UK – taking a sledgehammer approach to the EU

Boris and his ‘nightclub bouncer’ EU negotiator David Frost have decided on a ‘wholesale change of approach’ to the Northern Ireland problem by eliminating all checks on the Irish sea trade border. The threat is that the UK will suspend the Northern Ireland protocol – which was only signed late last year and such a step would be in contravention of international legal obligations – if the EU does not give way.

   The UK/EU relationship chart does have an uncertain, confused and evasive tr Saturn square the composite Neptune exactly now as well as a disappointing and evasive/dishonest tr Neptune square the composite Mercury and the disastrous Mars/Saturn midpoint – both of which influences run into and through 2022 – so the distrust and rancour won’t subside.

   Frost’s Term chart, 1 March 2021, looks argumentative at the moment with plans not working out from August 12th to late November and much much worse in 2022/23.  His relationship with Maros Sefcovic, the EU’s representative is at cross purposes to start with – and again shows next year as the most disruptive.

  Both Boris and Frost’s respective relationship charts with the EU will lurch through a few mishaps this year but again it is 2022/23 when the significant struggles show up. The same goes for Frost’s personal chart with failure write large from April 2022 onwards and he and Boris are not exactly in harmony from early 2022 onwards either. Which repeats what’s been said before.

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16 thoughts on “UK – taking a sledgehammer approach to the EU

  1. The delightfully eloquent Fintan O’Toole has a nail-on-the-head piece in the Guardian today about the Northern Ireland Protocol kerfuffle.
    “The reason it keeps coming around again and again, like a ghoul on a ghost train, is that it requires Johnson and his government to do something that goes against the grain of the whole Brexit project: to acknowledge that choices have costs.”
    “Boris Johnson is constitutionally incapable of accepting the relationship between cause and effect.”
    “You can’t bake your “oven-ready” Brexit deal and then remove one of the main ingredients from the final dish. The EU has far better things to be doing than making a return trip to the hellish tedium of Brexternity. But for Frost and Johnson, impossible is nothing. Performative belligerence is not bounded by the limits of what can be achieved. Its main function, indeed, is the denial of reality.”

  2. Boris should be boiled in oil to eternity. He stewed up little Englanders over the EU by lying through his teeth just to get attention. He’s as bad a Katie Hopkins. Probably worse since she may actually believe what she says, appalling though it is. He’s never held a firm belief in his life about anything other than grabbing centre stage. There’s more of Trump about him than his Bullingdon soul would like to admit. An amoral and narcissistic wrecker.

    • Agree, he is repulsive and loathsome. I cannot even look at him anymore, he sickens me so much. He’s essentially a nihilist, he believes in nothing except perhaps destroying whatever or whoever he encounters. When he was in hospital with COVID-19 last year I remember thinking that he would repay the dedication of those nurses, who helped save his miserable existence with betrayal and he did – awarding them a derisory 1% pay rise, followed by his incompetent ‘chum’, Dido Harding announcing her plan to reduce the number of foreign nhs workers, fgs! Why, he treats his nearest and dearest with utter contempt so just why people thought he would show his gratitude to those who saved him is beyond me.

  3. The irony is that the UK did have a lot of control in the EU. I used to tutor high level EU legal people (in English) and they were astonished about the referendum results and the UK’s withdrawal. They told me how as most of the EU’s committee business is conducted in English that meant the chair was almost always a native speaker who had control over the minutes and reports produced in English. Similarly I was told that the UK always sent subject matter specialist to argue the details of EU legislation while other countries sent political appointees who didn’t even know what commonly used acronysms stood for and were soon unable to keep up with technical discussions which were often settled in the UK’s favour. Even now I hear that the UK’s voice of reason/restraining hand is missed in the corridors of Brussels. The UK was a big player in the family of nations that was founded to secure peace in Europe and has indeed wounded both itself and the EU by being so ‘absolute’ about everything. Although there is no perfect organisation anywhere in the world (we are all flawed people, after all), it’s just so sad and so concerning that so few people in the UK know how the EU actually works and indeed how great the UK’s influence was, and the enormous benefits that being a part of it brought. Will we ever rejoin, I wonder? Probably not in my lifetime, even though Britain’s membership of the EU provided the foundation for my almost 40 year career here.

    • What a load of nonsense. What control did the UK have? it appears the EU tolerated UK because of their huge financial input. The EU appears to be a bullying organisation. If you appreciated a member of your union who left there would be a greater sense of cooperation. The fact that others missed the UK voice of reasoning speaks volumes. Get a grip people.
      The UK people voted to leave in a democratic referendum. FYI I did not vote in this referendum because of the racist undertones in the campaigns but could appreciate that people wanted a different direction. Not everyone who wanted change are little Englanders.
      There is no need for the vile comments. To say another human being should be boiled in oil as in one of the comments is in my view unacceptable. You do not have to attack an individual because he has a different viewpoint or lifestyle to yours. Likewise accept that not everyone sees the EU as the panacea. There are good and bad aspects to all Unions and there are alternatives. If as you say so few people of the Uk does not know how the EU works, that’s your answer -it does not work. The UK was not the only dissatisfied member.

      • I’m sure Boris, having a classical education, wouldn’t object to being tagged with allusions to Dante’s Inferno describing punishments due for various offences.
        Almost down at the bottom of the pit come liars. Deceivers who give false or corrupted advice to others for personal benefit are constantly ablaze, appearing as nothing so much as living, speaking tongues of flame.
        One circle lower than that the promoters of schisms and discord are forced to walk around the circumference of the circle bearing horrible, disfiguring wounds inflicted on them by a great demon with a sword.
        The monster Geryon, the personification of fraud, possesses the face of an honest man ‘good of cheer,’ but the tail of a scorpion.
        A touch melodramatic but the old classicists had their finger on the pulse.

      • Marla, I think SuHu is talking from a place of experience and observation from being a British citizen living in Europe. Ths is my situation too and wheras up to a couple of years ago British people had a unwritten “free pass” och a social and accepted level anywhere in Europe, that isn’t the case any more. Up to a year ago people would kind of sigh with affection about Brexit Britian (rather as if it was a sibling going through a crisis and needed to sort itself out) but they don’t do that any more. This was brought home to me last week when a colleague asked if I was going back to the UK this summer. I replied that its doubtful as my EU vaccination pass is not being accepted in the UK yet, only the UK vaccination pass and it makes no difference if Im a UK citizen or not. His reply was a massive expletative about …so typically British, thinking they are better than anyone else despite it being the exact same vaccine … . Not what I expeceted from someone who used to talk me about his his love for British motorcycles.

        • Thank heavens for that since I’m due back late August.

          “Double-jabbed British expats ‘will be able to return to the UK to visit family quarantine-free from August 1’ under plans to finally recognise vaccines administered overseas

          Government currently only recognises jabs administered by UK vaccine rollout
          Means British expats who were jabbed abroad still have to quarantine on return
          But reports suggest the UK will finally recognise foreign jabs from August 1

          • I take it back, drat them’.

            “British nationals living abroad will not be included in proposed new UK rules on recognition of foreign vaccination certificates, the UK’s health ministry has confirmed. This is despite reports in British media that the UK is set to recognise the Covid-19 vaccination certificates of its citizens who are living abroad and who were vaccinated outside of the UK. The reports followed comments made in the House of Commons by the UK’s vaccines minister. “By the end of this month, UK nationals who have been vaccinated overseas will be able to talk to their GP, go through what vaccine they have had, and have it registered with the NHS that they have been vaccinated,” Nadhim Zahawi said during a discussion on July 22. However, The Connexion has been told by the UK’s health ministry that this only applies to UK residents who were vaccinated abroad, and not to UK nationals living abroad. The minister’s comments are cited, for example, in an article in The Telegraph headlined: ‘Double-jabbed expats free to travel to UK under relaxed vaccine rules’. It claims that UK nationals living abroad and who were vaccinated abroad will be able to get their certificates recognised by the NHS. This would allow fully vaccinated travellers in UK amber listed countries to enter the UK without the need to quarantine on arrival, it suggests. This is because the UK only currently allows people to skip quarantine rules where they have a vaccine from the NHS. The confusion is that Mr Zahawi’s comments were in response to a question about UK residents who were vaccinated abroad, and not UK nationals living permanently abroad.

  4. Interesting to see in the EU/UK composite chart that the Sun is conjunct Chiron. a wound which never heals. However, having not seen this composition chart before, there are a lot more pluses than minuses. Good aspects from Moon to Jupiter, Sun to Jupiter plus Venus/Mars. Pluto is sextile Uranus, perhaps it is the UK own sun in Capricorn which doesn’t like the fact that the EU rules us and our Saturn Sun feels restricted rather than free. Also the EU’s Capricorn Sun is an umbrella to the EU, whereas it will act like a double Capricorn Sun for this country. We are most definitely dumping our wounds on the EU. The UK wants to control and we cannot control the EU. I don’t know how others feel, but if this country could let go of wanting power all the time, the EU would have given us a great friendship? One of the most fascinating things about the Composition chart is that EU Sun is on the 1066 Sun Capricorn. With the midpoint of the EU/UK between Mercury and the Sun falling on Chiron. Emphasising the wound that never heals. It is such an intriguing chart, in that we are locked together with some many positives, yet cannot quite get there. Pluto/Uranus is a explosive, yet cathartic ongoing regeneration.
    I cannot look at Johnsons/ Frost’s chart because I absolutely loathe both of them. The damage Johnson has done to this country’s reputation for his own selfish deeds, fills me with anger. Like many other’s my children and grandchildren will be paying for this utter mess for a long time.

  5. “If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”

    Boris is so used to being unaccountable and talking his way out of situations or backtrack/lie that he assumes he’ll be able to do this with the EU and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

    Except the impression I got from the G7 conference was that the EU are going to hold him to his agreement. I don’t see how he can weasel his way out of it. Ooh, the irony if his Conservative Government finally crumbles because he has no direct political influence in the EU to pull strings!

    * eg investigations into Acurri, donations for refurbishment of #10-11 apartments and Mustique holiday all finding he’d done nothing wrong. See also being allowed to marry for 3rd time in Catholic church

    • I don’t think Johnson will let go. He is muting for more power for Downing Street. It is Johnson’s own ( if I remember correctly) Pluto in Scorpio that worries me. As it is on the cusp of his 2nd house. I see him as a very selfish person. Interesting I also think this combination of pluto/scorpio/taurus/2nd is a person who must have power and control at any cost. Johnson is a lot more dangerous that most think.

    • Indeed. So galling that the amoral git gets away with it all, going on and on.
      On the subject of the RC Church, just the same with Camilla. Loathe all of them in the elite now, so called. Its definitely one rule for the monied and bugger all of the people without it.
      Seriously, how can anyone with a brain look up to them? They are all loathsome.

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