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  1. Heather Mills has sadly announced that her pioneering vegan food company – Vbites, (formerly Redwoods) has gone into liquidation after 30 years.
    I think she is an inspirational and charismatic woman who often gets a bad press.

  2. Interview with Bryan Adams talks about how he got to know Princess Diana. That he wrote a song about her on the wedding day to Charles and how he nearly lost his mind. There were rumours back in the day that they had an affair. What do their charts say?

  3. Marjorie why do the ‘Ages’ go backwards in months? E.g. Age of Pisces runs ‘backwards’ into Age of Aquarius. I am curious about Age of Capricorn. I can see ‘I Believe’ of Pisces going to the Awakening of the deceptions of the fish in Aquarian ‘I Know’. How does Age of Capricorn [materialistic?] tag onto Age of Aquarius? What work is done after the Awakening of Aquarius by Age of Capricorn?

    • We don’t need to know or think about the Age of Capricorn. Each “age” lasts about 2000 years. The Age of Pisces has run from ~0 AD till date. So the Age of Aquarius still has 2000 years to go.

      One could think cynically that by the end of the Age of Aquarius (the sign of dispassionate clinical science), the earth may be inhabited only by AI robots and humans may well be extinct.

    • The 2000 year ‘Ages’ run backwards because they are calculated in a different way – from the Precession of the Equinoxes – the tilt of the earth’s axis working backwards through the 12 constellations which are deemed to be in a circle. In fact they vary enormously in size and distance from the earth and it is impossible to tell where one finishes and the neighbouring one starts. They would not be helpful for normal astrology.

  4. Can you provide an update on Kim Kardashian please? She has taken on a very positive turn in the media, showcasing her brains in show-business to become a billionaire product producer.

    • The recent reveal on the KK/Taylor Swift tussle suggests Kim had a lot to improve – such as falsely smearing TS some years back w a doctored tape.

      Deflating, despite the impressive/genuine Skims venture.

  5. A couple of days ago I commented in the last Questions and Comments about Gemini AI

    Had to laugh at the headline on BBC … “Google claims new Gemini AI ‘thinks more carefully’” … they need to release Virgo AI. But article published with Sun is in Sag so bound to have some hyperbole and exaggeration attached

    Today’s update: “Google admits AI viral video was edited to look better” .. that’s much more like the Gemini we expect.

  6. Marjorie: Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time, is embroiled in a huge ongoing lawsuit against the company he founded. (See: Golf Digest–The inside Story of Jack Nicklaus’ Legal Battle Against His Own Company.) Indeed, his whole business career has been tumultuous, riddled with failed enterprises and discord with the multiple men he’s hired to run his company. He’s come close to bankruptcy a couple of times. What amazes me is how someone of Nicklaus’ towering stature and prowess could be so shaky and embattled in business. Thank you if you care to shed some light….

  7. A comment on something I noticed – presidential elections in Russia were announced today for 15-17 March, 2024. Today is the anniversary of the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union on 8th December, 1991, so seems significant. In November 2023 Marjorie wrote:

    “What resonates across all the different Russia charts are fixed signs around 18 to 22 degrees. Russia 20 September 862 AD has Neptune at 21 Aquarius. Russia 28 March 1462 has Pluto at 22 Leo. Russia 8 November 1917 has Uranus at 19 Aquarius. Russia 8 December 1991 has Pluto at 21 Scorpio.”

    In March, 2024, Uranus will be at 20 Taurus, with Mars 23 Aquarius on 15th March. The Moon’s Nodes, conjunct Chiron in Aries, are square the December 1991 Capricorn 17 degrees MC. And the Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries on 6th April is also square that MC. We can imagine the outcome of the election will be Putin again, but it looks as if there is much restless energy and the desire of ‘the people’ (or at least some of them) to be heard.

    • In March, Pluto will have moved to 1 Aqua but there’s still more dip back into Capricorn next summer.

      On a sidenote, it’s interesting to compare. They have a 3-month process (although why have a drawn out process in a one-horse race). Britain has six weeks for electing Prime Minister. The U.S.A seems to begin over a year earlier.

      • Interesting point GD. Personally, I favour a short process! In theory, that means a government continues to be a government for longer – although currently, hollow laughter rings out in response to that statement…..

        • Talking of governing for longer … not sure if this is well-known but … the Magi Society astrology book I read in 1995 talked about how the Declaration of Independence signees were into astrology and they set up the three most important US dates as a grand trine. So with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction of Indendepence Day July 4 in mid-Cancer, then the Presidential Election was set for Tuesday of early November (mid-Scorpio) and the Inauguration for March 4 (mid-Pisces). However the March inauguration led to a lame-duck period for any exiting President, so the 12th amendment moved it to January 20th for Roosevelt in 1933 onwards.

      • A year for the USA, you’re kidding. Their run up starts the day after the previous election and grinds on boringly for the next four years.

        • @ Marjorie,

          You’re right about this. After every Presidential election here in the U.S., the media immediately begins focusing on the midterm elections (which come 2 years afterward) and then after the midterm elections, they go back to anticipating the next Presidential election that will occur 2 years after that.

          It’s very stressful…because it feels like a never ending process and there’s little downtime or escapism from the political theater.

    • @ Jane,

      I also expect Vladimir Putin to “win” reelection next year since he has no real opposition and because the Russian Federation has never had a history of allowing the people to voice their support for anything or anyone that isn’t conducive with what the state wants. Politicians in the Russian Federation are obviously selected, not elected.

      It reminds me of a quote from the late Lithuanian-born anarchist and activist Emma Goldman (1869-1940): “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” I definitely think that quote sums up the Russian society of today.

      That being said, I remember previous posts were Marjorie predicted that Vladimir Putin is going to have a rough 2024 and that his death grip on the Russian Federation may be shaky.

      I haven’t looked at Vladimir Putin’s chart in awhile….but I do know that in mid-2025 there’s going to a be the beginning of a Saturn-Neptune conjunction entering Aries and that’s going to last until 2027.

      Many radical changes, new ideas, and revolutions have taken place during other Saturn-Neptune conjunctions like: The the October Revolution of 2017 in the Russian Empire when the Bolsheviks took power, the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests (and massacre) in Beijing, China, the 1848 publication of the Communist Manifesto – written by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, the official dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on December 26, 1991, the Korean War in 1953…and the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953. So, I wonder what a Saturn-Conjunction (in Aries) could mean for the Russian Federation and for Vladimir Putin.

      There was a Saturn-Neptune Conjunction in Aries in 1381 and the Wat Tyler Revolt occurred in England during that year. Perhaps we’ll see something of a similar nature in the Russian Federation.

  8. well.. here’s something fun I just caught in the news.

    Brenda Lee’s old Xmas classic, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, has hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart!!…. 65 years since it was recorded! Great little video of her being interviewed… her wiping away tears…on our CBC news online site. And the updated music video for this song is charming.

    When something like this happens, it sparks my delight astrologically. All these years and NOW something like this happens!!???? If you are so inclined, Marjorie, would love to have you post something about this!

    birth info (certificate or birth record)
    December 11, 1944
    3:24 pm
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    nice to read things that put a smile on my face!
    take care all,

  9. Meghan Markle’s 4th House Pluto was discussed in last week’s post as a reason for keeping her stuck in familiar patterns that aren’t in her or her family’s best interests. So my question is what sorts of transits trigger the rebirth phase of Pluto? It would be interesting to see some charts where Pluto does go through transformation and regeneration.

    Kind of on the same vein: the couples chosen for the European royal marriage post all seem to currently have either a frost or to be kind of a mismatch, so probably not too surprising to learn their marriage charts are more challenging. But there are several European royal marriages that genuinely seem to have some warmth and helpful support for each other: The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Luxembourg. So my comment is that I would also find it interesting to see more posts with people who seem to have lived more fulfilled lives or events that were beneficial in order to learn what those charts look like too…and how specific transits and synastry helped create positive evolution.

    • Usually tr Pluto hard aspects and the most significant for development is tr Pluto square natal Pluto but she has gone through that a couple of years back with no discernible difference.

      Of other Royals – both the Belgium and Norwegian top Royals have one of the spouses’ Jupiter in the other ‘s 7th house which is ideal for mutual support. And Harald of Norway has his Cancer Sun conjunct his wife’s Moon which is also positive. The Luxembourgs? Not sure that is too cosy.

  10. Hi Marjorie,

    Despite calls from the United Nations and the ICJ for de-escalation, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro doesn’t appear to be deterred from his goal to annex the disputed oil-rich Essequibo region in Guyana. There was a sham referendum vote held in Venezuela this past Sunday where over 90 or 95% of participating voters voted in favor of annexing the region and Maduro has been drumming up ultra-nationalist rhetoric and historical revisionist claims that “British imperialism” is to blame for carving up the region and unlawfully granting the Essequibo region to Guyana (a nation he still regards as a vassal state to the United Kingdom).

    Many geopolitical experts believe that Maduro is either doing all of this in order to 1. distract from his declining approval numbers (he’s facing a strong opposition challenge from María Corina Machado for the presidency) or 2. a desire to gain control of the oil fields in Essequibo.

    I was hoping the threat on an actual invasion was just an exaggeration by war bloggers and enthusiasts. However, Al Jazeera is reporting today that our U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken put out a statement that the United States is committed to supporting Guyana’s sovereignty after a phone call to Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali.

    Also, Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali did live interviews with ABC News, CBS News, and CNN this past week explaining the territorial dispute and is urging partnership with the United States and he says Guyana is committed to defending every inch of land in their territory if invaded.

    Anyway, hopefully tensions won’t amount to anything as drastic as an actual invasion. However, I am curious to know what the astrology suggests. How do relations look between Guyana and Venezuela in the near future and would the astrology suggest that cracks are finally beginning to show in Nicolas Maduro’s leadership?

    If you do see anything striking, interesting, or significant with regards to what’s happening between Guyana and Venezuela, then I look forward to reading any thoughts or insights you have. As always, thank you for the daily and informative astrological write ups – I love that such a wide range of topics and discussions can be found here.

  11. Benjamin Zephaniah has left us too. Only 65, diagnosed eight weeks ago with a brain tumour. Very sad – my brother met him once, a lovely man.

      • He did. He was an inspiration for my brother who really struggled in mainstream education but found poetry a wonderful vehicle for expression. Beautiful man.

    • Agreed. Marjorie, I’d love you to do an astro write up on him.
      I have just re-read the piece he wrote for the Guardian newspaper this time last year
      [I’ll stop saying I don’t eat meat – and tell people I don’t eat animals’: the thing I’ll do differently in 2023].
      Article highlighted the depth of his compassion and intelligence. I’m sad about his passing.

        • Thanks AF. He expressed himself in a straightfoward, but uniquely eloquent way and always from the heart. He overcame earlier struggles (saturn trine sun?) but some things continued to “burn into his conscience” A sad loss.

  12. Please look into Norman Lear who just died. He was truly groundbreaking, IMO. Also, is there a common denominator among the friends, Lear, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks? There was/is such longevity. Thank you.

  13. Just a comment … Jenrick resigns, the Tory party infighting continues. Any time I worry about how Starmer/Labour might contrive to screw up getting them out of power, the Tories seem to make it easy for him. Just as things settle down, someone does something to reshow their incompetence. I guess that is the nature of the dysfunctional, calm is avoided.

    A quick look at the post from six months ago … has transit Uranus creating that rift … “https://star4cast.com/tory-party-tug-of-war-irreconcilable-differences/”

    • Braverman wants the job now to enact her fascist c*rap for a year or so before the election. Better for her that than 5 or 10 years leading a shattered opposition. Ms Aries wants it now…

    • It’s chaos, and quite alarming sometimes since they are all arguing constantly it seems, on all sides. Definitely Uranus, everywhere – for Rishi Sunak personally, and a range of UK charts.
      Re the Tories themselves, it’s curious to see the recent Libran Eclipse activated these:
      Robert Peel 5th Feb, 1788: Neptune 21 Libra square Uranus 27 Cancer.
      Tamworth Manifesto, 18 December 1834: Saturn 21 Libra trine Uranus 23 Aquarius
      Tory Party 1912: Neptune 21 Cancer
      Suella Braverman: Pluto 20 Libra
      Rishi Sunak: Pluto 19 Libra

      • Plus, forgot to add Margaret Thatcher – Sun 19 Libra, Mercury 23 Libra. Her birthday was 13th October, one day before this Libran Eclipse.

    • It’s not just Uranus, it’s Saturn.

      Sunak has Jupiter-Mars at 0-2 Virgo, opposite the Pluto at 2 Pisces in both the UK 1801 chart and the England 1066 chart. Transiting Saturn is moving over that Pluto.

      That Pluto at 2-4 Pisces seems to involve invasions or the threat of them. In 1066 of course. Pluto return in Mary I’s reign with her Spanish husband interfering and threatening take over. Pluto return in 1801 when Napolean was sieging the country. Now Saturn triggering worries of this “migrant invasion”.

      • Tr Neptune square the Mars on Sunak’s PMship chart which headlines ‘failure’ is running now till early February 2024 after which it clears though still catches the SA Mars for a while thereafter.

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