Royal weddings – the dream and the reality

Wedding charts can be surprisingly informative about the course and nature of the marriage that follows.

  Charles and Diana’s wedding, 29 July 1981, bizarrely six days before Meghan Markle was born, had the same flamboyant Leo Sun conjunct the North Node but also the emotionally volatile Mars in Cancer conjunct Moon square Saturn Jupiter in Libra. Storms and tempests were likely to follow. Mercury square Pluto and trine Uranus amplified the argumentative, stubborn streak as well. The divorce, 28 August 1996, came as tr Saturn in Aries hard aspected the Mars and Jupiter Saturn – though the split had been widening in the years before.

 Queen Elizbeth 11’s wedding to Prince Philip, 20 November 1947 11am-ish was an eye-opener with a Scorpio Sun opposition Taurus North Node square Mars Saturn (and Pluto) in Leo opposition an Aquarius Moon.  Certainly designed for the long haul with incredible endurance but not exactly sweetness and light. Grimly determined and one sided with Philip having to swallow his pride and take on a less masculine role causing resentment.

 Charles’ second wedding to Camilla with a Sun, Venus, Moon in Aries trine Pluto and opposition Jupiter was a happier affair though a Saturn square to the Sun Venus put duty squarely centre-frame.

  Prince William’s wedding, 29 April 2011 11.30am had a Sun trine Pluto sextile Neptune, hinting at the ambitions that lay behind the match. There was an exuberant Mars Jupiter in Aries; as well as a downbeat, dutiful Saturn opposition Venus square Pluto in the entertaining 5th house. Duty and performance in the public eye went hand in hand. A hidden 8th house Pisces Moon would keep emotions well out of sight.

Prince Harry’s wedding, 19 May 2018 12.39 pm, like William’s had a 10th house Taurus Sun trine a 5th house Pluto, sextile a 7th house Neptune – ambition reigned supreme. But two things mark it out. One is an explosive, volatile Mars square Uranus which is being triggered this year and through 2024/25 by tr Pluto. The other is the super-amplified Pluto which is the driving planet of a Kite in opposition to a Cancer Moon trine Neptune trine Jupiter – power, betrayal, an over whelming desire to grab attention. A negative 5th house Pluto can suggest domination by one or other partner and over control of children.

  But the Razzie for the worst ever Royal wedding has to go to Prince Albert and the oh-so-sad Charlene, 1 July 2011 which took place with the Sun and Moon opposition Pluto square Saturn opposition Uranus so it was always going to be a roller coaster of repeating crises.

  Not that his father’s marriage to Grace Kelly was exactly seamless harmony. The wedding on 18 April 1956 had an ethereal Sun opposition Neptune trine/sextile a flashy power-couple Jupiter Pluto in Leo. But the unrealistic Sun opposition Neptune squared Mars and opposed Uranus for a bumpy path ahead.

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  1. There has been talk about Sarah Chatto being brought in by the royal family to help with vacancy left by the Harkles. So I second the request for a reading as I know very little about her other than her role in Charles and Diana’s wedding and the fact that she was Princess ,Margaret’s daughter.

  2. I am always interested in reading about the delightfully low-key, perennially elegant Lady Sarah Chatto.
    Her quiet 1994 wedding to Daniel Chatto was almost 30 years ago, so facing its saturn return now or soon.
    Some lovely video footage of that wedding. Looking at Wimbledon tennis photos from this year, Sarah is the double of the late Queen.
    That resemblance continues in Princess Charlotte.

  3. This is a great topic. I second (third?) the requests for an astrological look at the Felipe-Letizia wedding and relationship. If time permits, I also would be fascinated to get a look at the charts for his parents’- the long-suffering but admired Sophia and the oft-straying Juan Carlos- match. Thank you.

  4. Considering Letizia and Felipe and Mary and Frederick have just been exposure for cheating by the Spanish press and that Victoria and Daniel had to deny rumors of an affair a few months ago it would definitely be interesting to see their charts.

  5. I was listening to the “Rest is History” podcast about Ronald Reagan – and it turns out it wasn’t Nancy who was interested in astrology, it was Ronnie.

    He insisted on consulting an astrologer to pick the date for his wedding to Nancy. The astrologer must have been good because the marriage was successful. Would be interested in an analysis of his wedding chart.

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    Anything you can add about actor Jonathan Majors and his ex ? Curious what his chart says about him. Thought he was deigned for stratospheric success…


  7. Picking a wedding date is tough I’d guess – where you’ve got a choice of around 20 Saturdays, unless you’re willing to step outside of a May-Sep window and go for a weekday. More problematic for first weddings than 2nd (or 3rd …) ones.

    On top of that, once couples decide to get married they’re probably doing it in the next couple of years so if there are big aspects in play (e.g. Uranus-Pluto which lasted 3-5 years) – your options may be even more limited.

    And that’s before you even begin to think about VOC moons and more specific aspects that might be happening on a particular date.

    There’s going to be a compromise somewhere along the line

    • What is curious and inexplicable is how often the wedding chart matches the relationship chart of the couple. I will try to dig out some examples tomorrow

      • It’s almost like you believe in this astrology lark ?!?! 😀

        There are some events in my life that timed perfectly with the transits but the setup happened at least a year in advance and you could never have predicted them playing out how they did. E.g. joining a company that subsequently changed CEO and a year later the culture changed massively.

        I guess maybe as a wedding is a joint venture, somehow the couple who must have created a particular dynamic to reach that stage (whether a good or bad dynamic) somehow sense that upcoming moment. It gives support to the use of orbs.

    • There was a lovely wedding video of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary on youtube. The music was zadok the priest as she walked down the aisle, one of my faves.

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