Argentina – desperation brings unlikely winner

Javier Milei, the right-wing libertarian oddball, Trump and Bosonaro admirer, has won a clear victory in the Argentina elections which some political analysts say is a reflection of the electorate’s desperation for change rather than support of his far-right ideology. He has promised to cut back the Argentinian state to its bare minimum and introduce radical economic reforms. Elon Musk said on hearing of the victory “prosperity is ahead for Argentina,” which just goes to show how warped his judgement is.

  Failed economic policies have left Argentina, one of the world’s most perpetually unstable economies, in one of its worst crises yet. Annual inflation is above 140 percent — the third highest rate in the world. More than two in five Argentines live in poverty and the value of the currency has plummeted downwards.

  There is nothing in any of the charts to suggest the redeemer has arrived, quite the opposite – details from earlier post 17 August below.  He will be sworn in as president on December 10 which has a lacklustre, impractical Sun square  Neptune, never a good sign for an administration. With a superficially showy Jupiter opposition Venus and a reforming Uranus trine Pluto.

  His own chart, 22 October 1970 12.59pm Buenos Aires (birth certificate) will flounder with tr Neptune (and then tr Saturn) opposition his Pluto Mars conjunction in 2024/2025 and even before then tr Pluto square his Sun for the next 14 months and tr Uranus opposing his hope-for-a-better-society Saturn opposition Venus Neptune this year right through till 2025.

  The Argentina 25 May 1810 chart and the Bank of Argentina chart 28 May 1935 are both highly Mutable chart with Gemini Suns and a raft of other Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo planets – all of which will be deflated by tr Saturn in Pisces through into 2025.

 Oddly enough Milei’s relationship chart with Argentina is relatively upbeat in essence with a composite Sun Jupiter trine Pluto so he obviously brings enthusiasm and hope to the table. Though 2026 will bring a more hostile mood when tr Pluto opposes the composite Mars.

Post August 17 2023

In desperate financial straits – again – Argentina threw up an ultra-conservative oddball in the dress rehearsal for the late October general election. Javier Milei, who won over 30 per cent of the vote, is ‘a rightwing libertarian who campaigns like a rock star, lives alone with five mastiffs named after famous liberal economists and claims not to have brushed his hair since he was 13 (he is 52).’

  Whoever wins they will inherit a catastrophic economic situation with central bank almost out of reserves and heavy restrictions on foreign exchange. Inflation is running at around 115% and nearly 40 per cent of the population live below the poverty line. A severe drought has exacerbated problems, which the government has used as an excuse for missing all of IMF’s targets for its lifeline programme. Another default looms.

  Milei, born 22 October 1970 in Buenos Aires, has a late Libra Sun with a ferociously determined Pluto conjunct Mars; and a head-in-the-clouds, moody, insecure and ambivalent Venus Neptune in Scorpio opposition Saturn in Taurus.  His Sun sits on his Neptune/Pluto midpoint which is associated with the supernatural or fantastical beliefs.

  His Jupiter in Scorpio caught the recent Lunar Eclipse which would give him a lift. The general election falls on his birthday with tr Jupiter opposition his Jupiter. A win is not inevitable and he looks to be in a degree of turmoil immediately following and in 2024 – though that would be true even if he did win.

  The Argentina 25 May 1810 country chart with its Gemini Sun Mars opposition Neptune Saturn in Sagittarius square Pisces Moon Pluto – will be dragged down to earth by tr Saturn in Pisces through 2023/24. The recent Lunar Eclipse rattled the Uranus in Scorpio hinting that a change of course was badly needed.

 It is not quite as dire as the 2001 default which happened on the Saturn in Sagittarius opposition Pluto square Mars; and the Solar Arc Pluto squaring the financial Venus in the run up. But it will require considerable sacrifices.

  The Bank of Argentina, 28 May 1935, another Gemini Sun square Saturn opposition Neptune, will face a surfeit of Saturn reality checks as well in 2023/24; and a pressured Solar Arc Pluto square the financial Venus. Again not quite as catastrophic as the 2001 default  when the Solar Arc Mars squared Neptune and rattled up the T Square with Sun and Saturn; and the tr Saturn opposition tr Pluto added its later of woe.

8 thoughts on “Argentina – desperation brings unlikely winner

  1. There’s also another date for Argentina’s chart. The Independence on 9 July 1816, 12.00 pm LMT, Tucuman. I know many countries have more than one chart though. Javier Milei looks and sounds disturbing and I just hope Argentina will reach the other side. It’s a lovely country.

  2. As Mark Twain said of people who pick up cats by the tail, so it seems countries today must learn by electing fascists to power, what they can learn in no other way.

    Sadly, the lessons of Germany and Italy, who embraced murderous, disastrous far-right politics and politicians between WWI & WWII, are fading from common memory. Trump and his copycats, like Bolsonaro and Milei, are a far cry from Hitler, but they are all vile enough that they ought to be imprisoned instead of being allowed multiple chances to court power through elected office.

    • Totally agree..being an Indian, living under almost tyranny…I know how each of us now understand what democracy,rights n freedom is…once a movie star wishes that v get one so v realise how v don’t care about our country…now each does in last 10yrs. It’s when u begin to lose what u took for granted that u realise how much necessary it is

  3. Usually when people vote for an extreme, the society is going through a crisis. Argentina was going in the direction of Venezuela. So Milei is much better than the opposition.
    Nothing new. From one extreme to another, you’re still in the same spot.

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