Rosalynn Carter – a caring Sun Neptune in Leo

Rosalynn Carter, wife of former president Jimmy Carter, has left behind a solid legacy of good works as she dies aged 96. A biographer described her as  having achieved “one of the great political partnerships in American history”. Despite his lacklustre White House term generally regarded as a failure she was up with Eleanor Roosevelt in her influence as first lady. And their four decades after the White House as global humanitarians advocating peace, democracy and the eradication of disease set a new standard for post-term presidents.

  She was born 18 August 1927 6am In Plains, Georgia, into poverty, becoming a carer for her siblings after her father died in her early teens. She married Jimmy when she was 18, was a devout Baptist and mother of four, but her soft smile and outward shyness masked her determination and passion for politics which had her dubbed the ‘Steel Magnolia’ in Washington.

  Her 12th house Sun Neptune in Leo gave her idealism, flair, inspiration and the ability to work tirelessly behind the scenes on mental health and other issues. Her Venus Mars in Virgo in her 1st house added passionate enthusiasm for practical causes and a far-travelled 9th house Taurus Moon sent her round the world doing good.

  Oddly enough his Uranus fell in her 7th house suggesting a bond that can only work where both gave each other freedom and she did travel and campaign a good deal on her own. His equally idealistic Venus Neptune North Node in Leo were conjunct her Sun Neptune for shared hopes and activism, with his Mars in Aquarius in opposition adding a spark of zest and no doubt a few arguments along the way.

  His Libra Sun was opposition her Jupiter Uranus in Aries for an adventurous streak; and his Uranus square Jupiter sparked off her Mars Venus conjunction for the same in reverse – never a dull moment.

 Her Mercury and Sun Neptune in Leo fell in his 10th for a helpful career mate and her Moon in his 7th for support and nurturing.

 Their relationship chart had an affectionate and friendly composite Sun Venus conjunction and a domestically soothing Moon Jupiter conjunction. A 10th house Pluto which made them influential as a couple was in an enduring trine to Saturn and sextile the composite Sun. Both were keen on a settled family and home life, she with a Taurus Moon and he with a Scorpio Moon – they could both be stubborn but obviously found a way to handle their differences.

  It was a relationship which could have gone wrong if either had been driven by ego but both with 12th house Suns helped in that regard. Pluto in the composite 10th can turn into a power struggle but only when aims for individual glory are pursued. Pulling together they had the capacity to make a considerable difference.

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  1. I just wanted to add that, if I recall correctly, the absence of the father signified by Sun conjunct Neptune – and there are other aspects and placements that speak of the same thing – may be either physical or psychological. I think I’ve read that at one point of life the father is just not there.

  2. I haven’t been a man of the Christian faith in years, but the Carters were true Christians in every sense. Not like so many others who flaunt or force their faith down people’s throats. Just genuine good people who lived their faith through humble acts of giving and kindness. Mrs. Carter embodied advocacy for those who could not speak for themselves through her campaign to bring awareness and care to those with mental illnesses. They were perhaps a better First Couple than America deserved, who continued to be in contribution well after Jimmy’s first and only term in the White House came to an end.

    It’s sad to see so many in the country still so enthralled to the likes of Trump, who seems the living embodiment of the anti-Christ of ever there was one. For all the frothing of Christians about the country losing its morality, it seems they are totally and perhaps willfully oblivious to the example and legacy of the most Christ-like President and First Lady elected to office in living memory.

    • Thank-you Clarence… well said.

      I”m intrigued that their Moons were opposite each other.. in fixed signs. Then, when put together in the composite, there’s that Moon conjunct Jupiter.. now in Aquarius! These charts are remarkable in how well both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter actually lived them… walked their talk to the end.

      As we near the end of Pluto in Capricorn, these 2 people individually and as a couple, show the best that Capricorn can be. A seed to plant into the next Pluto sign?… God I hope so.

  3. Doesn’t Mars in the first house always give a strong presence? News reports say she cared more about winning in politics than he did. An amazing person and part of an amazing team. His/her success around the world was greater than success in the presidency. Both continued to be so active later in life, while others retire years earlier.

  4. marjorie,
    with the spirits of Holiday season coming upon us; i say my 2 cents worth; He was NEVER a fit for Crooked world of washington DC where all these politicians has only AIM he is to enrich their own pockets and none of them has any worry of about how the common public lives or getsby
    they only have one thing in mind is to please their 1% of flocks who have gotten fatter and fatter while common public which is 99% have become poorer and poorer in neckhigh debts

    so sorry for sarcastic writings but i have said nothing but truth
    thank you

  5. @El Aznar Regarding fathers: I recently read that her father died of an illness when Rosalynn was 13, and they she said in later life that she regarded this as the end of her childhood.

    • Yeah, wow. After I wrote that, I went and checked it out too. And then I saw that Marjorie wrote it above as well. The father (Sun) disappears (Neptune). I’m so sad that she had to experience that.

  6. Thank you Marjorie. She was an amazing woman, who understood how important mental health was during a time when it was still very stigmatized. I was sad to see her pass. Jimmy might have been the best President, but he and Rosalyn are great people.

  7. Sun conjunct Neptune could sometimes mean an absent father. I haven’t read her biography, so I din’t know if it’s the case here.

    That also reminded me that, if you find the time and will, Marjorie, maybe you coule do a write-up on meanings of both Sun and Moon separately conjunct the remaining planets – and each other (New Moon). I’m especially interested in meanings regarding the parents, since the Sun is one of the signifier of the father and Moon the mother, and also regarding what a person seeks from his or her partner (Sun as a man for women, Moon as a woman for men; I wonder how that works out for LGBTQIA+ synastries).

    • If you look back to last September I did a series on Moon in aspect to the outer planets. Sept 3,6,12,16 and 26 2022.

      I never got round to the Sun – soon maybe.

      • That’s great! Thank you so much! I should check it out. I kind of thought that there was something about the Moon in this regard, but I wasn’t sure and didn’t check.

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