John Lennon – dreams, destiny and death

John Lennon was gunned down forty three years ago on 8 December 1980 in New York by mentally disturbed Mark Chapman who also had a hit list including David Bowie, Johnny Carson, Paul McCartney, Ronald Reagan, and Elizabeth Taylor. Having shot Lennon he sat quietly and waited to be arrested. No one has managed to tie down his motive though it appeared to be connected in his psychotic fantasy with Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.  He is still in prison serving a life sentence with parole being routinely denied every two years since 2000.

  A  new Apple TV+ docuseries, John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial narrated by Kiefer Sutherland looks over the events of that night.

  What was always significant astrologically was that Lennon, born 9 October 1940 6.30pm Liverpool was born on a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus, made his debut with the Beatles twenty years later on the next Jupiter Saturn and was killed when the next Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Libra was in place.

  When he died tr Neptune was hovering around the opposition to his Solar Arc Jupiter Saturn and the transiting Saturn Jupiter was moving to conjunct his North Node and square his SA Uranus and IC.  

  For most people Jupiter Saturn produces unexceptional effects apart from a need to fulfil ideals in a practical way. But for a few who are raised too high by Jupiter’s expansive drive to attract public adulation they are subsequently cut down by Saturn’s scythe. US Presidents elected under it can often come to a sticky end.

  Lennon’s Chiron was conjunct his Pluto in his performing 5th house giving him enormous influence but relocated to New York it put his Pluto Chiron in the 8th house of death and rebirth.

  Mark Chapman, 10 May 1955 7.30pm Fort Worth Texas, had no prior criminal convictions and had just before resigned from a job as a security guard in Hawaii. He was bullied as a child by his father compounding his sense of worthlessness which with a Taurus Sun opposition Saturn square Pluto makes sense. He also had an 8th house Mars trine Neptune which would give him an underlying reservoir of deep anger and a need to attract publicity and attention. Plus an adventurous  Venus opposition Neptune square Jupiter Uranus in his 9th house of books and ideals. There’s a terrible split in his chart between his totally battened down Sun, Saturn Pluto and his yearning for a pzazzy life of glamour and excitement – all channeled through Pluto trine Venus, sextile Mars into that underground tank of explosive rage. When he shot Lennon his SA Jupiter Uranus, desperate for excitement was squaring his drab, downbeat Sun opposition Saturn – bringing his life into a destiny changing crisis. His SA Pluto was moving to square his Mars as well with tr Neptune just over the opposition to his Mars, triggering his rage.

  Chapman’s Chiron was conjunct Lennon’s Aquarius Moon and opposition Lennon’s Pluto Chiron. Two unhealable wounds interlocking. Their relationship chart was brutal with a composite Mars Pluto conjunction opposition Saturn square North Node in Scorpio.  

  The other astro of note is Yoko Ono, 18 February 1933 8.30 pm Tokyo, Japan. On her astrocartography Liverpool sits exactly on her Venus Midheaven line which is charmingly apt. Her Chiron at 23 Taurus is conjunct Lennon’s Uranus and also square Chapman’s Pluto for another entanglement.

 Jupiter Saturn – hubris brought low by the gods who brook no rivalry from mere humans.

9 thoughts on “John Lennon – dreams, destiny and death

  1. Paul could hardly bear the news. He is a natural peace maker and he loved John. He was irritated and I think angry that the press were waiting like ghouls to get his reaction. The Beatles Ringo and Paul admit they were all like brothers. Paul has said that George was a little brother to him.

  2. John Lennon was for peace and harmony and was effective at bringing that to a reality in people’s lives. This seems to have been such a threat? Then he was no more.

  3. An insane death that echoes to this day. Amazing to think the killer is almost 70, and that parole hearings come every two years.

    Hadn’t realized Jupiter was thirsty for adulation til this reading and as ever intrigued by the Astrocartography.

    Funny how that Jupiter+Saturn relocates to the 4th house, given that the fatal shot came to his doorstep. Surprised by his Sun getting moved near the mid heaven, as he was quoted as saying he felt he could blend in in the city. But perhaps for an ultra famous person it actually felt natural-ish. That astro placement makes sense as he is very identified w the city, literally have a namesake spot in Central Park where mourners will gather on the 8th.

  4. Ah well spotted Marjorie. I was watching episode 1 last night with my hair standing on end more and more by the minute. By far the weirdest reaction to the news was Paul McCartney’s-very icky ‘What a drag…’-really!?

    • I also watched it. Paul McCartney sounded very odd & kind of cocky. The only way for me to make sense of his reaction is to think that maybe he was in shock & didn’t quite believe that John was dead until he went into the apartment and spoke to Yoko.

      • Having watched this clip, I’d say it’s simply McCartney is irritated by the questions reporters are asking him and is just giving flippant answers to try and get rid of them.

        My other explanation given he was imprisoned in Japan earlier that year for trying to take drugs in; he might well have been smoking something that day in response to the news.


        • I didn’t about Japan, so thank you.

          It’s difficult to conceptualise how it must have felt, back then (especially), being one of the Beatles, and the intrusive nature of both reporters & the public & how it was more important to capture a response rather than recognise that they were just human beings, like the rest of us – he should have been given the space & privacy to enter the building without having to talk to anyone. I would hope that the press & public would be much more considerate in the world we live in today.

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