Royal attack – a limp rehash

  The endgame or grand finale to the Montecito worldwide privacy tour is upon us. Despite all proclamations to the contrary Omid Scobie does appear to have an inside track at least into ancient gripes, not all of which pass the veritas test.

   Reviews of his eagerly anticipated doom-laden treatise on the state of the present British monarchy have been scathing. A “press release cooked up by ChatGPT” read one. “A hit job that reads like a Mumsnet post about the world’s worst in-laws” another. “The reporter’s much-trailed study of the Royal family is laughably partial, devoid of insight and bizarrely misogynistic.”

 And Hilary Rose in the Times witty as ever: “Sit down when I tell you this, but did you know that the royal family are beastly and doomed? Are you as astonished as I am that Harry and Meghan emerge glowing with goodness, like extras from a Ready Brek ad?”

  What intrigues me is not that any of the Monarchy-wrecking four – Princess Diana, Harry, Meghan and Scobie – are Republican, which might at least be understandable. They are driven by ?? payback for family slights. In Scobie’s case payback for being cold-shouldered by his former Royal contacts since his attachment to Meghan mean he burnt his bridges with his Finding Freedom book.

  It’s envy or jealousy that drives them, plus in Meghan’s case an emotional pathology which appears to unleash destruction on any inclusive family relationships in her orbit.

  Scobie’s birth date according to company records is July 1981 and he had a twitter birthday announcement for the weekend of July 4th some years back. But it could be July 3rd or 5th – so thereabouts. That makes him only four weeks older than Meghan, with a Cancer Sun and the same North Node and Venus and in his case Moon in Leo and Jupiter Saturn in Libra.  

  What strikes me is that both he and Meghan have their ‘leadership’ Leo North Node conjunct the UK Jupiter and their Pluto square the UK 10th house Cancer Moon. The UK Jupiter in Leo can be grandiose and superior; the 10th house Moon refers to the ruling classes and monarchy.

 Meghan could have hitched her leadership skills to the UK when the Queen handed the young married couple the Commonwealth. Her astrocartography suggests the UK gives her status and a reputation boost. Meghan’s Mars is conjunct the UK Midheaven and her Jupiter sits on the UK Ascendant so it could all have ended very differently.  But it turned into a competition because she wasn’t Queen Bee and then a wrecking mission.

  Harry’s Pluto in Scorpio squares the UK’s Jupiter in Leo so he too has been drawn into a Don Quixote windmill-jousting exercise to try to boost his own damaged self-esteem by deflating the UK’s historical jewel.  

 Diana’s Jupiter in Aquarius opposed the UK Jupiter. Her Uranus was exactly conjunct the UK’s 11th house Saturn representing the legislature and national institutions as well as hopes for the future. Her rebellious and unorthodox views were bent on upending the old order in a slightly different way.

  All of this is stretching a point but it is always interesting to see what people attack and where it fits into their pathology.

 Scobie’s birth date is iffy but assuming it is there or thereabouts is relationship charts are: dire with King Charles, almost as bad with Camilla, power struggling with Kate and William. If the birth date is sound then his connection to Meghan is under strain as of now and will fall apart from mid 2024 and worse in 2025/26.  

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  1. Crucially the 21 Libra eclipse caught Scobie (and Meghan’s) Pluto exactly, as well Kate’s Saturn. It’s not really surprising that Scobie went after Kate with such venom since his Pluto sits on her Saturn. However, I think the repercussions from this saga will be that Scobie and Meghan are finished – the eclipse on their shared Pluto.

  2. Well, Buckingham Palace are now ‘considering all options’ in response to this latest scandal. I do feel as if the whole thing has been quite Neptunian, from what seemed like a lovely romantic story, with much hopeful potential and Neptune’s glamour, through the flight to Canada, and onwards or downwards towards scraping of barrels, and the whiff of desperation while rattling around a huge home in California.

    This is what Marjorie wrote at the time of the wedding in May 2018:

    “she does look unnerved (not surprisingly) over the main event with tr Neptune opposition her Sun/Pluto, as well as trapped. She has a close Jupiter Saturn conjunction with Jupiter leading, so she’ll always experience the highs followed by setbacks and problems. It’ll be a tough introduction to the strictures of married Royal life.

    Harry looks deflated and panicky with tr Neptune square his Mars through this month; as he copes with the upheaval of tr Uranus opposing his Pluto exactly now as well.”

    Curiously, the wedding chart has Uranus 0 Taurus square Mars 1 Aquarius, so triggers various family natals, plus will be pressurised again once Pluto returns to Aquarius.

    • Those early degrees of Fixed signs are a recurring theme in the Royal’s astrology, aren’t they? Catherine also shares them with her MC at 5 degrees of Taurus, Jupiter at 7 of Scorpio and her Mercury/Venus conjunction in early Aquarius. Her synastry with Meghan is tense to say the least with some disastrous-looking Moon/Mars crossovers. Meghan’s NN in Leo is at 1 degree. She has Moon square Mars natally with a moody Mars in Cancer in the 12th, not an easy combination when it comes to maintaining domestic peace or getting along with other women, and I’ve never been able to equate it with an easy mother/daughter relationship. With transit Pluto due to conjunct her South Node next year, there’s no sign of calmer waters ahead for this family.

      • Very interesting VF – so she married when tr Mars was on her South Node. An assumption about being in charge or wanting to always be first? Pluto on her S Node by transit then seems quite significant for her, the marriage, and the family she married into as you say. Agree re Moon/Mars, and Mars in Cancer can be awkward anyway, moving along sideways as it tends to do!

  3. Piers Morgan has named the (now two)´royal racists’ in the Dutch version of Endgame as [blank for now. Marjorie].
    News outlets have been reticent up until now for fear of litigation I expect.
    [Not sure what the litigation fears are about unless the allegations are a flat out lie. See Piers Morgan twitter and the snippet from his show. 8.20 in for names. M]

    • Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces this week, pretty close to Scobie’s natal Mercury/Neptune opposition. Also, I wonder if Venus can trigger an eclipse point? It crossed 21 Libra this week. All rather smoke and mirrors I feel.
      Something really doesn’t add up about all of this. Publishers use lawyers, texts are read and advice taken before printing a book. So what happened there? The alleged names are now all over the internet. Is this some kind of twisted publicity game?

      • Jane Pretty sure it is all intentional. Meghan’s star particularly seems to be flagging in the US and she’s pretty much persona non grata in the U.K. Needs the publicity ?

  4. Oh dear! The whole ‘never complain, never explain’ motto has not been heeded, unfortunately. Scobie’s Mars opposition Neptune is skippy and slippery, and makes a Grand Cross with the 1066 Nodes, and a t-square with Harry’s Virgo Sun. I think he’ll regret this latest nonsense.

    One thing I noticed is that the ebullient and perhaps surprising Jupiter/Uranus conjunction next April is 22 Taurus. It occurs exact on Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, activates her natal chart, and is conjunct the 22 Taurus Neptune for 1066, a turbulent year that changed so much for Britain. If Netflix can present us with Diana’s ‘ghost’, then Jupiter/Uranus might be planning to offer us other influences from the past!

    Harry has his Moon at 21 Taurus. Diana’s Venus was 24 Taurus, square Uranus 23 Leo. William’s Venus is 25 Taurus, conjunct Chiron, King Charles has his Sun at 22 Scorpio. Looking at Meghan’s natal, there’s Chiron 22 Taurus, opposing Uranus 26 Scorpio and Black Moon Lilith 24 Scorpio. Interesting that her Chiron sits on Harry’s Moon I think, possibly some kind of ‘healing’ potential, and/or quite the opposite? These fixed degrees crop up in other significant charts for the UK through its long history. I think this could be worth watching.

    • Remember the much-hyped ‘paparazzi pursuit’ of H & M in New York on 16th May? The Sun was 24 Taurus, sextile Mars 27 Cancer and Neptune 24 Pisces, resonating with the various planet positions for family members, above. Mars and Neptune flowing together there, but potentially creating an ‘it was only a dream’ moment.

      That date also has Pluto in 0 Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus – another notable hit for various family members.
      On 5th May 2023 there was an intense Lunar Eclipse at 14 Scorpio, on 6th May we had King Charles’ Coronation. The Moon for that very significant moment was 24 Scorpio, trine ghostly, dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Things hidden, things misunderstood? Diana’s Venus, Charles’ Sun….. Also, my mistake – the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is 21st April, at 21 Taurus – so even more exact for Harry’s natal security-loving Moon. We’ll have to wait and see.

      • That’s fascinating about those degrees. I remember following that paparazzi story, Jane and it appeared to have been a classic storm in a teacup. Perhaps (if I’m being cynical) intended to echo Diana’s tragic death and show mean old pa (who they believed should fund their security) how ‘vulnerable’ they were. But it all sort of flopped and fizzled out as the public remained unmoved, unconvinced by it all and somewhat sceptical. I suppose that with Mars in aspect to Neptune that day it was bound to be a little deceptive.

    • Agree. Charles has his Moon at 0° 26′ Taurus. William has Jupiter at 0° 29′ Scorpio, conjunct his MC. Harry has Pluto at 0° 33′ Scorpio.

      When transiting Pluto enters Aquarius, it will square all the above. Pluto squares to the Moon can be harsh, so a difficult time for Charles. It could be when William becomes king.

    • Change of status indeed. Uranus will conjunct his Venus in Taurus, the focal point of a yod in 2024. I think William has been protected and coddled by the press, while Charles’s dirty laundry has been airing for decades. I think we are in for some shocking revelations about William, so this change of status maybe downwards.

      • I’m not sure why you think William has been coddled by the press. Lets see. Since at least 2019, the press in the UK and US have accused William – without any substance or evidence – of being workshy, lazy, aggressive, a bully to his brother, unfaithful and other sexual slurs not to be repeated here. Harry outright said he should have custody of Williams kids because of William’s inherited trauma and accused William of deliberately leaking mean stories about him and MM to the press. I think the only thing he hasn’t been accused of (yet) is financial corruption. I expect that’s in the works too. Aside from the deeply distressing irony of all of this, what other ‘shocking’ revelations are you expecting?

        • William is workshy, royals much older than him consistently do more engagements. As far as aggression, he is commonly described as angry and “incandescent with rage”, with Moon square Mars(conjunct Saturn) it may well be true. As far as “sexual slurs”, with a 5th house Venus/Chiron opposite an 11th house Uranus, out of sign but still, could mean someone with an unusual sex life. When did Harry say that he should have custody of his brother’s children?

          I still say there is a lot hidden about William, time will tell.

  5. I’m just reading a memoir on a totally different subject published circa 1990 – different times people were more openly vitriolic. The author is a Cancer mercury/pluto with Leo mars-venus and he is withering in his criticism of everybody who seems to have ideas different to him. There’s an immaturity in Cancer-Leo where they can’t see other people’s perspectives and are still babies/childish in hanging onto their own ideas and feeling the slights of the past.

    I’ve never seen anyone suggest it but I wonder if the Saturn in Libra of placement (which Scobie/MM have) limits them from considering alternatives.

  6. Scobie has *nothing* on any of our beloved Royal Family and anyone who thinks he does is an utter fool. This book, ‘wtitten’ by a pathetic, desperate ‘I think I am someone’ type is nothing more than bilge spat out in public by two people hellbent on trying to avenge their reputations and it has spectacularly backfired. It will just make the yankie twosome even more reviled by people. Bridges were well and truly burnt before but now they’ve taken the ashes and buried them. Until Harry divorces her, there will be no way back for him.

  7. Scobie has allegedly been lying about his age, claiming to have lived only 32 of his 40 something years, which doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence in his truth-telling abilities.

    • And I think he is also lying about the information found in the Dutch version of the book. He says he never named names, but having worked for publishers in the past I know that early versions are sent to foreign language publishers so that translators can get on with the job to ensure that the books come out at the same time. Obviously they forgot to supply the Dutch publisher with the later version approved by the legal team and now Scobie is denying he ever wrote what appears in said translation.

    • The recent Solar Eclipse in Libra was exactly conjunct her Saturn for a spine-straightening few months and the Lunar Eclipse was conjunct her Jupiter – maybe minuses and pluses. Attacks and heart-warming support. Her relationship with Meghan (or is it the other way round?) is not improving through 2024. Maybe Kate’s continuing centre stage popularity will grate.

      • I was always surprised that Meghan didn’t recall at her wedding that Kate had only recently had Louis and that Kate always suffered in Pregnancies but then perhaps Meghan isn’t particularily empathic. I always wondered why M&H chose to ‘leave’ on Kate’s birthday so there was some deep emnity there, the reasons for which didn’t seem to be apparent at the time…

        • I’m not sure Kate is empathetic either. Capricorns usually aren’t Kate narrowly focused on the bridesmaid tights or whatever it was, and how that might look to the public – without acknowledging the public drama Meghan was going tthrough with her Dad, in run up to the wedding.

          • I’m not sure Catherine is that empathetic either and I completely believe she took an immediate dislike to her sister in law. In these days of polarisation we are all encouraged to be team Kate or team Meg but that doesn’t mean we have to idolise one of them. I’ve seen a lot of comments on social media about Kate being almost saintly but that’s because if you dislike Meghan you have to compare her to Kate and create caricatures of both. Catherine comes across to me as very family oriented (her family) and protective, quite serious in her outlook in life and quite determined to be a good competent queen eventually. None of that indicates she was going to be particularly warm to a sister in law she found ridiculous and now that she has become dangerous to her and the institution (her family) I imagine there will be no way back for the montecito creatures. Imagine having a conversation about what a baby with ginger and mixed race parents may look like and having that twisted into being the “second racist” for posterity. I would shudder when someone mentions Meghan as well. Would love to see an in depth analysis of these two

          • The press were always going to have a Meg vs Kate thing whether there was or wasn’t, especially as Meghan was the glamorous newcomer sweeping all before her, while Kate had plodded along, towing the line for years of largely uncomplimentary reporting, dull, waity Katy, snide remarks about her family etc. What is interesting is Meghan’s past. For a woman who clawed her way up through Hollywood to second billing in a cable series, we know remarkably little. The RF too. The more we learn, the more we realise is hidden and little of it is edifying. Maybe some of these eclipses will enlighten us.

    • I’d like to see the synastry chart between Meghan and her sister in law, Kate.
      I seem to recall it was Meghan who encouraged Harry to discuss the skin colour episode on the Oprah show.

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