Russia – backed into a corner of its own making ++ losing and lashing out (USA etc)

Putin’s plans for a rival political and economic bloc to counter US and western interests have taken a hit with both China and India voicing concerns over the Ukraine invasion. Narendra Modi, the Indian PM, told Putin that “today’s era is not an era of war” and is thought to prefer a position of ambiguity where he can be friends with both sides. And Putin acknowledged Xi’s “concerns” about the war in public remarks.

  None of relationship charts between China, India and the two Russia charts, 1917/1991 look encouraging as far as diplomatic warmth is concerned. The China 1912/Russia 1991 chart indicates disappointment, confusion and uncertainty through 2022 and 2023. The China 1912/Russia 1917 composite is devastated in 2023/24, more so in 2025.

  It’s not quite so stark with India though the India/Russia 1917 connection is sagging and evasive in 2023 and completely blocked in 2024/25. Not much entente anywhere to be seen and certainly not cordiale.

 The Russia 8 December 1991 7.45 pm chart is catching the Scorpio Solar Eclipse late this October as it is conjunct the 4th house Venus, hinting at a domestic crisis and can accompany a feeling of having to make it alone for a while.

  Tr Uranus will oppose the Pluto for a major disruption from mid June onwards, on and off into 2024. That could coincide with considerable domestic unrest and a forced change of direction from the leadership. Before then in late December tr Saturn will square the Russia Pluto for a stuck, gloomy couple of weeks which could be associated with the war. Relations with neighbours will take years to fix with tr Pluto moving on to square the 7th house Saturn in 2025/6.

 The Russia 8 November 1917 2.12 am chart is showing more obvious turbulence with its Fixed T Square of Uranus in Aquarius opposition Saturn square Sun, Mercury in Scorpio catching the unstable tr Uranus square tr Saturn full on this year plus the Eclipses on the Sun with tr Uranus causing ructions in January 2023 and more from May 2023 onwards.

  It may or may not be relevant but on the Russia 1917 chart the Progressed Mars went retrograde around 2008/09 and stays that way for many years. That usually accompanies a loss of potency and vitality with direct action bringing diminishing returns.  

   The Georgia war broke out at that point and was the first time since the fall of the USSR that the Russian military had been used against an independent state to attain its political objectives. ‘The war in Georgia showed Russia’s assertiveness in revising international relations and undermining the hegemony of the United States.’

   Maybe that’s where it all went wrong as Putin embarked on his wrong-headed campaign to restore Russia’s greatness by forcefully harvesting former satellite states. As with all astrology affecting countries it takes longer to kick in than with individuals.

  The USA’s Progressed Mars went retrograde in 2006 which caused comment and may be a pointer. Though the UK Progressed Mars didn’t when you might have expected it to – so maybe not all that significant.

Add ON: Putin has now threatened the West with nuclear weapons over Ukraine, saying: ‘I’m not bluffing’. And he has announced the mobilisation of 300,000 reservists, the first Russian mobilisation since WW2. Though many analysts are sceptical that a partial mobilisation will have a rapid impact on the battlefield, because it could take several months to train reservists and to create new units with commanders and logistical support, never mind finding adequate equipment.

   His warnings have prompted even China to demand a ceasefire ‘through dialogue and consultation’, while Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Putin should return all occupied land, including Crimea, to its ‘rightful owners’. 

Putin is generally regarded as desperate because of recent losses and the overall failure of his invasion which it is reckoned has cost 70,000 Russian dead or wounded. Unfortunately losing may make it more likely that he will lash out like a cornered cougar.

  His 4th term chart has tr Pluto conjunct the Mars now till early December which will increase his fear and impotent frustration to def con levels. The relationship chart with the USA will heat up from early December through to early January with increasing bitterness and hostility. January also sees further eruptions of tension.  The EU and UK look rattled at the moment and again in early 2023. NATO is on alert with hints of an upheaval this November and again in March 2023.

  This October’s Scorpio Solar Eclipse is in a Saros Series that Bernadette Brady connects to Mars Pluto – ‘It is about being forceful and taking power. It has a manic flavour about it with great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area.’

  The Russia 1991 chart’s 4th house Venus catches it exactly – which could point to nationalistic fervour – love of the homeland etc.

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  1. Today’s speech by Putin is awful, so thanks to Solaia for her knowledge and analysis – it really helps to unpick things in this frightening situation.

    What interested me, astrologically, is how many echoes there are with Russia’s long and complicated history. I believe, too, that Putin has a deep interest in his country’s history, seeing himself has a vital part of it’s legacy for good or ill it seems. So here’s a few thoughts:

    Russia’s chart for 20th September, 862, represents the unification of the various Slavonic tribes under the Vikings – according to the Book of World Horoscopes. Venus is 17 Scorpio, Mars 16 Leo, Neptune 21 Aquarius.

    The Romanoff Dynasty, 1 March, 1613 has Mercury 15 Aquarius, square the Nodes at 15 Taurus/Scorpio. It’s just received a nodal return – today’s transiting Nodes are 14 Taurus.

    November 1917 has Sun 14 Scorpio, Mercury 17 Taurus, Uranus 19 Aquarius.

    The declaration of Russian sovereignity, 12 June, 1990, has Venus 15 Taurus opposing Pluto, 15 Scorpio.

    November 1917 has Sun 14 Scorpio, Mercury 17 Scorpio, Uranus 19 Aquarius.

    Russia 1991, that Marjorie has posted here, has Pluto 21 Scorpio.

    There are other connections too, particularly with Gemini and Pisces – home of the Mars square Neptune aspect in November. But these stood out because of the much debated Mars/Uranus/Nodes conjunction in Taurus this summer, the transits of Saturn and Uranus, and the approaching eclipse at 16 Taurus in November.

    Certainly, we live in a moment when history is making itself felt in our lives in so many ways…..

    • Just missed Marjorie’s add-on when I was posting this!
      “This October’s Scorpio Solar Eclipse is in a Saros Series that Bernadette Brady connects to Mars Pluto – ‘It is about being forceful and taking power. It has a manic flavour about it with great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area.’”

    • @Jane, yes, Putin definitely feels a connection to Imperial Russia more than the more recent Soviet times. The amount of money that has been poured on restoration project in Saint Petersburg by companies close to Putin in the last 20 years is astonishing. Also, I remember how in his first speech – or at least one of the first onea – after “the special operation” in Ukraine started, he referred to restoring Russia’s 1917 boarders, not 1945 boarders. And this isn’t casual. Because while his aspirations towards Baltic States have long been visible, this was the first time he made explicit threats towards Finland and parts of Poland.

      The thing about his view in Imperial history is that it’s completely deluded. He studied in the Soviet Times, when history was taught from Marxist point of view. And while he probably was smart and disillusioned enough to see a through the teaching, it’s evident that instead of further questioning the views on Russian landmass building the Revolution, he romanticized his learnings. There is some further evidence on this tendency – apparently, he chose to become a spy after seeing a fictionalized story of a Nazi fighting Soviet spy. But also, if we choose to see his astrological chart is accurate, he would have Sun/ Mercury/Neptune/Saturn conjunction in Libra square Cancer Saturn and inconjunct Jupiter. While I’m sceptical of this chart, I think it WOULD work for someone with such a deluded sense of themselves as saviors of their “motherland’ based on bad history.

      • What’s interesting in this context is that the last time Pluto was in Capricorn Catherine the Great ruled Russia. And Putin emerged at the top in 99/2000 on the 1917 Uranus Return – so he has echoes of both.

        • Also of interest is Ivan IV, or Ivan the Terrible, first Tsar of all Russia. Putin has been trying to “revise” Ivan’s horrendous history for some years apparently. Ivan IV, 25th August 1530 JC, had Pluto at 25 Capricorn, and Neptune at 22 Pisces. Thought provoking.

          Stalin once said ‘the people need a tsar’…..has Putin taken this to heart? As Solaia writes about Putin and history:

          “The thing about his view in Imperial history is that it’s completely deluded”

          We collectively hold our breath, waiting for the next move.

          • The 862 chart (I quite like this chart) for Russia also has Sun/Saturn at 1 degree of Libra and its Midheaven at 3 Libra. It was hit today by the Mercury/Jupiter opposition in Libra/Aries which is retrograde currently (youth v martial law/conscription). I notice also the 862 Pluto is at 18 Aries will be joined by transit Jupiter at the end of March 2023 in the chart’s 4th house which might be of interest, since at the same time Jupiter joins a line up of planets in Aries including the Sun, Chiron and Mercury. Simultaneously, Pluto moves into Aquarius and trines the 862 Sun/Saturn conjunction in Libra.

          • VF – I like that chart too. Perhaps it tunes into our current fixed sign planets mood? Those signs and degrees repeat through Russian history.
            Interesting what Magriet says about the holy war, and Vladimir the Great. I looked up his coronation date – 11 June 980 – and there’s Jupiter 19 Taurus, Nodes 15 Taurus, Neptune 11 Scorpio. Romanoff Dynasty Nodes are also at 15 Taurus, with the South Node on 1917’s Sun in Scorpio. There’s some lunar rhythm here I feel, with our current Taurus/Scorpio nodes and eclipses. I wonder about the Draconic element too, but really don’t know enough about that.

      • It is a holy war: Putin wants to have Crimea and Kyiv/Ukraine because of the baptism of Vladimir the Great that took place according to legends in Crimea in 988, followed by the also legendary collective baptism of the Kyivan Rus people in the river Dnieper (supposedly in/near Kyiv). This is the (imagined) birth of the Russian Orthodox Church and Putin sees himself as a religious saviour destined to bring back the birthplace of the Church to Russia. See also his own essay on this topic on the website of the Kremlin (June 2019):

  2. The Sun is conjunct Mercury in the 3rd in the 1917 Chart. Although in Scorpio is could also mean a desire to control and talk about neighbouring countries. As Pluto in the 10th house conjunct the South Node is more to with past power. Putin has shaped himself on a Tsar Rulership. I know it is a simple analogy, however, did the Russian Revolution and the subsequent chart, actually set up for a repeat History, in the future? As the King is Dead,Jupiter in 10th, long live the King? Perhaps there is something always being played out in Russia’s psyche? Venus opposing Pluto in the fourth conjunct North Node in Capricorn could be another indicator for looking for lost power – Pluto transiting Capricorn must have stirred feelings.

  3. Vladimir Putin’s most likely prerecorded speech announcing referenda on occupied territories and partial mobilization of 300 000 Russian troops was aired today, September 21st 09.00 am Moscow time. The transmission was postponed, which isn’t a surprise given Libra Mercury retrograde opposition to Aries Jupiter retrograde.

    And, for what it’s worth, it’s a risky announcement, with very little immediate return. Former Finnish Military Intelligence chief Pekka Toveri (retired 2020) was in the air on a Twitter live last night I happened to catch, and said that with the current Russian military organization it will take 6 months minimum to mobilize in a manner for it to have any effect on the battlefield, and since large part of the Russian military equipment is destroyed, it will take even longer. Also, there are political implications in that Russia now needs to enforce travel restrictions, even inside country, to reservists.

    I also personally feel China in particular is not happy with Putin’s continuos threats of nuclear escalation, and that China’s last minute negotiation was the reason the address was delayed. I doubt China will act openly on this, if not strictly necessarily to prevent Russia from blowing up a nuclear plant or even worse, using tactical nuclear bomb, but they are not happy.

  4. Good information..perhaps you should review the China 1912 chart as it has very little resonance with the Maoist era or current events in China under Xi Jin Ping. Nicholas Campion and Charles Harvey recommend the 1949 chart in ‘Mundane Astrology’.

    • I had previously always used the 1949 chart but t showed remarkably little of the pandemic panic and that’s when I found the 1912 chart which resonated not only to Covid but other events as well.

      • @Marjorie, I would also argue that Chl bear remarkable Confucian and traditionalist imprint, and therefore it’s not out of place to use this chart, and maybe leave October 1st 1949 chart to era prior to Chinese Communist Party essentially starting to run the largest corporate in the World.

    • Which exactly apart from Afganistan 2001 and Irak 2003, in the ME? Yes, obviously there were local conflicts that were essentially used as “proxy wars” during the Cold War, but you don’t have to go far in history to see that effectively, Russia/Soviet Union has been much more prone to invading especially neighbors than the US far away countries

      • I see the 1917 chart as a lost country. Invading neighbouring countries, is a lack of security and maybe friends? Sun/Conjunct Mercury could be the psyche mind in overdrive, always suspicious or fearful. Jupiter is in the 10th the Ruler and largest planet in the Universe, wanting power, not unlike Russian the largest country in the world. Ironically the Tsar gave Russia Power.

        • @Helen, I’d say Russian Empire was extremely fragile, as well. I’ve seen Twitter people posting a scene from “Doctor Zivago” where a well dressed, possibly noble (I haven’t read the book and maybe last saw the whole movie 30 years ago,) officer stands on a barrel trying to convince ragged soldiers to attack Germans, only to fall inside and being shot by one of them. And this how it went down in 1917 – not with Bolsheviks or revolutionary groups being strong, but people, dirt poor peasants and members of various ethnic groups having had enough.

          • @Solaia I’ve just seen footage of the traffic jams at the border with Russia/Finland. Apparently it streched up to 35KM and is rising by the hour. It’s the only border still open for Russian civilians with shengen visas. Yesterday, the top search phrase on Google was ‘how to get out of Russia.

          • Please ignore the info about the Finland/Russia border car queues, I think it’s inaccurate. But today small anti-mobilisation protests are breaking out across Russia, overwhelmingly young crowds. I follow someone on SM, who today filmed and documented one such crowd in Petersburg. At one point he is struck by a passerby for speaking in English. Mercury retrograde in Cardinal Libra today, opposition Jupiter retrograde in Aries, while Saturn in retrograde squares Uranus, also retrograde. In fact 7 planets are in retrograde today.

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