Prince Harry – buffeted by celestial storms

Prince Harry had the most downbeat birthday of his life on Thursday with sadness about the loss of his grandmother bearing down on him. Perhaps also a heavy realisation is dawning of what he’s lost in stepping away from his Royal duties. The monarchical machine is not one to buck lightly and has expertly minimised Harry and Meghan’s presence at a time the other young Royals are growing in visibility. Given their addiction to the publicity on which their brand depends that must jar.

   His personal chart for the next few years hints at a troubled soul lost in a wilderness he does not know how to exit. There is a punishing list of negatives. His Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Pluto exactly now for a bleak, stuck few months with the October Solar Eclipse conjunct both, setting him up for a full-scale crisis. He also has his Solar Arc Uranus square his Venus for an emotional upset, exact now as well as his Solar Arc Moon opposition his Neptune for undermining family circumstances. Plus tr Uranus opposition his Midheaven, exact again mid October onwards for a few weeks and again in early 2023 – for an upset to both career and home life. Uranus then continues through his 4th house for five years ahead which will be unsettled on the domestic front.

  Tr Neptune is opposing his Virgo Sun this year which runs into January 2023 – undermining and indecisive.  

  Late this December tr Saturn will square his 4th house Moon for a sense of separation from family and tr Uranus will conjunct his Moon from mid June 2023 into 2024 – which will be even more disruptive on the home and family front.  

  Plus tr Saturn is continuing its downward slide through his 1st quadrant which is a low-profile time and neither ambitious or successful and can bring up financial shortages. It is also a time when unresolved psychological issues surface and have to be tackled. And he has a couple of less than upbeat Solar Arcs in late 2024, one  Saturnine block and the other a radical change of future plans. Plus several less than wonderful midpoints – to be truthful fairly calamitous ones.  All too exhausting to contemplate. I do feel sorry for him.

  His Solar Return for this coming year has at least got the merit of an Earth Grand Trine of Sun trine Moon trine Pluto which will give a modicum of stability though it does focus onto Neptune in the 11th in opposition to the Sun, so dithery, undecided Neptune will be the driving planet in the chart area of future plans. Uranus on the Ascendant suggests a sudden far-reaching change in his image. Pluto in the 10th can be tricky since it suggests a forced change in career path, which can involve a long period of searching and seeking before a sense of purpose is gained. It can hint at a fork in the road, with a need to leave the past behind and while in a few instances Pluto may bring more influence, it can also accompany loss of reputation.

 Relocating his chart to California puts his Moon in the hidden 8th and his Sun in the hidden 12th which would be fine if he were following his inclination to disappear down a rabbit hole for several years until he got his head together. But unfortunately he’s being prodded by wife and necessity to get out there and be a mover and shaker. California does not bring out the best of his talents.

  For all the seamless togetherness he and Meghan display as a couple, there are massive stresses and strains on their relationship chart. Projecting all the internal tension between them out onto their respective families will only go so far; and essentially anyway it is a relationship that needs space with a composite Sun square Uranus. Tr Pluto will continue to bear down heavily on the chained-together composite Moon square Pluto Saturn until late 2023. Tr Pluto in 2023/2024 will heighten emotional reactions as it trines the Mars Venus and will conjunct their composite Midheaven – the latter again hinting at the need for a change of direction. Tr Neptune in 2024/25 will oppose the composite Mars Venus for disappointment and a sense of failure either in projects or their togetherness; with major ruptures come 2026/2027 when tr Uranus opposes the Uranus and squares the Sun.

  There’s no indication of a hug-and-make-up moment ahead in his relations with his childhood family. There are heavy clouds over his link with William next year and worse in 2024. Much the same with Charles as tr Pluto will conjunct their composite Midheaven in 2023/24 for a power struggle that won’t end well. That may be connected to Harry’s dislike of Camilla which looks like causing more angst in 2023/24.  Anne is looking less than enchanted with him over the next two years as well.

  Living out all his family aggravations and relationship woes in the public gaze will feel like a Truman Show reality-feste, which is why he might have been better to choose a less celebrity-obsessed missus. He could then have disappeared with his millions to keep his head down off the beaten track, in his beloved Africa for instance or even Australia.

Spare thought – their California superstar lifestyle must be stratospherically expensive given the extraordinary number of staff they seem to employ for various projects. They need to pull in mega-millions to keep that ship afloat. If their income dropped it would be a disaster.

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  1. Much blame has been made of Harry’s emotional trauma being caused by being made to walk behind his mothers coffin. However, I do wonder if that was merely the culmination of other longstanding quasi abandonment issues during his entire young life? Charles and Diana’s marriage was in serious trouble; her first affair, of several, was made public when Harry was only about 1 year old. And I think she used the boys as an emotional buffer for her own unhappiness. Harry was about 2 when Diana summarily fired their first nanny, not even allowing a goodbye, because she was jealous of the nanny’s emotional connection with her boys. In reality, how much time did she spend with him in between trips abroad, dating, and playing to the media? Harry hadn’t seen his mother for about a whole month before she died. Methinks lots of unresolved issues, not just from the funeral.

  2. Harry is going to need a lot of strength to carry out his planetary test in the years to come. I am always drawn to his Venus/Saturn conjunction on Pluto. He does not look like a man who is happy. Like Edward VII her gave up everything for his love. Their livelihood depends on exploiting their Royal connection with this country. It all depends what he stated in his book, which is coming out next year. As he is now in a catch 22. Camilla is Queen Consult and his Father Head of State. The ER emblem was taken from his Uniform, he must now know that it has been silently publicly announced, that he no longer represents the Crown.

    • I missed that but about his ER emblem being removed.

      I also read/heard that he wasn’t allowed on the RAF aircraft after William refused him entry. And he had to make his own arrangements. Plus he was allegedly only told about HM death 5 minutes before the general public was informed. Probably because he’d tell Netflix about it before the British media made their announcements.

      • Clare, I’m not sure any of that is true. Dark PR is on overdrive at the moment. The EIIR insignia issue is actually very simple. It can only be worn by officers of specific ‘current’ ranks and above. William and Andrew (despite what we all think of him) both hold ‘current’ and appropriate rank. The Queen removed all Harry’s honorary titles back in 2021, including ADC which is what qualified for the insignia. So he has not been eligible to wear the EIIR insignia or ADC regalia since 2021 even if granted special permission(like all vets) to wear his old uniform. He knows this and it is very clearly spelled out in Army Dress Regs. Given the predictably negative reaction this story unleashed against the RF and KC3 in particular, still raw with grief, make of that what you will.

      • Hi Clare – re Harry only learning of HM’s death ‘five minutes before the general public’, I don’t think that can possibly be true. It was, for a start, obvious to most of us from the early public announcement that day from her doctors that she was leaving this plane of existence. Harry would have known the ‘code’ too, that things were being deliberately underplayed. As far as I recall, BBC announcers were already in black tie before the formal announcement – so they’d been told. Plus, although unlikely to be following Lady Colin Campbell (!) she’d ‘announced’ the Queen’s death on Twitter earlier as well. Harry’s close friends will have picked up on something amongst these possibilities, and contacted him. That’s assuming no family member contacted him first, which is highly unlikely. There’s little doubt he loved his grandmother, and might not have been thinking of Netflix on such an important day.

      • Clare and Jane
        The Mirror reports that Harry missed the RAF flight to Balmoral owing to a row about taking Meghan. Charles thought her presence inappropriate as only close family members were to be there. The Princess of Wales did not go neither did any of the Queen’s other grandchildren.
        As it was only Anne and Charles who were already in Scotland were there in time.
        Was also reported that Harry refused to have dinner with Charles and William as a result of said row and was the first to leave the next day.
        We can only surmise which version is the most likely..

  3. Marjorie, one suspects it’s nonsense, but all this blather about Nostradamus predicting an “unexpected successor” to Charles–one only hopes the new Prince of Wales and his family are traveling separately now. If in the future you have a moment, it would be reassuring to know there are no malefic aspects against William.

    • If the worst happened, God forbid, neither Harry or Andrew could realistically take the throne. It would create a constitutional crisis, I suspect Harry would be forced to abdicate as happened with Edward over Wallice. I suspect Harry’s children may also be problematic as they arent growing up in the traditions of the UK. There is precedence with this, they skipped over 50 people in the succession to get to George I. So maybe Beatrice would be next (fingers crossed)

      It just shows how lucky we have been to have the Queen who has the right personality for the job. But also how close we are to a couple of useless, selfish, money-grabbing thickos!

  4. What’s struck me during this period is not how Awful Harry & Meghan are, but how ruthless is the Royal Family. I wonder if that’s what’s knocking Harry for six. He can’t go back there, knowing what it’s like. But how does any of us move forwards when we don’t have our family behind us? I actually fear for his & Meghan’s safety. As Diana exposed their ruthlessness & lack of modernity, so do do these two. Harry & Meghan, sorry, they have star quality, they are glamourous, modern, hip to the scene as it were. They go to Africa, they gladhand all sorts and joy seems to abound. William & Kate went to the Carribean, and it was all circa the 1950s, complete with floral frocks, suits & ties, fences, and was met with a barrage of criticism. Harry & Meghan expose that absolute lack of desire in that family, that social class, the whole British establishment to really modernise. As I said, I fear for them.

    • You’re right about the Royals being ruthless but not in the way you mean. Respectfully its nonsense to suggest Harry & Meghan might be at physical risk because they crossed swords with the institution.
      Diana teased and taunted the paparazzi and thoroughly enjoyed playing the game, cocked a snook at the Royals by getting involved with the Al Fayeds, got into a car with a drunk driver and didn’t wear a seat belt. The one intent on wreaking vengeance and causing chaos was her, not them.
      The Will/Kate Caribbean visit wasn’t well done but as far as I gather the open-Land Rover in full uniform was a request from local top brass and not a Royal idea. Obviously they should have said no but not easy.
      The Queen handed the Commonwealth to Harry and Meg and they could have done a power of good round Africa and the rest of the globe. But they handed that back in favour of California glitter, faux Goopy joy and shedloads of cash.

      • Thank you Marjorie, very well put.
        @Victoria T – please also remember that Markle is infamous for her African trips complaining about no-one asking how she was in a pre-scripted interview while standing in front of desperately poor people in Africa, and stage managing professional photoshoots with children then pretending it was just a sweet spontaneous selfie snap. I think the RF and Harry are at far more risk from Markle’s malicious/self-aggrandising confabulations (if I’m being kind, lies if I’m not) than the other way around.

        • Saw that interview with MM in Africa,- didn’t look pre- scripted. I saw a frightened child who was grateful for a kind word. I am not a fan of Meghan, but feel it’s all too much hate – she is not starting wars, she is not trafficking children, she does not procure young girls for pedophiles, she is not pushing drugs, or producing pornoghraphy. When are we all going to focus on the real villains of our world? These are the people who are effecting the future, not the silly antics of an establishment of the past.

          • Hardly a child! She’s calculating. Would a child go to Uvalde and set up a photo shoot before the children’s blood is even dry on the floor? It’s stunts like this that have turned people away from her.

      • Great clarification Marjorie. Meghan has Pluto square her Ascendant and Diana had Mars in conjunction to Pluto. I’m repeating myself and it’s just my observation of late but I’ve noticed a pattern with Pluto in hard aspect is that often with these natal aspects, people tend to get themselves into overwhelming and catastrophic situations. It’s like they don’t understand how much power they have amassed around them and that it must be used with the utmost humility, or else. Mother Theresa had a bunch of hard Pluto aspects and I suspect it’s what birthed her galactic level commitment to service and humility. It’s a matter of life and death to mishandle all that Pluto Power. I have 5 planets in Scorpio, 4 are personal and I’ve had four Pluto transits, all at once, since 2018 or so..

        Those challenges pushed me to seek out & study the writings of C.S. Lewis & in retrospect, it may have saved my life. I’m not out of the woods yet but I understand power so much more than I did before these transits.

    • What do you mean by modernize? How do you visualize what the Royals should do to “modernize”? I didn’t see anything Meghan did while in Africa that was modern or inspiring.

      Remember, she said Archie’s room caught fire, they wrapped him in a “mud cloth” and the gorgeous place they stayed was just a “housing unit.” Not to mention they put her on a tree stump to make a speech (how dare they! Shouldn’t they have known she needed a gold plated podium?) to villagers who clearly weren’t in the least bit interested in what she had to say. And at the end she had the temerity to complain that no one asked if she was ok!

      She is not at all glamorous or hip, she is very off-putting and a narcissist where everything revolves around her, her needs, her feelings, me,me, me,. She truly is the epitome of “enough of me talking about me, what do you think about me?”

      Her speeches, such as at the One Young World event, are nothing but word salad and are cringe-inducing to watch. You could see her pauses where she’s thinking, (just like Jeb Bush except he said it) “please clap!”

      And before I end this, what did you think of just one of her many lies, that people were dancing in the street when she married Harry, the same way they did when Mandela was released from prison? Puleeeze, find someone else to idolize, she’s not worth it.

    • Agreed. The younger generation are too savvy to keep being suckered by the likes of Markle. They are far more informed on the issues of mental health, gaslighting, emotional abuse and personality disorder than the older generation, who, to be fair, have a simpler expectation of service, ethics and honesty.

  5. Uranus transiting his IC and then onto his 4th house suggests some deep rooted awakenings about who he is, where he comes from, what he wants and so on. If events of this past week or so, haven’t roused any questions then I’m not quite sure what will.

    Walking behind the Queen’s coffin (as he did with Prince Philip’s last year) should surely have shaken some memories loose of his much publicised unhappy moment in 1997. Seeing his cousin, James Viscount Severn, 14-year-old son of Prince Edward – standing vigil alongside him, should surely have touched a nerve. The kid look so small and reminiscent of Harry alongside the others who are all in their 20, 30s and beyond (his sister excepted).

    Who knows what conversations are going on in the Royal Palaces between Harry and the other Royals. Mourning together may make him think about the family ties he’s given up.

  6. I read the post with great interest. Harry is at a crossroads in his life, he’s always been cared for financially at has not had to prove anything he is and ‘always will be ‘ entitled’, his birthright.

    The royal family and I have stated this in the past is no different than ‘others families that have children from ‘mixed raced’ African Americans family’. His wife feels slighted because she is also mixed race. Her mothers family more then likely felt the same way ‘what will be her skin tone and will she look like us or then? She’s not secure in who she is.

    I have a mixed race child that looks like his family fathers family ‘Austrian-German roots’ he can pass but that’s his choice not mine.

    Harry lost his surrogate mom, the queen. I can understand that’s he’s ‘lost’ and grieving more than his other relatives. He stepped outside the box with Meghan (not just race) but her personal family dynamics.

    Unfortunately he feels a kindred feeling with Meghan with some of her issues. He’s been called the spare his entire line, she knows this and is exploiting it to her advantage to keep him away from his family. She needs psychological help as well.

    God bless and heal him. He has lost his rock.

  7. Just noticed that Harry’s Venus Saturn midpoint is on his Pluto at 0 Scorpio. William has Jupiter at 0 Scorpio (which may partly explain their ongoing battle for supremacy), Charles has Moon at 0 Taurus, the late Queen’s Sun is 0 Taurus. Prince George has the Sun at 29 Cancer/ Moon at 29 Capricorn – all are to be activated by transiting Pluto, in hard aspect, going back and forth over the last degrees of Capricorn and the beginning of Aquarius in the next couple of years. A striking pattern.

    • William’s MC at 2 Scorpio will be activated by the partial eclipse at 2 Scorpio later this year. At the same time tr Mars in Gemini will oppose his natal Neptune at 25 Sagittarius as well as his Sag Ascendant.

  8. Just wondering whether the fact Harry lives in California makes the relocated chart much more important in understanding what’s up next for him rather than the London one and also what Harry’s relationship to the UK’s chart is. In the longer term he could be someone interesting to look at in terms of the broader social and political trends as he and Meghan are popular with 18-24 year olds who are also more like to be republican, internationalist and so-called ‘woke’ or socially liberal whereas Huffpost, Buzzfeed and others have identified over 50s, right-leaning women – but particularly the Pluto in Cancer and Pluto in Leo generations – as being the main drivers of the anti-Meghan social media and right-leaning news media content. (As a side note, the leading figure they identified as taking up fabricated stories from hate accounts and amplifying them in conventional media is Angela Levin who is writing the bio of Camilla who has given her the access she needs for it. Vanessa Feltz called her out for it. That could be the reason for any tension between Harry and Camilla.)
    Perhaps he is also about to show us what happens to you when you take on and oppose Neptune’s shadow which the media is playing out in the UK and US.
    Another reading of Moon 8th and Sun 12th could be that he goes more deeply into his psychological and spiritual interests.

    • As an over 50’s Pluto Leo who is socially liberal and left leaning neither a republican nor an unquestioning monarchist (but would we really be better off with President Boris or Truss?) that may be a bit of a generalisation.
      I was very happy for Harry when he married Meghan as most people I know were.
      Any unfavourable opinions I have now of Meghan and Harry are from their actual words in interviews and podcasts, (of which there are far too many for a couple seeking ‘privacy’) their actions when Prince Philip was known to be dying and the Queen first grieving then in failing health.
      Surely it’s not ‘right wing’ to expect respect for one’s grandparents?

      • Josie —very well written. Thank you.
        Lady C has said that when the truth comes about about their private behavior (whilst they knew that PP was dying) and up until now (the elder abuse of the Queen) there will be nowhere on Earth for them to hide. I didn’t watch the Oprah interview, but they both laughed at the end (it’s audible—was not edited out). How despicable. Harry has candidly talked about his past drug abuse when he was in the military and he’s been upfront about his current mental health issues. I hope he gets the help he needs. Then he might be able to break free.

    • Another way of looking at the popularity of Harry and Meghan with the 18-24year olds is that age group are simply too naive and haven’t lived enough yet to see through the poor-me, victim act. It’s very easy to idolise people who have beauty and the trappings of success when you’re young. Some grow out of it, but a good many don’t hence those still thinking Diana was flawless.

      • I think much more than that ! Venus will make him very attractive and sought after to the Californians
        And also it trines just natal Venus
        Maybe surprises in store

          • Dear Jennifer

            Prince Harry has spoken how being made to walk behind his mother’s coffin in public has been a lasting trauma – Also what we do not know – what happened after Diana’s death – he had a very loving mom and then she was gone – The Queen did help and took the place but of course she could not be there all the time -and He Loved her, – He is not fond of Camilla – we do not know what happened – but Prince William came out recently that he will be a hands on father – Neglect is a form of possible abuse- Prince Harry does understand suffering – Also he and Meghan are very very protective of their children – rarely posting photos and so on – this is also important to note,

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