Ukraine – stalemate causing cracks in support

War weariness has hit Ukraine with the counter-offensive not producing the expected results and international backers being distracted by their own internal problems. EU leaders are facing deadlock over a promised €50bn lifeline for Kyiv with Hungary digging in its toes and Germany being forced to curb borrowing. At a time when the flow of US financial and military support has stalled in a politically divided Congress.

  Even within Ukraine, cracks are beginning to appear. Kyiv’s mayor, the former heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, has said Volodymyr Zelensky’s popularity is failing with the war stuck in stalemate as he becomes increasingly isolated and autocratic and he will pay for his mistakes by eventually losing power.  He blamed him for ignoring warnings about the Russian invasion in February 2022. Opinion polls in Ukraine have shown that support for fighting against Russia and for President Zelensky have fallen, although they are still above 60 per cent. Zelensky’s opponents have recently accused him of mishandling the counteroffensive, failing to stamp out corruption, dodging a presidential election scheduled for March and losing international political goodwill.

 On the Ukraine country chart, 24 August 1991 2.34 pm Kiev, tr Neptune opposition the Ukraine Mars this year and running through until mid February 2024 was always going to bring a sense of panicky failure. From early 2024 through till late 2025 tr Pluto conjunct the Saturn predicts a discouraging slog, deprivation and hardship though there may be glimmerings of light from June 2024 onwards into early 2025 with tr Uranus square the Ukraine Jupiter.  That last usually brings lucky breaks.

 The Lunar Eclipse of September 2024 at 26 Pisces is opposition the Ukraine Mars which looks violent/argumentative. 2025/2026 sees a combination of lucky breaks and disasters with upheavals and pressure for radical changes from tr Uranus square the Sun.

 The relationship charts between Ukraine and Russia 1917 – turmoil through till late 2024 with stalemate causing aggravation. And Ukraine/Russia 8 December 1991 – grinding aggravation through 2024/25/26.

 Zelensky’s Swearing In chart, 20 May 2019 10am Kyiv, shows 2025 as the year of greatest upheaval for his Term – since even Klitschko thinks he can’t be ousted midway through the war. High hopes being dented is 2023’s epitaph with the over optimistic Jupiter Neptune square closing to exact by Solar Arc. The recent Lunar Eclipse hit the Administration Uranus for a nasty jolt. 2025 has tr Uranus conjunct the Taurus Sun for an abrupt change, running alongside tr Pluto square the Uranus which is classic for a collapsed administration as well as tr Neptune Saturn square the Mars – so nothing good coming out of that for him.

 His personal chart, 25 January 1978 2pm Krivoj Rog, has had the frustratingly trapped tr Pluto opposition his Mars all this year and continuing till late 2024. With a discouraging, destructive SA Saturn conjunct his Pluto in 2025 alongside an undermining SA Neptune conjunct his Sun; and a jolting tr Uranus square his Saturn.

 Sigh, not sure why unwinnable conflicts are the mark of the moment. It is difficult to see where this one is going.

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  1. I’m noticing that astrology websites are listing conflicting birth times for Ukraine’s chart. I know Marjorie is using the 2:31 pm time….but I’ve seen some charts using a 5:57 pm and one using a 6:00 pm time.

    Also, I know August 24, 1991 was the date Ukraine declared its independence…but I don’t think it was officially granted or internationally recognized until after the official dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) – which occurred on December 26, 1991.

    I’m wondering if all of this makes a difference.

  2. ” Zelensky’s Swearing In chart, 20 May 2019 10am Kyiv, shows 2025 as the year of greatest upheaval for his Term – since even Klitschko thinks he can’t be ousted midway through the war. High hopes being dented is 2023’s epitaph with the over optimistic Jupiter Neptune square closing to exact by Solar Arc. The recent Lunar Eclipse hit the Administration Uranus for a nasty jolt. 2025 has tr Uranus conjunct the Taurus Sun for an abrupt change, running alongside tr Pluto square the Uranus which is classic for a collapsed administration as well as tr Neptune Saturn square the Mars – so nothing good coming out of that for him.” – Marjorie Orr

    I’m disappointed that Zelenskyy appears to be headed for some challenges in the next 2 years. When I first read this, I worried that that was an ominous sign for Ukraine’s fortunes in its war for self-determination. However, I suppose it’s possible Zelenskyy’s troubles may not have anything to do with Ukraine’s performance in the war – it could just mean that Zelenskyy is add odds with his opposing politicians and political parties in his country.

    I know since Zelenskyy has declared martial law, the scheduled presidential elections have been suspended indefinitely due to the war. Many Ukrainians I’ve spoken to are disappointed about this….but they said the understood, given the circumstances.

    I did take a look at Zelenskyy’s natal chart and I did use the 2:00 pm birth time that was listed at Astro Databank (I’m not sure how they acquired his birth time – I haven’t any source to verify the 2:00 pm birth time…so, I was wondering if this was a rectified birth time).

    I noticed that Zelenskyy has Jupiter in Gemini in the 1st House – and it’s close to his Gemini Ascendant. That’s a very favorable aspect and that would indicate Zelenskyy has ethics and a strong sense of justice and morality. So, the pro-Russian public figures, internet trolls, and the “tankies” on the far-left and the far-right who’ve been calling Zelenskyy a “dictator” are way off.

    Also, I imagine Zelenskyy having Jupiter so close to his Ascendant also gives him a lot of luck and personal protection too.

  3. ps thinking of the current situation with transiting Neptune opposing Ukraine’s Mars isn’t it likely that the Mars is being opposed by Neptunian influences from others rather than being within Ukraine itself?

  4. Thanks for looking at this impossible situation again, Marjorie.

    I was interested to see this:
    “Saudi Arabia has attempted to position itself in recent months as a mediator in Putin’s ongoing war on Ukraine; bin Salman has also held talks on multiple occasions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.”

    Putin is said to be visiting UAE and Saudi Arabia this week. The later fixed sign degrees ripple through charts for Ukraine, Bin Salman, Biden, Russia 1917 and 1991 – and also Israel. Transiting Uranus is and will be shaking all of them up. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in April 2024 at 21 Taurus could be quite significant.

    • @ Jane,

      My friend and I were discussing that upcoming April 2024 Jupiter / Uranus conjunction. Ukraine has an Aquarius Moon, which the Jupiter / Uranus conjunction will be squaring. I too am wondering if this could be very significant – couldn’t that indicate something of a revolutionary nature for Ukraine?

      Also, I see that Ukraine’s natal chart is tied to Mars and Pluto. This may be why Ukraine has been so resilient, subversive, relentless in its pursuit to self-determination, and refuses to capitulate to any oppressor.

      I look forward to 2024. I think Ukraine may finally be alleviated from some of the hell they’ve had to endure for almost 2 years.

      • Hi Chris – I also hope we see peace in Ukraine soon too, although I fear it isn’t straightforward at all. And re the charts for Ukraine, I think Marjorie will be using the one that works best. Looking at the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus, and further Uranian transit aspects, here’s what I think could be interesting for Ukraine’s various charts:

        January 22, 1918: Uranus 22 Aquarius, Venus 28 Aquarius
        August 24, 1991: Moon 22 Aquarius, Jupiter 25 Leo, Mercury 26 Leo, Venus 28 Leo
        December 1st, 1991: Pluto 21 Scorpio

        • @ Jane,

          I agree. I also don’t think we’ll be seeing an immediate resolution by early 2024. After all, the war in the Donbas has been going since 2014…this could continue until we see a change in leadership in the Russian Federation.

          And I see what you mean about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. I’ll need to look this up…but wasn’t there a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus during World War II? I certainly hope the one in 2024 isn’t suggesting something like that – although, we kind of are already in a type of a subtle “World World III” with the Global North vs Global South, BRICS vs G7, etc.

          Couldn’t a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus also pertain to something related to agricultural industry or food supplies? Ukraine is known for its wheat and grain production and many nations throughout the Global South (particularly in Africa and West Asia) depend on Ukrainian wheat imports.

          • Yes, there was a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus in May 1941. It was square Mars in Aquarius and trine Neptune in Virgo. But this was a very different sky, with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all in Taurus! What a herd of cosmic cattle. I’d imagine financial implications for that one, but don’t know. Generally, Jupiter with Uranus suggests innovative announcements in science and technology.

            I looked at 2024, and played around with the asteroid ephemeris (Serennu). What I think looks promising is a trine with minor planet Ceres in Capricorn, and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo. So yes, I agree it could partly be about food – Ceres being a Mediterranean grain goddess amongst other things, and Lilith in the sign of the goddess with her sheaf of wheat. Anyway, let’s focus on the surprising, sometimes lucky, and totally out there symbolism of Jupiter/Uranus. I hope next spring may help us all see new possibilities.

          • It seems worth keeping Ceres and Lilith in focus as Ukraine’s gains in the Black Sea have created the way for the shipments of grain which are such a vital product for Ukraine and for the parts of the world that are dependent on it. I think I have that right.

  5. December is pencilled in for the end of the Ukraine event, according to the independent news media since September. Was it a diversion? And then this new diversion with Israel is a curious thing too that doesn’t make sense. Putin is already making the “Let’s kiss and make up”, “Oh Vladimir is such a card” is all on cue. The 200% inflation can’t be sustained much longer and they must get the cheap Russian gas and oil back on before we all go bankrupt. Strange events.

    • @ Harish,

      I’m not sure I follow your comment. Which independent news sources are claiming December as an “end to the Ukraine event?” And I haven’t read or seen anything that would indicate that Vladimir Putin is ready to swallow his pride and show a willingness to negotiate.

      In fact, there was an international security conference in Skopje, North Macedonia his past Friday where Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that the Russian Federation’s goals in Ukraine have not changed. So, that sounds like the power grab attempts are still on.

  6. Although the front line and advance may be stalled at present (not surprising with the weather), Ukraine has been far from inactive in recent times. Another of Russia’s top commanders killed in Ukraine; two nasty explosions on the main Russia to China rail route and a major fire at a Moscow vehicle factory. To this you can add reports of Russians having to queue to buy eggs; rampant inflation in food prices over the past twelve months and the elderly having to rely on relatives to help with food and rent bills. And just a few days ago, an expert in AI and voice recognition stating that he was 99% certain that there was more than one Putin! That may chime with suggestions by several respected astrologers, some months ago, that Putin’s days appeared to be numbered. It is not surprising that some in Ukraine are becoming war weary; but their triumph may not be as far away as it currently appears.

  7. I spoke with my political astrologer friend right before the Thanksgiving break. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking a look at the war in Ukraine and Gaza. She did get back with me and she did tell me she didn’t look at Putin or Zelenskyy’s charts because there is no birth time for Zelenskyy and because she said there’s a dispute over Putin’s birth time (which I was unaware of).

    However, when looking at Ukraine’s chart, she saw better prospects for Ukraine by early 2024. For example, if I’m remembering correctly, she told me that Saturn’s suffocating influence will be waning by the early part of 2024 and it won’t really be effecting anything in Ukraine’s chart for the next few years and she did mention that that awful transiting Neptune/Mars aspect should be drawing a close (I thought she said March 2024…but I see you wrote February)….which she thinks will bring great relief to Ukraine.

    • Hi Chris,
      I recall that when Russia invaded Ukraine’s progressed Moon had just entered their Aries 4th house (obviously Mars ruled), I had hopes when it moved out things would turn. It leaves Aries for 5th house Taurus (in a whole sign reading) in March 2024 which actually aligns exactly with what your friend said for different reasons.

  8. Marjorie,

    Would you do an add-on about Vladimir Putin? Ukraine may not win the war anytime soon….but if Vladimir Putin is looking miserable and endanger of collapsing, then I would consider that a minor win.

  9. A German historian who has devoted his entire career to analysing wars in Europe recently said at a meeting in Amsterdam that wars are never “won” and generally only end when both parties get fed up with fighting and almost always involve a change in national boundaries. It made me sad to read that but I suspect it’s the truth.

    • Analysis of 75 years of data compiled by Uppsala University showed recently that “when interstate wars last longer than a year, they extend to over a decade on average”.

      • @ Marjorie,

        That’s true…and that’s certainly been the case for Ukraine-Russia. The war in the Donbas began back in 2014 and next year will be officially 10 years (a decade). Many people I talk to, however, are still under the impression this war only begun last year. I remind them that it was the full-scale invasion that begun last year…but not the actual war.

  10. Some commentators disagree with it being called a stalemate and say that Ukraine has achieved important gains in the Black Sea including forcing Russia to move much/some of its navy away from Sevastopol. Sorry i should look up sources but am in NZ and am overdue to be asleep.
    Will check in again tomorrow

    • @ Wendy K,

      I read the same thing. And as for the aid being held up in the U.S. House of Representatives, many believe that delay will end soon. The Republican House majority just got even smaller with George Santos being expelled and I think some Republican Congressman from Ohio is about to retire…AND there are some Republicans threatening to vote to expel Matt Gaetz is the Ethics committee finds evidence he’s guilty. Gaetz, like Santos, is now at war with his own party.

      Anyway, the Republicans are barely clinging on….and the far-right Freedom Caucus is already conceding to some of their “demands.”

      In other words, the aid to Ukraine is expected to pass sometime in January 2024.

      • I went to check sources in relation to comment refuting the suggestion of a stalemate in ‘Ukraine and was delighted to find this 3rd of December interview with Timothy Snyder by the regular team at The Telegraph’s daily podcast called Ukraine the Latest.
        It’s very long (and excellent listening) but right at the beginning he argues against the term Stalemate for two reasons – 1 A war is not a game of chess or anything else and does not adhere to the rules of chess because while you cannot just drop a handful of queens (or anything else) onto a chessboard, in wars any number of changes in the situation can appear. The term has obviously been picked up by media and repeated endlessly without careful thought.
        Snyder also talked about the gains made in the Black Sea – apparently they have also managed to clear a path to get their grain shipped out which is really big. I hadn’t been aware of that.
        i think it important that we don’t fall into a sense of hopelessness which only helps Russia. People who spend much time in Ukraine and know or talk to many Ukrainians say there is no way they plan on becoming subject to Russian imaginings.

        • @ Wendy K

          I’m familiar with Timothy Snyder – I follow him on Twitter / X for updates. He’s been one of many invaluable sources on this topic. I will definitely take a look at the podcast you posted.

          And I agree; I find the persistent doomsday and despair posting from other Ukraine supporters on social media to be annoying and counterproductive. Astrologers have warned for months now that Ukraine would probably experience a rough patch towards the end of the year….but things would likely pick up by early 2024. So, I try to keep that in mind and not give into the pessimism that the mainstream media and random observers have been promulgating lately.

          Speaking of gains being made around the Black Sea, I read there were also recent news reports of a Ukrainian drone attacks around Crimea. I haven’t read the actual reports yet, but something about Russian supply chains and strategic bridges were hit, damaged, or destroyed. So, that should be interesting.

          • Thanks Chris for your comments. Great you plan to listen to the podcast and that you know not to get taken in by msm having an unhelpful narrative currently. It feels a bit like some sort of shared excuse to drop Ukraine off countriies’ funding lists.
            I hear new reports of activity in the Black Sea, Crimea, Sea of Asov area but need to listen properly.

    • Did anyone REALLY believe this conflict would be over, finished, resolved so quickly? Perhaps the GOP in Washington had high hopes, what with national conventions about to convene…taking air time away from the Big Gorilla.

      I’m not into deep drilling into the astro alignments…not my specialty…but a decent tarot reading would be helpful. Marjorie, could I pay for such a request? My own tarot source (the handicapped artist) is no longer available.

      What comes to mind is Vietnam – throwing tons of $$ into an unwinnable crisis for America. Decaeds later, the long hand of Kissinger continues to thrash and clench. I’ve become so saddened, disenchanted.

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