Killer couples – attracted to the darkness ++ West, Dutroux

A grim trial is on in France to establish whether the widow of the late Michel Fourniret, France’s most infamous murderer known as the “Ogre of the Ardennes”, was a participant in his crimes or just an enabler. He was eventually caught and jailed for life in 2008 for the murder of seven girls and admitted to three more victims before he died in 2012. Monique Olivier is already serving life from her role in the 17 year campaign of kidnaps and killings since she would entice girls into their van. She met Fourniret after she had written to him in jail while he was serving a previous sentence for sexual assaults.

 She was born 31 October 1948 4.40am Tours, France and is a Sun Scorpio conjunct South Node in Scorpio trine Uranus on her Midheaven. Her Venus in Virgo and Libra Moon would not suggest criminal tendencies but her Mars in Sagittarius trine Pluto, sextile Neptune might.

  Michael Fourniret, 4 April 1942 1am Sedan, France, had a yod of an Aries Sun sextile a high vitality Mars Jupiter in Gemini inconjunct a Scorpio Moon in his 12th – emotionally disorganized and psychologically maladjusted. He had a dreamy/delusional? Neptune on his Midheaven trine a stubborn Saturn Uranus in Taurus which in turn was square an Venus in Aquarius. A chaotic individual in terms of attachments with his Sun/Moon midpoint opposition Pluto attracting him to intense, power-struggling one-to-one relationships. I have seen more brutal charts but his serial-killer 18H was strong and even more so his pleasure-seeking 9H which can go badly wrong.

  Her Sun/Moon midpoint was close to her South Node and square his Pluto so her primitive tendencies would draw her into his orbit. Her Uranus Midheaven fell in his 8th so her rebellious instincts would attract her into his darkness.

  Their relationship chart had a volatile composite Mars opposition Jupiter square Uranus opposition Venus so affection would be interlinked with excitement, even violence. There was also a possessive, controlling Moon square Pluto.  Her 9th and 18th harmonics are also marked and if anything more aggravated than his.

  The 8th house not surprisingly shows up in the other two infamous killer couples.

 Clyde Barrow, 24 March 1909 10.55am Telico, Texas, another Aries, had Mars Uranus in his 8th and his wife Bonny Parker, 1 October 1910 6.02 pm Rowena, Texas, had her Uranus falling in his 8th – again she would be drawn into his depths. Her Sun Mars in Libra opposed his Sun Saturn in Aries so not exactly a harmonious mix – but with his Sun/Moon midpoint square his Mars Uranus he would not be looking for a peace-loving goody two shoes housewife.  Her Sun/Moon midpoint was conjunct his Mars so she’d enjoy the adrenaline rush.

  Their relationship chart had a difficult and perverse composite yod of Saturn sextile Venus Pluto inconjunct Mars – passion intertwined with cruelty.

  Again their 9th and 18th harmonics were strong.

  Child killer Ian Brady, 2 January 1938 12.40pm Glasgow, Scotland, was a New Moon in Capricorn with a pushily confident Jupiter opposition Pluto and a neurotic Neptune opposition Saturn. His Capricorn Sun fell in his girlfriend Myra Hindley’s 8th – 23 July 1942 2.45am Lancaster, England – and his 4th house controlling Pluto was conjunct her Cancer Sun conjunct Pluto. She would grew up knowing dominating men and not surprisingly fell in with another of the same ilk. Brady’s Mars in Pisces was conjunct her South Node and her Uranus Saturn was conjunct his South Node   Each brought out the worst in the other. Her Midheaven was conjunct his 10th house Jupiter so she would revel in his confidence. With her Scorpio Moon in his 7th there would be a perverse partnership hewn out of it all.

  Again their relationship chart has a composite yod in this instance of Moon sextile Sun inconjunct a lawless Uranus; with a passionate and ruthless Pluto trine Venus sextile Mars. Both died in prison.

Hardly a cheering subject but folie a deux relationships more even than most attract similar to similar.

Fred West, 29 September 1941 8.30am Ledbury, England, who died in prison before he could be tried for at least 12 murders, including family members. His wife Rosemary, 29 November 1953, was imprisoned for her part in the later murders. He was a 12th house Sun Libra conjunct Neptune; with a troubled 8th house Saturn Uranus conjunction; and a controlling 10th house Pluto. My recollection is that Pluto in the 10th is not infrequent amongst sexually predatory males – it suggests a controlling mother who sets off a defensive pattern in the son to become controlling himself.

 Rosemary has a Sun Sagittarius opposition his Uranus Saturn with her Uranus opposition his Moon and square his Mars in Aries. Her Pluto was square her and his Venus in Scorpio and trine his Mars. She was no innocent enabler and may well have been the stronger of the two. Her North Node in Capricorn was conjunct his Moon and her Virgo Moon was probably conjunct his North Node – tying them into the spirit of the age or at least the tawdry scandal of the decade. I remember her trial which left the UK public sickened by revulsion at the horrific details of torture and murder. She was sentenced just after a Scorpio Solar Eclipse in the dying days of Pluto in Scorpio – which had its final revenge by exposing the depths that human nature can sink to.

  Marc Dutroux, 6 November 1956 7.35am Ixelles, Brussels, serial rapist, killer and child molester, was no better. His girl friend Michaelle Martin, 15 January 1960 9.55am Brussels, was given a lengthy prison sentence for helping him.  He has a 10th house Pluto with a Scorpio Sun, Mercury and Neptune conjunct his Ascendant with a Sagittarius Moon.

  She is a Sun Capricorn with Saturn Mercury and Mars in Capricorn with her Mars trine her and his Pluto and sextile Neptune.  Her Moon is conjunct his Uranus for a bond which required constant excitement. Their relationship chart had a volatile 8th house Uranus opposition Mars square Venus.

  It is notable how many of these perverse couplings have afflicted relationship chart aspects. Not soulmates so much as attracted by the other’s and their own damage.

  The Belgian police botched handling of the Dutroux affair brought a White March of protest, again in the mid 1990s as Pluto had just exited Scorpio.

10 thoughts on “Killer couples – attracted to the darkness ++ West, Dutroux

  1. Thanks Marjorie, the folie a deux pairs are dark, yet fascinating – a kind of astrological key fitting another’s lock, opening a door that should have remained firmly shut. It must work, to an extent, with cults as well. Or those childhood/teenage friendships where one is deemed to be ‘a bad influence’ on the other?

    I looked at the charts for serial killers Fred (Libra) and Rosemary West (Sagittarius), and see that their Gemini Jupiters align, as do their Venus in Scorpio, with his Mars in Aries, opposing her Mars in Libra. His Saturn in late Taurus squares her Pluto in Leo, while his Pluto in Leo squares her Saturn in early Scorpio. The Black Moon Lilith connection is curious too – with RW’s at 5 Libra, conjunct FW’s Sun. His BML at 22 Taurus exactly opposes her Scorpio Venus, forming a t-square with her Pluto in Leo. There’s more, they were truly knotted together.

  2. The Belgian couple, Marc Dutroux and Michelle Martin, also come to mind. I was working in Belgium at the time it hit the headlines and it was all so horrifc, not to mention all the witnesses who died under mysterious circumstances.

  3. Scorpios are dreadful. I’m not surprised most serial killers belong to this sign.
    Too many planets on the 12 th house is a massive red flag…. I’m thinking of possession.
    They attract one another. What we really fear is the darkness in them and that’s another story.

    • I believe it’s Pisces which tops the serial killer Sun sign list followed by Cancer, Sagittarius and Scorpio coming in at number 4. Not what one would expect at all.

    • I don’t agree with a broad sweep statement for any sign, although we all have our personal experiences. 12th house isn’t a red flag in my view, it can be challenging but 12th house planets are usually out of control of the native, but often that makes the planet ineffective or weak rather than malevolent. 8th house I would associate more with potentially difficult behaviour, but any house if the planet is in poor condition or with difficult aspects.

      On the Monique Olivier chart, sure her Venus is the in 12th but more so, in a whole sign reading Venus in Virgo is in its fall. From a fall position in a challenging house, it rules the Libran stellium in the 1st and rules the 8th house. It is also square a strong Jupiter domicile in Sagittarius. I can’t see her having much sympathy for other women.
      Also, Saturn said to be in its joy in the 12th is also square Mars sat with that strong domicile Jupiter.

      • Thanks for saying you don’t agree with broad brush sign statements! I get so tired of this myself and have almost given up pointing it out as it occurs so relentlessly ! I know so many lovely Scorpios, they are unfairly maligned. Every sign has its strengths and weaknesses , and every chart is different.

        • You should see what people say about us Librans. We’re either awful people pleasers or shallow narcs. We tend to have a smattering of Scorpio planets too, so are doubly damned. I’ve got quite a lot going on in my 12th and with NN conjunct BML am likely to be heading towards becoming a female demon – if only that were true, then I could enjoy all the perks. I try not to take it personally!

          • I sympathise! But take heart, some of my best friends are Librans! As for Gemini, those duplicitous , mendacious con men! Sadly, a number of my lovely family are members of that tribe and have shown no sign yet of fraud or swindling. As a Virgo, though, I am well placed to criticise, carp and nag the life out of them to keep them on the straight and narrow

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