Dave Hollis – a social media obsession gone rogue

The bizarre and tragic tale of Dave Hollis, who quit his job as a high-flying Disney executive to join a self-help empire with his influencer wife Rachel, ended when he spiralled into depression as she collected more fans. He struggled with her over-sharing about their inadequate sex life and her role as breadwinner. His social media obsession took over his life leading to a divorce and a drink and drug binge which killed him.

  He had half a million followers and Rachel 1.5 million Instagrammers. Their output portrayed a seemingly happy marriage though out of sight of their fans they were struggling to make it work.

  According to the DM before they married he was already downing a bottle of vodka a day and she came from a religious background.

 Two things stand out from the astrology. One is that Dave, 14 February 1975, was from the beginning a troubled man. He had a truly difficult Mars in Capricorn opposition Saturn square Pluto (maybe opposition an Aries Moon). He came from a highly pressured family/father background which would give him an obsessive  drive to succeed but would leave scars of underlying deep fears and black depression.

 His wife Rachel, 9 January 1983, hooked into this T square with her Capricorn Sun conjunct his Mars, so she would trigger his worst nightmares. Her Mars in Aquarius was in addition conjunct his Sun for a competitive and argumentative rivalry. And her unyielding Pluto Saturn conjunction was conjunct his Uranus.  The Chiron of each were square the others’ Sun – opening up each other’s deepest wounds.

  The warning flags must have been waving in a hurricane when they got married.

   The relationship chart has a competitive argumentative composite Sun, Mercury, Mars (Moon) in an unkind/cruel inconjunct to Saturn. Pluto was trine the composite Venus for a whiff of attraction but was also in a power-struggling square to Jupiter.

  I don’t know what to say – just astonished that they even got together.

2 thoughts on “Dave Hollis – a social media obsession gone rogue

  1. “Just astonished that they even got together.”
    Each looking for someone to perform with, perhaps. Pluto Saturn is managed power.

  2. This explains quite a few things about this otherwise astonishing and breath-taking tale. I was just startled when I read it.

    But that T-square of Mars, Saturn, and Pluto is such a huge part of the explanation.

    And then planets connected with sex and multiplication, the Sun and Mars, in such a configuration: her Sun (a light shone) on his Mars (on his sexuality and virility). Her Pluto (domination, power plays, manipulation) and her Saturn (restriction, stop, limits) on his Uranus (will for freedom, unusualness, future) – wow.

    I am just sorry that it all ended this way.

    Thank you so much for explaining it.

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