Floods in N Europe – pointed up by the Lunar Eclipse ++ China also

Floods in northern Europe have caused at least 120 deaths with 1300 missing in Germany which has caught the worst of it, with rainfall heavier than seen for a century.

  The recent Lunar Eclipse of late May, still in effect, had the Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon sitting across the Midheaven/IC axis located to the affected region; with the June Solar Eclipse having the North Node conjunct the MC. So it was a key location for the recent Eclipses which both also had the destructive Mars opposition Pluto in place. This week the transiting Cancer Sun was triggering both the Eclipse Mars and Pluto; with the transiting Yod focal point Venus Mars also tugging at the Eclipse Pluto (see post below).

  I don’t know whether it is a coincidence but modern Canada which recently suffered the worst heatwave in over 80 years came into being only four years before Germany. Both have Pluto in Taurus, in the case of Germany in the 8th, and for Canada opposition Saturn in Scorpio – and those Plutos will be heavily unsettled by tr Uranus conjunct Pluto from mid 2022 onwards for a year.

  Major natural disasters sometimes precede seismic or significant changes in a country’s destiny not caused by the catastrophe but happening on a parallel track.

  Germany is certainly in the midst of a phase of tremendous upheaval and disruption with tr Pluto opposition the 10th house Uranus exactly now, returning this December; and then tr Uranus hitting the Pluto which will erupt deep-seated energies – as indeed happened through the 1930s. It won’t be the same this time round but won’t pass without leaving a profound mark on the country.

Canada Heatwave see post June 30 2021  

Add On: July 21 2021

China has also been overwhelmed with a year’s worth of rain falling in three days, bursting rivers, overwhelming dams and sparking landslides. Water flooded underground railway tunnels leaving passengers trapped in rising waters and 200,000 people have been evacuated with more dams threatening to give way.

  The recent Gemini Solar Eclipse had Neptune conjunct the IC located to Zhengzhou where deaths are mounting, with the North Node on the Descendant. The Mars opposition is 8/2nd house – usually houses are not supposed to be relevant for eclipses but disasters do tend to have 8th house planets which make sense.  The recent Lunar Eclipse has the Full Moon sitting almost exactly on the Ascendant/Descendant axis.

  Locations with planets on the Eclipse chart axis are traditionally regarded as crisis zones.

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  1. PRC is now reporting nexpectedly heavy rainfalls. One subway had its passengers neck-deep in water. Many drowned. “https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2021/07/21/china-zhengzhou-rain-flooding-subway-eg-orig.cnn”

  2. Today, floods spread to Austria (Salzburg area) and german provinces of Bavaria and Saxonia. And in 5 days another round of big floods will start on the most afected area, and spreading to the most central Europe countries during 10 days… tuff times to Europe…

  3. I’ve observed that since Neptune has been in Pisces, as Jupiter aspects it by opposition and square, floods and deluges whether that be floods of refugees (as we saw when Jupiter was in Virgo, opposing Neptune) or literal floods occur. I wonder as Pisces’ old ruler, Jupiter moves forward to join Neptune how this conjunction is going to play out.

  4. Looking at the historical record there were catastrophic floods in the Ahr river basin located in this region of Germany on 13 June 1910. Interestingly at that time transiting Neptune at 18 Cancer was square the Germany 1871 Neptune at 19 Aries, transiting Mars was at 26 Cancer was conjunct the 1871 Uranus at 25 Cancer which was also opposed by transiting Uranus at 24 Capricorn.

  5. Transiting Mars and Moon were conjunct at 19 Leo and trine Germany’s 1871 natal Neptune at 19 Aries on 13 July 2021 just as the rain system that caused the flood became trapped over North West Europe. That does seem to indicate waters(Neptune) flowing easily(Trine) with great force(Mars) upon the people (Moon). This part of Europe is one of the most densely populated areas on the planet and it has a long history of floods so any extreme rain event is going to have a major impact.

    • Thanks, there are another few examples which I’ll have to wrack my brain about. But that is a key one. Syncronicity Jung called it – outer and inner, parallel tracks.

      • This kind of thinking sounds very similar to the Chinese concept of Mandate of Heaven, where natural disasters were seen as Heaven being displeased with the governing monarch/approach and withdrawing its mandate for their rule.

        That was generally seen as an opening for people to rebel and see who can take the Throne.


    • Good call, considering eu current events and Merkel stepping down. (I recall that Chernobyl chart vividly due to Uranus conjunct the ascendant – what could be more fitting?)

  6. Natural disasters are just that: natural disasters. But you need to remember that the Earth has a wobble, the same one that forces us to add a day in leap year. Solar flare activity can have an effect on the weather as well as our solar system’s journey through the part of the cosmos that make up the milky way.

    But geological forces like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and drought and floods can reek havoc as well. Of course not building in a flood plain has to be a sensible course of action. But sensible course of actions are few and far between.. one should remember that we have been predicting weather patterns for only a very short period of time geologically. A kick in the bucket really!

    But like any ancient society we may need to be more transitory. Just to cope with extreme weather..

  7. @Maggy: could be, my knowledge of astrology is very basic. Surely these eclipses shift geographically and thus focus on different regions each time. They do seem to magnify whatever is going on and I guess that is so in this case too. Germany has seen a surge in environmental concern over the last 20 years as witnessed by the rise of the political Greens. I would not be surprised if these events don’t translate into real action on climate change with that country leading the way. All happening just one day after the EU announced its sweeping climate change proposals. Don’t we just live in interesting times!

  8. Some 20+ years ago I edited a report for a Dutch agency for the UN environmental agency about the effects of global warming or climate change as it was called then. I asked one of the authors what it would mean for most of us. His response was along the lines of: dry places will get drier and wet places wetter. And that’s what we’re seeing now.

      • Yes, I think the Metonic cycle might be involved in the location of these terrible floods. In 2002, when this cycle last appeared, there were massive, devastating floods with many lives lost in July and August in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Romania and Germany.
        In 1983 on this cycle, there was exceptionally dramatic rainfall and flooding in the USA, and S America.
        However, extreme weather events are increasing rapidly due to climate change, so I think this is only part of the picture.

  9. On July 15, 2021, at 2:30pm, an F2 tornado struck Barrie, Canada.
    In May 31, 1985, an F4 tornado struck Barrie…..36 years ago or 2 cycles of 18 years, so expect another 18 years from now,in 2039. This is the well-known eclipse cycle, check
    the Saros No. and see if both eclipses share the same category number.

  10. Hi Marjorie, thank you for this. I just wanted to let you know that important parts of the South of The Netherlands are also seriously affected by the floods, among them the beautiful city of Maastricht. More woes have befallen our country this week, as we have an extreme spike in cases of Covid and are now the European country with the highest number of new cases. This after our government decided to throw all caution to the winds at the end of June and open everything up, festivals and clubs included. And also very, very sadly Peter R. de Vries, our courageous crime journalist has died in hospital yesterday. Which is a heavy blow to freedom of press in our country. He was shot last week, possibly by henchmen of drugs mogul Taghi who is being held in a maximum security prison in The Netherlands.

  11. Tx Marjorie, It’s sad for anyone affected , let’s hope that the loss of life is not as bad as feared. If any one is listening another canary just fell if it’s perch warning us all about your world. I noticed the three gorges dam has repelled the first flood of the season but for how much longer ( note your article last year). I wonder if another ticking disaster is the latest Chinese Baihetan Dam which started production last week. Is Neptune retrograde in Pisces an indicator of Water issues?

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