Robin Dalton – saying ‘yes’ to everything as a lifestyle

‘Never say no to anything’ was the recipe for the exuberant and jam-packed career and love life of Robin Dalton. Her CV listed literary agent, film producer, memoirist, journalist, television performer and intelligence agent and her list of paramours was extensive and unrepentant, including pilots and sailors, and a marquess cousin of Prince Philip.  She once said “There was never a time when I was not, actively, in love. I don’t remember any of it being unrequited. One floated on a cloud of love affairs, more or less effortlessly gliding from one to another.” She was engaged to several suitors, two at the same time on one occasion and was married three times.

  She spied for the Thailand Government and eventually became one of London’s leading literary agents with a dazzling list of clients, including Margaret Drabble, Arthur Miller, Iris Murdoch, Edna O’Brien, Arnold Wesker and Tennessee Williams, Then in her late sixties she added successful film producer to her resume.  

  She was born 22 December 1920 in Sydney, Australia, with a Northern Irish Presbyterian doctor for a father, whose wealthier patients subsidised his treatment of prostitutes and criminals. Her mother was a Polish-Australian Jew who smoked 100 cigarettes a day and regularly invited strangers to stay. Her father did not speak to his mother-in-law for 35 years despite living in the same house. 

  She had a last degree Sagittarius Sun or zero Capricorn which was super-charged being the driving planet of a Water Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto trine North Node in Scorpio, with Pluto opposition her Sun – creative, able to live in her own bubble of reality, not shy and retiring, for sure. Her love life would be amped-up by a Venus Mars conjunction in broad-minded Aquarius opposition Neptune square an indulgent and sensuous Taurus Moon. Venus Neptune is a romantic. Mars Neptune good for a showbusiness career.

   She also had a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Virgo which can be helpful in grounding ideas, and making business schemes work out. She has just died at 101.

   What a gloriously eccentric and fulfilled life. She clearly regretted very little and had the ability to make a go of whatever she turned her hand to. Her chart is delightfully descriptive.    

3 thoughts on “Robin Dalton – saying ‘yes’ to everything as a lifestyle

  1. Career-wise, midpoints say it all:
    Sun/Moon midpoint = Uranus, career in TV
    Node = Merc/Jupiter in mutual reception, literary agent
    Asc/MC = Neptune, espionage.

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