Prince Harry – an obsession with himself ++ father issues

Another teddy is hurled out of the Royal pram with the announcement that Prince Harry is to reveal his thoughts on himself in a ghost-written memoir to be published late in 2022. The UK gave a collective sigh of exasperation and boredom. Enough already.

  Wreaking vengeance on everything his 97 year old grandmother has ever stood for raises questions about what his end game is – consciously or unconsciously.

  Parallels have been drawn with the Duke of Windsor who flounced off in the huff in 1936. Like Harry, he was an impulsive and rash Sun square Mars, in his case a Cancer Sun and a short-fused Mars in Aries. Though Harry’s scattergun Virgo Sun and Mars in Sagittarius is equally impetuous.

 They also share a key planet in Scorpio which opposes the UK 8th house Mars – Saturn in Scorpio for Harry and Uranus in Scorpio for the Duke of Windsor. So in marginally different ways they stir/red deeply buried anger in the country. Sakoian & Acker remark about Harry’s Saturn in Scorpio: “If afflicted  — there can be a tendency to scheme and plot. A desire for revenge and an inability to forget past emotional injuries may be present.”

  Sakoian & Acker thoughts on the negative side of the Duke of Windsor’s Uranus in Scorpio: “Powerfully charged emotions. They believe in decisive action – likely to have violent tempers and a fierce determination to bring about change, no matter how destructive.”

  That 8th house Mars on the UK chart is always triggered when there are major disasters and is being rattled around this year by tr Uranus conjunct and tr Saturn square into early 2022; with a Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the UK Mars in 2024 for a considerable setback. The 8th house also rules business finances so there may be financial implications but it also points to deep-seated changes that are being prodded into gear.  

   Harry’s Saturn in Scorpio also sits on the IC of the Queen’s Coronation chart of 2 June 1953 11am and in opposition the Midheaven which make sense of his attempts to chisel away at the foundations of her reign, wittingly or narcissistically unwittingly.

  There’s nothing to suggest that Harry’s relationship with his brother William or his father Prince Charles will settle anytime soon. Indeed with Prince Charles there may even be a more serious rupture come 2023/2024.  Harry’s own chart is careering down a path of catastrophes and disasters through till mid decade.

  It’s not that he lacks talent but he is heading for his nadir at the moment with tr Saturn moving through his less successful First Quadrant and it will be in later years, perhaps after the end of this decade that he will have the chance of getting his act together.  See previous post July 4 2021.

JR Moehringer, the Pulitzer prize winning ghost-writer, 7 December 1964, does appear to have an obsession with daddy issues having been abandoned as a child by his. His ghosted memoir of Andre Agassi focused on his bullying father who forced him to become a tennis champion.

  Moehringer’s chart isn’t dissimilar to Harry’s with a Sagittarius Sun square Uranus, Mars, Pluto in Virgo – if anything it has more father aggro writ large. Moehringer’s relationship chart with Charles is cold, critical, struggle for the upper hand, volatile, disruptive – though there’s nothing much, without a birth time, showing for late next year.  But he’ll start from a standpoint of disliking Prince Charles.

  The risk is that Harry is continuing Diana’s feud to ensure Charles doesn’t become king and Camilla isn’t at his side.

  There’s no publication date apart from late 2022 but around that time the tr Uranus square tr Saturn will hard aspect Charles’ 1st house Pluto in Leo and his Progressed Mars in Aquarius which look like considerable blows. In addition there’s a highly strung, high-anxiety Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Jupiter and opposition his Uranus exactly. Into early 2023 tr Saturn and tr Uranus both hit on his Scorpio Sun for a jolting and sobering time.

  Harry’s relationship with Camilla which is half friendly with a composite Sun Venus and Moon Jupiter, also has an explosive and hostile composite Mars opposition Uranus Pluto (Saturn) – that last heading downhill over the next three years.  

  To some extent it is Charles’ fault for talking to Jonathan Dimbleby for his biography and making critical comments about his upbringing, which opened the door to confessionals. But he got despatched to Scottish Gordonstoun which was a prison camp compared to plushy Eton to which young Harry was (in my view mistakenly) sent. And one gathers there was more solid info in the book as well.

  Even Harry’s usually supportive cousins Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice look to be backing off – messing with the Queen’s Jubilee really is a serious mistake on his part.

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  1. As you all mentioned it is such a pity that Harry cannot appreciate parents and forgive their flaws feeding on them and building his social capital instead of dealing with those issues with a therapist.
    Soon his own kids will grow up and he ‘ll understand how harshly they might assess him ,the damage compensation he ‘s done to his parents or grandparents being impossible .
    We do expect Royals to be role models (cheers to P.Anne,Zara,Sophie,Kate) while here we get immature kids playing in a sandpit. Pity !

  2. My concern is for George if his father and grandfather should die when he is young. Ordinarily it would be a family member that would act as regent. And for that position it would be ordinarily granted to a close relative. But that would mean Prince Harry, at the moment, completely unsuitable.

    But there has to be someone from the Privy Council that could fulfill that category. A modern day William Marshal perhaps!

  3. The Queen has worked so hard to preserve the public image of the monarchy and it is important that all subjects fall into place and tow the line at all cost. Her net worth has slipped. Accusations of racism aside, it is much more important that the monarch’s public image be stain free to keep the private and public funding rolling in for the very important work the Queen does.

  4. Thank you AnitaF. And Gnarly Dude, this was something that I had read about but didn’t know the nuts and bolts of the situation with regard grandparent’s rights.

    As for Meghan and her dad, I feel that vying for control probably makes them both narcissistic. Maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  5. Re Markle sr.
    Per California law, if you are a grandparent, you may request the court for reasonable visitation with your grandchild. However, certain requirements must be met before you will be granted such visitation. For one, the court must find that you, as the grandparent, have a pre-existing relationship with your grandchild. And probably a decent one with your child.
    His treatment of Meghan and Harry has not been great, has it, unless asking your daughter for staged pre-wedding photos and pimping out her letters counts as good parenting. He truly has been all about “me, Me, ME”. And with the grand kids all he wants are pics he can sell.

  6. In reply to Barb post (MO removed).
    “If you cannot, as you say do “one more tedious Harry and Meg piece” then why this one? You must actually enjoy having a chance to bash them, and read nasty posts in the comments sections that support your negative point of view. So I am sure you’re going to keep writing about them. One would hope that a professional astrologer could approach analysis and commentary with a more objective, balanced and restrained point of view but I guess that’s too much to ask of you. That’s why I am going to peace out of this website, even though I have enjoyed reading and commenting here in the past. I can’t support this attitude with my clicks anymore. I am sure you and those who regularly post here don’t care one way or another but there it is.
    Enjoy your hate.”

    Oh dear – BarbN – no hate to enjoy from this end – all one way from you I think. Marjorie had hoped the spitefulness from H&M would be assuaged with the already overwhelming publicity seeking from the couple who only wanted peace and privacy in their lives – but to now have a publishing contract for FOUR books (must be very short books then) not caring or showing any respect for his family and more particularly his grandmother at 95 years old, and who is unable to respond, is so crass it cannot pass without comment, even if the second one is to be published after her death.
    On another point, have just found my falling-apart copy of The Astrologer’s Handbook by S&A which I will have to re-read with care now that I know I am holding such an expensive tome in my hands.

  7. I can’t imagine that there is enough to fill four books unless he continually rehashed the thing. Of course he could make it up.

    As for Thomas Markle in the state of California, if not elsewhere grandparents have right of access to their grsndchildren. I am sure there are other states that do the same.

    • Indeed Linda – seeking legal access to your grandparent doesn’t automatically make someone a narcissist.

      I have pointed out before that Thomas Markle is full of Cancer planets, Meghan is full of Libra. They have a fundamental communication problem – he wants to get closer and talk emotionally, she wants to keep everything logical and avoid feelings. Neither is good at talking about what’s really on their mind.

      • Sorry to spoil it for anyone but I’ve read an exert from it
        Chapter 1
        me me me me me me me me me me me me me – where’s my dummy ?
        Chapter 2
        Where’s my dummy ? Where’s my dummy ? Where’s my dummy ?
        Chapter 4
        Meghan which stars with me -Meghan – Meghan -Meghan and back to Me me me me me me me
        Chapter 5
        Didimms Didimms Didimms Didimms didimms me me me me me and did I mention Meghan ……. The end

  8. Harry is turning into a slow poison of drip-drip-drip poison for the Royal Family.

    Apparently he has secured a four-book deal, with the second due out only after the Queen dies.

  9. Thank you Marjorie, your title nails the core of this sad soap opera. Daddy issues. Even today Thomas Markle is in the news threatening legal action to see the grand children. Part of the love story between H and M is a shared sense of their fathers’ being selfish gits who are emotionally cold towards them and their mothers. I don’t know how bad Markle senior was to this daughter but threatening legal action is the move of an absolute bullying narcissist who isnt likely to be safe around any child, let alone Archie and Lilibet.

    • Just had a look – not too many but both had/have Pluto in the 4th = need to control domestic environment. Both have Libra Moons = liking for elegance and sophistication, snobbish. And both have North Node just below their Ascendant = do not have a strong sense of identity, so need a partner to give them definition and validation.

  10. Does anyone remember how Diana was allowed to watch operations? It was certainly macabre. “Have I Got News For You” made a joke of it with Diana seeing an accident and trying to get near shouted “Let me through I’m the Princess of Wales!”

    • She did a great deal of good in her work with AIDs patients and landmines – but you’re right there was something slightly morbid about her attraction to death, mutilation and gore.

      • I’d presume that’s her virgo mars-pluto in the 8th along ‘enjoying’ seeing people cut into, to heal them. Her conjunct Leo Uranus giving the detachment to watch it.

    • ah yes…. she had both Pluto AND Uranus in the 8th.
      As do I.
      There IS a “fascination” with death, dark and edgy topics, the Shadow.
      A willingness to explore this.
      Obviously there are levels of maturity in how one does this…

      It certainly can be morbid….. however, it can also be a desire to understand this aspect of human nature.. to have a deep integrity with this energy.
      I always knew there was a darkness in me… so my child logic figured that this was in everyone!! It is terrifying to look deeply here and so most do not. However.. then it is acted out in destructive ways. Plenty of examples of that in our lives and in our world.

      I have noticed.. my husband has too… that having this astrological placement also triggers Plutonian “eruptions” in others…not even saying anything!!… just by me being in the room! My acceptance of Pluto energy seems to “allow” that to pop out of people… usually without their control! And often to their embarrassment because it goes against their idea of themselves.

      We’ll come home and my husband will say, “you did that thing that you do again”.

      When I first saw that I had Pluto in the 8th, I wondered why anyone would want to be close to me! Eventually they will experience this unexpected and uninvited part of themselves. I have discovered that those who are comfortable with their Plutonian energy become friends. And I do mean Pluto… the darkest, most raw and dangerous instincts hidden inside.

      Quite frankly…. I have only a few close friends!

      Certainly Diana worked with this energy a lot. No doubt she, too, experienced some of this triggering of others around her. Her focussing on the issue of land mines was instinctively perfect!

      • and just to add that it was exactly these astrological placements in the 8th that gave her the ability, the space, the acceptance and the genuine care to touch AIDS patients.
        When I am in a volatile or exposed “ugliness”, I can hold space for even THIS to be accepted and loved. There is a peace in that.. for me and for the person.
        I am sure she was discovering this about herself… and her sitting with and touching AIDS patients at a time when no-one would… this was a gift for sure.

  11. The parallels with the Duke of Windsor are uncanny – Megxit for eg occurred exactly one Uranus cycle on from the abdication. The Duke of Windsor also published a memoir in September of 1951, ‘A King’s Story’ in which he spoke about his lonely, strict childhood and confessed that ‘I was in unconscious rebellion against my position’ as a young Prince. Rebellion is certainly something one would associate with Uranus. It’s interesting that the Duke of Windsor’s Saturn is at 18 degrees of Libra and that at the time of publication, transit Neptune in Libra was in conjunction. Harry’s Venus in Libra is conjunct his Great Great Uncle’s Saturn. Transit Uranus has been opposing Harry’s Saturn in Scorpio for some time now.

    • True. I had noticed that as well.
      But if you go backwards with Uranus returns, there don’t seem to be any such royal ructions further in the past, but I look forward to Hugh Fowler’s comments on that.
      I am inclined to think that the Uranus is interacting with a chart formed subsequent to 1862 (one Uranus cycle before 1936).
      The two charts that I can think of is the accession of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the Throne (in the person of Edward VII) on 22 January 1901 or the renaming of the Royal House to the House of Windsor on 17 July 1917.
      If my hypothesis is correct, the Queen’s death will cause the creation of a new chart as a new House will ascend the Throne (not the House of Mountbatten-Windsor, but the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, Prince Phillip’s paternal line) and could bring this saga of the Duke of Windsor and Harry to a close.

      • Thank you Unmystic Mom for that information. Yes, I seem to remember that you need to follow the line back to Saxe-Colbert-Gotha when you look at the generational astrology of the house of Windsor. The Windsor renaming chart of 1901 I will have a look at. I do recall Hugh’s interesting posts on the subject of Uranus cycles and the royals. I remember at the time, just out of interest looking at the astrology of the murder/death of William Rufus (son of William the Conqueror) in 1100 and coincidentally Uranus was in the same early degrees of Taurus as it was at the Abdication. The early degrees of Taurus

  12. Harry feels his mother was “murdered” by his father and others in the Royal Family by the way Diana was treated. He was still very young when Diana died and it isn’t something that one can sweep under the carpet, keep a smile on your face, and pretend that was all in the past, things are peaches and cream! My sister was murdered 47 years ago and I will say the grief never leaves you; I can’t imagine having to deal with his grief while being scrutinized by the whole world at the same time, and continues to scrutinize him this many years later. He also has to live with the many conspiracy theory’s on who his “birth” father is. You wouldn’t understand until you walked a mile in his shoes. If his tell all helps him then so be it. Who are we to judge?

    • Maybe he should do what he said he was going to do, i.e get private be private, heal and live his life. Stop throwing crumbs to the public to fuel speculation then pretend it has nothing to do with you. If that was the case he would sued already? If it looks, talks and walks like a duck then guess what….

  13. Marjorie – i bet you are sick to death of them! Thanks for adding it, I cannot stop rubber necking them because i keep hoping as they ratchet it up, everyone eventually catches onto their absolute self absorption. When i heard the story my gut told me author and client had ‘picked’ each other for reasons beyond the usual. I do think Camilla will get some grief but only as collateral damage.

    GnarlyDude – ‘I wonder whether Harry getting his side of the story put on paper in someone else’s words will open his eyes to the pettiness of his gripes.’ I think not a chance, he is building his victim mythology and now has a talented writer to reinforce his belief that Daddy did him wrong, a writer drawn to that type of dynamic in the first place. He probably see’s his relationship with Charles as similar to Agassi or Moehringer’s with their fathers. I think the authors Neptune/Venus conjunction sitting on Harrys Saturn could back up his delusion, but i could be on totally the wrong tack and Harry will be difficult to please as a client and the author will be slippery to avoid confrontation.

    • The easiest way to strengthen a belief is to keep telling the same story over and over and over. It’s one thing to get it off his chest. It’s quite another to market it for profit. By commenting on their website, one agrees to assign the rights to any comment to them. Rights to COMMENTS ffs.

      Meghan didn’t hire the Clinton’s Sara Latham for nothing. Any proceeds marked for charity will be a minuscule percentage. Can’t wait for Archewell’s first 501c annual report to be disclosed.

  14. I don’t know much about angles, but nobody has commented on Harry’s Ascendant being almost exactly conjunct the UK’s IC/nadir (and Sun).
    The Duke of Windsor’s Ascendant is also closeby, in the UK’s fourth House.
    Any thoughts on what that can mean?

  15. I notice that Harry’s nodes are at the anaretic 29th degree of Scorpio 10th house/Taurus 4th house. In light of that, and with his Saturn also in Scorpio, it doesn’t seem surprising that he might find the intrigues and complexities and constant visibility and travel as part of “The Firm” to be a heavy burden. His chart doesn’t look cut out for it. The 12th house Neptune/Jupiter has an almost monkish or cloistered nun vibe to it, IMO. And Diana does loom large in his chart in the guise of 4th house Moon in Taurus. Looks to me like he may need a life far simpler, more intimate, more loving, less visible. God knows, when *anyone* tries to live their own life instead of what their parents and friends approve of, it stirs up a hell of a lot of drama. I hope he makes his way to a life that is better suited to his inclinations.

  16. I am actually interested in who was picked to ghost this book and how it might give insight into its focus. Moehringer i could not find a birth time for but he has a close conjunction of Uranus, Mars Pluto, sitting in Harrys 8th house widely conjunct his sun and a Neptune/Venus conjunction sitting on Harrys Saturn again in the 9th (Placidus)

    This author wrote the Andre Agassi autobiography which apparently ripped his father to shreds, then it turns out Moehringer also wrote his own autobiography that has focus on trying to find a father replacement, clearly he is drawn to people who feel the same way and possibly working out his own stuff through the people he writes for, so i fully expect this to be a Charles take down and the army years played up as ‘positive role models’ in some way.

    I honestly hope Charles finds his Scorpio ruthlessness where ever he left it and cuts him off at the knees.

    • Oddly enough it was Moehringer I started to write about for yesterday’s piece since I thought I cannot do one more tedious Harry Meg piece but it went sideways. Will add below. Agree doesn’t sound good for Charles.
      Harry is, as I always thought, despite good works on Invictus is a monstrously spoiled brat – born into immense wealth and privilege and whining about the pin pricks of a childhood that was a million light years better than that of most of the soldiers he fought with. The Royals are odd and its a horrible lifestyle but they get fed, housed and on the whole not beaten up. He wanted all the money and privilege free gratis with no strings attached.

    • Emma – interesting, I just finished reading Agassi’s bio last week. I enjoyed it and Agassi has a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Taurus so was always going to be prone to his father’s expectations. His three elder siblings all rebelled, or failed, to achieve what their father wanted to mould them into. Anyway Agassi seems to have found happiness with Steffi Graf, herself another child protege of an overbearing father. Her Saturn is on Andre’s sun.

      I think Charles has probably always been ‘ruthless’ in Harry’s eyes. After all his sun in on Harry’s saturn so he provided the rules and boundaries that the rebel Diana with her Aqua moon oppo Leo Uranus wouldn’t believe in. The trouble is, the more one parent is further away from reasonable, the more the other compensates by going to the other extreme.
      (It’s blindingly obvious, but I’ve only just realised as I write this, Diana and Charles are clearly played out in the moon-saturn ends of Harry’s Taurus-Scorpio opposition)

      • Charles surely has his flaws, eg the Prince Phillip “just get on with it” mentality, but that’s not uncommon in families and fathers. Whereas Agassi’s father was genuinely emotionally abusive. Everybody in the family lived in fear of him. He’d been an Olympic boxer in his youth and Agassi recounts a story where his father got in a roadrage incident at some lights, got out of the car, pulled the trucker out and laid him out on the ground. There’s no tales of physical violence towards Andre but you don’t need to be physical when everybody’s already treading on eggshells.

        I wonder whether Harry getting his side of the story put on paper in someone else’s words will open his eyes to the pettiness of his gripes. For an earth sign – Virgo Sun-Mercury, Taurus Moon – he might need to see it all written down to absorb it.

    • read one (which?), you don’t mention a title. They are superbly gifted, of all astrologers theirs are the books which changed the way I interpreted charts. The master book is The Inmportance of Mercury in the Horoscope, genius of a practical, fundamental truth. I have had several copies over the years which were worn out/lost/nicked by students, that book alone is hard to come by. They also were the first to discover the scout planet – i.e. the planet rising before the Sun, which they call the vocational indicator. One of the most powerful bits of info ever given – it immediately made sense since the planet before the Sun is shined on by it – if that’s not the universe saying look at that, understand it’s meaning for you – what is?

      • Maggy, thank you very much for drawing attention to the ‘scout’ planet, of which I was previously unaware. I have had a very edifying morning looking at my chart in a new light! (It’s Jupiter btw).
        One of the best spin-offs of Marjorie’s site, for me, is that these astrological nuggets from other learned practitioners pop up!
        Thank You again,
        Best Wishes

        • Andrew, thanks for that….the only purpose Marjorie has is to spread the word, not run anyone down, but look at the astro facts. Your Jupiter says it all – lifelong learner…. S & A are/were totally professional, disinterested in personal interpretations and factual. I’m afraid to tell you my last, knackered Importance of Merc in the Horoscope was loaned to a student who denied it, I couldnt find it anywhere on the net and was distraught but the Accused found another, bless her!!!! Get all their books, they were not
          ‘famous’ as in astro pop stars but their dedication and understanding, to me, has never been equalled.

          • Andrew, I have never done this before but looked up The Importance of Mercury in the Horoscope on the net…it costs 726 US dollars!!!!!!!!! excuse me, I have to lie down……….q.e.d.

          • Maggy, I too googled the cost of S&A books, blimey! I have a very yellowed, falling apart copy of The Astrologers Handbook, the price when I bought it new, was £6.99, I shall now look after it more carefully!
            Thank you for the’lifelong learner’ – very apt. Best, Andrew.

          • P.S Have quickly looked at a few charts of friends etc. Identifying their vespertine (more elegant than scout I think) planet gives such an instant insight as to what, whether consciously or not, seems to be their prime motivation. Absolutely brilliant, I wish I’d known this years ago. Thank you again. A

          • Andrew, ‘vespertine’ -what a futuristic sounding word! Mercury Venus (and Moon) are all fast travellers so they are very often the lead planet (or vespertine) …in the Mercury book the signs have 3 decans (of 10 degrees each) which is well explained by the book. I always look up that first planet in the decan of the Mercury book – immediately narrows all the big noises of choice to something specific. Degree areas were not things I looked at much in early years, but realise through S & A how critical they are. Charles Carter, the famous UK astrologer, also has in his Psychological Astrology book, degree areas for many things…..

          • re: Andrew’s comment about having a copy of The Astrologer’s Handbook … I didn’t realise that’s S&A.

            I’ve got a copy of that on my bookshelf too. Bought mid-1990s for £7-99 when that was about as exciting as the spiritual/psychology section of a local Waterstones, Athena or WH Smiths held!

            Along with Parkers’ Astrology it was my initial cookbook intro to deeper study. I would look at descriptions in both to glean as much detail as possible about placements. Barely touched it in the past twenty years as my library has expanded and my reading has become more abstracted.

            I’ll have to have a reread of it sometime.

          • P.P.S. A search for scout planet on came up with an article by Michael R Meyer “Your guiding planet – discover your innate skills and inner faculties”. Apparently Meyer wrote a tome on ‘Humanist Astrology’, so that’s another rabbit-hole to go down. So little time though! A

  17. ‘Mind the Nazi thing beggars belief. What went through his head?’ The photos of Harry wearing a khaki coloured shirt with a sewn on German Military badge are totally different from wearing a Nazi uniform – the shirt was hired from a fancy dress shop, whereas I suspect a full blown genuine Nazi uniform would have been too valuable to be let out for a party.

    Also for the record, Harry was born 15 September 1984, Diana met James Hewitt in the summer of 1986!

    Harry’s Pluto is conjunct Williams MC – a sure sign of grievance from Harry to William – Harry would feel it is very unfair to be the second son and will do anything to undermine (Pluto) his older brothers’ standing and position regardless of the outcome – ‘biting off ones nose spite ones face’ comes to mind.

  18. It does strike me that his actions are more on a road of vengeance for his mother rather than compassion for a or any cause. Almost like he has a hit list, but that’s just my take on all this.

    You would think with all the money and counselling/therapy available, as well as the age old tradition because one had the means, (in ‘ancient times’) of consulting an astrologer etc, they would know their demons, strengths and weaknesses and how to navigate them. Isn’t that how astrology use to be used? Seems there is a want to seem modern but actually live and repeat the past. Interesting to say the least.

    • Yep … Marjorie nailed it with “The UK gave a collective sigh of exasperation and boredom. Enough already.”

      And in about two weeks time, the world’s media will be reporting on his loving Insta post for his wife’s 40th birthday *sigh* Hopefully he’ll remember to get her the “World’s Best Wife” t-shirt.

    • Not too long ago, a photograph of a bearded Prince Philip from a 50’s Paris Match was circulating. The likeness to grandson Harry was extraordinary.

      Few having seen those photos would pursue this line of thinking.

      • Nicely said, PC (very PC)….I don’t really have an opinion on it all it was so many years ago but he did used to enjoy life before being woked……….

  19. Marjorie, here’s a thing….after looking at a post on here about why Harry seems so against Charles, I looked up James Hewitt’s birth details on They were there – but when I checked an hour later, had gone….they’re still not there? Though reluctant to backtrack aNd mention the gossip around who his real father is, the charts are saying…rather a lot. Of course it is speculative but I’m wondering if the depth of H’s misery in the family is because…he is someone else’s child and does not fit? The chart for James Hewitt on (how did they get the details)(30.4.48, 12.30 pm, Derrybrien, Ireland)…..

    Harry’s Sun is in Virgo, Moon Taurus…..James H has Sun Taurus, Moon Virgo! Harry has Saturn conjunct Scoripio MC opposite Taurus Moon. JH has Moon (5th) square Saturn.
    JH has Jup/Nep conjunction in 4th (with node between) opposite Merc on MC – Harry has Jupiter/Nep conjunction in the 12th trine Mercury.

    JH Mars opposite Pluto/ Harry’s Mar semisq Pluto. Both have only one air planet, four each in mutable signs, Uranus in fire signs. Is it me…..?

    • Hmm not sure the dates fit Hewitt as father. I think H’s beef against Charles is wrapped up in his obsessive idealisation of Diana. He was evidently choked off when the family didn’t rush to support him after the Nazi costume party ‘misstep’ and the naked billiards – admitting mistakes doesn’t seem to be in his DNA. Mind the Nazi thing beggars belief. What went through his head?

      • The book Battle of Brothers by Robert Lacey gives a lot of insight into the Nazi costume fiasco. Harry actually chose the costume in conjunction with William and later bitterly resented his elder brother’s subsequent emergence smelling of roses. Friends recall a serious rift between the brothers at the time and that they barely spoke for a while. Harry had also shouldered most of the blame for the previous wild antics of their crowd when in fact the real ringleader had been William. He started to resent the fact that William always got away so lightly which may be why he seems so hell-bent on making William suffer now?

    • The James Hewitt story being his father gets around a lot. But I think Harry looks like Charles and a young Prince Philip moreso, especially the close-set eyes, pinched bridge of the nose as well as the similar male pattern balding. Had he looked like Diana, I might think there was something in it.

  20. Anecdotal story but … my last neighbour was the 1985 version of Prince Harry. Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Saturn in Scorpio. Obviously some chart differences but I have to say among all the neighbours I’ve ever had (plus of course many work colleagues), I’ve never met someone so difficult to get to do anything.

    Just simple task like unblocking his end of the gutter (because my runs into it) took a month to get done; eventually gave up asking hedges or trees being trimmed. Yet he wasn’t lazy, seemed to be hear something being drilled or DIY regularly and he rescaped garden about four times.

    I felt like the Saturn in Scorpio blocked him from doing stuff for others unless there was something in it for him. Even a conversation always felt cagey and like you were pulling teeth to get any info from him. Nothing like the other Virgo Sun neighbour who is desperate to give you a hand or lend you a tool the moment you ask.

    • Your old neighbour must be my old boss… 1985 version. Truculent and unwilling to give even a cm. that moon Saturn oppo and a square to Mars merc in Leo in this case. Hard work.

      • That’s the chart, Louisa. My neighbour wasn’t truculent, much more typical passive Taurus moon – maybe his didn’t t-square with the Leo-Scorpio planets. Whenever I talked to him he was quite charming and appeared willing, but actions spoke louder than words.

  21. Yes it is scary how like Diana he is. If he had married anyone else, he would have opted for a more low key existence. I wonder how many times he uses the word “authentic” or “authentically”? I wonder if the bookies are taking bets.

  22. Some years ago, I read an article that powerful couples can be more united by their grievances and shared enemies than by their goals and ideals. H & M appear to be veering in this direction. Sadly, they seem completely unaware that a negative message can have a stronger impact than a positive one and often leaves a lasting impression. How does this support Archewell’s goal to “unleash the power of compassion to drive systemic cultural change.” ??? You are correct – enough already.

  23. When the mists finally clear from that Neptune opposition it will all look a lot less like a good idea I suspect. He likely doesn’t have a good handle on his Neptune energy given it is the 12th which to me might make him easy to take advantage of. Mind, perhaps something good will at least come of their charitable endeavours. On he will sail blindly into mid-life Pluto and Neptune sq washing up in his mid 40s to survey the damage no doubt.

  24. Harry is being ill-advised no doubt about. Remember Diana with her involvement in landmines was accused of being a “loose cannon” in Parliament decades ago? Harry – now the same – a bit of a loose cannon….

    • Diana had a Moon opposition Mars with her Mars conjunct Pluto – so would be consumed with anger and on a short fuse. Mars Pluto can be vengeful or at least find difficulty letting go of grievances.

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