Messi & Mbappe – the golden boys

The golden ball met the golden boot on the pitch in Doha and although only one could win, both Argentinian Lionel Messi and French Kylian Mbappe put on world class performances. Messi achieved the one title that had eluded him in a long and glorious career as he ponders retirement in the near future. And Mbappe, the tournament’s overall top goal scorer, pulled France out of the doldrums late on with two goals inside 97 seconds to draw even and then managed a hat trick third in penalty time.  

  Messi, considered one of the best players of all time, was born 24 June 1987 8.30pm Rosario, Argentina, is a Sun Cancer opposition Neptune and trine an influential 10th house Pluto, with an exuberant Mars in Cancer square a family-oriented Jupiter in Aries on his IC. His restless Moon Venus in Gemini in his sporting 5th house opposes a fiery Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius.

  He said this would be his last World Cup though his manager refused to commit himself. With an Aquarius Ascendant he does have tr Saturn moving through his lower profile First Quadrant now and ahead which is when energy and fired-up ambitions tend to sag. So retiring at the top may be the way to go. By late 2020 he was reckoned to be earning over $1 billion a year.

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  Kylian Mbappé is now reportedly the highest-paid footballer in the world and has been playing internationally for France since he was 18.

  He was born 20 December 1998 1.47am Paris in a council estate into a sporting family. His father, originally from Cameroon, is his agent and a football coach, while his mother, from Algeria and is a former handball player. Two brothers also play.

His birthday is today and he should be celebrating his remarkable hat trick despite France’s defeat. He has a quick-witted 3rd house Sagittarius Sun with Moon Venus in Capricorn on his IC, hinting at close family relations. His Sun is in a confident, expansive square to Jupiter and in trine to serious, sensible, self-reliant Saturn in Aries. His Libra Ascendant has a go-ahead Mars sitting on it sextile Pluto Mercury in Sagittarius.

  His chart is unlike Messi’s though Mbappe does have an entrepreneurial and self-confident Fire Grand Trine of Sun to Saturn to a leadership Leo North Node so he is capable of following his ‘impossible dream’ and making it real.   

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  1. Thanks Marjorie – what an amazing final it was. I’d wanted Argentina to win for Messi’s last World Cup hoorah. He is such an extraordinary sight to see. And, as the French say, Mbappe has many more years ahead of him. the little scene between Mbappe and Macron was quite hilarious, if uncomfortable. Curiously, Messi’s childhood inspiration, Scorpio Maradona, also has Mars in Cancer and a mutable Moon, in Pisces. I had not really got into this World Cup at all, because of all the scandals, corruption etc. etc. However, I couldn’t resist the Final. And it turned out to be a game to remember.

  2. One thing that strikes me about their charts is that they both have Venus conj. Moon. I don’t know if this shows up in other sporting geniuses, but it could give them both the time to play with grace under pressure.

  3. Thanks Marjorie for including these 2 superb players. It was such a delight to watch them. They remind me of Roger Ferderer in their natural ability and grace as well as their sportsmanship. I wonder if there is an astrological marker for the latter?

    • @saborg, I remembered Michel Gauquilin going through birth records, which, in France, have carried exact TOB since Napoleonic times and finding support on Mars being prominant on athletes’ chart. Googled this, and apparently, he could not replicate. But I just wonder if, considering what exactly makes athletes great, this actually holds some truth in cases where people simply have extraordinary physical capabilities. Mbappé seems to be just your perfect football striker physically.

      Messi, on the other hand, has a different talent. He has never been the fastest guy on the pitch, neither extraordinary physically. But his precision, his capacity to read the game, “spacial intelligence” are inspiring. Since I became a football fan exactly because I loved how the game is played over a limited space, I’ve often thought about whether there’s a marker for this, but maybe should look more profoundly. I know that from the players I’ve seen live – television really distorts the view – our own Jari Litmanen was the best I’ve seen, and I hear many who who have seen him telling he was a genius. So I really must go to see “Litti’s” chart on this, unfortunately I don’t think there’s TOB floating around, and only remember his Pisces Sun right now.

      • Messi has a Sun opposition Neptune which is surprisingly common amongst top athletes – not what you’d expect of lacklustre, wimpy Neptune. It needs to be reinterpreted in astrology.

        • In my personal experience, Neptune square Sun (and moon) has allowed me to commit all-in to stuff – to immerse my self. To push my self to my limits and sacrifice myself to the cause. It is only in recent years I’ve come to realise most do not share the same passion but are held back by their egos.

          Boris Becker, who is just in the news after his prison release, seems like a good example of both the good and bad side of having Sun-Neptune conjunction.

  4. It was wonderful to watch these two super talented players yesterday, so impressive! I thought Mbappé was incredible, and I have to say that his reaction to Macron’s attempts to console him was comical. Incidentally, it’s interesting to see Mbappé’s Mars in Libra making a progressive trine to Uranus in Aquarius – Mbappé dated the transgender model, Ines Rau for a time, also of Algerian heritage.

    • @Virgoflake, yes, what an interesting tidbit on astrology here! Mbappe is also said to be a “practising Christian” on his Wiki entry, and attended a Catholic school. So how very “Gen Z” from him to combine a personal faith to some very progressive personal choices. Generationally, I’d say this likely is due to that Aquarius Uranus/Neptune early Gen Zers have.

    • @virgoflake
      ” his reaction to macron’ s attempts to console him”….
      In france, everybody knows the ” rumour” that macron is gay and like to paw young men, preferably coloured ones. Many jokes going on at the moment about macron’s love of football” changing rooms”
      Mbappe tried obviouly to escape the ” embrace” .
      It seems that the picture has been removed from the net.
      Anyway, it is the talk of the day

  5. Thanks Majorie that was an exciting game and finale! I was rooting for both teams. Happy for Messi, Mbappe has many more to come. Enjoyed it!!!!!

    • @Km, yes, I was intended to boycott, but as a parent of a young football player, this proofed difficult, and now I’m happy I ended up watching the final. I was rooting for Argentina, mainly due to deep ties “my team” Inter has with Argentinian players and coaches. This time, Lautaro Martinez had a good chance of widening Inter’s gap as a league team whose players have scored most goals in World Cup Finals, and at least helped with Messi’s 3-2 goal. And Walter Samuel, who remains a fan favorite for “interisti” up to the day, was in Argentina’s coaching team.

      Re. Mbappe, if he stays injury free in 10 years time there may not be much discussion on “all time greatest”. Even with physical preparation footballers in general undergo has come forward significantly even since the 1990’s, he seems to have all that and completely outstanding natural capabilities – I’d love to see the results of his muscular elasticity tests, whether they’d be more akin to those of top gymnasts than football player, because in a way what he does reminds me of Simone Biles.

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