Royals 2024 – Saturn will pose serious questions

The Royal machine went seamlessly into action for the Christmas Day church service with the extended family out on parade, including grandchildren, mini-cousins, nephews and nieces. King Charles made his annual televised festive speech cheerleading for community volunteers and managed not to step into any political minefields. So far so normal.

  Jupiter will be transiting his 10th house until July 2024 so his popularity will stay solid. Tr Pluto will continue to square his 10th house Moon on and off throughout 2024 as his career/life’s direction changes under pressure though with a few family tensions at the same time. Late May to early September 2024 tr Neptune will square his 5th house Jupiter and his Uranus which will dent a few hopes, some financial, but it could also involve children. What will be worth noting is his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Sun, exact in 11 months, which suggests a discouraging setback which again may be connected to the family as well as having wider implications.

  Queen Camilla is forging ahead confidently in 2024 despite feeling weighed down by duty and hitting a major muddle soon.

  Prince William is in full sail with tr Pluto square his Jupiter through 2024 and his Jupiter/Midheaven as well – he clearly intends to hit the ground running and make his mark as Prince of Wales.  He also has a Solar Arc Saturn wet-blanket in action like his father, though in his case it is opposition his 5th house Venus in Taurus which is on the focal point of a yod – so it might suggest events which change the trajectory of his life or consolidate his sense of purpose. That is exact in six months. Where he will hit more difficulties will be when tr Neptune and Saturn in Aries make an undermining square to his Cancer Sun and then Moon from 2025 into 2026/7.

 His relationship with his notoriously thin-skinned father has not always been easy but seems more stable. Though there may be a few frosty moments over the next few months.

  One bone of contention may be Prince Andrew, whom William would be keen to see banished from the Royal scene as he quite rightly thinks his presence is damaging to the monarchy. William’s relationship with uncle Andrew will be aggravated through next month and under pressure throughout 2024.

  Charles clearly is more soft-hearted about his brother but that may not last through 2024 with a major disruption from May/June and much worse through 2025.

  Prince Andrew will continue to fly in the face of reality with an upbeat tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint through 2024, but he’s also due for a major upheaval, perhaps involving a house move with tr Uranus opposition huis 4th house Moon from mid June, which he will take badly as his SA Pluto is conjunct his 4th house Neptune after mid 2024 as well which will feel devastating.

  Princess Anne and Andrew are also moving through turbulent times from mid 2026 onwards as their relationship is in turmoil with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun and square the composite Pluto.

Sarah, Duchess of York, despite being welcomed back into the family fold for the Christmas church parade will be hitting a turbulent patch with all the senior Royals from May 2024 onwards into 2025.

  Charles and Edward also mystifyingly look at odds now and for the next three years with their always-complicated relationship going through a muddled and irritable phase.

  Princess Anne never gives much away but is going through a tough patch with tr Uranus square her Sun (Pluto) in spring 2024; and her SA Pluto Sun is crossing her 1st house Mars in Scorpio in a longish phase of several years covering the death of both her parents and on till 2026 – so she is grieving in her own way as well as coping with additional public duties supporting her brother.

  Meghan and Prince Harry have been covered ad nauseam in previous posts, see dates below.

 Briefly Harry has his SA Pluto conjunct his Uranus exact in seven months for a major change in his future plans; with tr Uranus conjunct his Moon in April 2024 for a possible house move. His SA Saturn will square his Sun early in 2025 which is downbeat. And tr Saturn is still trailing through his 2nd house of finances and the lowest point of his chart so he is not out of the woods yet.

  His relationship with none of the senior royals looks to be mending anytime soon. Indeed with his father and Camilla it could worsen through 2024. With William, I’d give it another decade.

  Meghan ditto and her war-of-envy with the Princess of Wales could escalate through the middle of 2024 and beyond. Where Meghan comes a real cropper will be 2026/27 when transiting Neptune Saturn in Aries start to oppose her Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and her Progressed Mars is conjunct her Sun in 2027. If ever there was a salutary tale about hubris and its downfall in humiliation, this is it. They may pick up a few breadcrumbs of triumph but the rest will turn to dust, all the more painful because the damage has been self-inflicted.

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9 thoughts on “Royals 2024 – Saturn will pose serious questions

  1. People talk about Andrew being rehabilitated but all that is happening is that he is going to church with his family; he has not been restored to public duties nor has he had his HRH restored. Nothing has changed on his status he is still a public outcast

  2. The King’s SA Saturn conjunct his Sun appears to coincide with the arrival of a probable new Labour government in the fall. Starmer is reportedly considering Gordon Brown’s recommendation to abolish the House of Lords and replace it by an elected Assembly of Nations and Regions. Even if he doesn’t go that far, another wave of constitutional reform in the wake of Tony Blair in the late 90s and early 2000s appears to be near. This time, change may be more uncomfortable for the monarchy even if it survives for another decade until another future Labour government finds the growing republican movement impossible to ignore. At present, a scandal in the House of Lords involving a corrupt baroness Mone will make reform or abolition relevant. If the past is prologue, you can count on the royal family to provide more in the future to put their own future in peril.

    • I had a chat with my niece who is in her mid 20s the other day. For her and many of her generation the royal family is irrelevant, terribly anachronistic and it seems that the institution will struggle increasingly in the future to hold any meaning for young people. She was certainly not impressed by the rehabilitation of Andrew and there are as yet few signs of reform or attempts at modernisation under Charles III.

      • I agree VF. And nobody is impressed by the rehabilitation of Andrew! Except for Andrew himself perhaps.
        I think they will have to become more low key Scandinavian style royals to survive. The alternative of some sort of elected figurehead is not very appealing, and unlikely to save any money either.

        • Thanks Jane. I think part if the problem is that Charles is a relatively aged monarch and a stubborn one at that. One suspects that William will be chomping at the bit for a more youthful, modern style and I would imagine he finds his father’s immovable stance regarding Andrew highly frustrating. Many feel that Edward and Sophie have worked steadily and steadfastly on behalf of the monarchy and received little reward from Charles, so I’m not surprised to learn about the astrological tension between them that Marjorie mentions.

          • Hi VF
            Niece was captured by the Royal Wedding of H&M ? Thats how I got sucked in decades back w Charles and Di. Til then it just seemed meaningless. Media has changed though, too, and a big wedding is no longer That big.

            Curious if her generation follows much of the Harry Meghan angle.

          • Hello A Fan – I don’t know the answer to that, since we haven’t discussed them. I may be wrong, but I don’t think she makes an effort to watch any royal events. Or anything that isn’t film or anime come to that!

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