USA 2024 – heading for a fraught election

  The USA now through the exact Pluto Return and pulling away from the fanatical Mercury opposition Pluto mood of the past four years will be coping with new astro-influences.

  One is a significant setback, accident, shock or upset courtesy of the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the USA Mars, exact in six months, followed by SA Saturn in a high-uncertainty square to the US Neptune by late 2025 – this will be a two year phase of mishaps and anxiety. On the 11am start time I use, it is 9th house so suggesting international complications. On the Sibly Sag rising chart, it is 7th house pointing to issues with a close partner.

  The second is tr Uranus square the Aquarius Moon anywhere from May onwards depending on which USA chart is used which suggests an excitable and over-reactive public response to events.

 The third are the solar eclipses at 19 Aries and 10 Libra in April and October which are within orb of the USA Sun and Saturn. With Saturn there is always a price to pay which sometimes extends to being landed with responsibilities for the actions of others. A time to face up, get real and get rid of old baggage whether in outdated attitudes or policies.  Not usually a fun time.

Tr Uranus is also moving to trine the USA Pluto and sextile the Mercury so the rancorous debates of recent times won’t subside altogether but there will be a sense of overdue change in the air.

  The USA Federal Reserve chart 16 November 1914 9am Washington, is showing signs of confusion if not outright panic with tr Pluto continuing to oppose the Neptune from early 2023 till the end of 2024. With a downbeat tr Saturn square Mars, Venus in 2024; and tr Uranus in a disruptive opposition to the Scorpio Sun in May 2024, mid December to mid March 2025. By 2025 there will be a calamitous tr Neptune Saturn in Aries square the Fed Res Saturn Pluto running into 2026.

   Many other central bank charts are flagging significant problems so it may be the fragile world economy takes a hit from an unexpected flare up, such as the disruption to international freight caused by Houthi rebels attacking cargoes in the Red Sea recently. A global supply shock from whatever cause would have inflationary consequences.

  It will, of course, be an election saturated year in the USA to the point of screeching ennui – and existential anxiety as Democrats face the prospect of a Trump victory and Trump supporters get enraged by any hint that his numerous malfeasances might disqualify him. 

  The Supreme Court is likely to be dragged into the political fray over the Colorado disqualification of Trump for insurrection with calls for Clarence Thomas to recuse himself because of his wife’s January 6th cheerleading. And another abortion ruling is due this year which could favour the Democrats since the reversal of Roe v Wade gained them votes.  

   What follows is as per usual hedged with innumerable provisos. Biden could blink and retire from the fray or keel over. Trump could be disqualified, keel over or not be nominated. The November 2024 election chart itself is fraught, aggravated and fearful with a close Mars opposition Pluto; a dynamic-change Pluto trine Uranus; a sensible Sun trine Saturn and a hope-for-the-best Jupiter square Neptune.  A pot pourri of influences that can be argued any which way.  The Inauguration in January 2025 has a controlled/controlling Sun Pluto conjunction opposition a 4th house (mutinous electorate) Mars. Uranus in the 1st also suggests a changed-brand administration, not always stable with Saturn square Jupiter.

  Joe Biden, sagging badly in the polls, despite an uptick in employment, is struggling to convince Americans hit by higher gas prices that his policies are working.  His Term chart, 20 January 2021 11.48am has a couple of discouraging Saturnine hits over the next six months and is under pressure from tr Pluto conjunct the Sun throughout 2024.

 His personal chart looks poleaxed over the early November election in 2024 with tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint which is not a winning combination. But he will get his mojo back in the final ten days of November and looks exceptionally confident and upbeat from New Year till the end of January 2025 with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.  Though January 2025 also sees tr Pluto trine his Neptune and square his Moon so he will still be over-wrought. But that triumphant Jupiter/Pluto midpoint of his will be activated from early 2024 and fish him out of a few tight corners.

  Trump, birth time being sound, has a lucky/successful tr Jupiter crossing his Midheaven from May 2024 till mid 2025. But that is a mild enough influence and nothing like the bountiful supply of Jupiter which won him 2016.  Over the Inauguration in 2025 (and Super-Tuesday 5 March 2024) he has the discouraging tr Pluto opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint; and a downbeat tr Saturn opposition his Mars/Neptune midpoint which does not look jubilant.

  He also from early 2025 has his Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Moon, aiming to oppose his Sun in 2026 which will be lacklustre. Tr Uranus cross his Midheaven late May 2024 on and off to April 2025 hints at a change of career or life’s direction.

  What intrigues me is the Republican Convention of 15 July 2024 where the GOP nomination is bestowed. It kicks off on an exact Mars Uranus conjunction in Taurus which is exactly square Trump’s bombastic, showy Mars in Leo.  That Mars Uranus also collides with the composite Mars in Trump’s relationship chart with the GOP and the Supreme Court, so the temperature gauge will be flashing red hot. Tr Uranus square Mars can bring a sudden shock to the system, an event which challenges the individual’s self-esteem and often causes an extreme reaction with a retaliatory act of bravado to prop up morale.

  There are all manner of ways it could manifest – one being that international events derail the GOP Convention causing a rethink because of changed conditions on the ground. That July period flags up on Middle Eastern and other charts so there could be a knock on effect. Trump’s chart has the same discouraging tr Pluto opposition Saturn/Pluto midpoint over the GOP Convention as he has over Super-Tuesday and the Inauguration. He’ll be pushing boulders uphill all the way.

  The astrology is even more of a Rorschach puzzle than usual. I hesitate to say Trump won’t be installing himself back in the White House lest my bias colours the interpretation. But he’s not remotely on the roll he was in 2016.

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  1. @LizM If there is third block and the voters choose to depart from the two main parties then you can have a peoples’ proportional representation and yet with states having the Electoral body that may just nullify the public vote.

    • That has been tried over and over again. Our system is not set up as a direct democracy, therefore that simply won’t materialize. It is a huge flaw in the US constitution. History has shown that third parties have never been able to carry off a Presidential election (and there are plenty of examples) and it is simply because of how the electoral college is structured. The country is set up as a two party system which is attached to the electoral system so third party candidates always act as a spoiler and pan out accordingly in a presidential election. Proportional representation efforts is in its infancy and only in some states. Not until we get rid of the electoral college system will a third have some real chance. Therefore most experts will suggest rather than voting third party or not voting at all, is to hold one’s nose and vote for the candidate that will be the least harmful in order to avoid ending up with the worst.

  2. See Marjorie? Fraught. We are living this over here in the USA. I went news free for the Christmas Holiday and continuing today with the exception of this post I am reading here. I have Saturn at 29degree Capricorn and Pluto is right on top now. Neptune in Pisces maybe? Social Media and Fox news has torn the country up. Neptune? Fog? Lies? I am not happy with the NYTimes and CNN either. Holding yesterday to today’s standards? Saturn is also conjunct my south node at the moment – so it has all been something.

    I find a lot of comfort in reading history, believe it or not as well as studying astrology, as movements come in Cycles. I like the fact that a Uranus Cycle brought us Michael Faraday and many other good things. Can you write about “The Great Stink”? It is a story a lot of Americans do not know, and I find it to be a great story.

    But yes – Fraught. It will only get worse this year. I will say the remaining Koch brother has endorsed Nikki Haley, and she was born on a day in this country that we call President’s Day. Jamie Dimion has called her as well.

    Fraught. Guessing that is Pluto?

    Your posts are a public service. I am sure the “We” here can get wearying at times. Have a good Holiday Marjorie. Don’t let the Dogs get you Down – as we say over here.

  3. Well if Britain with help from the U.S. had not deposed the rightfully elected leader Iran back in the 1950s and replaced him with the Shah who lived well while the rest of the Iranians struggled to feed themselves maybe Iran would a democracy now instead of a theocracy.

  4. Marjorie,

    Do you, by any chance, look at solar arc progressions in astrology? I’m just curious because I notice many astrologers don’t really focus on them. However, my friend who does political astrology said Trump has 6 very challenging solar arc progressions this year and next. She offered to send me her interpretations when she had some extra time.

    One particular solar arc progression coming up for Donald Trump will begin in February 2024 – Solar Arc Neptune will be conjuncting his natal Moon. I only have rudimentary knowledge of solar arc progressions….but wouldn’t this particular aspect indicate Donald Trump could be in for some kind of emotional shock? Perhaps a feeling of betrayal or feeling of immense loss?

    I’m just hypothesizing…but I’m wondering if this could possibly manifest in legal or court rulings not going the way he expects them to. Perhaps he losses his business..or more defendants decide to testify against him in the massive RICO trial in Georgia.

    • Oh wait…obviously you do look at solar arc progressions. I just finished reading the post and I see where you mentioned Trump’s Solar Arc Neptune conjuncting his natal Moon.

  5. Based on Marjorie’s interpretation as well as current facts I think is is likely that the GOP convention will be so chaotic that it wil cause the party to split between the Trump wing and the rest and therefore fail to endorse a candidate. Large numbers of influential Republicans and donors are already quietly working in the background to stop Trump from becoming the nominee. SCOTUS decisions and international events i.e Ukraine/Russia and Hamas/Israel conflicts leading to attacks on U.S.will definitely add to the mix.

  6. I would be grateful if you could remember this is an astrological website. Some background context can be helpful but it is not a fan club either for Dems or – Brigitte take note – Trump.

      • Brigitte, On this website you will stick to a few ground rules or you will be gone. Believe me I have Uranus Mercury and a few more bits besides. A broad canvas is one thing – ranters, ravers and off the wall opinionators are quite another

        • Brigitte. Get help, and stop using the U.S. First Amendment as an excuse to play victim every time someone calls you out on spouting off such kooky nonsense. Too many people like you in the states can’t seem to—or worse, don’t want to—recognize Trump for the two-bit gangster and charlatan he is. He’s no freedom fighter, and would not have been fit to lead an army of pigs in your Revolution while crawling like one. He plays to your worst prejudices and vices, and you are ready to anoint him king. Talk about ironic.

      • Brigitte, traditionally Mercury conjunct Uranus can give a brilliant and eccentric mind. However the speed (Uranus) of mental activity (Mercury) can lead to jump to unfounded conclusions, and the lack of systematic analysis can result in incorrect assumptions. I am not telling you what to think or say, but for me you present the darker side of a Uranus-Mercury conjunction.

  7. My prediction is ..there won’t be an election ..there will be an ‘ event ‘ that will postpone or cancel the 2024 election.
    Ask Alexa ?

    • Under the US Constitution, elections can’t be postponed. There is simply no provision for postponement.

      Keep in mind that elections were held even during the US Civil War and the US-Mexican wars.

      • A lengthy discussion of topic


        • Thank you for the link.

          The way I understand it, two reasons jump out. Firstly, the Constitution does not provide for suspension. And that is a huge hurdle.

          The second is that in a worst case situation, it is always possible to get a President elected via the state legislatures appointing electors. That is still a fallback that legally exists, even if it has not been tested. If half the state legislators of each state House can constitute themselves into a legislature, they can appoint electors to vote for a President without a general election.

          So, even in a crisis or in times of war or in case of an “event”, the machinery of electing a President will keep working.

          • The founding fathers were focused on issues rather more imminent, of course. Even after WW2, such considerations could hv been reflected during the Cold War. I don;t think a period like the Cold War has happened since.

            The rabble-rousing Right and Far Left want to drop the soup bowls into the chamber pot, however.

        • Of there is no election then Biden would remain present we saw what those goons did on Jan 6th and something similar would occur if the 2024 elections were postponed or canceled.

        • So to be clear, my comment was made in reference to the transits / aspects discussed in the paragraph below, i.e. , speculation about other potential developments during the upcoming GOP Convention, along with the observation that third party candidates appear to be more viable than in past elections.
          The statement that many Americans are unaffiliated voters is based on the March 2023 Gallup poll which indicated that 49% of Americans see themselves as politically independent.
          None of this is misinformation.

          “What intrigues me is the Republican Convention of 15 July 2024 where the GOP nomination is bestowed. It kicks off on an exact Mars Uranus conjunction in Taurus which is exactly square Trump’s bombastic, showy Mars in Leo. That Mars Uranus also collides with the composite Mars in Trump’s relationship chart with the GOP and the Supreme Court, so the temperature gauge will be flashing red hot. Tr Uranus square Mars can bring a sudden shock to the system, an event which challenges the individual’s self-esteem and often causes an extreme reaction with a retaliatory act of bravado to prop up morale.”

          • I have been talking about the independents for a while, as a very important voting block. I think if Trump ends up being a candidate for GOP, then keep an eye on that block – as there may be a serious 3rd party challenge.

  8. I’m a novice compared to others in this forum, thus seldom share an opinion. That said, the transits during the GOP Convention, the aspects to Donald Trump’s chart, and the GOP / Trump relationship chart make me wonder if there will be a party split that results in Trump leaving the GOP to run as a third party candidate. Trump has always been more of a populist than a partisan type; He had even considered running as a Democrat in the past.
    Many Americans, including myself, are unaffiliated voters who above all want change, i.e., oust the duopoly, end US imperialism, stop funding foreign wars, a greater focus on domestic issues, reduction in the size / authority of federal agencies, along with restoring integrity and accountability to our government. Our disgust with the current set of Hill sitters has reached the point where anyone who appears to be a strong leader capable of delivering on these issues has a better chance of getting our vote than the nominee from either party. This also explains why Trump’s popularity went up after he was indicted, the unexpected rise of an outsider like Vivek Ramaswamy, and the viability of third party candidates such as RFK Jr, Cornell West, and Jill Stein.
    Whatever the outcome, it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride to the finish line.

  9. I’ve have some deep insights lately about what’s ahead for the U.S. I think the next 4 years are going to be absolutely bonkers on every level. Financial collapse, social collapse and maybe even the end of the 50 contiguous states. Why do I think this? Because it’s already in motion in every corner of the country. I think Trump may actually just take his 80 million followers and break away from the established U.S. I think he will reverse desegregation. These things seem unimaginable but just wait. Everyone will be more liberated in the end but many people will not like the process of liberation. Pluto in Aquarius is going to take a wrecking ball through our established paradigm of civility and renew it so it actually works for everyone, in reality. Uranus in Gemini begins August 2025 and you can bet we will be in full scale war, either internal or external, or God forbid, both.

    • I’m sorry, but that’s bonkers. States breaking away from the US would amount to treason, and few states are so red that this could proceed.

    • There is no clear way to divide this country geographically as it was during the Civil when entire states decided to join the Confederacy because even in the reddest of states there are islands of blue and in the bluest states there are islands of red and I don’t think you could convince political minorities in any particular state to move to one that agrees with their political leanings.

      I was thinking that the four years of the current presidency would be the transition years since we had the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius 2020 but Pluto has been in out of Aquarius and won’t fully be into Aquarius until 2025.

      The six right-wingers are slowly dismantling the federal government and giving right-wing states more power.

      It will be interesting how they rule on the abortion pill. Will the SCOTUS allow the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling to stand which was basically legislating from the bench or will they go further and severely restrict the regulatory abilities of FDA and extend it to all federal agencies like conservatives have been plotting for the past 50 years.

      Will the Comstock Act be used by the conservative wackos to ban the abortion pill outright or will it pop up in Thomas’ and/or Alito’s opinion to outright ban the abortion pill from being distributed through the U.S. mail?

  10. Biden is losing many Democrats by his supine backing of Netenyahu’s carpet bombing of Gaza, and supplying him with bombs of such huge destructive capacity they are never used in dense urban areas. Many Democrats say they will abstain from the 2024 election. Personally, I hope both the old codgers running for the presidency would vanish from the face of the earth, and be replaced by fresh blood. I’m counting on Pluto in Aquarius…but without much hope that whatever replaces him will produce better results.

    • @ Crabby Old Leo,

      I have heard that Muslims especially in Michigan claim that they are going to withhold their votes from Biden next year because the U.S. is giving carte blanche support to Netenyahu, but this was before Trump’s anti African and anti-Asian immigrant speech that utilized Nazi phraseology.

      Firstly, Palestinian-Americans and other minorities need to prioritize their safety in America over what is happening to their relatives outside the U.S.

      Secondly, it would be nice if all minority groups realized that Democrats are the only ones standing between them and overt persecution from Republicans who want them deported or dead-even people who are American citizens.

      • Not to labour the point, I don’t want to distract from the astrology, but this wasn’t from the Muslim populace. From the readership of the NYT, most of whom arent Muslim, there was an overwhelming disgust at Biden’s actions, with many refusing to vote Democrat, even knowing the alternative. Also, from the news coverage I follow, the anger at Biden is fairly widespread throughout liberal, informed America. So if Trump returns to power, it can be laid at Biden’s feet. Not Muslim Americans’.

        • You’re talking about an opinion piece.
          I’m taking about actual voters.

          What disgust?

          The NYT has Jewish owners and thanks to organizations like AIPAC, American Jews have outsized influence on American foreign policy especially when it comes to Israel.

          I bet that opinion piece doesn’t mention any of those facts.

    • “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says of Vice President Joe Biden in his new book coming out later this month.

      • That’s hilariously ironic coming from Gates who was a Bush Ii Cabinet member who bequeathed the world the conquences of invading Iraq under the dillusional belief that it would have a stabilizing effect on the Middle East.

        Maybe if they had consulted an astrologer they would have postponed the a couple of days and the war chart would have had an assertive Aries sun instead of a confused Pisces sun.

      • Marjorie,

        President Biden has made some blunders (like with Afghanistan) but he has taken right with regards to Ukraine.

        For the record, I don’t think Robert Gates is in any position to criticize Biden’s foreign policy record when it was Gates who was involved in the Iran-Contra Affair.

        When Robert Gates was deputy director of the CIA, literally advocated for the U.S. to bomb Nicaragua during the Contra-Sandinista War.

        • Biden was in the same trap with Afghanistan that Obama wawith Iraq.

          The negotiated withdrawals were done by their respective predecessors so they had no choice by to stick with the timetable or risk the credibility of the office of the U.S

  11. The US election day chart has Venus at 22 Sag opposite Jupiter at 20 Gemini, both square Neptune at 27 Pisces.

    They aspect Nikki Haley’s Moon at 24 Pisces, which is trine her Jupiter at 26 Sagittarius.

    Also, she has a grand trine with her Sun at 29 Capricorn trine Saturn at 29 Taurus trine Pluto at 1 Libra. That grand trine is activated by the election day Uranus at 25 Taurus, Pluto at 29 Capricorn and Mars at 0 Leo.

    It’s pointing to Haley as president, isn’t it?

    • Wolfstar noted that Pluto will be conjunct Haley’s sun on the first day of the GOP convention which may point to Haley being the nominee, but some people say that on Inauguration day 2025 no one seems to happy which could mean that one of the many third party candidates wins or whoever wins doesn’t win a majority of the vote but a plurality of the vote like Clinton did in 1992 and 1996.

      • Plurality doesn’t matter. Only electoral votes. So a state by state campaign winning just sufficient electoral votes. Likely a rehash of 2020 if Trump is involved.

        • I know that and if you get a plurality of the votes when there are more that two candidates then that person usually wins the Electoral college.

  12. By the way, did anyone see the Kamala interview on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell recently? Not confidence inspiring is an understatement. For all her accomplishments she still has trouble articulating herself soundly; even on the friendliest of shows.
    If hypothetically, she and Haley were to be their respective nominees and ended up debating, I would reluctantly join the bed wetting group of Democrats in this scenario.

    • Nikki Haley is just as unimpressive and unappealing as Kamala Harris. She’s about as charismatic and consistent as a noodle soaked in chicken broth for 8 hours. She has some favorable aspects in 2024/early 2025, but she lacks the appeal or relatability to a significant swath of the US populace. She’s a GOP Bush era style candidate at a time when the Republican Party has gone off the deep end into Trump-MAGA mindless absurdity.

      Charles Koch and Jamie Dimon like her. So what? They are corporate moguls who called the shots in conservative politics for the better part of the Pluto in Capricorn era, but it is now drawing to a close. Other than being a Sun Aquarius, what about her speaks to the upcoming period?

      • Do remember I said a hypothetical scenario, not current trajectory. Astrology is above my pay grade so I’m coming at it from a data analytical view. I agree with you about Haley, but a lot of voters are not looking at it like you are. They are looking at it from their stylistic perception of a leader. And being a debate is largely about execution and style over policy, Harris would have a tall order upstaging Haley in this what if!
        That was my point.

        • Respectfully, I understand and hear you. And also, Haley is a candidate without a party, barring of course that the never-Trumpers, Lincoln Project Republicans, Liz Cheney, Chris Christie and Mitt Romney all throw their support to her. And even then, they are still a minority faction together in the face of the MAGAs, who have taken the reigns of the GOP and are running with it, albeit into the ground.

          I think the challenge here is that we are in a period of transition, with the outer planets, particularly Pluto, changing signs during the next 3 years. Pluto in Aquarius hasn’t quite given us the political agenda of the next 20 years yet. We may receive a glimpse of it during this next election cycle in the U.S., but it feels and looks to be right now like the last gasp of Pluto in Capricorn. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but Pluto will be on the 29th degree of Cap during Nov. 2024 Election Day, moving towards 0 Aquarius after transiting across it 4 times previously. Any wonder why we are seeing such outlandish reactionary conservative ideas and behavior now, like the Heritage Foundation’s ridiculous Project 2025? It will never come to pass.

          Anything that happens or is planned of a sign while a planet is transiting the anaretic degree of thar sign is basically overripe energy that ultimately comes to naught, similar to a VOC Moon. Whomever is elected President is going to take office in 2025 facing a very different agenda and circumstances than what they might now be anticipating. Even the Pluto-Sun conjunction at 0 Aquarius in the 20 Jan 2024 inaugural chart speaks to this. The only things we can be certain of is that it will not be a conventional presidency, nor will it be a dictatorship.

          • @Clarence. Sounds good.
            I get a kick out of trying to figure out which Democrat is Inaugurated in 2025. I would like it to be Big Gretch but it seems she’s more 2029.

        • Well Haley got tripped up twin two days.

          First she a caused someone who asked her about the Civil War and she “forgot” to mention that slavery was one of the causes.

          Instead of owning her mistake Haley accused the questioner of being a Democratic plant, and just today Haley was called John Kerry for flip-flopping on Trump.

          Maybe Haley is the one who isn’t ready for prime time.

  13. Let me take a stab at this one.
    Haley beats Trump in NH(which is a Democrat state so means nothing really) and Trump who can’t stand defeat, throws a tantrum. He wins the other States.
    Fast forward to the convention. One of the trials is underway and more damning revelation/s come to light. The GOP big wigs(bank rollers) goes full force in trying to muscle out Trump; he then goes full on wild animal and fights tooth & nail to bully his way to the nomination. If by some miracle he isn’t successful, he sabotages the GOP by running his own show. Either way, the GOP loses the election and the MAGAs go bats&!t crazy…again!
    A Democrat is Inaugurated again and America licks its wounds and moves forward.

  14. I keep reading elsewhere that the end of Pluto in Capricorn and the advent of Pluto in Aquarius augurs “the end” for the Establishment types, e.g., powerful authoritarian men at the top, such as Trump. Any hope there that we might finally see the last of him? Or at the very least, that he might experience an OJ Simpson-like plummeting in status and relevance?

    • Another way to interpret it is that the tyranny of the Establishment would be replaced by the tyranny of the collective, so social/tribal pressure rather than establishment pressure.

      The guillotine was erected and the Reign of Terror was conducted in the name of the collective people, not of the establishment. Yet it was quite bloody.

      Just because the collective is in charge does not mean it would be any kinder.

    • I would not consider Trump an authoritarian type. He has Uranus conjunct his Sun. I’m highly Uranian myself and the last thing we want is control. What we live and breathe is LIBERTY. Pluto moving into Aquarius will have the effect in part, of forcing all people to live more authentic lives, whatever that may be for them. Trump is ultimately a liberator similar to Samuel Adams who led the revolt against the British crown and thus established the United States of America. Adam’s had Uranus on his ascendant. He was a businessman like Trump but actually not that successful but like Trump, he riled up the colonists and got them angry enough to overthrow the establishment. The democrats are the establishment and they are done for.

      • If you look only at Trump’s stars, you miss his earthly actions, his fascistic authoritarian actions, and his own repeated words. To compare him to Sam Adams is like the kooky MAGAs comparing him to Jesus.

      • ‘I would not consider Trump an authoritarian type.’

        I take it you weren’t paying attention during Trump’s first term, when during the pandemic Trump stated that the federal government would only help the states whose governors were nice to him.

        The president is only a figurehead and the Heritage Foundation has already concocted its authoritarian Project 2025 which they will unleash if Trump is re-elected.

        ‘The democrats are the establishment and they are done for.’

        That’s some heavy projection there.

        Republicans control the majority of the governorships and state legislatures and have been using the power of the state to ban books, interfere with parents making medical decisions about their minor children, and overturning the will of the people basically disregarding their votes on such issues like abortion legalizing pot and restoring voting rights to convicted felons.

        • You’re only talking about what has been. I’m pointing to what will be. Shocking as it seems, Trump may be the beginning of a completely new nation.

          • Yes, his dictatorship and the end of democracy, one I certainly don’t want to live in. You fail to listen to his anti-democratic, deranged words.

        • Trump has Mars and Mercury in hard aspect. He’s mostly all bark because when it came down to it, he held off on basically everything the Republicans were hoping he would do. He has MANY republican establishment enemies if you are paying attention. Like it or not, Donald Trump is a genius and he’s ten steps ahead of everyone else. EVERYONE.

          • Donald Trump is a raging pathological narcissist and I can guarantee narcissists do not care about anybody but themselves. Does the swamp need to be cleaned out? Yes, absolutely it does. But Trump is part of it all. He’s playing people for oxygen supply.

            Also, for somebody who wants to liberate others from the tyranny of the establishment, he sure as hell clamped down on the Cuba sanction problem after Barack tried to ease it somewhat, showing how petty he was. So he fell in line with what the elite wanted.

            He’s also very much a huge supporter of Israel and couldn’t care less what goes on in Palestine and what has been done to them. I’ll stop there with anymore political stuff.

            I truly believe politics needs a wrecking ball of dosing salts to go through it, but Trump couldn’t give a rats toss about anybody but himself and to think he would be any different from the last time, is quite frankly, delusional. We are all creatures of habit to varying degrees. But to narcissists, they are incapable of changing at all.

            I still remember back in the mid 90’s on some channel 4 tv show, before he even touched politics, when he was sat next to his teenage daughter, Ivanka, who was about 15, and he was sexualising her in a disturbing way. If he was that blatant about doing that in front of a camera for TV, god knows what he was doing behind closed doors. I never understand how people put that man on a pedastal and think he’s as pure and clean as driven snow and ‘nothing like the predatory elite.’ Trump follows the money and the attention and has zero morals. It has nothing to do with being right or left. If you can’t see a predatory opportunist right in front of you, I don’t know what to tell you.

            I wonder if his name is going to pop up on the Epstein list in January. I think a number of people from all political backgrounds will come up on that list. I keep seeing how extreme right-wingers think the left are going to be exposed. If you think it’s just the left who will get slammed, you’re not outraged by sexual and predatory exploitation in the slightest. It’s just a hope to bring down a party one hates. Predators move in all political backgrounds and industries, and come from all races, colours, and creeds. Epstein would know this seeing as one of his hallmark traits was to blackmail them later to do his bidding. I believe Pluto in Aquarius will undo Trump in many ways.

  15. Jupiter within 2 degees of Trump’s Sun on election day gives me nightmares. Perhaps
    Jupiter represents the prospect of a pardon by Nikki Haley, who with Pluto conjunct her Sun in November 2024 cannot be ruled out.

    • Transiting Jupiter on its own is not that strong an influence and can sometimes pass by without much note. In 2016 he had a major amount of Jupiter. His Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct his natal Jupiter, tr Pluto square his natal Jupiter and on a Jupiter return. The combination of Jupiter and Pluto gives an enormous boost.

      • Would it be worth looking at all the past times Jupiter was in conjunction (and opposition) to Trump’s Sun to see if there is any pattern in his case?

    • “Jupiter within 2 degees of Trump’s Sun on election day gives me nightmares. Perhaps
      Jupiter represents the prospect of a pardon by Nikki Haley, who with Pluto conjunct her Sun in November 2024 cannot be ruled out.”

      How are you reading this? Perhaps a stretch?

  16. Admire your honesty inast paragraph.

    I have a significant request to do same with Indian politics since india the largest population in world thus largest consumer n manpower for global economy is also having elections in 2024 n it’s feared if Modi returns it would b end of the country as tyranny would b set.

    I am aware it would get you trolls but for liberal indians your analysis might give some hope

      • Not a major country, but could I request you to look at Iran in your annual roundup, Marjorie?

        I read an article that Iran is intentionally trying to ensnare the US in another Middle Eastern war. Iran has has a far longer history as a nation than either Iraq or Afghanistan and I have a feeling that it is feeling confident that the US will fare far worse in a fight between the US and Iran, compared to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Hamas, Hezbollah and the Yemeni Houthis are all aligned with Iran, some more than others.

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