Katie Hopkins – running out of outlets

The ranting, rancid, far right-wing Katie Hopkins has been booted out by yet another media outlet. She has been dumped as a cast member of Australia’s Big Brother VIP after describing Covid-19 lockdowns as “the greatest hoax in human history” and joking about breaching quarantine rules. Last year she had her Twitter account with 1.1m followers permanently suspended for violating the platform’s “hateful conduct” policy. Prior to that she was repeatedly retweeted by Donald Trump. She has previously compared migrants to cockroaches, claimed the photograph of a dead Syrian boy lying on a beach that sparked a wave of compassion across Europe was staged, and said dementia patients should not “block” hospital beds.

  I’d forgotten quite how stark her chart is. Born 13 February 1975, she has an Aquarius Sun (shades of Sarah Palin); with a ‘charitable’ Jupiter Moon in Pisces that has clearly been mislaid. What fuels her bile and venom is Mars in Capricorn opposition Saturn square Pluto. Mars Saturn attracted her to the military but her epilepsy prevented her from taking up a gun-toting career. It tends to make for short-tempered, hard-edged individuals and tied into a focal point control-freak Pluto it is as far from sentimental as you can get. Palin has a Sun conjunct Mars Saturn.

  Tr Neptune is opposing her Jupiter this year and next which will dent her high hopes. This December’s Solar Eclipse will conjunct her Neptune in a probably vain attempt to get her to pursue a more spiritual path. Mishandled it brings more self-deceit.

  Marjorie Taylor Greene also has Jupiter in Pisces – clearly compassion got lost along the way and they home in on its guru-chasing tendencies, elevating Trump to the Great Almighty.

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  1. I think her chart shows hyper sensitivity and a great awareness of vulnerability with so much water. Not only does she have the Mars Saturn Pluto t-square, Saturn in Cancer is almost like a double whammy in terms of her defensiveness – ‘attack is the best form of defence’ could be her personal motto. Saturn in Cancer in her chart is further emphasized as the focal point of a yod with Mercury and Neptune. Her vulnerability is probably a huge source of frustration for her shown by the t-square and yod configuration. Also she has Sun in an air sign which is not especially well intergrated in her chart so yet another source of annoyance/ challenge for her could be as a Sun in Aquarius having to deal with such a watery chart.

  2. Interesting thanks Marjorie. Quite a repulsive chart. Saturn in Cancer conjunct POF in 2nd (identity and fortune is based on lack of empathy) opposite Mars 8th house in Cap (acts to gain status out of the difficult parts of life) and square to Pluto in 5th in Libra (literally, playing with disruption of life’s harmony) but, living out of the top of her chart and believing she is completely justified in behaving this way and that she is loved for it. She enjoys being in the limelight precisely because of her lack of responsibility. Not enough squares to the personal planets in her chart to force the lessons to be learnt, perhaps?

  3. That’s interesting re Moon/Jupiter Pisces. I’m a Sun Pisces but good friends with a Gemini with Moon/Jupiter in Pisces and one thing I’ve noticed is that although he is very kindly and tolerant from day to day, when he is angry or upset he is completely overwhelmed by his emotions to the point where he cannot see the other person’s view at all or shake himself out of it – and this can get worse and worse and last for days. Nothing I say will make him feel better or broaden his point of view. So I think that aspect might point to a “victim” perception. On another note I have noticed that some Aquarians have an obsession with justice and retribution – perhaps to the exclusion of mercy. Just a thought.

    • As someone with Neptune squaring moon and being placed in 8th, I have found myself being too tolerant of other people’s actions/views. It builds up on you. And to get by, I found myself doing a lot of rationalising and making excuses for the other person. Then one day, the dam bursts (or illusion pops) and all that which has been suppressed gets seen in the cold light of reality. You essentially switch from being positive about the person/situation to embracing all the difficult feelings you’ve ignored. Like any dam bursting, you aren’t going to be able to stop that deluge of water until it slows to a trickle.

      As I’ve grown older, I try to be more aware of how people are ‘making’ me feel and take action sooner. Whether it’s confronting their perspective, a glib brush off to change the conversation or just ending it sooner. Rather than being the sponge for all their undesirable BS that others wouldn’t give them five minutes for.

      Aqua and Pisces are signs that struggle to think/feel about stuff personally. Katie Hopkins chart’s empty leg of her t-square is in Aries. The only thing she has in the me-me-me signs is Saturn in Cancer so even that’s stymied. She needs to learn to take stuff more personally rather always thinking in broad, societal terms with her ‘theories’ of what needs to be done to make the world a better place.

      She’ll get hammered over the next 3-4 years by Saturn hitting all those Aqua-Pisces planets. She probably didn’t learn the lessons very well last time as she’d have been 16-20 years old.

      • Your Moon in the 8th sounds like mine (conjunct Neptune). I’m porous too and still struggling with which feelings are mine and which belong to others. I’m prone to dam bursting too when I’ve had enough and feel taken advantage of.

        • I can imagine. I guess the difficulty of the square – my moon is Leo late 4th – I definitely know my own feelings. But I hate to upset someone (actual feelings rather than the ego offense we often see masquerading as feelings).

          It’s probably only the past couple of years I’ve realised I often pickup on the underlying feelings of someone else’s story and respond to that, but being in the 8th, they’re not aware of the feelings themselves and can get uncomfortable because I’m revealing what they don’t want to know. Damn, foot in mouth Sag 8th!!

  4. I was briefly involved with an Aquarius who displayed incredible outbursts of intolerance and cruelty. We’d take a meal at a local resto, and upon hearing a baby crying she’d loudly mutter, “Where’s my Bowie knife?” Other comments were designed as shock treatment for the uninitiated. Had to capture the limelight and moment. Never a happy or kind thought.

    Never dated another Aquarian again. Terrible as co-workers, too.

    • Larry, Not all of them. Some are actually nice. You must have been unlucky or they clashed astrologically with you.

  5. The Mars/Saturn/Pluto has certainly given Hopkins a hard, pitiless edge, but that rather lonesome Aquarius Sun (whose only aspect appears to be a weak out-of-sign trine to Uranus in Scorpio) plus an Aquarius Mercury reminds me of one of Aquarius’s less appealing characteristics – pride in their own contrarianism and the need to shock by going against the grain, along with an almost sociopathic detachment. I’ve always felt that this aspect of Aquarius is a kind of twisted Leo quality (it’s opposite sign), ie the desire to get attention and be in the spotlight. I can only wonder at that sweet Moon/Venus in Pisces and ask if that is what she is really fighting, if compassion and empathy is what she is truly afraid of within because she perceives these qualities as weakness.

    • Germaine Greer, another Sun Aquarius square Uranus – different politics but definitely a contrarian which does get tedious after a while.

        • I like Germaine. I don’t always agree with her but she tends to make me think about things in a new way. But perhaps it makes sense given my Sun and Mercury in Aquarius.

    • I’m thinking maybe the Venus Moon connection in Pisces allows her to see herself as a victim, a martyr to her ideas? No doubt she will ne back in the UK media soon. On GB news probably, along with Farage – if the channel survives that long.

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