Hall & Oates – a messy divorce

Hall & Oates, the most successful musical duo of all time, has ended up in a heap on a Nashville court room floor as Daryl Hall sued John Oates for breaching their half century partnership by trying to sell half of their joint operation. The aim was to make long term gains from streaming royalties, advertising syncs and other sources.

  The “ultimate partnership betrayal” and a “global divorce” is what Daryl Hall has accused erstwhile musical partner John Oates of as he aimed to dissolve the Whole Oats company which handles their trademarks, likenesses and recorded music royalties. What could be a multimillion dollar sale is now dangling in limbo.

  Daryl Hall is generally the lead vocalist; John Oates primarily plays the electric guitar and provides backing vocals. The two write most of the songs they perform, either separately or in collaboration and achieved their greatest fame from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s with a fusion of rock and roll, soul music, and rhythm and blues.

  John Oates’ chart is an eye-opener. Born 7 April 1948 1am New York (biography) it gives (birth time being accurate) a megaton Pluto, Saturn, Mars conjunct in the 8th and that is heavy. His quick witted 3rd house Aries Sun in trine those 8th house Leo planets and widely trine Jupiter in Sagittarius giving him inspiration, faith in his own judgement and a tendency to demand attention. His Jupiter opposing Uranus square Mercury Moon in Pisces point to an adventurous streak and impulsive decisions.

  Daryl Hall, 11 October 1946, Pottstown, PA, no birth time sadly, is a Sun Neptune in Libra trine Uranus, sextile Pluto (conjunct Saturn in Leo). He also has an ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio square his Saturn Pluto conjunction as well as Venus in Scorpio.  Both of them are inordinately stubborn – though also enduring. Hall’s Sun Neptune falls across Oates’ Sun opposition Neptune – so they will be well-suited musically.  Hall’s Jupiter in Scorpio also sits exactly conjunct Oates’ Midheaven for a successful combo. Though Hall’s Mars conjunct Oates’ South Node hints at problems since when push comes to shove he won’t bring out the best in Oates.

 Their relationship chart is Neptune heavy with a composite Sun Mercury square Neptune – performing in harmony but unrealistic when it comes to nuts and bolts which bring disappointment.

  Oates’ will have issues with money having Mars, Saturn, Pluto in the 8th and a Taurus North Node – it’s a miracle it has only caused a rift now.

7 thoughts on “Hall & Oates – a messy divorce

  1. Great writeup Marjorie. A pair of fascinating characters given they always wanted to be known as separates – it was never “Hall & Oates” even though DJs would often call them that. I’d the Saturn in the 8th house has something to do with that, if times are accurate.

    And in some ways that is their undoing it seems. As Visitor2 says one of them wanted to sell off their half of the business but in reality that’s almost impossible to do given how they are seen as a duo by the average person. A lot of stars are selling their back catalogues now to give their children a lump sum.

    It would be interesting to know how rancorous it really is. Whether the bubble just burst after 40years or they’re simply using court cases as a way to let their differences be resolved without getting too acrimonious. With all the neptune, they may be relinquishing responsibility for sorting it out.

  2. Stunned the classic ego sign of Leo predominantly belongs to the more reserved personality.

    Nothing like a little 8th house action.

    The vibes of rancor around this suit seem so hateful. I feel tense just looking at them.

  3. What an interesting insight into the combination of their charts Marjorie. I used to wonder if they had been in some sort of relationship or fondness? Strange sort of chemistry between them? Aries boyish roar and Libra ‘Ice Maiden In-Love-With-Love but touch me not’!]. Libra and Aries are cardinal signs, I think? But Libras can be unmoveably stubborn when crossed. “The lady is not for turning” -then had to be forceably ‘moved’ to shut her trap! I like their music, it’s a shame at such a late juncture they are in this, but it may be some sort of ‘tiff’? Who knows! Great article Marjorie.

    • Yup – libra can tell you black is white if they’ve decided it. They can invest so much energy in coming to a decision for themselves that it can stop them being willing to reconsider because they’re sure they’ve covered all the possibilities.

      • Oh my goodness!!…. what a great, succinct description of a part of Librans expression!! I have 2 older women friends, one a Libra and the other a Libra south node. This EXACTLY describes part of their personality that has kind of baffled me. In fact, my relationship with both these women is very peripheral now…. I couldn’t find a feedback loop to begin a dialogue!

        My husband has a bit of this with his south node in the 7th house.

        and then… to be honest!…. I have a Libra north node and Jupiter in Libra conjunct that.
        so I, too, must have a bit of this. 🙂

        very insightful observation, Gnarly Dude!!

  4. They both can play multiple instruments. In addition to doing most of the lead vocals, Darryl’s also usually the main keyboard player.

    After the music business changed and new albums weren’t important for artists with their kind of legacy, they occasionally performed together. Otherwise they left each other alone to have their own lives. I think if John hadn’t wanted to find a buyer for his revenue stream, they’d have continued on that way. For however long both of them can still get on a stage, probably lots of years for both of them.

    From an interview Darryl did last year: “It’s the brand. You want to see Tweedledum and Tweedledee. I do like John. We’re not acrimonious in any ways. We’re friends, we just have the different directions and have since about 1975. John and I have a long history togtether and we are brothers, we really are. I will never ever negate that. But we are very separate.” That matches up with what’s in John’s book.

    My guess is that it would have turned out differently if John has said, “Darryl, I’d like to sell of my half of the royalties” and Darryl could have said, “Let’s write this up so you can do that, but also to make sure your buyer couldn’t use my own name and image in a way I don’t want.”

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