Capricorn Ingress – a marker for the solstice

The winter solstice is here with the Ingress on December 21st of the Sun into Capricorn, planet of the threshold between the old year and the new. Capricorn is creative given its dual nature of being immersed in the unconscious realm of ideas (the fishy tail) and the earthy realm of material ambition (the mountain-climbing goat). Ingress charts are deemed to give a hint of the theme for the next three months though opinions vary amongst astrologers as to how much illumination they actually throw on upcoming events.

  This Ingress has the Capricorn Sun exactly square a go-ahead Jupiter just into Aries, which should produce an upbeat mood – which hardly fits the prevailing wind. Plus an aggravated Moon opposition a retrograde Mars in Gemini. The irritable push-pull Saturn square is still in place tied into the Nodes.

  Not sure I am any the wiser – anyone who likes to comment, feel free.

  Looking at last year’s Capricorn Ingress set for Kyiv there is an emotionally intense Cancer on on the Ascendant opposition Pluto Venus in Capricorn which might suggest problems with control-freak partners/neighbours but wouldn’t exactly headline invasion. – with Mars in the 5th and Jupiter in the 8th as well as Saturn.

  Anyway I put them up as talking points.

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  1. This year’s Capricorn Ingress in Washington DC, with its Sun conjunct DSC and squared by a 10th House Jupiter, significantly marks the very day President Zelensky met with President Biden and the US Congress for a prominent show of US support and partnership with Ukraine.

    The Ingress Mars, retrograde and in the 12th House, opposes the 9 Sagittarius Moon (and President Biden’s natal Saturn, at 10 Sagittarius) – suggesting plans, concerns, doubts ‘behind’ the big show of US support and weaponry for Ukraine? As transiting Mars stations and turns direct January 12 at 8 Gemini (opposing the Ingress Moon) will we see critical timing or a new phase begin in the Ukraine war? And/or increasing needs or disagreement involving the US (Biden)?

    • I think you are spot on, pdw, and you make a very good point about the Mars station opposite the ingress Moon in January, which is also conjunct the US Uranus at 8 Gemini in charts set for July 4, 1776. The ingress along with the Jupiter station the day before also seems to be behind the massive storm that is occurring from coast to coast across the US and Canada and as far south as Florida and the Texas-Mexico border! I thought the astrocartography map for the ingress was illuminating with severe Pluto on the MC through the western US and Canada and Saturn on the MC through central Canada and the US (vertical through Minneapolis) among other things. See a map of Canada and most of the US here: Thanks for your thoughts, pdw! I live in BC, Canada and am staying cozy and warm inside while the snow accumulates outside! Merry Christmas Everyone!

      • Thanks for adding on, Laurien. Interesting take on the US and Canadian weather reflected in the ingress. Here in Georgia it’s been awfully cold and many are dealing with pipes bursting and no water on Christmas day (a severe Pluto, for sure.)

        Merry Christmas & hope all stay warm and well!

        • Well, I really loved your comment! Sorry to hear your state has been hit so badly. Here in BC we had a Christmas Eve highway bus crash that killed four people within 2 degrees of that Pluto line. 🙁 We have about 2 feet of snow now but that is not unusual where I live so we are prepared for it, although my poor husband has spent Christmas morning clearing snow! I hope people in your area can have their repairs done quickly and that everyone can make up for this interrupted Christmas with a great celebration at New Year’s! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also!

  2. December 25th is the symbolic birthday of several deities, including Dionysus, god of wine, the arts, vegetation, transformative frenzy and ritual madness. A fascinating figure, born of both woman, Semele, and man (his father Zeus also gave birth to him from his thigh). Ecstatic, theatrical, and of no fixed sexuality, Dionysus was bigender, and a magical shape-shifter. Celebrations of his birth, the Twelve Days of Dionysus, began just after the Winter Solstice. Dionysus was often crowned with ivy.

    Today, asteroid Dionysus entered 0 Libra, opposing his ‘father’ Jupiter/Zeus, and squaring the Solstice Sun. I like this symbolism. Although asteroids can sometimes seem like ridiculous extras, there are times, such as this one, when they crop up at deeply symbolic moments.

  3. I use the ingress charts regularly in my quarterly forecasts for Canada and I think they do pick up on important themes around the time of the ingress, if not for the entire season. As an example, the Capricorn ingress Sun and Moon fall in Canada’s 6th house and as one of your readers noticed, the Sun is conjunct Hygeia. The Moon is opposite Mars in the 12th house associated with hospitals. Our health system is currently overwhelmed with a tripledemic of flu, RSV, and COVID-19, and one of our opposition party leaders even tried to get an emergency debate in the House of Commons on the matter but failed. In addition, the federal and provincial governments are at war over health transfer payments. The ingress Jupiter which is square the Sun falls in Canada’s 10th house of government and surprisingly, a new poll out today shows the Trudeau Liberal government with a year-end bump in approval when just a short time ago they were 5 points behind the Conservatives and their new leader.

    I think the Ceres-Sun-Hygeia-Jupiter t-square is reflected globally in issues of starvation, health, and basic sanitation due to the war in Ukraine, natural disasters, and political unrest. The Sun-Jupiter square may represent political pressure on global governments notably from the UN which has asked for a record-breaking amount of money for humanitarian aid. This pattern could also relate to the COP-15 conference on biodiversity which is concluding today in Montreal with Ceres being a sort of earth mother archetype.

    I also find the astrocartography lines at ingresses are relevant and show areas of concern. For example, the excitable Moon-Mars opposition with both bodies out of bounds is on the ASC-DSC axis through Peru which is suffering great unrest. Neptune is on the IC through Beijing and COVID-19 is spreading rapidly through China since restrictions were relaxed. The ingress can be a great weather indicator too, especially when planets are on the IC or in the 4th house. For example, at the Libra Ingress this year Mars was on the IC through central British Columbia, Canada, my home province. Instead of our usual rainy fall weather we had a prolonged drought that killed tens of thousands of fish returning to spawn, caused states of emergency in some areas due to low water reservoirs, and extended our fire season well into the fall.

    Monitoring the astrocartography lines has taught me that the ingress usually kicks in about a month in advance and is probably strongest for a month or so afterwards. I agree with other comments you have made though that the eclipse charts are more dramatic. But I still think the ingress charts are worth studying. Thanks, Marjorie, for initiating this discussion!

    • PS The Sun is on the IC over Kherson and Jupiter is on the DSC over nearby Mykolaiv in the Cap Ingress chart which suggests a continued focus in this area and perhaps even some success for the Ukrainian forces there this quarter? Ceres is on the ascendant through western Ukraine suggesting continued food and agricultural concerns.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. Yes, I agree with Hugh about the unsettled energy. Also, I noticed the Sagittarian Moon is one degree off aligning with red fixed star Antares, Heart of the Scorpion at 9 Sagittarius. Great energy there. Archangel Oriel is said to be associated with the star’s symbolism – the Watcher of the West. Possibly good for science and creative endeavours, but a turbulent time with strong Martian and possibly Saturnian overtones. Oriel, Uriel, or Auriel stands at the gates of Eden with his flaming sword. Not so well known in Western traditions, but more prominent in the Russian Orthodox church. The 1st December 1991 chart for Ukraine’s independence has Sun at 9 Sagittarius.

    • Re Oriel and connection to Antares, can you amplify re Michael and connection to Aldebaran please, also it is worth remembering Sirius and the connection with the Heart of Jesus, thank you.

      • Virginia – I’m not sure what you mean? The four Royal Stars of Persia have also been connected with the four archangels, and the four points of the equinoxes and solstices thousands of years ago – as I’m sure you know already. There’s all the other ancient myths and legends associated with these, and other, fixed stars too. I just love all the layers of meaning connecting us today with our ancient history, and the beauty of the night sky. I do also think the fixed stars’ meanings often work in astrology, particularly mundane astrology – and when they align with a planet, or eclipse point.

  5. The Ingress Chart has the Moon/Mercury midpoint conjunct the Sun in the 4th, Sun/Pluto midpoint is conjunct Venus in the 5th house and Venus/ Pluto midpoint is conjunct Mercury. Perhaps a good old fashioned sex scandal in the New year involving a prominent person. Or Harry’s book revealing a torrid secret, for gossip?

  6. Planets on the angles are Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th House Neptune in Pisces in the 7th House and Mars retrograde in Gemini the 10th House. The sign on the ascendant is Virgo so Mutable energy dominates the chart. The planet associated with Virgo is Mercury at 20 Capricorn in the Fifth House . Mars retrograde opposes the waning Moon. With all those mutable signs on the angles I would say that everything is unsettled. The opposition of the Moon representing the people in 4th House opposition the Mars in the 10th House of government suggest unresolved issues and tensions in domestic politics. Neptune in the 7th House relationships suggests possible illusions or confusion over foreign policy issues. At the moment the war in the Ukraine and the impact of energy prices on general inflation is feeding back into existing domestic problems for the U.K.

    Jupiter ruler of a nations wealth is highlighted at 0 Aries as it is starting a new cycle in the 8th House of shared resources, taxes. The square to the Sun suggests a danger of excess if moderation is not applied. Mercury in the 5th can be linked to markets and financial speculation

  7. I notice Hygeia is conjunct the sun in the Capricorn Ingress chart. Are we getting healthier? but then it’s square to the Ceres /Jupiter opposition.

    I notice that Capricorn Ingress Venus is square the Nodal access of the 1801 chart is this Good? Any more signs of a splitting apart. Some Astrologers I listened to think the 1801 chart is almost finished: is this a thing?

    Many thanks for all your posts…I hope you have a happy Christmastime.

    • @Hugh, obviously, house positions are tied to geography, and I think I’m going to set the chart for Moscow once I get to my private computer. But I actually think London skies work well for “dark money” capital of the World. I suspect things will be revealed.

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