Boris & co – disorganised Yods and grumbles ++ Sajid Javid

Boris Johnson’s chief of staff Dan Rosenfeld is, according to the Times, facing a mutiny from political advisers who feel their views aren’t being taken into account. He is gatekeeping too rigorously and blocking information from the PM.  Though how much Johnson would read/absorb is questionable anyway.

  This is only a passing piece since the national embarrassment of the shambles of an incompetent and worse an amoral government has to come to a head at some point. But in the context of Yods and disorganisation, Dan Rosenfeld, 2 May 1977, has a central Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct a Taurus Sun. In this he fits the out-of-step feel of the Boris Admin chart, 13 December 2019 11am which has Uranus sextile Moon inconjunct Mercury – and that one is on the money.

 A Mercury focal point scatters in all directions leaving loose ends around and there is a difficulty in assembling thoughts or communicating them in a clear and simple way. There was a delicious Andy Davey cartoon this morning which I shouldn’t reproduce  – but why not? It is blissfully apt for the dog’s breakfast of Covid rules laid down. Tierney remarks of such a Mercury: “may tend to combine too many concepts in a haphazard, disjointed way and fail to establish coherency.”

  A focal point Sun on the other hand can abuse personal will and authority.  It’s the too little ego, too much ego conundrum. Interestingly Johnson’s Jupiter is conjunct Rosenfeld’s Sun so he will support his chief of staff’s tendency to shut out other viewpoints.

  Their relationship chart also has a composite Yod of Uranus sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars so together they’ll be self-willed, slap dash and impetuous.

  Of note in the immediate future. Boris’s personal chart has his Progressed Moon opposing his afflicted/emphasised natal Mars building up now and exact in August and his Progressed Moon will then in coming months wade round in hard aspect to his Saturn and Uranus Pluto which will make for a bone-shaking ride.

  The Admin chart has a run of Neptune squares to the Solar Arc Sun and the Sagittarius Sun from late July to next spring which will lead to a general feel of slipping and sliding downhill with confusion, muddles and evasions. And the Solar Arc Saturn is moving to close the conjunction to the 12th house Venus Pluto to exact within seven months, which might rub the shine off Boris’s beyond mystifying popularity.  

Sajid Javid, who was handed the poisoned chalice of the Health Department after Matt Hancock fell on his sword was born 5 December 1969 and has a Saturnine Yod (see post Renee Zellweger below).

  He’s a Sun Sagittarius; with Venus in Sagittarius sextile Uranus inconjunct Saturn in Taurus.  He’s understandably jittered and jangled this year courtesy of two highly-strung, over-hopeful midpoints being tossed around; plus the Eclipses throwing crises in his path into early 2022. But he’ll get into a more confident stride from early 2022 with tr Pluto square his Jupiter on and off till late 2023. His high expectations won’t bear fruit since he runs into disappointments in 2022, disasters in 2023 and a total road block in 2024 with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Mars.

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  1. Regarding Boris’s Term 2 chart: when Jupiter crossed the ascendant in Feb 2021, the vaccination drive was stepping up into overdrive.

    Since late March, he’s been contending with Saturn crossing that Ascendant and occupying the first house. Struggles, difficulties, though the vaccination effort is still the best in the western world, even though it has slowed a bit due to reluctant 20-somethings.

    But Boris still has a bit of luck to look forward to – in March 2022 tr Jupiter aspects the first house Neptune (dreams).

    If he has any brains, he’ll call a new election to restart his term of office. It’s not smart to wait till tr Saturn aspects that Neptune in 2024.

    • “If he has any brains, he’ll call a new election to restart his term of office.”
      He can’t call a new election.

      The Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011 is still law and he does not have the power to ask the Queen to call a new election. And it is unlikely that Labour, the SNP and Lib-Dems will help him pass an Act to call a fresh election right now, as they did in 2019.

  2. I thought about doing a composite chart between myself and Johnson, as I have quite a lot of unsavoury thoughts! Pluto must surely be square a Mars/Uranus conjunction. Saturn must be conjunct the Sun in the 7th and as for Neptune and Venus, they must be in the 12th house, square the mid heaven. New Moon in the 1st degree of Scorpio and just inside the 12th house – unaspected , then no-one will see my murderous thoughts. Apologies everyone couldn’t resist it.

  3. One thing about Boris’ natal chart. Uranus will in the next year or so transit conjunct Jupiter opposite Neptune. Boris’s natal Neptune is also conjunct the term chart Mars at 15 Scorpio.
    Seems that that will a great explosion of dreams and delusions

    • The New Statesman article is worrying. Currently transit Jupiter is squaring Johnson’s Mars, which was in evidence when he pulled all the stops out to bask in the glory of the Football success, but also there’s the risks he is taking with the country and (since his Mars in in the 8th) the financial opportunism which has been a characteristic of his administration.

  4. It occurred to me the other day, the ‘invasion’ of Wembley for the Euro final reflected the Johnson government. Backhanders being given to stewards who are supposed to stop the unticketed getting in. Johnson’s government has normalised backhanders to mates for favours.

    I wonder whether the Pluto in Aquarius era will see a rise in mafia type organisations. Secret underworld groups involving money and violence to rule certain parts of society outside of the formal society. Not sure whether there is any astrological precedent for this.

      • GD and Larry – “Secret underworld groups involving money and violence” – you both prompted me to look at the founding date for the Jesuits, 15 August, 1534 (JC), Paris, France. It’s interesting to see Pluto is there at 2 Aquarius. And there’s a yod of Pluto sextile Neptune in Aries (religious battles?) inconjunct Sun at 0 Virgo. As Marjorie says here:
        “A focal point Sun on the other hand can abuse personal will and authority”
        There’s also Saturn in early Leo, opposing Pluto in Aquarius, amongst many thought-provoking aspects.

        • Interesting stuff Jane. Amazing to have such an accurate date for so far back.

          Larry – not sure about the Medicis. they seem more of a known political dynasty having had four popes from their ranks.

          I was thinking more along the lines of Pablo Escobar’s rise as a druglord in Columbia. He provided facilities for his birth town that the central government didn’t and in the process, those people were loath to help the authorities against him. I remember reading about organised crime boss, John Gotti in New York who would throw a block party for the local residents each year etc.

          • Maybe Pluto in Aquarius brings a new kind of online “crime family” kind of scenario? Underworld groups could be one description of Pluto in Aquarius. It’s already there in a way, but might get more organised or global. I do think cyber crimes and inducements to join everything from people smugglers to fake investment scams will expand more and more. Pluto in Aquarius could also symbolise an online religion or cult – similar to QAnon but with more reach?

  5. The New Statesman article is very very scary! Just hoping and praying that the astrology will do for Johnson and his amoral leadership soon and the British public will finally wake up.
    It’s been feeling more and more authoritarian and dictatorial for some time in spite of Johnson’s calculated facade of buffoonery and crowd pleasing.
    Anna Dittert makes a very good point about the U.K. not having a written constitution and relying on the “good chaps” interpretation of rules etc which someone as unscrupulous as Johnson has been able to drive a coach and horses through..

  6. The letters page in today’s Daily Telegraph is full of vitriol against Boris and his merry men. The readers of this newspaper are true blue Tory supporters who normally agree with everything the Conservative government says.
    Is the tide turning at last ?

    • It has to filter through to the electorate at some point, though Starmer isn’t helping much.
      There’s an excoriating piece in the New Statesman by Anna Dittert, London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster. “Life under the Johnson government means that whatever they tell you today, it will all have changed by tomorrow. Whatever you remember, it never happened like that. What Johnson did was not as it seemed, or it was someone else’s fault. Boris Johnson came to power thanks to lies, half-truths and sleights of hand. Back in 2019, his friends in the Conservative Party and his critics who cared about the future of the United Kingdom all hoped that he would not be able to continue in that vein as Prime Minister.”
      She quotes Pater Oborne formerly chief political commentator for the Daily Telegraph: “While there is no doubt that Johnson is both deceitful and amoral, the Prime Minister’s war on the truth is part of a wider attack on the pillars of British democracy: parliament, the rule of law and the civil service.”
      She finishes by remarking “it is not unthinkable that Johnson will end up being the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and instead go down in history as the uncrowned king of a democratically dubious Little England.”

    • I have a sense the era of populism era has peaked in the U.K. and events have sort of painted them into a corner. COVID has played a huge role in exposing the world’s demagogues.

  7. Thanks Marjorie. I’m curious to see how the “bone shaking ride” you identify will manifest for Mr Teflon. He is so naturally chaotic, it might be personal life or politics I imagine. I read than one of his Westminster nicknames is ‘The Trolley’ because he crashes around wildly, like an out of control trolley. Interesting, too, about the Neptune to Sun transits – perhaps symbolising a confused, confusing leader? Also, Neptune must partly symbolise the virus, and possibly floods as well. And maybe yet another scandal, although these don’t seem to have the effect they once had, on the whole.
    I remember you posted something about transport companies (airlines?) back at the start of the pandemic, and the astro pattern seemed to suggest 2023 as a time when companies felt more confident. So the confusion into 2022 fits that timeline.

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