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  1. Had to laugh at the headline on BBC … “Google claims new Gemini AI ‘thinks more carefully'” … they need to release Virgo AI. But article published with Sun is in Sag so bound to have some hyperbole and exaggeration attached

  2. Wow, Marjorie, have you read today the articles in the WSJ and The Daily Mail about what happened to Dave Hollis (born on February 14, 1975 in Orange County, California, USA) and his ex-wife, Rebecca Hollis (born on 9 January 1983 in Weedpatch, California, USA)? Such a tragic and sad story! I think it would be so interesting astrologically.

  3. It’s been a very busy week in the news with deaths. Today, Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman justice to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) just died at the age of 93.

    Even though Sandra Day O’Connor was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, she wasn’t as conservative as the Republicans were hoping for her to be. She was often fair in her rulings and she did support Roe vs. Wade.

    Any astrological thoughts or insights regarding Sandra Day O’Connor?

  4. Perhaps Islam or Islamists as they are a real threath to the west.
    Look at Dublin,London,Italy and everywhere.
    In NYC interfering with lightning of the Christmas tree..(Rockefeller Center).
    _Burn it’!!!
    As scilled as you are Marjorie , what do you see astrologically.Hot subject,but…
    Quite important to know.

  5. So many passings away today.

    Frances Sternhagen. Now I bump onto Alistair Darling.

    May they rest in piece and their sould find joy in other realms.

  6. Hello Marjorie the wonderful Shane McGowan has left us. If you have the time and inclination please look at his chart, 25.12.57 in Pembury, Kent.

  7. Hi Marjorie,

    The decades long territorial dispute over the Essequibo region in South America is intensifying and it’s being reported that Venezuela now appears to be preparing for an invasion of Guyana. According to the Defense Blog, Visegrád 24, and Reuters, the Brazil’s army is on “high alert” and they’ve transferred their military personnel and resources to the northern borders in response to Venezuela’s military build up on the Guyana-Venezuela border.

    According to France 24, US Department of Defense officials were expected to visit Guyana next week despite the threat of invasion. And the Associated Press (AP) reported that Nicolás Maduro (Vladimir Putin’s puppet) has been drumming up ultra-Venezuelan nationalism among his nation’s citizens in recent months using historical revisionist talking points (this sounds all too familiar) regarding the Essequibo region…and there’s supposedly a referendum vote being held in December.

    Many of us here in the Americas are watching this with concern – the last we need is another armed conflict or war.
    Guyana, like Venezuela, is practically floating on petroleum / oil. And the U.S. has strengthened its security, military, and trade partnership ties with Guyana over the years. Plus, Guyana recently made a major oil deal with India. So, if Nicolás Maduro is arrogant enough to pull a “Vladimir Putin” by invading Guyana, then I can’t imagine a scenario where other nations here in the Americas (including the U.S.) don’t get involved.

    I sincerely hope things don’t escalate any further between Guyana and Venezuela. However, if they do, I will definitely side with Guyana and the Guyanese people. Nicolás Maduro is a wannabe dictator who now apparently wants to bully Guyana – a small nation with only 814,000 people.

    Astrologically, how do things look for Guyana, Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and President Biden (who I suspect be dragged into this if an invasion occurs) in the upcoming months? Any thoughts or insights you could share would be greatly appreciated.

    As always, thank you for your daily write-ups and allowing us to make requests. I always look forward to reading them.

  8. How many days till our shrunken pantalooned supremo is booted out, and also is there a way back for Rory Stewart?3/1/73 Hong Kong. A nicer Capricorn I must say.

    • Looks like David Cameron might take over in the new year. Astrology is pointing in Cameron’s direction.

      Marjorie, what do you think about David Cameron taking Tories to GE next year?

          • An election in the interest of parliamentary democracy and the country, not the decade long Tory civil war. They’ve brought the country to its knees. Hopefully the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction next year brings this fresh start.

    • In 2024, Jupiter will conjunct Sunak’s Sun-Mercury conjunction.

      And Saturn will oppose Starmer’s Sun-Pluto conjunction. It’s already started its opposition from a wide orb making Starmer appear mean (“food and water must be withheld from Gaza”, which is a war crime).

      David Cameron’s Jupiter at 1 Leo 37, will experience tr Pluto in Aquarius opposing it next year; Tr Pluto also trines his ascendant at 1 Libra 33 at the same time. So maybe his reputation is transformed in a positive/important way

  9. One other person might be interesting as well: Charles T. Munger, his Midas touch and astrological causes of wealth, as well as his relationship with Warren Buffett.

    • Munger is in the news because of the apparent total collapse of his long running campaign to build a weird student housing tower at UC Santa Barbara. A comparison of Munger’s chart with the school’s could be relevant. Beautiful on the surface and troubled underneath, it joined the University of California system in 1958 and is famous for its Nobel prize winners, activist student protests of the 60s, and its oceanfront campus next to a privately owned mile of student housing, where a laid-back surfing vibe is sometimes punctuated by outragous drunk wild parties and occasional tragic violence.

      The university is desperately short on housing, in one of the world’s most expensive cities (adjacent to Harry & Megan’s new hometown of Montecito). Even with many rooms for two having two more students stacked up in bunks, some students have to sleep in their cars. Near-campus spots to park a little trailer can go for a thousand dollars a month. There have been student and community lawsuits about these conditions, questioning whether the school should have been allowed to admit more students than it can handle.

      Munger offered the school $200 million towards a new giant dorm building, but on the condition it was built EXACTLY as he personally designed it. He boasted he’s never read a book on architecture and didn’t get anyone else’s ideas. This octagenarian alone perfectly knows that what all students really need is to be in seven foot windowless cubicles, with eight cubicles around a windowless common room with a table and kitchenette and a one-person bathroom. But big LED light panels that change color to match the unseeable sky, and down the hall big real windows for the shared study rooms for hundreds of students, will make up for it!

      Key people involved with the project quit, and there have been endless protests against “Dormzilla,” the firetrap prison for students. Without publicly acknowledging defeat, after trying for years to get everyone to love the vision for Munger Hall, the college has now asked for bids on design for more ordinary new dorms to be scattered throughout the campus.

      What would drive someone to be so weirdly controlling and insistently manipulative, with fingers in ears and a childish “nyah, nyah” to any feedback? If he had let the normal campus planning and architectural design process happen, $200 million could have already housed a lot of students years ago.

  10. Marjorie,

    I tried to find if you wrote about Shannen Doherty, and I haven’t managed to find a post.

    She is in the news saying that her disease spread to her bones, that she wants to live and that her best memories are yet to come.

    What in her chart gave her such a difficult life and what happened when she had her two most famous winning streaks, Beverly Hills and Charmed (Charmed also a series that marked her abrupt career end in a way).

    I was also wondering if it would be compelling to you to write about

    Mercury square Neptune (Obama and Trump as bearers, for example) and if that aspects always means liarousness

    Venus square Neptune and if that aspects always means cheating in relationships


    the unaspected Sun (using special orbs and no out-of-sign aspects, Brad Pitt and Christine Lagarde e.g.).

    Thank you!

    • @El Aznar : “that she wants to live and that her best memories are yet to come” is an extraordinarily pervasive idea at the moment. Not living in the now and avoiding the newness or freshness of the future. People go on holiday to create memories for the future. No one seems to find it odd that we plan our nostalgia today, while tomorrow presumably is to enjoy the memories, usually events, we have created. It’s all sort of manufactured and lacking in spontaneity. Living in the moment seems an old fashioned woo woo thing to do, let alone wondering what tomorrow will bring. The emptiness of it! The odd thing is that neither memory nor nostalgia work like that. It’s often, mainly even, simple remembrances of times past, the everyday stuff which didn’t seem noteworthy at the time, when you sat chatting to your mum or dad while they cooked supper.
      It seems to be a massive psychological avoidance to enable us to cope or to anchor us in the midst of constant, rapid change, rarely pleasant or comfortable, and usually unwanted. Maybe incessant, pervasive news cycles are unbalancing us, making us more aware of consequences. Is there some astrological underpinning to this need of ours to manage in advance the past as well as the future, while avoiding the present?

      • Wow, Zita… That made me stop shocked. It’s so profound, and you will make me think about it for days. I battle with horrific interpersonal relationships at work, and every day I seem like Neo in Matrix dodging a swathe of arrows pointing my way, and it is all so difficult… The sly, dishonest ways, the intrigue, the backstabbing, the gossiping, secret plots and back-alley deals, it’s just a jaw-dropping piece of toxic fumes and one just hopes for a better tomorrow, thinking what one did to end up in such an environment, and that present you mentions just passes you buy. I don’t want to have anything to do with it, but it is all around you. I came to my current firm when Moon was in Scorpio, and it is all so emotionally difficult, wounding, for me and very draining. That’s how I explain it. What a pity, such unneeded events to be drawn into.

        • Look at what your progressed moon, saturn transit and progressed Sun are doing. Also transiting nodes. Understanding the lesson helps with difficult experiences. I am telling you this from my own experiece. Wishing you well.

          • Thank you so much, Liz. That means a lot to me. I will have to take a closer look. This is all taking a toll and today in particular I feel it. I hope it all ends soon in the best way possible.

      • Zita – astrologically I put the shift down to outer planets going through Capricorn and Aquarius since the 90s. Everybody is focused on what is going on around them and trying to project an image that presents them in a good light. There is little room for authenticity.

        You’re spot on that it’s all about avoidance. If you live in the moment, all the baggage wells up and you have to deal with it. There is a pervasive negative cycle whereby people try to solve their emotional issues through physical means.

        A large component of the economy is marketed as providing solutions to one’s problems; most often problems that won’t even affect you. Aspirational living – “buy this it’s bigger and better” – promises you will be happy when achieve or receive something. It’s very Capricorn living as opposed to Cancer which just does deals with its feelings.

        Where we used to watch the News at 6 and News at 10 and read a newspaper, now these channels have 24hrs to fill. I recall watching 9-11 happen and after the first hour or so there was nothing new to report. So they fill the time with recaps (the past) or analysing how it might affect things (the future).

        As for planned nostalgia, I often get the sense people do it so that they know how to react. Nothing worse for them than receiving a surprise gift where they have to react spontaneously and from the authentic self. The very thought of giving the wrong response is petrifying in itself.

      • When dealing with cancer, and I have some knowledge of this as I have my own diagnosis and treatment, the focus has to be on the future and wanting to live. The now, with treatment and resulting illness, can be very, very difficult. I understood what she was saying, exactly. I know I don’t know you – so please don’t take this the wrong way. It may not be possible for her to travel. When you are in treatment – you are immunocompromised (my white blood count went to zero after every chemo) and I was hospitalized for it twice, and she may not be able to see people. You are chained to your oncologist. You cannot travel. She my just be wanting to live through it – through a better time.

        • I’m so sorry, LizM, that you are suffering. I hope you get better soon. I understand Shannen Doherty’s situation and sadly, yours, but I was so struck by how strong this idea of making memories is right now. GD’s linking it to marketing with apparent solutions for sometimes non existent problems is spot on. I mean, who wouldn’t do something that gave them happy memories? It’s just strange to think of your memories before you have them. The fact that we’re now looking backwards rather than to the future, probably says it all.
          I wish you well.

  11. Maybe look into the alleged affair between Prince Frederik of Danmark and Genoveva Casanova? Some spanish press have claimed the affair to be going on for several years now. Thanks, e.

  12. It might provide some lighter relief to have a look at the charts of Darryl Hall and John Oates – who have become embroiled in a legal battle and involves a restraining order! One of the most successful singing partnerships ever – yet they have always maintained a separateness. Never wanted to be “Hall and Oates”. Yet I’m not sure either has particularly been successful solo.

    • I read Oates’s 2017 memoir, the first part about the band with Hall. He explained how both of them were leaders of their own bands when they got together. They’ve always been pissed off that people can’t be bothered to use both of their full names, for their equal partnership of two individual musicians.
      He also explained that it wasn’t their choice to have the bizarre album cover where Hall looked like a hot chick, and on the inside Oates was naked in a Space Mountain kind of neon tunnel. It doesn’t go with their soul & rock music at all. Oates said despite their sharing apartments, he’s straight and they’ve never had any of the romantic interest in each other dreamed up in some fans’ delusions.
      The book says they didn’t have a falling out but just drifted apart and stopped trying to keep up with what each other were doing, in different parts of the country. Oates’s book is a fun, easy read. Lots of stories behind their hits, behind the scenes on show biz, and some weird anecdotes from John’s life after the shared hit-making.

    • I forgot to add in my previous reply.

      Hall and Oates agree that they’re both frustrated being known as one half of a “Two Headed Monster,” the name of their touring company. In a separate business deal, they co-own the rights to their songs & image. Hall’s lawsuit is about his feeling of betrayal with Oates’s desire for John to sell his half of these rights to someone else. Hall fears this publishing company could then market Hall’s image and music, against his preferences and without his consent.

      The restraining order is to block the order until the legal question can be resolved. It has to do with Oates allegedly revealing the duo’s original partnership agreement, which was supposed to be confidential, to the potential buyer. Hall says this breach of the original contract should invalidate Oates’s attempt to sell his share.

      Meanwhile, personal drama from the past. Hall has one biological child, a son, from a one night stand. Darren was born January 8, 1984. Papa Hall wasn’t involved in the boy’s life at all. He fought against paying child support. At 18, Darren finally met his father, who agreed to give him a job on the tour. It was handling merchandise sales in the lobby, so Darren didn’t get to see the show or hang out with his Dad.

      A musician himself, Darren asked his Dad to comment on Darren’s music. Darryl thought his son was asking for a rare chance at a professional critique from an expert. He ripped the music apart to point out everything that should be improved to make it more marketable. Darren was crushed. Darryl didn’t know that Darren was actually longing for some version of “I’m proud of you, son, and I’m sorry I haven’t been in your life.”

      Shortly after that, further things disillusioned Darren, who later said he also behaved immaturely. He was soon off the payroll. He was never able to express what he wanted emotionally in a way that led to any feeling of closure. Last I saw them mentioned, Darren and his Dad haven’t spoken in years.

      When asked about Darren in interviews, Darryl quickly shuts down the topic. Darryl was blindsided by a fan with a camera while he was in the middle of something else. When the fan asked Darryl about his son, as he zoomed off, Darryl said, “My son’s an a**hole.”

      • Re: a single child, Darren, resulting from a one night stand.

        How miraculous (!!?) only o n e offspring arrived from the many countless encounters Darryl claims to have had. Given his personality it makes me wonder I’d more than one lady sought termination.

    • I somehow think this would be darker fare. Daryl – while wonderfully gifted – seems pretty ego bound….and John looked like he had to plow thru.

      Always a marvel when beautiful songbirds are grinches i r l. Paul Simon comes to mind too.

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