed between FCO and MoD about who is going to repay what and when and then suddenly last week Truss says Iran’s a claim for a refund on the failed tank deal is legitimate. Whatever you think of her as a Tory politician it seems to me that it takes a woman to cut through the crap and get the deal done.

    • Also quite a coup for Truss that she managed to get two ‘hostages’ back as part of the deal. Reminds me of that Margaret Thatcher quote: “if I want something to be said, I ask a man. If I want something done, I ask a woman”.

  2. There is so much to worry about at the moment…it was wonderful to hear of Nazanin’s eventual release . She is being counselled by the humanitarian Terry Waite who was himself held captive for four years in Beirut

  3. Great news regardless of why she was released. I did a small study of wrongfully convicted Canadians and found every one of them had aspects between Saturn and Neptune in their charts (2 conjunctions, 1 opposition, 1 square, 2 trines, and 1 quincunx). Zaghari-Radcliffe has Saturn square Neptune as Marjorie notes. I also found four out of seven charts had Jupiter in detriment or fall but this is not the case here although I see it is opposite the Part of Fortune. I also found that in five out of seven charts, either a malefic planet or the Sun was conjunct or square the nodes and in Zaghari-Radcliffe’s case Neptune is square and Saturn is widely conjunct the North Node. I don’t want to make too much of my findings as it was a small sample but if anyone is interested in crime astrology or wrongful convictions they might find it interesting at:

  4. Apart from being absolutely delighted for her. There is a nagging question in the back of my head about the timing. Boris goes to Saudi on his big mission for oil and this lady gets released on the very day he is negotiating and fighting for his comeback from Partygate and Russian Oligarchs. Perhaps it is a coincidence? Yet my gut reaction says it is not!

  5. Good for her and good for us to get this happy news. I imagine once she is rested and ready she will be in high demand for international interviews and there’s sure to be a book about her ordeal. That could be the indication of the good fortune in her chart for the next year. I wish her and her family well and do hope that she can benefit materially from what she’s been through.

      • You are right. Last year I wrote my memoir about escaping Iran in 1995 after my Iranian husband tricked me into going to visit his sick/not sick father. It took weeks to get out as he needed to sign papers for an exit visa. Long story.
        I had a very good offer of publication but in the end decided not to go ahead to protect my half Persian daughters, especially after receiving an ominous warning.
        Just my thoughts.

    • Yes! Richard has been incredibly dogged and determined to get Nazarin released throughout her long ordeal. Their MP Tulip Sadiq said he has set a very high bar for husbands and who could disagree!
      It’s not going to be roses all the way for the whole family recovering from such terrible trauma but I hope and pray they will eventually get a degree of normality back in their lives.

      • Yes, their trauma is staggering, release is the first step but what a very long road they will again go down…….Helen’s insight is probably on the nail, as Marjorie agrees, will Johnson get away with what’s just behind him? beggars belief….

  6. Great news indeed and puts me in mind of Venus in Aquarius finally pulling away from Mars/Pluto. As did Marina Ovsyannikova, in a different way.

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