Cliff Richard – keen to keep up appearances

Cliff Richard having shimmied back into the limelight with a concert tour and no doubt a Christmas song up his sleeve, managed to put his foot in it with comments about Elvis Presley’s obesity. Not that he was wrong but saying it in an interview with a not-inconsiderably-sized Alison Hammond was hardly sensible and relating that he didn’t want a photo taken with the puffy rock star did sound a touch precious.

  Richard himself keeps to a strict, at times one meal a day, diet to keep his boyish figure so clearly weight is one of his things.

  Born 14 October 1940 9.10pm (rectified) Lucknow, India, he has a seemingly easy-going Libra Sun in his 5th house of entertainment and performance which is quincunx a 12th house Uranus – edgy and unconventional in private. Libra can come across as superficial, overly concerned with outer appearance. His go-ahead Aries Moon in his 10th house of career is opposition Mars and trine Pluto, so his emotional responses will be at times sharp but usually kept private.

  His Uranus is in a creative, inventive trine to Neptune and his stubborn/enduring Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus opposes Mercury in Scorpio – again secretive but also opinionated.

  I have not looked at his chart in years but my recollection was he had a Fixed Pluto on the point of a T square – in fact it is wide-ish with Saturn Jupiter opposition Mercury square a 2nd house Pluto – but it does suggest a need to stay in control at all times, financially and in other ways. There is an odd tale from his first girlfriend who received a letter from him when he broke off their relationships in 1961 – “Being a pop singer I have to give up one priceless thing – the right to any lasting relationship with any special girl.”  That is weird and has not stopped any other pop star from forming attachments. Taken at face value and not just as a face-saving argument, it does suggest an obsessive focus.

  In 2014 in the aftermath of Jimmy Savile, the Met’s Yewtree investigation turned attention on his UK residence and the police search was filmed by the BBC, which caused a major scandal, cost the BBC a chunk in damages and no charges were ever laid. At that point tr Uranus in Aries was opposition his Sun and his Solar Arc Pluto – with tr Pluto after that moving into his trapped 8th house (birth time being accurate) – a considerable shock to his system. 

   His Libra Sun caught the recent Solar Eclipse which will have given his life a shake up.

  Although Cliff Richard was initially marketed as a rebellious rock n’ roller like Elvis and Little Richard, he rapidly moved mainstream to become the housewife’s favourite, so he no doubt regarded Elvis’s louche lifestyle with raised eyebrows. There is a nodal cross over with Cliff’s Pluto conjunct Elvis’s South Node; and Cliff’s North Node being conjunct Elvis’ Mars  – plus Elvis’s disruptive T square of Uranus in Aries square Pluto opposition Sun does collide with Cliff’s Libra Sun. They existed in the same cultural space initially but very different temperaments and talents.

All a media fuss about very little. And Alison Hammond at 20 stone is no role model for anyone though she appears to be reducing slightly.

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    • Being honest is not being mean. Obesity is a serious health problem with long term consequences. The annual UK spend on the treatment of obesity and diabetes is greater than the amount spent on the police, the fire service and the judicial system combined.
      All this snowflakey nonsense about fat-shaming obscures the fact that morbid obesity is self-harm which would be fine if the oncost to others was not so high.

  1. I was told many years ago that CR had a colostomy. I don’t know why. But his obsessions might be to do with that.

    In any case, he was a bit podgy in early pop star’s day.

  2. Hi Marjorie

    I’m interested in the crossover of Pluto conjunct NN and SN, as you mention above. Could you kindly do a little write up about that synastry please? I have both, one with my mother and the other my son and it’s proving hell to navigate – I always seem to be the ‘bad guy’ no matter how I think my intentions are honourable.

    Much thanks if you can, or anyone else, and if not I understand.

  3. Cliff Richard always seems like he wears a constant mask of superficial nice-ness.

    I look at Alison Hammond and wonder if she has an undiagnosed thyroid condition, which would contribute to her weight.

  4. Apologies for being off topic, but I see that Fergie was given a role on this doom-laden show and in her capacity as agony aunt for the day took a couple of calls from viewers going through marital problems. She advised both women to wear ‘sexy underwear’. There’s a rather amusing review in the Guardian today:

    “Clearly, the heroes here are Hammond and O’Leary, two exceptionally safe pairs of hands, who managed to guide Ferguson through the show in the same way you help a drunk friend safely through their front door. The presenters were perfect foils to the duchess throughout and this stupid attention-seeking act would have fallen apart in seconds without them.”

  5. Thanks, Marjorie. Yes Elvis was, and Alison is grossly overweight. But it was the shallowness behind his reasons for not wanting a photo: “If I am having a photo with (Elvis) and I have it hanging on my refrigerator, of course he’s got to look good.”
    This reminded me of a Libran friend who won’t drink in a popular UK pub chain as the customers are “ugly.” Librans tend to hide their shallow side, at least in public, but I guess Cliff’s moon/south node in Aries got the better of him.

    • When Cliff’s close friend Bill Latham died,
      Cliff said Bill had taught him the importance of being charitable. Just superficial words, clearly.

  6. Cliff seems like he is trapped in his Aries south node which makes sense with the Aries moon nearby. So rather thoughtless when it comes to other people. Despite the Sun-Mars in Libra available to help grow to his NN and the possibility of relationship.

  7. Years ago I worked in the theatre and Cliff’s name came up and he was described as an annoying do-gooder who used his strong Christian views as a form of manipulation/battering ram. The general opinion was that it was easier to get the work done when he was not around, just put him on stage at the right time.

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