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  1. According to Bloomberg, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers became the first woman in history with a wealth of over 100 billion dollars.

    You probably did cover the Bettencourt affair, but here is another interesting personality with an interesting family life and history.

  2. Gypsy Rose Blanchard has been released from prison at the age of 32, having served 7 years of a 10 year sentence for the 2nd degree murder of her mother, DeeDee Blachard. It’s a disturbing story of Factitious disorder by proxy (Munchausens) so would be interesting to look at the astrology. Thank you.

  3. Hello Marjorie! I was wondering about a planet moving from one sign to the next but staying within the same natal house eg Pluto moving into Aquarius but staying in the natal third house. Would there be a noticeable shift in “tone” within that house? Many thanks and Happy New Year!

    • Excellent question and I am curious on that too.

      It is of course completely avoided if one uses the whole signs House system 🙂

    • Excellent question and personally pertinent – Pluto has been in my 3rd house for a decade or so, and doesn’t reach the cusp of the 4th for another decade ahead.

    • Not really in terms of third house issues but obviously you will be as affected as anyone else by the general Pluto in Aquarius shift especially if it affects other planets in your chart.

  4. Marjorie,

    Could you have a look at whether there are any parallels between the upcoming 2024 US elections and the 1892 elections, which saw the only other re-election of a former president who had lost the previous presidential election.

    Grover Cleveland had won the 1884 election, lost the 1888 election and then won reelection in 1892. He was thus the 22nd and the 24th President of the United States.

    Are there (a) parallels between the 1892 and the upcoming 2024 elections and (b) between Cleveland and Trump?

  5. Can you read on Meghan’s attempt to get Archie an American passport? She was refused on the basis that her name doesn’t appear anywhere on his birth certificate.

    As I understood it, she changed the original which I believe might have had her given names and Princess of the Realm to just Duchess of Sussex.

    I do sort of
    wonder if the US government is attempting to not interfere in the line of succession. Or at least give Archie the chance to make the decision at a more mature age when he would be required to renounce all titles, if he wished to become an American citizen. What a thoroughly unprincipled woman she is!

    • That is interesting, since The Great Stink is currently having its Neptune return (Neptune was 24 degrees or thereabouts in July and August of 1858). Moreover, there has been a number of reports regarding Trump’s distinctive ‘odour’ which The Lincoln Project has made purchase of in a recent advert.

      The odour of corruption, perhaps.

      • Many many years ago, when I was in a flatshare, one of my (White English) flatmates had a distinct aroma, almost like baby talc, that used to follow him around.

        Even if you didn’t see him, the aroma would tell you if he had recently passed that way.

        And it was all times of day and night, so unlikely that it was from baby talc (or he must be dousing himself in it all the time).

        So I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has a distinct olfactory aroma.

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