Russia – at a game-changing turning point

Russia is moving into 2023 facing a significant and humiliating failure in Ukraine but the economy is holding up better than expected.  Sanctions against Russian exports, important in the medium and long term, proved ineffective in the short term because high energy prices continued to fill the state’s coffers. Though the population’s assessment of its current situation and its economic expectations have deteriorated sharply in recent months.

  The Russia 8 November 1917 chart had its Scorpio Sun triggered by the November Lunar Eclipse suggesting tensions would escalate, especially since this Eclipse was conjunct the erratic, unstable Uranus square Saturn. Tr Uranus returns to oppose the Russia Sun and square the Saturn in Leo for a final time mid January 2023 to early February. But will continue on to square the Russia Uranus from May 2023 onwards which will be a moment to pause and rethink what lies ahead. Putin first became president in 2000 on the Russia 1917 Uranus Return – so it might be fitting if he exited on the first square. It could also see a restive population rising up to show their displeasure at his dictatorship.

  His 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05 am, was always heading for a turbulent possibly terminal phase in 2023. Tr Pluto starts the destabilising square to the Uranus from mid February 2023, on and off till late 2024 – administrations often tumble during this time. Plus there is a Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars, exactly in 6 months which is trapped, enraging, unable to proceed, high risk. He will have some luck up his sleeve mid March to early May 2023 as tr Uranus hits the Sun opposition Jupiter, but it could also lead to over confidence tripping him up.

  The Bank of Russia, 13 July 1990, won’t escape the almighty crunch coming as Pluto moves into Aquarius in late March – which is also affecting the US Federal Reserve and Bank of England – since it will square the BoR Mars at zero Taurus; with a devastating Solar Arc Neptune squaring the BoR Pluto late 2023. So there will be massive challenges on the economic front.

  Alexander Lukashenko’s 6th Term chart as ruler of Belarus, 23 September 2020, is feeling the strain late 2023 and hitting the buffers in 2024 so whatever plans he has for perhaps assisting Putin in a further assault on Ukraine won’t work well.

  Modern Belarus has much the same chart as Ukraine – which is why I really don’t like these modern charts, though the 1918 ones aren’t much better.

  Russia and the USA will continue to be at loggerheads with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars throughout 2023; and even the much punted entente cordiale with China looks mired in confusion in 2023/24 and worse in 2025.

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  1. Visegrád 24, an English-language news aggregator that reports on news from Central and Eastern Europe, reported that Russian banks are running out of cash as long lines form around ATM machines in cities throughout Russia. They say that the Russian Ruble is down nearly 20% to the USD in recent weeks.

    It appears the astrological predictions of Russia’s economy going into drastic decline are starting to come to fruition

    • @Chris Romero, was coming here to report the same and for a “see, I told ya”. Because it’d only going to become worse towards New Year and Orthodox Christmas! Obviously, could be partially logistics, but they are not even in the “high high” season yet.

      Also, must point out that Visegrád is ran from Hungary and thus can’t escape Orbán’s control. They never criticize Orbán explicitly and also have an anti-EU spin. However, the stories on cash running out were already all around Telegraph channels and other news outlets, so credible.

  2. Hello. I know that I reference Jessica Adams a bit. She’s predicting downfall of both Trump and Putin in March. There’s a Vedic astrologer I follow who thinks Trump will be indicted in March. Adams thinks MM might lose the Duchess title in March. Just thinking that if MM and Harry do help to destroy the Crown and the Commonwealth ultimately disbands, Russia and China could step in and try to grab even more resources of those Commonwealth nations.

  3. Some thoughts here:

    Knowing how Russians are used to spending their holiday season, there will be lot of pressure on Putin for making this season miserable. Foreign travel limited, price of valued imported goods skyrocketing due to them having to be triangulated through countries less and less willing to collaborate. It’s going to blow at some point!

    Putin looking weak. Physically, but also mentally. Remember all the talk on how Russia only understands power in foreign relationships? Well, that’s true for internal politics, too. 1917 Revolution would not have happened with Alexander II or III, although the former was assassinated. But both were seen as strong rulers, with their own minds (and “peaceful” established Ohrana, internal service that would develop into KGB and FSB). Putin is starting to appear weak. There are no sharks circling, but this could in fact lead to a development in Russian History not seen since the early 17th century Time of Troubles, which ultimately led to Romanovs taking the throne. There are many historic figures Putin has compared himself to, but never Boris Godunov. Still, I get a very Boris Godunov feeling of him.

  4. Velina Tchakarova, who is the Director of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES), posted something quite alarming on Twitter yesterday. She wrote:

    “Major escalation is likely to happen in the next two months ahead of the first anniversary of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Moscow may be preparing for a military offensive while increasing the missile attacks on cities & civilians to further destroy the critical infrastructure.”

    In other words, many geopolitical, foreign policy, and international relations experts believe Belarus is going to assist the Russian Federation with an invasion of Ukraine from the north.

    If Belarus involves herself in this war, will the European Union and NATO finally take action…or will they sit on the fence and make a bunch of idle threats like they normally do? Honestly, pacifism and peace are wonderful concepts but if the EU and NATO continue allowing that spoiled fascist brat, Vladimir Putin, to continue getting his way (especially at the expense of innocent people), then perhaps all of Europe will end up living under Putin’s occupation. After all, Vladimir Putin and his supporters do believe in the “Eurasianism” concept – under the aegis of Russian hegemony.

    • @Chris Romero, obviously Russia is planning an escalation, but there is a line between “want” and “can”.

      To start with, Belarus people are not happy with Putin’s War. What might have been literally half of the population rose to contest Lukashenka in 2020. He is in loose-loose -situation: His power entirely depends on Russia backing him. But if he does what Putin asks him to do, he loses to.

      In addition, think about what’s there, West of Belarus. While Macrons and Scholtzs of this World may seem to waver, the next step for Putin in the West would be Poland. Completely and utterly unwavering in their support of Ukraine, and never bending a knee.

  5. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy was welcomed and received very warmly here in the United States by our President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When Zelenskyy came out onto the floor, Harris, Pelosi, and all of Congress clapped enthusiastically for such a long time.

    Zelenskyy addressed Congress in English (which I only recently found out he could speak) and thanked the U.S. Government and the American people for being so supportive of Ukraine and helping the Ukrainian people. Zelenskyy gave a cross for Military Merit medal to Biden….and he also a Ukrainian flag given to him by defenders of Bakhmut to Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. The United States has helped Ukraine more than any other nation and we will continue to help them.

    I’m also happy to read that the U.S. will be providing Ukraine with the Patriot Missile Defense System and an additional $1.85 billion package in aid.

    Despite these horrific and challenging times, I feel very optimistic about Ukraine’s future. As for the fascist Russian Federation, I do hope that Vladimir Putin meets his demise soon. I also hoope the Russian people will eventually end up with a civilized, humane leader who can transition the Russian Federation from a barbaric society into a civilized nation that respects human life and people who are different from them.

    As for the politically corrupt developing nations in the Global South that enabling the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by supporting Vladimir Putin, I hope Karma pays all of their leaders a visit as well. I’m already noticing cracks in Putin’s Global South “Firewall.” For example, Morocco recently became the first African nation to start supplying military aid to Ukraine. President Biden has shown an immense interest in the U.S. investing more in African nations (which could counteract China and Russia’s influence in the continent), and India (a staunch passive-aggressive ally of the Russian Federation) and the U.S. have already been strengthening military ties and have been engaging in many joint military exercises.

  6. The rumours surrounding Putin’s deteriorating health and increasing use of body doubles are only growing. His ‘unexpected’ demise would certainly be a game changer. The cancellation of his end-of-year address seems telling.
    But it is all just speculation.

    • @SuHu, March is notariously bad month for Russian/Soviet rulers, and although I would not necessarily say Putin will die next March, it would be only too ironic if he died one March.

      • @ Solaia,

        It’s interesting that you mentioned March 2023. One of the psychics / Tarot readers I follow keeps seeing Putin having a tragic time around March 2023.

        Astrologically speaking, is there any aspects in particular that stand out that would suggest March 2023 as being the beginning of the end for Putin…or at least a very hard time for him?

        • @Chris Romero, it’s not 2023, necessarily. But Stalin died March 5th. Ivan the Terrible March 28th. There are a couple of others, I think, to a point to make this a very grim joke among peoples oppressed by Russian rulers.

          Also, I honestly don’t find Putin himself interesting anymore, but who is BEHIND Putin. Who is either power hungry or stupid, or maybe both, enough to try to seize the moment once Vova’s cures don’t work (I personally think he does, indeed, have cancer).

        • @Chris Romero, it’s not 2023, necessarily. But Stalin died March 5th. Ivan the Terrible March 28th. There are a couple of others, I think, to a point to make this a very grim joke among peoples oppressed by Russian rulers.

          Also, I honestly don’t find Putin himself interesting anymore, but who is BEHIND Putin. Who is either power hungry or stupid, or maybe both, enough to try to seize the moment once Vova’s cures don’t work (I personally think he does, indeed, have cancer that’s going to take him before Parkinson’s).

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