Rahul and Sonia Gandhi – sidelined in a power play

The present-day Gandhi dynasty in India is being hammered by corruption allegations over money laundering with Rahul Gandhi being summoned to give evidence before the Enforcement Directorate. Modi’s government has been accused of using federal law enforcement agencies against its political opponents to harass them. And a party spokesman for the Gandhis described it as “a strange case of alleged money laundering without any money”.

   The Gandhi centrist Congress party ruled India for many years though  right-wing, nationalist Narendra Modi has been prime minister for the past eight years. Modi has frequently attacked Nehru, the key figure in India’s fight for independence who was father of Indira and great-grandfather of Rahul, in an attempt to undermine his adversaries and their party.

  Rahul, born 19 June 1970, no verified birth time, is a confident Sun Gemini trine Jupiter. He looks uncertain exactly now but will be bullishly determined from August to this December with tr Pluto square his Jupiter. Though that can result in conflicts with authorities and doesn’t always end well. Thereafter for several years he looks discouraged with blocked Solar Arcs and an undermining tr Neptune square his Sun.

  His mother Sonia Gandhi, 9 December 1946 9.30pm Lusiana, Italy, who became Congress party leader in 1998 after her husband Rajiv was assassinated, and retired briefly until her son was defeated at the 2019 election when she resumed her position. She is often described as one of the most powerful women in the world – and is at present in hospital with covid.

  She’s a combative Sun Mars in Sagittarius with a rock solid Venus Jupiter in Scorpio square Saturn Pluto in Leo with Mercury also in Scorpio.

  She is panicky and undermined this year with tr Neptune square her Mars with plans not working to but should start to pick up again in 2024.

 Priyanka Gandhi, 12 January 1972, Sonia’s daughter and Rahul’s sister, also politically active, is a Capricorn with Saturn in Taurus opposition Neptune and square Venus; with an ultra-determined Mars opposition Pluto. She isn’t singing and dancing through the next two years either though she has blips of good luck.

 It has been an extraordinary family with both Jawaharal Nehru and his daughter Indira being stalwart Scorpios. He was born 14 November 1889 11.36pm Allahabad and had the signature Neptune Pluto in Gemini of his generation in his 10th, square Saturn, trine Mars and inconjunct Jupiter square Saturn, trine Mars and on the focal point of a Yod to a confident 5th house Jupiter sextile Mercury in Scorpio.

His daughter Indira, 19 November 1917 11.10 pm, had a 4th house Scorpio Sun, tying her into the family line, with a can-be-autocratic Uranus in Aquarius opposition Saturn in Leo with Saturn conjunct Neptune; and a charming though manipulative Venus opposition Pluto on her South Node.

  Indira’s son Rajiv, 20 August 1944 6.34am Mumbai, was an outgoing Sun Leo with a hard-working Virgo stellium. He became prime minister after his mother was assassinated but became mired in various scandals including allegations of corruption and was himself assassinated eight years after his mother.

  Modi has broken the Gandhi mould in recent years and there’s no indication they’ll piece it back together any time soon.  

13 thoughts on “Rahul and Sonia Gandhi – sidelined in a power play

  1. It would be interesting to get your take on PM Modi. The comments describe his right wing politics and approach and refer to his “cult”. What in his chart accounts for that? In many of your posts ( i follow them avidly!) you refer to connections between charts of leaders and their country charts. What do you see with respect to Modi and India. It would be great to see what you find.

  2. I seem to remember when Indira’s son took over there were lots of accusations of him rounding up people off the streets and having them sterilised. It was quite scandalous at the time.

    • To clarify, the forced sterilizations were allegedly carried out on the orders of Indira’s other son, Sanjay, who exercised power behind the scenes while his mother was Prime Minister. Sanjay was effectively the heir to the dynasty until his unexpected death when Rajiv, who was till then a commercial airline pilot, took over as heir apparent to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

      From a BBC article of 2014;

      During the 1975 Emergency – when civil liberties were suspended – Sanjay Gandhi, son of the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, began what was described by many as a “gruesome campaign” to sterilise poor men. There were reports of police cordoning off villages and virtually dragging the men to surgery.

      The campaign also made an appearance in Salman Rushdie’s novel, Midnight’s Children.

      An astonishing 6.2 million Indian men were sterilised in just a year, which was “15 times the number of people sterilised by the Nazis”, according to science journalist Mara Hvistendahl. Two thousand men died from botched operations.

  3. Modi continues to win, not only because of his popularity, but also because of the ineptitude of Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party.

    The Gandhi family has been mired in scandals for long, and Rahul Gandhi is one of the least charismatic leaders the party has had. He even managed to loose a parliamentary seat in which his family members used to win with a huge majority.

    Congress has to dump Rahul Gandhi and choose a credible leader. But, The Gandhis for long made sure no one gets powerful enough to challenge their family’s authority. The new leader doesn’t even have to be charismatic,but atleast should be efficient administrator and be able to take a promising message to the people.

    At the moment Congress is hoping for Modi’s popularity to decrease, rather than trying to swing people to their side.

    I know a number of people who vote regional parties or even Bjp just because they can’t take the Gandhi family any more and want Congress to loose.

  4. India needs Modi go. Equally India needs the Gandhis to go. They are bad in their own ways and neither of them are good for India in the long run.

  5. I’ve had many friends and colleagues from India, and I’ve talked with many Indians now in different countries. They all say that the potential for growth and improvement in India is excellent. But they also all said that political corruption is a huge problem that keeps down that growth.

    From a few years before Modi’s election, through the first half of his term, I talked most days with a friend in India who was very excited and positive about Modi. The last few years, we haven’t been in touch because we wound up using preferring different social media systems.

    What stood out to me was how my friend came across not just as someone who really likes a politician. It was more like a religious devotion.The only thing I could compare it to was if a British person thought the Queen was LITERALLY an angel with wings. Of a Trump supporter thought he was LITERALLY God’s Voice to humanity. Or a Biden supporter thought he and Harris were LITERALLY the reincarnation of Saint Francis and Mother Teresa. It was that intense.

    One reason I left that platform is that my friend used to have many posts about everyday life and a wide range of topics. But by the end it was every single day, another post about Modi is the ultimate greatest thing ever, everything he does is so righteous and blessed, all his opponents are evil and wicked and against all religious values. In particular no Muslim politician could have any good policy ideas if Modi hasn’t thought of them first, and the Congress party of the Gandhi family was the unlimited cesspool of worthless political abuses.

    When I looked at some of the links and groups this man posted, it looked like there were a LOT of people who felt the same way about Modi.

    While I could appreciate that some of Modi’s policies made good sense from a distance, some didn’t. And the cult of personality was getting pretty scary. I miss my old friend’s great posts about everyday life in town and his holidays at the beach. But not the online shrine to Modi.

  6. Modi has honoured Vaisnavism in India, their original culture ,according to many Indians . They respect that stance and don’t like the anti family modern secularism of the West

      • Modi’s style of politics is typical from right wing playbook – divide and conquer!

        Whip up nationalist and anti Muslim sentiments to consolidate hindu votes . Plenty of dog whistle tactics, he would act as the father of the nation while his followers spread hatred.

        India is in the tight grip of Modi, with most mainstream media and rich businesses under his control.
        Can’t see how India would ever get free from his stranglehold.

  7. Modi is India’s Johnson/Trump. Despite a huge majority all he has done in last 10 years is divided the country along religious lines. Even one time moderates have turned hard core right wing!

    Like Johnson/Trump, India needs Modi to go.

    • It was divided in 1947 by the Muslim League and the British on religious lines.

      What followed later was the truth on the other side of the borders, the minority population was reduced to a fraction of a percentage. On the contrary, the minority populations continue to prosper on the Indian side. The democracy was confined to a few elite and this elite group imposed their ideology, false narratives, and lies on the population.

      The world forgot the reason for this division as it didn’t matter to it. Indians didn’t since it matters to them.

      With technology, the democracy is going deeper into the population and the people are able to relate to those who are in the position of power on their own and people are rejecting the elite. It will continue in democracies unless the elites find a way to control people through technologies, social credit systems, etc. People’s will has no stopping, however.

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