Russia – Putin’s delusions of glory crumbling

Putin’s dream of restoring Russia’s Tsardom glory under  Catherine the Great is collapsing with the economy creaking following sanctions and the Ukraine invasion in stalemate. Mothers and wives of conscripts are demonstrating against the war, with outbursts of mutiny amongst soldiers themselves.

  [Catherine the Great, who during the previous Pluto in Capricorn in the late 18th Century swallowed half of Poland, extended Russian power to the Black Sea through her wars against the Turks, and annexed the Crimea, allowing the Russian navy dominated the Near East. Her 34 year reign survived almost to the end of Pluto in Aquarius which is unlikely to be the case for Putin. She was a power-hungry Sun Mars in Taurus sextile Saturn inconjunct Pluto, with her Pluto square Jupiter and trine Neptune.]

  The Russia 8 November 1917 2.12 am chart has an unsettled, disruptive, rebellious tr Uranus square Uranus from mid this month to mid March 2024 – plus a couple of damaging, collision-type Solar Arcs of SA Sun opposition Mars and SA Saturn square Mars now and for a few months ahead.

  The 8 December 1991 7.45pm Russia chart has a similar damaging-setback SA Saturn square Mars in effect over coming months. With a tough/deprived slog from tr Pluto in hard aspect to Venus and Saturn over the next three years.

 The Bank of Russia chart, 13 July 1990, looks blighted as well with a frustrated/scary, blocked tr Pluto square the Mars throughout this year and then tr Pluto opposing the Mercury in 2025/26. Plus an imminent devastating SA Neptune square Pluto.

Putin’s 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05 am Moscow, is looking increasingly unstable through 2024 with tr Pluto square the Uranus – and lucky as well, as is his undeserved wont. His initial Presidency chart, 31 December 1999 is undermined and sinking at the moment, as well as catching lucky breaks; with jolting shocks from mid year onwards.

  If his birth date of 7 October 1952 is accurate he has the same mix of positive and damaging influences ahead, so pluses and minuses. His relationship chart with Russia will be unrelentingly strained with increasing hostility from the masses through 2024.

  Relationship charts between Russia and Ukraine indicate the agony dragging on through 2024.  

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  1. Thanks Marjorie, it is all looking unstable, and I wonder what the final push might be. And, indeed, what might come next. Different is not always better…..

    I looked at the 17 March 2024 date for the election. There’s Uranus 20 Taurus square Mars 25 Aquarius, so some disruption there. It is a strange date to pick, as Solaia notes. The abdication of the Czar was on 15th March, 1917, with Uranus 21 Aquarius.The Novgorod chart VirgoFlake discusses has Neptune 21 Aquarius, opposing Mars 16 Leo. Catherine the Great has Nodes 20 Aquarius, Uranus 25 Scorpio, making a tight connection with election day, which she’ll no doubt view with interest!

    Also interesting, and potentially oppressive, is the Abdication’s Moon (the public) at 12 Sagittarius, conjunct the Presidency 1999 Pluto and square tr Saturn in Pisces on 17th March 2024.

    This, from VF, is thought-provoking too, another potential sensitive point:

    “The Chiron/North Node conjunction of February 19th ‘24 is at 16 degrees Aries – conjunct Russia’s natal Pluto. Moreover, the April 8th solar eclipse at 19 of Aries is also conjunct Russia’s Aries Pluto and at the same time quincunx Russia’s 12th house Scorpio Venus, which forms the apex of a Yod.” (Novgorod chart)

    The transiting Nodes on 17th March will be 15 Aries. The Abdication 1917 has Nodes at 17 Capricorn. Catherine the Great has Chiron 22 Aries, Mercury 17 Aries.

    • @ Jane,

      Thank you for providing further insight. How do you think all of this might affect Ukraine? I’m wondering if these aspects manifest in some form of destabilization of the Russian Federation – how Ukraine would fare in all of this.

      After all, I can’t imagine Vladimir Putin (if he were to die or be ousted for whatever reason) being replaced by a more liberal-minded, humanitarian, peace-advocate.

      • Hello Chris – If you look at The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, you’ll see he says this:

        “The early history of Ukraine is difficult to trace but one important date was 28 June 988 (NS) when Prince Vladmimir ‘joined the nation together’. Ukraine was ruled successively by Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Turkey, and until 1991 had enjoyed only three years of independent statehood.”

        Looking at the ephemeris for 988 CE, the summer of that year had a 2 degrees Saturn in Capricorn square Pluto in Libra theme. Uranus was 20 – 19 Capricorn, Nodes 10-9 Sagittarius. So there’s a pattern of sorts emerging, with transiting Saturn in Pisces now, and the Nodes in Aries/Libra, plus the eclipses in Libra and Aries. Putin’s Presidency chart, 1999, has Pluto at 11 Sagittarius connecting with these ancient Nodes. Power of the presidency, linking with alliances and groups of people represented by those Nodes perhaps?
        Ukraine August 1991 has the Nodes at 18 Capricorn/Cancer, by the legal proclamation date in December 1991, there’s a square between the 17 Libra Moon and Neptune in Capricorn. The Sun is 9 Sagittarius – harking right back to those Sagittarian Nodes in 988 CE!

        For the fixed degrees, Uranus was 22 Aquarius in 1918, for Ukraine’s brief period of independence then. That is aligned with the ancient Russian Novgorod chart VF writes about, with its Neptune at 21 Aquarius.

        The Moon is certainly favouring freedom at 22 Aquarius opposing Jupiter 25 Leo, but also square Pluto 17 Scorpio for August 1991. Pluto reaches 21 Scorpio in December 1991.

        All we can do is watch those sensitive degrees, some of which appear to stretch back into history. And hope and pray for peace sooner rather than later.

  2. Marjorie,

    Thank you for the latest astrological updates on Vladimir Putin. It will be interesting to watch how things unfold over the next few months.

    Would it be possible to write an add-on regarding Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov? I’m asking because many consider Kadyrov (who Putin himself describes as being like the “son” he’s never had) to be one of the most powerful (or at least one of the most feared) people in the Russian Federation today – aside from Vladimir Putin.

    Kadyrov and his Chechen forces have played a significant role in the war in Ukraine…and many Chechen soldiers (the ones fighting on Russia’s behalf) have reportedly been responsible for committing many egregious war crimes against Ukrainian soldiers and Ukrainian civilians.

    So, I’m just curious, how does 2024 look, astrologically speaking, for Ramzan Kadyrov? Any information you could add would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thank you Marjorie. I’ve always liked the Novgorod 862 chart for Russia as I find it tends to work well, but with the exception of a couple of short-lived Jupiter transits, it’s showing up some grim astrology in the coming months. With its Ascendant at 29 degrees of Scorpio – Russia has always seemed a hardcore Scorpionic nation to me – transit Pluto is currently in the 2nd. 2024 will see transit Saturn conjunct Russia’s South Node in Pisces.

    The Chiron/North Node conjunction of February 19th ‘24 is at 16 degrees Aries – conjunct Russia’s natal Pluto. Moreover, the April 8th solar eclipse at 19 of Aries is also conjunct Russia’s Aries Pluto and at the same time quincunx Russia’s 12th house Scorpio Venus, which forms the apex of a Yod.

    The lunar eclipse on March 25th at 5 degrees Libra not only conjuncts Russia’s Midheaven, but also squares it’s 5 degrees Cancer Moon and the October 2nd solar eclipse squares its Moon/Uranus midpoint exactly. This is particularly interesting because the Moon/Uranus midpoint in Cancer implies not just an irate and rebellious public, but also a feminine one. Recently the Guardian published an article: ‘We’re tired of being good girls’: Russia’s military wives and mothers protest against Putin’, about the staging of public protests against the euphemistically named ‘special military operation’ by Russia’s female population. I have always thought that Russian women are in fact the backbone of the nation. Russia’s women have staged protests in other conflicts such as the Chechen war, so Putin would be unwise to ignore their formidable stance.

    Finally, Neptune and Saturn’s ingress into Aries will oppose Russia’s natal Sun/Saturn conjunction on the chart’s Libra Midheaven. I understand that Saturn/Neptune conjunctions tend to play a crucial role in Russia’s history so it will no doubt play some part in bringing this terrible conflict to an end.

  4. This is encouraging. Hopefully, Vladimir Putin’s reign of terror is on the brink of collapse. I’m sure he’ll “win” the upcoming election (but that’s to be expected anyway). However, with an economy on thin ice and a populace becoming more war fatigued each day, I can’t imagine Vladimir Putin’s lucky breaks amounting to very much.

    If I had to guess, I would assume the only luck Putin is having right now is that House and Senate Republicans have been holding up aid to Ukraine in an effort to strong-arm President Biden into caving into their demands for further Mexico-U.S. border control.

  5. And, looking at March 17th chart, the one thing that truly pops out is the exact Sun/Neptune conjunction, happening before noon Moscow time. Everybody knows this is a sham, but Russians really don’t seem to care.

    • @ Solaia,

      Since you’ve also been keeping up with Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation, I was wondering if you could elaborate on that Sun-Neptune conjunction that’s coming up. I’m curious to know your thoughts on what this could possibly signify.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. Presumably there will be a new chart for Putin’s government this year? Can’t imagine he’s going to lose the election……The last 2 were both on the 7th May, so maybe the next one will be too.

    • @Xhane, presidential elections will be held March 17th, very theoretic second round April 7th. I’ve always wondered about the timing, since March is notoriously a bad month for Russian rulers.

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