Renee Zellweger – a trying life despite success

Actress Rene Zellweger, three decades into a super-successful career, festooned with awards – Oscars, Golden Globes, Baftas and Screen Actors Guild – still has to find a settled relationship. She’s flitted from short-lived liaisons to Jim Carrey, a brief marriage, and thence on to various ports of call but never stopping for long. She is now much puffed as being in a hopeful hook up with Ant Anstead, a twice divorced Brit TV presenter.

  What is noteworthy about her chart is it features one of the most difficult Yods onto a focal point Saturn from a Neptune sextile Jupiter Uranus (Pluto). Initially it produces all the Saturnine downsides of uncertainty, low confidence, self-defeating attitudes.  A considerable degree of inner strength is needed to make it work, which involves the Saturnine virtues of self-discipline, endurance over time and steadiness of purpose. Along with it goes a sense of frustration and personal failure. The first Saturn Return at 29 or just after is usually when a significant turning point comes and that’s when she landed the Bridget Jones role that shot her to stardom.

  Others born around that time who share the same Saturnine Yod in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries are: Jennifer Aniston, Beau Biden, Chaz Bono, Beau Biden, Alexander McQueen (fashion designer), Cory Booker, Dan Aronovsky (surreal, melodramatic, psychological horror film director), Pauley Perrette (former NCIS oddball), Andrew Breitbart (right wing media founder), Bobby Brown (Whitney Houston ex-husband). Quite a few of those have had more obvious struggles than most despite being successful.

  What makes it trickier for Renee Zellweger is that her Saturn conjunct a Taurus Sun falls in her 8th house so she will be ambivalent about close relationships – wanting them intensely and yet putting up barriers.

  Ant Anstead, 28 March 1979, Plymouth, England, has several astro-plus points where she is concerned with his New Moon in Aries conjunct her Venus in Aries and his Jupiter in Cancer square her Saturn so he’ll lift some of her tendency to gloom. But his Mars in Pisces in her 7th opposition her Pluto isn’t so great – argumentative and a fight for control.

  The relationship chart has a needs-space composite Sun opposition Uranus and a supportive, enthusiastic Sun trine Jupiter – in certain circumstances, which won’t include 24/7 closeness, it could work for a while.  Though it’ll rock on its axis later this year with tr Pluto square the composite Uranus.

  She will have a tricky few years towards and across mid decade with tr Pluto square her Saturn in 2023/23 which will be heavy going. And she has tr Neptune square her Sun/Moon midpoint at the same time. Followed by tr Pluto square her Sun in 2025/2026. But for all that she’s in a reasonable place on the career front with Saturn moving upwards in her chart and Pluto strengthening her reputation until later this decade.

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  1. I knew a couple of women born the same week – 20th & 22nd. Neither of them were in settled relationships. The Sag Mars always seemed to give them an unsettled, searching quality. Even if it’s not in orb, there’s quincunx difficulty between the stability of Taurus and freedom-loving Sag.

    Often women with strong saturn resolve it by projecting it onto a man in their life. I see nothing in his chart to suggest he can pick it up for her. My wild prediction is it all blows up when transiting Saturn opposes her moon next year.

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