European Royal weddings – pomp and no privacy

Life in the Royal goldfish bowl comes with wealth and privilege at the cost of lack of privacy with rumours constantly swirling, some true some not, about the state of Royal marriages.

 King Felipe and Queen Letizia are latest in line with lurid tales of her alleged affair continuing after her marriage with a man who subsequently married Felipe’s sister. All hotly denied.  Letizia was a well-known television news journalist before she married, a divorce and shock-horror a commoner, but deemed by many as boosting the monarchy after Juan Carlos’s many missteps. But she was not well received by snobs, some of whom referred to her as “the maid”.

  The wedding on 22 May 2004 11.49am Madrid, had an upbeat, adventurous Jupiter opposition Uranus square Sun and a passionate Venus opposition Pluto. But there was also a teeth-gritting, aggravated Moon, Mars, Saturn trine Uranus hinting at the criticism and the strain ahead in the marriage.

  She is quite a scratchy personality, 16 September 1972 6.24pm Oviedo, Spain, with a difficult T quare of Sagittarius Moon opposition Saturn square Sun Mars in Virgo with her Uranus in the 8th and her Pluto on the cusp.

  Felipe, 30 January 1968 12.45 pm Madrid, has Neptune in his 7th house of relationships square his Aquarius Moon and an erratic Uranus Pluto in his romantic 5th along with Jupiter. Letizia’s Sun Mars is conjunct his Uranus Pluto so it always was a highly volatile mix.

 Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Neptune bringing high hopes and unrealism to the match with a power-struggling composite Pluto square Mars, which often occurs with Royal relationships because of the power imbalance. Tr Saturn is putting a damper on their togetherness as it squares the composite Sun this year. There may be more upsets when tr Uranus opposes the composite Neptune Sun in 2025 but neither of their Sun/Moon midpoints looks wrenched apart until later in the decade.

Married the same year were Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark, on 14 May 2004, so the wedding chart had the same grin-and-bear-it but irritable Mars Saturn trine Uranus; with a passionate Venus opposition Pluto and Pluto inconjunct Sun.    Recently there were rumours of his  alleged affair with a Mexican socialite.  Princess Mary retaliated by sharing a  clip of her, Prince Frederik and their four children decorating the Christmas tree.

  Frederik, 26 May 1968 11.40pm Copenhagen, is a New Moon in Gemini with an erratic, troubled Pluto Uranus conjunction in his 8th. Mary, 5 February 1972 Hobart, Australia, no birth time, has her Aquarius Sun in his 1st which is positive though her Mars in Aries is conjunct his Saturn which will produce rough edges, her Saturn is conjunct his Venus and IC and her Pluto, Uranus and Moon are in his 8th – quite a pressure cooker set of aspects.

  Their relationship chart has an aggravated, one-sided composite Mars Saturn conjunction maybe square Moon; with a yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Venus. He’s feeling a chill at home with tr Saturn conjunct his New Moon in Gemini in the 4th this year and next. With upheavals and disruptions on their relationship chart as tr Uranus is conjunct the composite Mars 10th of this month to mid March. More shocks to come.

  Crown Princess Victoria married her trainer Daniel Westling on 19 June 2010 at 3.30pm in Stockholm.  When there was a powerful, exuberant and tricky Grand Cross of Sun opposition Pluto square a lively Jupiter Uranus opposition Saturn. Equal quantities of fun, adventure, duty and over-control.  They have been shutting down recent speculation that their marriage is on the rocks.

  Their relationship chart has an affectionate Sun Venus conjunction in a fiery square to Mars; with a power-couple Jupiter opposition Pluto; and a high-tension Saturn square Uranus. It is going through an upheaval this year and next with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Uranus.

  The flagrantly unfaithful Juan Carlos of Spain married Princess Sophia  on 14 May 1962 10 am Athens, Greece with a super-confident Jupiter opposition Pluto square Mercury Venus in place; with a dynamic Mars in Aries on the midheaven and a cool Saturn in the 7th.  But it is not nearly as fraught as some of the above charts.  She had a Scorpio Sun opposition Uranus in her chart so would be used to independent-minded men. Juan Carlos’s Sun Venus fell in her 7th and his Jupiter in her 8th, with his Moon conjunct her Jupiter. And the relationship chart, though strained was not too horrific. Maybe in some odd way it suited her.

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  1. Was interested to see my how parents chart looked then realised it’s a month before Juan Carlos, and their best friends were less than a month after!

    Both marriages have lasted the course and no affairs or dalliances. My parents chart has a t-square with a Taurus venus slotting into the Saturn-Neptune square. It’s also interesting how my own natal chart slots into it and describes a lot of the tension I have with them.

  2. With the coming of Age of Aquarius, isn’t it hard to have dinosaurs like monarchy? If all are celebrities of a micro kind on their SMART phones and social media then they don’t need the aristocracy as the can have a semblance of that electronically. Same with religion and Age of Aquarius. It is a shame, in my opinion, not for religion actually, but for community and especially the inter-generational mixing of children with elders, that we are losing with The Church. That seems to thrive in the UK with Sikhs and East European churches and their children seem more balanced and more like children than our secularised teens in their false lashes and tattoos. Maybe I am old fashioned though. It is just my view. Age of Aquarius does tend, I understand, to more electronic and more inclusive interaction, and to the making of ‘own religious practices’ but it is lacking in human interaction via screens a lot? I doubt whether monarchy can last much longer anywhere as people have seen through the class system. Church in the UK would be nice if it were somehow revisited and Sunday Schools [of a contemporary kind] could be funded and promoted by the government to try to improve and socialise our young ones. Age of Aquarius is a mixed blessing Marjorie.

    • Age of Aquarius is a controversial topic and no one really knows when it began – or if it began at all. Nor when will it if it hasn’t. Sometimes it’s just best to leave it at rest, though you do bring interesting points.

      • @ El Aznar, that’s how I regard the monarchy, especially after Brexit, “probably just best to leave it at rest”. The institution of the monarchy, nowadays a sort of void, is pivotal to the British/UK system. No one knows what all the effects which permeate our systems and us, the poor old populace, would be if you took it out. The known unknowns are bad enough, the unknown unknowns and unintendent consequences worse. The faith reformers have in a written constitution is touching, given that we live in an age of incompetence. The hurry they’d be in to impose it, let alone considering the demands of vested interests and lobbyists, would guarantee to screw things up. To paraphrase Winston Churchill’s comment on democracy, it may be flawed but it’s as good as it is likely to get, given that we’ve got it and had it for over a thousand years.
        The family who personify the monarchy are increasingly irritating, but they are not really the issue. You could say they are a good lightening rod for current discontents. They can be dealt with. Their financial arrangements definitely need to be exposed. As far as their marriages go, I feel sorry for them. If most of our lives came under the spot light I doubt that we’d look that great. Life, especially emotional life is tough for everyone, but under constant social media and global exposure it’s punishing.

  3. Felipe, Frederik, and Juan Carlos weddings all have Venus in Gemini.

    Being so close in date, Felipe and Frederik weddings also have the Mars conjunct Saturn aspect, both in 11th house, which is the consequences of the same, Leo, ascendant.

    Sadly, the astrology seems to show that behind the glittering veneer and mediatic cheer lies quite a different story, even though the frozeness and almost stunnedness Felipe sometimes appears to show in public and Letizia’s cold, distant, almost at time resentful and angry at Felipe attitude in public speaks of a lot else. Or maybe I am misreading.

    Similar story with the Danes: Frederik often appears jolly and cheery while Mary shows these controlled, tiny royal smiles, but the Mexiacn socialite story really is a bomb and a shocker.

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